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Omg I am in LOVE with your Miraculous autistic headcanons! Could you do one for Alya? I totally headcanon her as a more social autistic but one who’s got an utter lack of boundaries (which goes hand-in-hand with her journalism) and a super special interest in Ladybug and the Ladyblog!

Autistic Miraculous Part 5 – Autistic Alya/Lady-WIFI

An autistic Alya Headcanon as per requested!

- Alya is one of those autistics who spent ages denying the fact that they were autistic purely because she didn’t fit the cookie cutter mould of what ‘Autistic’ should be 

- However, when she finally realized that in fact yes, she is autistic there was no stopping her. 

- Her family was the one who helped her get the diagnosis and they were super-duper supportive of her 

- Because of this, her stim toy collection is amazing. She just has boxes of stim toys, her favourites are her tangles (the red one in particular) and her squishies.

- The reason why she spent so long denying the fact she was autistic was that she was “too social”. She doesn’t get as burnt out by talking to people like Marinette does so her other autistic traits “didn’t count.” 

- When Marinette found out about this she called bullshit and encouraged Alya to accept her neurodiversity.

- Despite her being a Social Wizz™ she sometimes forgets about the little thing called social boundaries. If she likes you she will spend hours researching you and your interests, (she Facebook stalks people “just cause”.) 

- Granted she doesn’t mean too, it’s just habit from her journalism and it’s never anything creepy. If anything when people find out they usually have a sort of “Holy shit that’s kinda cool” reaction.

- She doesn’t have a lot of special interests literally only about 2 or 3 consistent ones but her super intense one is the ladyblog. 

- That blog is everything to her. She has so much fun tracking the fights, getting the interviews and writing it all up. 

- (It also helps that the sound of the keyboard on her phone and laptop are super stimmy.) 

- Her other special interests are journalism and music 

- Speaking of music, she’s the person who finds one song and obsess over it and listens to it on repeat until she gets bored of it and finds another one. 

Aaaand that’s it, folks! If you want any more autistic miraculous feel free to leave an ask I love writing them!! Same goes for any other character you think might be autistic. Leave an ask and if you want a specific situation or just general autistic *name of character* Headcanon I’ll get to it.

im sick and tired of everyone still acting as if autistic people dont exist in todays society or participate in popular subcultures just bc ppl dont want to listen to us talk. we want to be represented as much as everyone else, and actually even more.

i see posts talking about how peter parker is trans with thousands of notes, a lot of them from cis allies. i hear a question about stucky in almost every interview/q&a/con that the cast does. i even see posts like ‘x character is adhd’ with tons of notes because adhd is more socially acceptable than autism. people will break down every aspect of someones character just for tiny hints that they’re trans or gay or whatever, and while i do love trans and gay headcanons being widely accepted, especially by the creators of the content themselves, i still cannot think of one single instance where a character who was coded autistic was confirmed …besides sheldon cooper. i watched bruce banner have basically a meltdown on screen and wrap himself in his shirt, the way i do when i have meltdowns, and no one said a thing. i watched newt scamander avoid eye contact throughout the entire movie, stumble over his words, have a hyperfixation on animals/creatures, etc etc etc and no one said a thing. 

i feel like im just shouting into the void here because its still so unfathomable for people to understand that autistic people exist. we’re here, we’re consuming the same media you are, we’re desperate for diversity just like you are. its never even crossed the minds of the creators/actors that the quirky shy awkward character they’ve created is just autistic– because, wait, peter parker doesn’t talk in a monotone voice like spock, how can he be autistic?!!?!?

literally no one. gives a shit. about autistic people. at all. please just listen to us. give our autistic headcanon posts as many notes as your trans headcanon posts. be aware that autistic people who think their favorite characters are autistic aren’t just ‘projecting’ or ‘overanalyzing’, and you shouldnt just humor us because you pity us. realize that autistic people can look many different ways and just because a character doesn’t act like sheldon cooper or spock, doesn’t mean they’re not autistic. just please realize that we exist.

