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Autistic Simon Spier

This is an autistic Simon Spier headcanon as per requested by a lovely anon

- He’s one of those autistics who have short bursts of intense special interests that last for like a couple of weeks before he moves onto something else.

- His friends are slightly amazed because of how much information he can gather about each special interest in such a short amount of time.

- His main special interest is Harry Potter partly for nostalgic reasons. (also, our boy is a Hufflepuff and I feel #blessed)

- Pressure stims all the way!! and he rocks A LOT. He gets overwhelmed easily and so he is generally always slightly rocking or always has his arms pressed close to his sides or crossed to help keep calm.

- He has the best stim toy collection, just littered around the house. A box of tangles in the living room, some cute little fidget rings in the kitchen, squishes in the bathroom. They’re everywhere. Also, he always has at least like 5 stim toys on him.

- His comfort items are his hoodies (which is pretty much canon). Our boy is a Disaster Hoodie Gay™. It’s a canon fact.

- He has the best array of slimes in his bedroom, this boy has crunchy slime, foam, butter slime you name it he has it. Although as previously stated, Disaster Gay™. Are they neatly stacked? No.

- Everyone is super accepting and cuts him slack when he’s stressed and is close to a meltdown or just in general when he doesn’t understand a social queue. They’re always there for him.

- He also needs a script for just about everything. If they go to a new restaurant he must watch his friends order first before he knows/feels comfortable with what he wants to order.

- Also, did I hear someone say executive dysfunction?? This guy is so bad at remembering stuff it’s hilarious. His walls are littered with post-it notes so that he remembers to “do that thing” (his friends are super sweet about it and gift him sticky notes in his favourite colours).

Aaaand that’s it for my Autistic Simon Spier Headcanons. If you guys want any other autistic headcanons or just headcanons in general just send an ask and I’ll get around to it. Feel free to specify if you want a long headcanon or a short one or just any specifics you want me to cover in it. Hope you enjoy!

Autistic Coded Villains and Why it Doesn’t Matter if Their Autism isn’t Canon.

I recently watched the movie Love Simon a couple times, and because of it, I’ve been thinking about this topic again. I won’t put any spoilers for the movie in this post, what I’m going to say is generally applicable to the broader idea, I’m just mentioning what prompted these words in case anyone has seen it and thought so too.

It’s not a new thing that characters in media are autistic coded but no one acknowledges it in the media or production of the media. People are autistic, and writers will often write characters by taking aspects of people they’ve met. Writing autistic characters without even thinking once about autism is very possible, and what I think is true in most cases. 

I don’t really have a problem with autistic characters like this as a concept. However, far too often those autistic characters with their autistic traits, behaviors, mannerisms, have something else carelessly thrown in. People write them as mean spirited, harmful, and as villains. 

One well known example of this is Sheldon from Big Bang Theory. He is extremely autistic coded, and he’s also sexist and generally mean in so many ways. 

But because these characters don’t get called autistic, then that shouldn’t make people consuming the media connect this meanness to autism, because they’re never told to, right? Nope, not at all. In fact, it’s probably worse. 

When it comes to implicit learning, it’s more likely that associations will be uncritically learned and accepted, and this context is exactly something that prompts implicit learning. Viewers get to see autistic traits and meanness existing together in one character, and subconsciously draw the connection between those autistic traits and those mean behaviors. 

So then upon meeting someone who acts similarly to those autistic coded characters, the person has these subconscious connections between autism and meanness. This will influence how they see and treat the autistic person, as they expect the autistic person to have mean intentions in whichever ways the characters do. When someone thinks the person they’re talking to is a bad person, it negatively influences everything about the interaction in ways that take too long to go into detail about how. 

The more characters this is true for, and the worse people treat autistic people for simply appearing autistic, the more strongly established in people’s minds it is that being mean is a trait inherently tied to autistic traits

It makes me really frustrated and sad to see when characters respond to sarcasm as though it were genuine, and overstep social guidelines without even noticing, only for the writers to use that as a springboard to write in harmful intentions for the character, and use them as an antagonist. It’s not worth the representation when all it does is teach the viewer to see autistic behaviors as meanness. 

i think about this all the time
markus is literally jumping through hoops to get connor to realize he’s flirting or at least notice him
he’ll open every door, offer his coat whenever it’s the slightest bit cold outside, brings connor coffee to the station every morning with hearts drawn on it and connor is always confused because “you don’t work here?” (it’s called a crush) and don’t get me started on the pick up lines
“did the sun come up or did you just smile at me?”
“it’s 10 pm markus.”
and then of course everyone has noticed markus’s huge crush, except for the crush himself, so evidently his friends are going to have some fun
josh is doing the whole pick up line gig, and even if it’s futile, he just basks in the way markus looks like he’s about to punch the nearest wall
or how simon is more touchy-feely, throwing an arm across connor’s shoulders and sitting as close to him whenever he can when markus walks in (he’s pretty sure markus was about to short-circuit that one time when he tucked that strand of con’s hair that always sticks out back in place)
EVENTUALLY hank comes to the rescue and sits down with connor and pretty much explains why markus is the way he is (and that of course connor doesn’t have to accept anything if he doesn’t want to)
and maybe one day connor shows up to markus’s place with a cup of coffee with the a couple of hearts drawn on the side.


