autism speaks is bad

I'm going to brag about my allistic friends because i love them and I'm having feelings

Things my allistic friends/boyfriend have actually done:

  • learned my bad sensitivities and made an active effort to keep those things away from me 
  • asked me for lists of foods I can eat so if they cook for the squad there will be something I can have
  • helped me through grounding exercises if i get overloaded
  • asked me questions about my experience and my opinions on autism issues
  • relayed said opinions to their coworkers
  • constantly offer to drive me places because I can’t drive
  • said they think stimming is cool
  • made autistic characters for stories and asked me how they should write them
  • listened to me about Autism Speaks
  • made “Autism Speaks is bad news” info cards to give to managers at businesses who do LIUB 
  • if i continue this list i will totally cry

So anyway good allistics do totally exist but apparently I got all four of them 

Fellow members of the autistic community

I’m at my local library and they’ve made a display for autism awareness month. This is a well meant effort, but… 

As you can see, they’ve gone with the “autism speaks” motif. This is somewhat distressing for me, especially since I usually come here to de-stress. I’m going to write a letter for the library about why this is offensive to me as an autistic person, but I don’t want them to think it’s just me wigging out about it, so if you all would be so kind I’d appreciate it if you could reblog this post and add your own thoughts on autism speaks and the symbols of their organisation. I’m going to print off as many responses as I can and hand them over to the library along with the letter. 

Thanks so much for your time, and I hope you all have a good autism awareness month

I do not support autism $peaks and neither should you if you care about autistics. Only a really small portion of donations actually goes towards helping autistics; the majority goes back into funding more fundraisers and towards researching “cures”, one if which is research into in vitro scanning for autism so people can abort when they find out their baby is autistic.

They also really dehumanize autism in the way that they talk about it. Thry say stuff like autism ruins marriages, they refer to autistics as a burden and refer to autism itself as an epidemic and a tragedy. They frame autism as something terrible that robs parents of their child. Just listen to the awareness ad that they made around 2009 called “I am Autism”, if you can stomach it that is. The way they talk about autism in the video is disgusting.

Finally autism speaks does not take into account the voices of the very people they claim to represent. Autism speaks us an organization run by non-autistic people.

Autism Speaks uses “acceptance” a lot, but they don’t promote the autism acceptance that autistic people are seeking.

A quote from the A$ website explains it all.

“It’s helpful to distinguish between accepting that your child has been diagnosed with autism and accepting autism.”

That is not acceptance

Acceptance is accepting a person exactly as they are right this moment. You are not accepting a person if you do not accept all aspects of them. 

Autism Speaks is still promoting hate. Their brand of acceptance is “I accept my child’s diagnosis, but I’ll never accept autism because it ruined my life.” (See how it focuses on the neurotypical mom, yet skips away from asking for or acknowledging the autistic child’s input? That’s what Autism Speaks does.)

Don’t fall for the lies Autism Speaks tries to tell you. They aren’t promoting true acceptance. They’re promoting “tolerate this horrible child stealing condition because you can’t change it right now, and wear blue so everybody knows you support this viewpoint!”

The word “tolerance” has many definitions. One of them, when used in terms like “racial tolerance” or “religious tolerance” means: willing to accept feelings or beliefs that differ from our own.

But “tolerance” has a second definition, and this is what Autism Speaks promotes: A willingness to put up with something that is bad, painful, difficult or annoying.

Tolerance is not acceptance.

Tolerance is not acceptance.

Tolerance is not acceptance.

Tolerance is not acceptance.

[”Autism Speaks has mastered the skill of deceit. Autism Speaks uses inclusive language while applying exclusive tactics. It deceives and lies. It never apologizes.” –Amy Sequenzia]

#BoycottAutismSpeaks #REDInstead #AcceptanceNotAwareness #Neurodiversity

ethereal-psychedelic  asked:

What makes autism speaks a bad organization? Just curious, I haven't ever heard anything bad about them?

I’m just going to link a few of the millions of answers to this.

Explanation from Autism Advocacy.

Why Autism Speaks Does Not Speak for Me.