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so i’m pretty sure Baby is autistic

like more sure than just about any other character i’ve ever seen. i just got back from my second viewing and now i’m more convinced than ever. evidence:

  • adherence to routine: baby still eats at the diner where his mom worked, and he still orders from the kids menu. the waitress said that he’d been coming there for as long as she’s worked there; baby has basically lived his entire life around that diner, and he hasn’t updated his routine in years because the routine brings him comfort.
  • delayed echolalia: a significant portion baby’s spoken dialogue is actually just him repeating things he’s heard before in other contexts. we all do this from time-to-time, everybody likes a good quote, but baby does it… a lot. like, way more than normal. he seems FAR more comfortable speaking in quotes than he does speaking off-the-cuff.
  • immediate echolalia: and he doesn’t always store quotes for later. sometimes he repeats them back immediately. this kind of parroting is something autistic children have been known to do to help them process what is being said, not realizing that their repetition is being taken as a response. when doc asks baby “are you in?” and baby repeats “am I in?” almost automatically, you can tell this is an exchange they’ve gone through many times, likely going all the way back to when baby was a kid. perhaps that’s how it started.
  • memorization - this goes hand-in-hand with echolalia; you have to remember quotes in order to repeat them, after all. but it goes beyond mere snippets of dialogue; baby is able to memorize extremely complicated plans and rundowns and repeat them verbatim after hearing them exactly once. he does this twice; once when doc is telling the crew the plan, and once when he goes into the post-office and sam gives him the rundown of the security.
  • hyperfixation: baby lives and breathes music. owns dozens upon dozens of ipods that he has clearly gone through the trouble of buying off other people, each of which is loaded with different songs for different occasions and each individual library of which he has memorized. has keyboards and turntables and other mixing tools to create his own music, has a huge case of tapes of his own stuff, and a wall of vinyl records he’s collected. choreographs his getaway driving to music. hell, choreographs his entire life to music, to the point where baby has to stop what he is doing to restart, rewind, or find a song multiple times over the course of the film, even when his actual life is in jeopardy.
  • sensory issues: constantly listens to music to drown out his tinnitus. for many people, the ringing from tinnitus is something they can get used to and ‘tune out’ so to speak. baby’s inability to do this suggests that either his tinnitus is more severe, or he has some form of sensory disorder that prevents him from ignoring unwanted stimuli, forcing him to override it with something else.
  • savant syndrome: there’s really no way around this; baby is goddamn driving prodigy. if he were a middle-age man, his skill would put him among the best in the world; the fact that he’s this good now, and that he’s been this good since he was an actual child puts him so far into the stratosphere that we can’t even see him anymore. like, sorry, kevin spacey, but it’s not baby’s personal playlist that makes him the best driver on the fucking planet; there is something else going on in that kid’s brain, and whatever it is, it ain’t normal.

add all of this to the fact that baby’s intense focus and quiet, seemingly emotionless demeanor makes his criminal associates suspicious of him to the point where various idiots accuse him of having ‘mental problems,’ being ‘not on planet earth,’ with one particularly dumb asshole even throwing the R-word at him, and I’d say at the very least you have a strong case for baby being anything but neurotypical.

“I’m not slow. I’m fast.”

hell yeah you are. i love my fast autistic son. 🚗

Autistic Picani Headcanon?

I said I would do this so I’m doing it.

. Special interests cartoons. He doesn’t just use them, he KNOWS them, entirely, and well.

. Doesn’t always notice when people are uninterested (usually in his cartoon tangents)

. Stims with the pen. I literally rewound the first video to watch this because his expressionism actually includes the use of his pen (4:53 in the first video)

. His self sung intro seems very ritualistic to me.

. Quotes as echolalia

. 3:23 in the first video you can actually see him spinning in the chair. I’m calling it on stimming, but you could argue, I suppose.

. If you’ve noticed something about Thomas’s characters, he puts a LOT into expression, and while you could blame it on that, his hands move. A lot.

. “Do you, how do?” Is carried out through every greeting in the whole series, and it’s definitely an example of alternative communication styling.

. Ship names also seem very ritualistic to me. It’s something he repeats in the same way, for every set of patients.

. Having the social observation that comes with ASD in learning neurotypical communication, this could definitely be carried over into his work, which is literally to do just that. 

. He encourages his patients to character project, I would have to imagine he has done the same thing himself.

. Blunt dialogue, such as “Oh it’s just you.” That obviously isn’t harmful, but very unmasked-ly honest.

. There are a lot of vocal things that I particularly picked up on, other then grandeur in general. Leading into his sentences by drawing out the vowel, his reaction at 4:25 in the first video, things like that.

. Not always providing background information when he’s talking about things he’s passionate about, and then infodumping on them.

. He’s obviously uncomfortable with PDA.

. He’s got stuffed animals, pictures, figurines EVERYWHERE, which could be a special interest thing, or a comfort object thing.