Simon Lewis + @autistic-culture-is

Simon Snow- Speech Impediment

  • Simon has a lisp that he went to speech therapy for but never went away
  • The main cause of lisps, a protruding tongue or “tongue thrust”, is something that occurs in most kids but usually goes away once they’ve been talking for a while. Simon’s didn’t, and the many orphanages he ended up at didn’t do much to help him (except the aforementioned speech therapy, which he only had a few sessions of)
  • As a result of his lisp, he’s not only self-conscious but finds it physically challenging to speak clearly
  • This leads to his many difficulties and aversion to casting spells despite his love of magic
  • His tongue thrust also somewhat affects eating and swallowing, and if he didn’t love food so much, he’d probably be just as shy as Baz about eating in front of others
  • His tongue thrusting also created a habit of biting the inside of his cheek
  • Penny likes to call his tongue thrust blepping, since it’s like sticking your tongue out so it shows through your teeth
  • He gets especially embarrassed about the lisp when speaking to Baz, since the ‘z’ turns into a 'th’ (like in 'this,’ not like in 'moth’), so he calls his rival “Bath”
  • Baz never mentions the speech issues, though. He’s antagonistic towards him, sure, but he’s not going to go for low-hanging fruit.
  • In fact, everyone at Watford is pretty respectful about it and tries to be patient with him
  • Occasionally teachers ask him to repeat himself, though, especially when casting spells
  • In year one, the Mage tried to cure him through spells he’d make up on the spot. Simon would just be walking down the hallway, and if the Mage happened to be there, he’d cast Speak up! or Use your words!
  • Once, when casting Speak up!, instead of the expected result, he managed to make Simon’s voice twice as loud for the rest of the day, like a microphone. It didn’t help Simon’s self-consciousness
  • Basically, instead of being respectful like everyone else, the Mage put Simon in danger with untested skills so that he could try to 'fix’ him, while everyone else treated him like an actual human being
Autistic Headcanon: Nick Angel

Nick Angel from Hot Fuzz has lots of AS traits. I’ma talk about ‘em!

The first thing is, Nick seems to have a difficult time reading facial expressions and body language, and therefore has a hard time knowing exactly how to respond in a given situation. His smiles are usually practiced/terse, polite, and given only when intuitively prompted. Whatever his emotion, his expression is usually mostly neutral.

Exhibits A, B, and C (there are others, too!):

Sort of alongside this, another trait Nick has is hyperlexia, where he almost always sounds formal/organized, and uses lots of words where fewer would do, like in his talk with Janine.

Another thing is, especially when feeling intensely stressed or cornered, Nick is prone to outbursts/meltdowns. He has one when the Andes talk about Nick “looking after a Church fete” and another when the Andes (huh…) ask Nicholas what he was doing in Leslie’s shop, the latter of which is in this gif (also showing Nick unwilling to make eye contact). I think I remember him being quiet/shut down during the talk with Frank Butterman toward the end of the film, also.

Nick parrots/chameleons gestures he’s picked up from watching Danny (sorry this is a rude gesture!). This is a common practice among AS folks.

Nick doesn’t really like to be touched. He jumps whenever Inspector Butterman sets a hand on his shoulder/elsewhere without asking, and Nick smacks Danny’s hand away after the “sea mine” scene. Don’t have a gif of that, but it’s right after this:

Nick also jumps at loud noises and sudden actions, which could be sensitivity to sound and sight (fast things). The only time he’s alright with touching Danny is after he’s fallen asleep and when Danny is injured later in the film.

There’s a few times Nick stims as well! I think he might be ambidextrous, and he apparently always carries pens with him? I assume he clicks them whilst idling on the job, if his hands aren’t in his uniform vest for a pressure stim.

