autistic accent

…I find that autistic people can often spot each other, even when we are trying to pass as neurotypical because the little tells of our body. It’s like we are speaking neurotypical but with an autistic accent.
—  Amythest Schaber, an autistic activist and advocate (X)
New horror/sci fi podcast looking for actors!

Do you like podcasts? Have you always wanted to star in one? Good news: Mirror (@mirrorpod) is looking for voice actors! We are especially interested in adding blind and visually impaired members to our team, but anyone is welcome to apply.

THIS IS AN UNPAID POSITION! We’re all currently working for free, sorry. Think of it more as a fun hobby and a way to make friends. (We have a really fun group so far.)

We would prefer if you already have access to a high quality mic of some kind, but we’ll find a way to get you one if you need it. We’re looking for a commitment of around 1-2 hours per month (not every month) for minor characters, and potentially up to 5-10 hours a month for major characters, depending on the month. The schedule and number of speaking lines and everything is extremely flexible. If you need something accommodated, just ask!

We are looking to fill the following specific roles:

  • Man, roughly age 30, government worker, arrogant and just all around kind of an asshole, okay with playing a bisexual character. (Major role)
  • Young man, sounds roughly age 16-18, high school student, nerdy, autistic, friendly. SOUTHERN U.S. ACCENT A PLUS but it doesn’t have to be strong. (Minor to medium role)
  • Older woman (60+), SOUTHERN ACCENT PREFERRED (Minor role)
  • Young woman, early 20s, any accent, okay with playing a lesbian or bisexual character (Minor role)
  • Other assorted characters, especially those with southern accents!

16+ only, please! If you are under 18, please make sure you have your parent or guardian’s permission before applying.

To apply, just send a good quality recording of yourself reading a short passage (30 seconds to 1 minute) of your choice of material. Please also introduce yourself before or after your reading sample, and give a quick, unscripted overview of your experience, your interest in the podcast, or anything else. It should be quick and easy, and it definitely doesn’t have to be perfect—we just want to get a feel for your speaking voice. :)

Feel free to email us or send me a Tumblr IM if you have any questions. Thanks for your interest!

Autistic Klavier stimming by playing air guitar

Autistic Klavier mimicking German accents he heard in films he watched as a child and using echolalia in court based off of them

Autistic Klavier getting terribly upset when something goes wrong on stage, even if no one else noticed because everything has to be perfect

Autistic Klavier flapping as a child. Kristoph would grab his arms and hold them down though so he learned quickly not to do that

Autistic Klavier being incredibly dependent on Kristoph who would isolate him from his peers as a child, Klavier doesn’t understand what human interactions are supposed to be like at first so doesn’t recognise that Kristoph is manipulating and abusing him

Autistic Klavier calling people by nicknames because he has a hard time remembering faces and names but if he calls someone by a particular characteristic (like their forehead or their job as a detective) then its much easier to remember!

Autistic Klavier being hypersensitive to sound and absolutely adoring music as a result, because it consumes him so entirely, however it’s also why he covers his ears when upset, because the extra sensory input becomes too much


Autistic Sherlock Headcanon. In which Alistair tells Sherlock about voice inflection.  Maybe they were talking about more than just accents.

Disclaimer: Autistic!Sherlock is Headcanon. Drawings are based on my experience with Asperger’s and other’s autistic experiences that I’ve read about. Depictions may be exaggerated. Depiction maybe more subtle than your or an autistic you know’s experience. Any resemblance to real life situations are coincidence. I do not own these characters. This is fanart. Not all autistic people ask professional actors for advice.

Dialog: Sherlock: Alistair, how do you get people’s attention when you have something important to say?

Alistair: Try Emphasizing the important parts of what you’re saying Sherlock. Voice inflection is what actors use to get the audience’s attention!

Sherlock: Watson I think you are Exceptional.