. You actually can see instances of him thinking in concepts, like when he talks about the ‘relationship’ instead of the people in the relationship.

. Using, or the vibe I get off of him at least, more of an advice giving them comfort providing stance when someone needs it (again, his job, but it applies so I’m using it). He conjectures and switches around a lot in his topics, it makes it seem a more natural communication thing, to me.

. His eye contact shifts. A lot. And that is definitely something that shows up in Thomas’s acting style but I’m using it anyway.

I might be able to find more, but I have some other things to get to tonight, feel free to share your thoughts. 

Okay unpopular opinion time.

As somebody who knows a blind-from-birth person, it’s kinda pissing me off that people are acting like the Doctor going blind is tragic. It might suck for him for awhile because he’s not used to living that way, but ffs if he’s taught how to do things the blind way as opposed to the sighted way and borrowed other people to be his eyes when vision is necessary then not much would have to change.

If the Doctor can memorize a map in a few seconds, I doubt it’d take him long to learn just about every form of Braille or raised reading material for blind people all over the universe.

Imagine if the TARDIS made him a sonic white cane that could do all the cool stuff his sonic screwdriver could do and more. Imagine it having a “homing” signal where the cane will gently tug him back to the TARDIS if there’s danger or if he gets ‘lost’ on an adventure. (And imagine him having to resist it and be all “be quiet, you!”)

Disability doesn’t have to be tragic, y’all.

–posted by an autistic person who headcanons the Doctor as autistic.

So anyways…None of the Voltron Paladins are neurotypical. 

None of them. 

Pidge and Keith are autistic

Lance has ADHD and possibly depression

Hunk has anxiety

Shiro has PTSD

Michael Mell is on the spectrum

In BMC- the clips we’ve seen of the show- in all the scenes where Michael is wearing his hoodie, if he is stressed, or has something to lose (when Jeremy is receiving the squip and Michael is apprehensive, when Jeremy goes to get the girl, when Jeremy stomps off after saying he hates the school, when Jeremy hasn’t acknowledged him all day because of optic nerve blocking, when Jeremy chooses to side with the squip and the upgrade instead of following Michael, etc) whenever something stressful, unnerving, or hurtful happens- MICHAEL WEARS THE HOOD UP TO COVER HIS HEAD-
This may not seem like a big deal to some people but as someone on the autism spectrum- this is a clear coping mechanism that a lot of people on the spectrum use-
It helps to kind of hide you a bit and give you some kind of little relief and sanctuary- the same thing with headphones- wearing headphones can help block out unwanted noise that you are overly sensitive to and drown it out with noise that brings you comfort (in michael’s case- sometimes Bob Marley)
Another common trait in people on the spectrum, is anxiety over change. People on the spectrum typically grow attached and accustomed to their routines and get startled and disoriented by change. This is another trait that can be seen in michael- in the opening number- he is introduced for the very first time singing:
“Jeremy, my buddy, how’s it hanging? Lunch is banging. Got my sushi, got my slushy and more!”
First of all, it is arguable that when Michael says “Got my sushi, got my slushy, and more” it is a glimpse of these said patterns that tend to fall into place and make people on the spectrum more at ease. Notice how he doesn’t say “I got sushi and a slushy” he says “got my sushi, got my slushy”- he states it simply like this because Jeremy is his best friend and knows his patterns and habits- which is why he so plainly states it like everybody knows about them. I think this is an example of Michael’s system- he gets his sushi, he gets his slushy, he listens to his music, he wears his same hoodie, and he goes to school.
Second of all (and this is more debatable than the rest) before Michael goes on to share his routinely patterns, something that stuck out to me was that Michael wasn’t as socially adept as other characters- he addresses his friend and does the socially acceptable thing by asking how he is doing, but then immediately moves on without receiving an answer. This isn’t because he is selfish or a dick- in my mind it’s another trait of people on the spectrum. For people with high functioning autism, social interactions can be extremely difficult because it is hard to comprehend what is socially acceptable and what isn’t. This can make some relationships hard because they may come off as rude or uncaring when in reality they just aren’t able to easily slide into conversation and act completely normally.
Third of all, when he says “and more” I thought it was cute because it showed his excitement for having accomplished something. For people off of the spectrum, little things like accepting a little change isn’t anything out of the norm because life is unpredictable and things change all the time. But for people on the spectrum, even little things like being able to roll with one simple change can be a huge victory. Change is a lot harder for us so being able to deal with slight change is a big deal. After this line- Michael says “the roll was Mekhi maki and I’m feeling kind of cocky, cause the girl at sev-elev gave me a generous pour”. Just the little change of the extra pour, extra slushy, Michael was able to accept and that was a win for him, enough to make him feel confident and cocky.