Toothpick as an oral stim:

And in this scene he rubs his fingers together:

Lastly, uh, Nick is absolutely obsessed with his job as a police officer. It’s his special interest, as he’s told us. He has a great rote memory for police procedure and the Official Vocab Guidelines. He also has a routine (whether daily, on certain days, or often, we’re not sure) of running in the mornings and watering his peace lily. Nick is able to (hyper)focus for long stretches of time on paperwork that other officers find boring, even after his hand cramps up from writing. He’s very logical and analytical, and can be emotional and open around his friends (AS folks are not robots, though emotions can be difficult to communicate and read).

Honestly this isn’t even all the stuff I could use in this headcanon! I really love Nick Angel and maybe this is why. I’m seeing a counselor soon because I believe I might be on the autism spectrum, so… Doing research leads to headcanons. Hope you have a nice day!!

Watching “Love, Simon” right now. I love the whole atmosphere, but I’m feeling really uncomfortable with the autistic coding of the obvious “bad guy” of the story, Martin. 

I wish that infodumping and this kind of thing wouldn’t be associated so quickly with being “creepy” and all. It would be nice to see ourselves portrayed as the cool teenagers in media, for once (a bit like Billy from “Power Rangers”. He’s not popular or what, in the beginning at least, but the movie portrays him as nice and all).

Yee, sorry there aren’t more:

- I think I’ve said this before but markus encourages connor and simon to try a hand at painting, neither of them can really get into it on a professional level but they do have fun, simon tends to start paint fights which get very messy. Markus pretends to be mad but how can he be when connor and simon smile like that?

- naps are a gift from the gods, sometimes they’re all too exhausted to really do anything together so just. Sleepy cuddle piles.

- Markus likes to read, everything from philosophy to fiction, to slow it down so he can processes things bit by bit he likes to sometimes read out loud. Connor and Simon very much enjoy his soothing warm voice, so they both usually curl up near him to listen.

Sometimes if it’s fiction they join in, all of them putting on different voices for the characters, it’s fun and relaxing

- similarly, markus and simon love hearing connor speak, he infodumps about his current SpIns A LOT, Simon finds it endearing and Markus loves his passion, connor tries not to go too overboard but he appreciates that they genuinely listen to him.

- Simon loves crap telly, like reality shows and shit, connor and markus grumble about it but markus gets really invested in stuff like the bachelor and connor loves stuff like say yes to the dress

I love how Simon’s autism is p much accidental canon

Dom wrote Simon to just be a recovered addict with depression but then Emmett added in bits that resonated with a bunch of autistic viewers

When Dom found out about this widespread headcanon he was like “I didn’t mean for Simon to be on the spectrum, that was all Emmett’s acting, but if autistic people think this character is like them, then I guess this means he’s autistic”

Autistic headcanon : Gary King

I always loved Edgar Wright’s movies. But his “World’s end” movie was the one who really struck a chord with me (it’s a special interest of mine). And i think it’s because i identify a lot with Gary King.

For those who don’t know this movie, “The World’s end” tells the story of Gary King, a man stuck in the 80′s, who, when he was a teenager, got his friends to do with him the “Golden Mile”, aka drinking a pint in the twelve pubs of his town. They never managed to get the last pubs.

Years and years after, Gary King comes back in his friends’ life and manage to convince them to actually finish the Golden Mile. But his motives might be deeper than what they initially think…

I won’t go in too much details about the plot, because there are lots of plot twists and you seriously need to watch this movie blindly. However, i can safely assure you that Gary King is one of my favorite autistic headcanon, mostly because he painfully reminds me of myself about a lot of things (he might also have ADHD, which i self-diagnose myself with).

Firstly, he can’t stand still. At all. He’s always moving, always doing something with his body, never, ever still. He loves to run, for no other reason than fun, and tends to jump over anything. He also spins on himself and dances without any reason.

[gif of Gary King, spinning on himself, his long coat following the ample gesture]

[gif of Gary King, spinning slightly on his rolling chair, in front of another man, sitting at his desk. The name “Andrew” is written in big, white letters on the screen]

[gif of Gary King, walking backwards at a fast pace, arms extended]

He tends to be “jumpy” when there’s a sudden and possibly loud noise, like in this gif :

[gif of Gary King, playing with a rubber band. He lets him escape and break something, which makes him jump and then smile slightly]

This gif can also be applied to the fact that Gary needs to keep his hands busy and, basically, stims a lot. He talks a lot with his hands, an habit that he had younger and kept while older :

[gif of a young Gary King, talking and moving his hands. One of them is holding an office item]

[gif of Gary King, speaking excitedly and waving his hands]

He has troubles to “read the mood” and to know exactly how to act when someone needs obvious help and comfort. He usually tries to stay “funny” and “energetic”, not realizing his behavior can hurt other people and that they might look for other forms of comfort.

