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RE Autistic models: I'm autistic and I model, and the asker is right, I often do have to retreat alone to recover after shoots. (Also: catwalk is great because I naturally walk on my toes, so I'm awesome at it!) I'd really love to see autistic characters who are known for their physical beauty, since we don't often get regarded as physically attractive and I think being shown autistic people are pretty as well as disabled is so important. I hope this character is written!

thanks for sharing!

I am not ‘differently-abled’

Calling a disabled person ‘differently-abled’ is not politically correct.  In fact, it totally erases the inherent class politics of disability.

‘Differently-abled’ ignores society and turns a blind eye to our material conditions.  Also it’s patronizing af.

We ARE different, but we are not JUST different.  

Calling us differently-abled takes disability out of its political context and makes it an individual situation one can overcome if they just think differently or try harder.  It perpetuates the status quo by pretending oppressive systems don’t exist. 

You may as well say you don’t see color.

We do have differences, in this case real impairments, that -society- renders disabling.  Capitalist society operates in a way that advantages the ruling elites and disadvantages everyone else.  This disadvantage manifests differently among different segments of the broad underclass(es.)  Race-based oppression doesn’t look exactly like Sex-based oppression, for example. 

In the case of disabled people, because of our impairments, we do not function within capitalist society in a way that allows for maximum value extraction from our labor.  This, in turn, disables us. Disabled people are less efficient producers of surplus value. 

We cannot fully participate in and are devalued and oppressed by capitalist society because it is not made for us .  It’s not made for you either, probably.  It’s only made for profit.  And disabled people are harder to profit off.

So, no, differently-abled isn’t a nice way to see the person and not the disability.  It’s a way to hold reality at arms-length to make yourself more comfortable.  And it’s lacking in political analysis.


You guys are… really nice.

no offense but i judge the entirety of a les miserables production on how hot the actor playing enjolras is

Autistic Dominance in the Pokemon World

Representation is important. People can’t imagine themselves as the hero unless there’s a hero like them to look up to. Unfortunately, marginalised groups simply don’t get enough representation, so we have to interpret situations so that we can see ourselves as the heroes.

Some situations are easier to interpret in our favour than others.

For instance, I firmly believe that it is very easy to see autistic characters in the Pokemon series. Moreover, I’m of the opinion that the majority of people in the Pokemon world are autistic.

But while this is a claim that I, as an autistic person, should have the right to declare without further explanation, I unfortunately don’t. Also, I want to infodump about Pokemon meta.

[Warning: this post will contain mentions of ableism and self-harm, as well as the brief touching-upon of the effects of canonical parental abuse upon the victim. It’s also really long.]

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For my first World Autism Awareness  Acceptance day as an Offical Autisic Person™, I thought the time was right to share some of my own autistic headcanons, all modelling for the #RedInstead movement.

From left to right, we have:

Frisk, Chara and Papyrus (Undertale)

Pearl and Peridot (Steven Universe)

Ice Bear (We Bare Bears)

and Isaac (The Binding of Isaac)

every time i see a post where a person says “don’t call my autism a disability bc it’s not an impairment, call me [differently abled | other euphemism] instead”

i want to inform the person that a self-identity of disability doesn’t mean “impairment” and that saying “my autism is a disability” isn’t saying that autism is a completely negative experience.

i am disabled and there is no shame in saying that. i am disabled and though there is pain from my disabilities, there are also wonderful aspects of my disabilities.

disability means that the world has a responsibility to accommodate you. not that the world needs to change you.

Growing up I had no Autistic role models. It was always a case of individuals with Asperger’s could get into long term relationships or could have a successful career. What kind of future is that? I don’t want could. I want does. I want people that do have these things, grown ups that got married and raised their own children. Grown ups that became leaders in their fields. I want success. 

Give me autistic role models. Not hypotheticals, give me real people who succeeded. Don’t give me maybe, give me those who did.

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What is the controversy around the Dirty Laundry fic? I'm not in that fandom, but I've seen a lot of angry posts about it?

hey anon! well, i’ve only just gone back into the tags myself, so i won’t claim to be knowledgeable on the subject, but i’ll do what i can to explain.