Throughout the musical and album there is more evidence of this but I think that it is at least debatable that Michael may be on the spectrum. Honestly it wouldn’t surprise me for George Salazar to portray a character like that as he has been good with mental health representation in the past. I honestly love the idea of an autistic character in a musical because there isn’t a whole lot of positive representation elsewhere. You don’t have to agree but I’m probably going to always see Michael now as a representation for me

Autistic headcanon : Miss Sherlock

I watched the first three episodes of Miss Sherlock that were released and I’m a fan. Also, this Sherlock is autistic af too and I love her. Basically, Wato Tachibana (the Watson of this story) is back from Syria and meeting with a mentor/friend. 

When this man dies, a bomb exploding in his body, the police is involved and especially the woman working with her, who insists on getting called “Sherlock” for unknown reasons.

I really like this Sherlock. She’s not the “high-functioning sociopath” (gosh, I hate this expression) that his british counterpart is, in the Moffat tv show. 

She just seems to value the fact of being alone and being in control of her own life, which is why she’s reluctant to “open the door” to Wato at first. 

[gifs of Sherlock. She’s talking to Wato after learning that she’ll become her roommate and she’s telling her with a forced smile : “Suit yourself. But I’ll make sure you regret this.]

Her job is a true passion for her, a special interest that she’s so invested in that she might either make mistakes out of precipitation (like taking a clue in her hands without wearing gloves or forgetting to put on her shoes to go after someone) or be too pushy with suspects in order to get from them what she wants.

She seems to have no notion of personal space, especially when it comes to Watson, which we can see in this picture :

[picture of Sherlock and Wato. Sherlock is right behind Wato, almost touching her, while Wato is trying to pursue her date with someone else]

She’s a fast talker, in a voice that can be quite monotone, except when she gets excited. Her process thought is so quick that it almost seems like she’s constantly jumping from one subject to another. 

She’s not above lying, but, at the same time, is frank enough to make people uneasy. She’s not afraid to speak her mind, even though she knows that she can lose much by doing so.

She’s shown displaying auditory processing issues in several occasions, notably when a suspect starts crying loudly right next to her :

[gif of Sherlock. Her hands are blocking her ears. She’s jumping on a couch, adopting a fetal position, with a very displeased expression on her face]

Her body posture is quite uncommon and she tends to mostly sit in a fetal position, especially when she’s upset :

[gif of Sherlock. She’s sitting on a couch, her long coat surrouding almost entirely her curled up legs. Wato is watching her.]

She’s stimming a lot, especially with her hands, either because she’s excited :

[gif of Sherlock. She’s in front of a computer, about to type on it. With an excited expression, she’s agitating her hands all around herself]

Or because she’s deep in her thoughts and needs to focus :

[gif of Sherlock. She’s intertwining her long fingers, with a pensive expression on her face]

She’s also stimming in more ordinary situations, probably just because it helps her to feel grounded or to process social situations :

[gif of Sherlock. We’re only seeing her hand. She’s tapping her thumb against her forefinger rapidly]

She can’t seem to sit on a rolling chair without moving it, which can be seen everytime she’s sitting on one of these :

[gif of Sherlock. She’s sitting on a rolling chair and moving it slightly from left to right, with a smile on her face]

I’m looking forward to the next episodes of this tv show. Sherlock is an amazing character and the tv show is quite nice to follow. Autistic Sherlock is the best !

Edit : I forgot to put credits for the gifs used on this post. They were created by @drwato and @miss–sherlock . Don’t hesitate to check their blog too !

Being friends/ loving an autistic person isn’t charity, doesn’t make you a superhero. I’m sick of people using their autistic friends as things to make people proud of them - like they did some charity work. We need to stop looking down on autistic people like they arnt even human. Like it’s an effort to take care of/ be near / talk to this alien person. When they are just autistic. Coming from an actually autistic person - this is stupid and I hate it.

Sportacus is autistic

Here’s why:

• in some cases, autistic people have moderate to severe trouble differentiating relationships (i.e. it’s hard for them to tell the different between an acquaintance and a friend, that sort of thing) which is why sportacus is so kind and amiable with robbie, cos he just doesn’t get why he wouldn’t be
• sporp needs constant stimulation, which usually comes in the form of exercise, and that’s his method of stimming
• his special interest is anything athletic
• he doesn’t have many friends his age, instead choosing to hang out with the kids as he gets along with them well
• he’s got a tendency to be very literal, not taking well to figures of speech, sarcasm, or tone signals

please add more if you have anything!