Seven Reasons Not to Support Autism Speaks.

Is Autism Speaks a Hate Group?

Why You Shouldn’t Support Autism Speaks.

Autism Speaks Wikipedia: Controversies

How The ‘Autism Speaks’ Charity Failed The Community It Set Out To Serve

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Eugenics and “Cure”: A Polemic Against Autism Speaks

Autism Speaks – Why I boycott them

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Why Many Autistics Dislike Autism Speaks

i’m just saying but literally any time this blog talks up against inequality, we get literally dozens of asks being like “FUCK YOU” and “didnt know this blog was run by sjws….” and “umm you’re not a REAL feminist/activist if you criticize MORE FAMOUS feminists/activists” and it’s one of the reasons we don’t talk about this shit very often.

about a year back we reblogged posts saying that autism speaks (literal eugenicists) was a bad charity and people wanted our fucking asses on their mantlepiece like fucking spongebob in that episode about painting mr krabbs house


I “accidentally” emailed my entire church choir information about why Autism Speaks is bad, why they shouldn’t light it up blue and what Autism Speaks does with their money. I also “accidentally” mentioned what #REDInstead is while I was at it.

I already got one reply back from a new choir member who said she had no idea how awful they were. She’s pulling her support of them immediately, she’s telling her daughter to pull her support too, and she’s going to buy some red outfits for April.


The use of “whoops” is meant to be playful sarcasm.

I had a really good day today. I went to a seminar for autistics on how to make friends and i noticed in the video they used that Autism $peaks is in the credits and so I proceeded to tell them how that organization is really bad and how they sympathize with caregivers/parents that murder their kids for being autistic and I felt like they really listened to me. Only one other autistic was there and she wrote down my suggestion for googling why is autism speaks bad? along with another person there. I won the door prize for the seminar by guessing the closest number to the actual number and i got a journal, post it notes, an id holder, and a pen. 

I also helped out this kid next to me in my math class with multiplying fractions which was really hard for me at the time i did it but he said i helped him understand it a bit more which made me happy. I also got fro-yo and a Easter themed Minnie Mouse for $8. 

Last night, I told the school newspaper the same thing about AS at the meeting and their faces were really shocked by it. But i just wanted them to get statistics and stuff from the right sources so i just wanted to point them in the right direction. :) 

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I've been listening to other opinions because I personally don't want to fall into the tumblr trap of believing every word and not accepting anything else so I'm not exactly against the idea that autism speaks is a hate group but I am having trouble understanding fully what they are doing that leads to that conclusion.

Gosh that’s such a good way to think.. I do enjoy tumblr but people jump in on things without giving it a second thought or doing research, and that’s how misinformation spreads on here like wildfire. So it’s a really good idea to not just dive in head first and do research!

Autism Speaks, however, really is a bad organization. Even typing in “autism speaks” into google, you’ll find “autism speaks bad” in the top results… /:

Autism Speaks is infamous for spreading the whole “autism is a disease” and “autism MUST be cured!” and “autism ruins everything” kind of mindset around, when in reality autism is not at all a bad thing and isn’t something that needs to be cured, nothing that people should be ashamed to have.

Another thing, Autism Speaks isn’t run by any actual autistic people. No one running the organization is autistic. An organization for autistic people, and you don’t have a single autistic person working with you? Now there’s a huge problem there, clearly.

Anyways, I found such a great article that breaks down and explains why Autism Speaks is so bad and why you shouldn’t support it, as well as gives you other autism organizations that you should support instead!

Really if you just talk to any autistic person here on tumblr they can pretty much explain to you why Autism Speaks is bad and why they despise it, and why they’re horrible representation for autistic people and do some crappy things in the background as well.

In conclusion, Autism Speaks demonizes autism and spreads fear by claiming autism is some sort of awful disease that’s “taking our children” and whatever else. They’re ableist pieces of crap and shouldn’t be supported.