Gary has some comfort objects that he can’t just let go (mainly, his very, VERY old car and his  old cellphone, even though they barely manage to function). Presented with the opportunity to use something else, he tends to become defensive and even agressive.

I could go on and on about Gary King and my autistic headcanon, but i’d risk to spoil you and definitely, it’s a movie you should watch without knowing much about it. Also, neat anecdote : the actor Paddy Considine, who’s playing one of Gary’s friends, is autistic. And he’s awesome.

I’ll put some Trigger Warnings about the movie. If you think you don’t have any, then you can stop your reading right here, because it might spoil you a little bit about the plot.

If you want to be careful and to know what you’ll have to watch (or not, if you can’t watch a movie with this kind of subject, that’s totally okay), then here are the Trigger Warnings that i can think about :

TW : suicide mention, alcoholism, self-injury behavior, death, psychiatric ward mention.

Oh man, I re-watched Edge of Tomorrow and Knight and Day earlier, and obviously Edge of Tomorrow is fantastic (why isn’t the sequel happening yet?) but it was also reminded about how much I LOVED Tom’s character in Knight and Day - and the whole premise of the movie and the way everything was revealed. I’d say Roy Miller is easily in my top 5 favourite Tom Cruise characters ever (maybe even top 3), literally everything about him ticks my ‘fave character trope’ list to a T. 

I’m pretty sure The Rock’s movie Central Intelligence and Bob Stone was inspired by Knight and Day and Tom’s own character because the whole premise of it is very familiar - though no less entertaining.

@asflowersfade I know you’ll love the relationship between Tom’s character Roy and Simon (the autistic genius guy he was tasked to protect) and the revelation about his backstory about halfway through the movie is just absolutely a one way trip to feelsville. 

About your earlier concern about Cameron Diaz; I personally wasn’t a huge fan of the character in the beginning (mainly because my problem with Cameron Diaz is the fact that she’s never anyone BUT Cameron Diaz). However, she wasn’t especially annoying to me and by the end I did come to truly appreciate her character. How could I not with the utterly infatuated look Roy has when he looks at her and for everything she did at the end.

God, I honestly love the movie so much and on the scale of hotness, Tom Cruise ranks an easy-ass ten in this.


This particular sequence below was especially hot. The way he jumps in, takes out the baddies all while using himself as a human shield protecting her. 


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Simon is not Autistic

So someone posted this:

(it’s here if you want to check it out - I’m not direct-linking because I don’t mean to offend or attack the OP, I just want to address the issue.  Actually, I just want to rant, because I’m annoyed.)

proof that simon monroe is autistic

  • restless fingers, constantly tapping them or rubbing them or wriggling them, especially when anxious
  • one of his key personality traits is becoming obsessed with and 100% invested in people and things (the undead prophet, kieren, etc)
  • he’s bad with timing and social cues (like Incredibly Badly Timed Flirting, trying to pin Kieren and kiss him only a day after their first kiss with Amy still in the bungalow, etc)
  • “what do normal people do?”
  • has a really hard time interacting w/ people and seems uncomfortable in social situations (stays outside at the party, nervous about meeting kieren’s parents)
  • seems to have trouble with facial expressions and adding emotion to his tone tbh, in scenes like the fight with him and Gary at the bar he seems almost intentionally monotone
  • wears a specific type of clothing with a very distinct weight and texture to it (his big jumpers)
  • literally has a meltdown that involves curling up in a corner and covering his ears
  • simon monroe is literally autistic you can’t take this away from me

I have really mixed feelings about this.  Autism is a thing.  And it can be a serious issue for people to deal with.  Identifying it for fun, as it seems people on Tumblr sometimes do, seems offensive.  I say this as someone who’s been diagnosed by a psychiatrist as high-functioning austistic (what would formerly have been referred to as Aspberger’s traits), as well as ADHD (not that that’s being discussed here - just including it for full disclosure).  

On the one hand, I find it frustrating that people “diagnose” autism in characters willy-nilly, and no, I don’t think Simon is autistic. Many of the traits listed are attributable to other things, and some are common in the general population and aren’t severe enough to be autism traits.  On the other hand, I do wish there was more representation of autistic characters in television, if only so that uninformed people wouldn’t assign the term to people as part of the latest trendy thing.  Because autism isn’t a trend;  it’s a real thing and it impacts some of us in real ways that these cutesy posts don’t understand.

I’m sorry - I don’t mean to offend the OP, but I wish people would actually give some thought to these things before throwing them out there.  And especially when we’re looking at a show like In the Flesh, which is so good at representing so many real social issues, I would hope people would consider the repercussions to the random use of labels.

Just my thoughts.

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