Autistic Virgil Headcanons
  • flappy. hands.
    • literally he flaps his hands all the time
  • he used to chew on his sleeves until patton gave him a chew necklace
  • part of his anxiety is due to the fact that he doesn’t really understand societal rules so he gets v anxious and scared that he’s doing something wrong at all times
  • experiences sensory overload often and in turn has meltdowns fairly often
  • sensory overload normally happens when virgil has been socializing too much and is exhausted by that, when lights are too bright, or when hes around too many loud noises
  • he normally curls up in a ball and rocks back and forth, screaming and crying
  • before he was comfortable with the others, virgil would hold on before he got back to his room and would then have a meltdown
  • the first time that the other sides and thomas saw a meltdown, virgil calmed down and saw them staring at him and assumed the worst
  • he fled to his room and would not come no matter how much they tried to summon him
  • when he came out again, the others made a point not to mention what had happened
  • when he inevitably had another one in front of them, they instead carefully handed him a blanket and a water bottle and sat with him, reassuring him that they loved and cared for him
  • eventually he told them that he was autistic and they continued to support him
  • the headphones that he uses to listen to music are absolutely noise-cancelling and he uses them sometimes when things get a bit too loud
  • the nightmare before christmas is one of his special interests
    • he refrains from info dumping because he thinks it makes him look weird
    • until he info dumps about it around roman and they spend like two hours talking about it
    • virgil thought that roman was only being nice for once and had found him annoying
    • until roman comes up to him a couple days later, wanting to talk about it again
    • the next time the sides have movie night, they watch the nightmare before christmas and virgil spends like half of the movie hand flapping
  • he understands sarcasm ridiculously well, but does not get metaphors or idioms at all

Okay, I just finished watching “The Dragon Prince” on Netflix and Claudia is definitely autistic, with a special interest in magic. She’s awesome !

[gif of Claudia running happily to her father, pointing out her nose and her father multiple times with her finger]

I also headcanon that she has the bad habit to taste most weird / “edible-looking” things she come across (a bit like me actually), like in this scene :

[gif of Claudia seeing jelly on a painting. She touches it with a finger, before licking it and making a grossed-out expression]

Also, the fact that she has troubles to think while her brother is talking and talking and talking is probably a sign of auditory processing disorder.

And I’m not even talking about her unusual sense of humor :

[gif of a pile of dirt, that Claudia calls “The Ka-shortest mountain” before laughing wildly about it]

I love Claudia and I hope we’ll get to see more of her in the future.

Side note : Bring back Amaya, she’s awesome too !

Newt Scamander is on the autism spectrum no?

1) he rarely makes eye contact
2) he relates better to animals than people
3) extremely literal and logical
4) has a hard time making friends
6) collecting and categorizing a single interest to the point of impacting his life and relationships
7) He seems uncomfortable with emotions except when with animals. When he is able to connect emotionally with humans, its the outcasts like himself.
8) He doesn’t acknowledge rules that don’t fit his logic. Not in a “I’m a badass the rules don’t apply to me" way but a “does not compute” sort of way

Maybe I’m seeing what I want to see but I LOVE THIS. Visibility makes me happy :)

Some autistic DEH headcanons


- constantly in a state of sensory overload
- special interest is trees
- frequent meltdowns
- likes rough textures
- like tree bark
- but also smooth textures
- like tree leaves
- stims by rocking back and forth
- also by rubbing his cast
- takes things very literally
- lot’s of scripting
- routines routines routines


- quiet and secluded
- semi-verbal
- uses ASL when he’s nonverbal
- frequently uses sarcasm but has trouble recognizing when others are being sarcastic
- chews on everything
- E V E R Y T H I N G
- has some unhealthy stims
- but loud music is fav stim
- also picking at his nail polish
- and running his hands through his hair because it looks greasy BUT ITS ACTUALLY SO SOFT


- if you thought the happy flapping was just a Connor thing boy were you wrong
- so much happy flapping
- comes off as an asshole but he actually just doesn’t know what’s socially acceptable and what’s not
- special interest is Portal tbh
- he connects with Space Core on a spiritual level
- favorite stim toy is his Tangle Jr.
- he also loves Thinking Putty

- mod santa carla