* Now I’m not autistic so hopefully I didn’t overstep here, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong about anything or add anything!

w/ an autistic s/o, pt 2;

Could you please do more autistic s/o and hamilsquad headcanons? Maybe how they react to finding out their s/o is autistic and other headcanons as well of course.

boss’ memo : okay ! <3 also, big note for those not familiar with The HC–herc is autistic, too! =) (and i write alex with adhd !) thank you for requesting this!

also, tell me if there’s anything i did wrong !!

part one

Originally posted by hamgifs

  • when they find out that you’re autistic (either by you saying so or in some other way), you can probably expect herc to be the happiest about it–not that the others won’t be happy! but he’s excited to share his experience with you, and if you ever feel wrong or anything along those lines, he’s quick to tell you otherwise
    • john’s a pretty big activist, and you can bet that he’s going to be outspoken about how bad autism speaks is!! though, as a person who isn’t autistic, he’s going to check in with you and herc about it, often, ‘cause he wants to spread the word but obviously doesn’t wanna speak over you!
    • they’re all v supportive and protective of you,, and since you just found out, herc and alex will let you use their stim toys !!
      • the three of you do an “echolalia of the day” sort of thing,,, (if you experience it) lafayette thinks you’re all really cute! and he might join in !! though, he mostly just likes listening to the three of you repeat words or sounds…
    • self-diagnosis is fine!! you know your own brain the best!
  • A Good Concept : infodumping with everyone!! you get to learn so much!! and you might even find you have a special interest in common with someone else, or you might even gain a new one because of what someone said !! win-win!!
    • as mentioned earlier, if you want someone mostly there to just listen and ask questions, john’s your guy! he’s a pretty good listener :0! plus, he never gets tired of hearing you or herc if you guys repeat yourselves!! though, let him know if you want him to remind you if you repeat yourself! (also let laf know! he has a surprisingly good memory)
  • hercules will defend any of your “weird” stims!! provided they don’t hurt you, of course!!
    • rocking is confirmed for one of the best stims, by the way!!
  • alex sympathizes with you on sensory issues,,, he carries around an extra pair of earbuds, just for you !! (in the event things are too loud and he can’t immediately get you out of there!)
  • they all want to be Safe people for you !! so that you can feel free to stim or go nonverbal or really do whatever you want without fear,, a frequent question from lafayette is usually him asking if there’s anything he can do to help you be more comfortable !!
Autism Speaks

I work at Game Stop. Game Stop is affiliated with Autism Speaks.

Today, we got shipment with the marketing that goes up next week asking people to donate to Autism Speaks. Do. Not. Donate.

Autism Speaks is a hate group that is really good at convincing people they are a charity. I explained my objections to my to my boss at my old store and we conveniently lost the marketing. My new store is smaller and won’t put up the marketing for space reasons.

Don’t blame your local game stop if they do put up the signs, but don’t donate. Autism Speaks is bad people.

tis-i-sarah  asked:

'Ello there! Would you care to educate me on why Autism Speaks is bad? (I'm not like, dissing you or trying to start an argument, I just legitimately don't know) Have a good day!

Heres some of the main reasons why autistic people tend to not support them (I think “hate them” would be a more accurate phrasing tbh)

  • Only 4% of their proceeds go directly to family services. Most goes to advertising and paying themselves . 
  • Only 2 out of 31 of people on their board of directors are autistic. Over half are non-autistic company CEOs . 
  • They have no influential autistic people in the upper levels of their organization. The one they did have, John Elder Robinson, quit in 2013 after his input was ignored and disrespected by the organization  
  • they have repeatedly released stigmatizing content such as the video Autism Every Day (in which a mother talks about how she contemplated killing her autistic daughter and herself, but only decided not to because she also had a non-autistic daughter.  she says this directly in front of her autistic daughter) and I Am Autism (which menacingly claims that autism “works faster than pediatric AIDS, cancer, and diabetes combines”, and that autism will “make sure your marriage fails”) 
  •  they have plagiarized autistic artists and writers in their resources (pamphlets, advertising, etc.)  
  • they have repeatedly supported the Judge Rotenberg Center, which uses physical punishment and electric shock to force its residents to “stop acting autistic”.  The center has been indicted of torture by the UN.  Autism Speaks allows the center to advertise at their walks and has not condemned them in any way.  
  • They frequently block autistic people on social media who do not agree with their practices 
  • They have used the murders of autistic children (killed by their own parents) to talk about why parents need more support to “alleviate the burdens”  (because not having resources for your disabled kid justifies killing them ya know) 

