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What are Shiny Aspies or Aspie Supremacists?

Hi there! Good question. Lydia Brown of autistichoya wrote a good post on Shiny Aspies here. While there is a bit of overlap between Shiny Aspies and Aspie Supremacists, not every Shiny Aspie will be an Aspie Supremacist. I think that true Aspie Supremacists are somewhat rare.

I would define Aspie Supremacists as autistic people who hate autistic people. To give you an idea of what an Aspie Supremacist looks like:

Aspie Supremacists are able to talk with their mouthparts and can generally “pass” (or think they can pass) as normal-but-quirky, or as totally neurotypical. They are usually cis men but I’ve seen a couple of specimens of other genders. They will go on about how “high-functioning” they are, about how Aspergers isn’t Autism (???), about how Aspergers should be it’s own diagnosis (because they don’t want to be associated with the “low functioning” autistics) and about how Aspergers or HFA “isn’t a disability”. In fact they get really caught up on the whole disability thing, often pulling out their achievements, school grades, careers, relationships, etc. in an attempt to prove how not-disabled they are. There is a real misunderstanding of disability in general coming from the Aspie Supremacist corner.

Aspie Supremacists get their name from two core beliefs that all Aspie Supremacists seem to subscribe to. The first is that “aspies” or “high functioning autistics” are not disabled, and don’t need to cured of their autism. In fact, almost every Aspie Supremacist I’ve ever encountered has taken it a step further and claimed that the shining beacon of logic and intelligence that is the aspie brain is superior to the illogical, emotion-clouded neurotypical brain and that aspies are the “next step in human evolution”. I wish I was joking, but they actually profess this.

The second is that autistics— you know, the pitiable, sub-human, “low-functioning” ones— are disabled and do need to be cured of their autism, or at least prevented from ever being born. There is a staggering amount of ableism and hatred focused towards autistics coming out of the Aspie Supremacists corner, which is even more sad and more frustrating when you consider that they are autistic too. It’s very much a projected self-hate thing, with lots of internalized ableism and a little eugenics thrown in there for good measure. You can tell that these are all individuals who have been hurt very badly and who have let it twist them up inside.

You can find Aspie Supremacists lurking around wrongplanet, striking out from the shadowy corners of the youtube comment system, and planning their global takeover over at /r/aspergers. If you encounter an Aspie Supremacist, don’t be afraid. Simply throwing a copy of the DSM-5 in their general direction will enrage and confuse them long enough for you to escape. For the brave of heart (or those of you who like the feeling of beating your head against a brick wall), take up the shield of The Social Model of Disability and the sword of Asperger’s is Autism, You Ableist Jerk and go proudly into battle. And good luck.

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I love your videos, but (and im not trying to be rude here) some of the vocabulary you use is ableist. Things like moron, idiot, and other terms that insult someone's intelegence are used against neurodivergent people, especially those with developmental disorders. Here is a source that explains it better than I can in this ask [www autistichoya com/p/ableist-words-and-terms-to-avoid html]. That said I love your videos and just wanted to message you about something thats been bothering me

I’m going to sound like a dick, but disabled people have more things to worry about then words like idiot or moron. You want a few examples?

Autism Speaks, the most visible charity towards autistic people spreads lies, false stereotypes, for awhile encouraged people not to get their kids to get vaccinated, and instead of helping people with autism, they use most of their funds looking for a cure.

The Judge Rotenburg center uses electrical shocks and other aversion stimuli in order to make disabled people “more normal.” This has been described as torture by the United Nations, but is still legal in Massachusetts, one of the 50 United States. A first world country. If what they did there was done to dangerous terrorists, it would be considered a war crime.

The mentally disabled are portrayed horribly in the media. On television, every autistic person is either nonverbal and rocking back and forth in the corner, or Rainman. On television, every woman with post-partum depression with inevitably attempt infanticide. On television, everyone with schizophrenia will have vivid hallucinations telling them to kill people. On television, everyone with Tourette’s will swear all the fucking time. On television, all people with very low intelligence will be seen as “cute” in a patronizing way, or as a clear and present danger.

Many disabled students, particularly people with dyslexia, are barred from graduation because the standardized tests required for it measures their disabilities, not their abilities.

The disabled are a frequent favorite topic of eugenicists as well. In 1927, the American supreme court has a case called Buck v. Bell. Where the court ruled that forcing the sterilization of the disabled did not violate the 14th amendment, something that was never expressly overturned.

Many of the  United States had compulsory sterilization procedures for the disabled. Do you know when the last one was repealed? In the 70′s. In the 80′s, it became illegal to starve disabled children.

Many businesses don’t care about the disabled because they can’t make a profit off of these people. The world would be a lot better if there was more profit to helping a disabled person function in society than putting a person in jail for smoking marijuana.

I’m sorry, but at least right now, I can’t take people telling me not use the word “moron” very seriously. Not only am I unsure if it really makes a difference or not, but because people who claim to fight ableism are on a constant crusade against hurtful words it makes it harder for the issues I just stated to be taken seriously.