Dirty Laundry is a klance fic (keith and lance, two of the teens in the show) for Voltron, and honestly, i personally think it is the best fic in the fandom at the moment. but of course, as with anything popular, a small group of tumblr haters need to tear it down.

in the fic, Lance is a Mexcian-American with a large Mexican family, and the majority of the fic is set in Arizona where his family lives on a large plot of land they own. (they also own their own business). the family is coming back for Christmas, so they’re all congregating at Lance’s family home, and Lance accidentally told his mother he was bringing a boyfriend home with him, so he asks Keith to be that boyfriend. basically, it’s a lovely fake dating au filled with family shenanigans and mutual pining, though the author has also included some angsty elements such as bi/homo phobia. in the latest chapter, an autistic character was also introduced.

from what i can gather, after the latest chapter, a select group of people started bullying and attacking the author for certain aspects of her fic, calling it racist and ableist. these people, in the first instance, seemed to be mostly white. i am unsure about latinx people also being involved - i think i saw one blog being run by a mexican/latinx person making a public callout post shaming the author though. but most of the haters are white, which is especially irritating to the many, many latinx/mexican fans of this fic who are being silenced. regardless of the fact that many of them have defended the “offensive” parts of the fic, claiming that these are true aspects of their culture and not stereotypes (gasolina and la chancla), the haters have been undeterred and have continued to bully the author. it’s extremely frustrating to see so many mexican/latinx voices silenced when it is their culture and so they would best know what is offensive and what isn’t. it’s also extremely saddening because many have said that they recognise their own families and childhoods in this fic, and now it has been torn down. 

i think i saw one mexican/latinx blogger who didn’t like the fic say that the countless mexican/latinx people who enjoy it cannot speak for the whole and this is true - but on both sides. the small group of haters cannot speak for the whole of the mexican/latinx community, and i think it’s disgusting that something that so many mexican/latinx fans related to and saw themselves in has had to be stopped, like they deserved to have this nice thing that represented them? if the mexican/latinx community had turned around and said the fic was offensive, that would be different. but it’s just a small group of mostly white people.

there was also some discourse over the autistic character. the little girl was only six years old and told her family over dinner that she was on the autistic spectrum and had sensory issues. some people have also taken offence to this. i’ve seen claims such as “she’s not autistic enough” and “she’s not an accurate representation of an autistic person” thrown around but i cannot source them or prove their existence, i have only seen counter arguments. the issue here is that the author has immediate family who are autistic and modelled Alexi on her own autistic cousin. other autistic fans have spoken up saying that is isn’t offensive, as autism is a spectrum and not every autistic person will have the same experiences - but again, this has not stopped people from hating. it’s quite jarring because it implies that all autistic people must fit a certain frame, but i won’t say any more as i am not autistic nor do i know any autistic people so it is not my place to talk about it. 

so basically, an author - who is a minor - has been bullied into closing her ask box, going offline for a while, and contemplating ending a fic that has brought countless people joy, because a small group of people felt the need to rip her apart. she will finish the fic but only in one big update, because she has lost all joy in her writing and her mental health has suffered as a result of this. the majority of her fans, myself included, are heartbroken and disgusted that this has had to happen to someone so talented and sweet (she has literally been so polite and apologetic to all the haters). it really feels like fandoms on this website can never have nice things without a small but loud group of unkind haters ruining it. my heart goes out to @gibslythe and i hope that she can recover from this truly awful incident of cyberbullying. 

Autistic sisters Maud and Pinkie Pie

Autistic sisters Maud and Pinkie Pie

Pinkie who is very understimulated and looks for ways to be more stimulated and Maud who is very overstimulated and looks for ways to be less stimulated

Pinkie who will gorge on any type of sugary treat she can get her hooves on and Maud who hates any sweet because she can taste every little individual sugar grain and it makes her feel sick but she still helps Pinkie bake her treats whenever asked

Pinkie who could talk for hours on end with minimal breaks and Maud who could stay silent for weeks

Pinkie who thrives in the company of others and Maud who likes to be alone

Pinkie who likes loud music because it keeps her mind clear and Maud who brings earplugs around everywhere she goes because she hates loud noises

Pinkie who could potentially talk about parties for hours and Maud who could potentially talk about rocks for days

Pinkie who has a hard time explaining her feelings because she expects her friends to know how she feels and is hurt when they don’t and Maud who had a hard time explaining her feelings because she has a hard time showing them and doesn’t know how to explain them out loud

Pinkie who loves whacky outfits of all kinds because they make her feel silly and fun and Maud who can only wear simple clothes made of certain fabrics because any other clothing would feel unbearably uncomfortable

Pinkie who will immediately panic when faced with a problem that she doesn’t know how to handle and Maud who is very calculating in solving problems and enjoys a challenge every now and then

Pinkie who goes around teaching ponies all around Ponyville about autism and becoming something of a role model to autistic fillies and colts and Maud who only teaches ponies who ask her directly about autism

Pinkie who stims by jumping around or baking or talking about any topic and Maud who stims by digging at the dirt or petting a rock

Pinkie who lives with the Cakes because she has trouble taking care of herself sometimes and Maud who is very self sufficient and can take care of herself just fine

Pinkie who deals with depression and ADHD and Maud who deals with OCD

Pinkie and Maud who have learned the best methods in taking care of each other

Pinkie and Maud who are a pair of very successful, happy autistic ponies

Autistic sisters Maud and Pinkie Pie