Hope that helped explain things (this is just from off the top of my head so i might have missed some other stuff)

anonymous asked:

Hey I don't want to sound rude or anything, but I wasn't really aware of this until I started doing research. Why is autism speaks so bad? I'm sorry if this sounds really ignorant, but I really don't no. All I've seen is people bash it and I just would like to know the story from someone who may have been effected? Thank you and sorry again ❤

You don’t sound rude at all! A lot of people don’t know why Autism Speaks is bad. They’ve been very effective at marketing themselves as authorities on autism and as THE autism charity. However, there are a lot of problematic issues with them. I actually recently created an infograph to help people understand some of what’s wrong with Autism Speaks. 

For a more in depth exploration, you can check out this article which is what the infograph is based on. We also have more resources about why autism speaks is bad on our resources page.


anonymous asked:

so bc it's Autism Acceptance Month, my school decided to show "support" of it. Good intentions, but they carried it out in a bad way. They showed avid support of Autism Speaks, the color blue and puzzle piece, and said "Awareness" instead. Autistic and upset, I went to the office and scheduled a meeting with the class responsible for the propaganda. I met with the teacher yesterday, and am going to talk and work with the class today!! I'm very excited to make new posters & fix the misinformation

The moment I read like the first few words to this ask I closed my eyes and was like “oh my god they’re gonna advocate for autism speaks aren’t they…” and frowned but!! When I got to the end of this ask I was smiling again because you’re so wonderful and doing such an important thing here. I hope they will listen to you and change their approach. Let us know how it goes!!

just a reminder that a lot of people supporting “light it up blue” aren’t aware of its negative connotations. 

a lot of people dont know why autism speaks is bad, and it never occurs to them to look up if it has issues.

it is none of our duties to educate these people during april, but keep in mind that people may not be malicious, just ignorant.

If you DO want to educate them, here is a 40 page essay about why autism speaks is bad, with works cited.

use this as you will

Is it autism awareness or is it “let’s gawks at autism” because I can’t tells anymore.

* * * This entry gets very angers, so pleases be careful if you has anxiety or hyper empathy because this might upsets you. I am writes this to everybody who supports Assholes Reeks Autism Speaks and ignores autistic people who tells them it is bad. * * *

You not-autistic people wastes lots of money on blues lights and clothes and stuffs but what is that accomplish? Wow you wears blues and puts up a blues lights bulbs and shines it in some poor autistic person’s eyes until they has a fits from overstimulates. Then you films it and puts it online to tells the worlds how hard it is to lives with autism and calls it awareness.

All you does is puts a spotlights on why autistic people has to fights stigmas every days. You not-autistic people deny autistic people their voices. You takes advantages of autistic people likes me who are nonverbal and needs lots of helps and has a hard times makes our communications understands. Some never makes our communications understands because you sees it as behaviors problems.

You makes people aware of the diapers and the shits smears and the screams. You shines your shits blues lights on self-injures behaviors and fits from being overstimulates and how sad you are that you doesn’t gets to hears them says they loves you.

Who the fucks wants to loves somebody who makes their privates moments a spectacles for the internet?! 

Who the fucks wants to trusts somebody who goes behind their backs and talks about them likes they hates them while they acts likes they loves them?! 

Who the fucks does you thinks you are when you tells autistic people whose communicates can be understands that they doesn’t counts as autistic enough to listens to?! 

Who the fucks wants to respects somebody who hates the parts of them that makes them who they are?! 

Who the fucks wants to associates with somebody who supports a hates groups that seeks to erases them or prevents more likes them from being born?!


I knows what you are not– you are not an ally or a friends. You can takes your awareness and your blues lights and your Autism Speaks merchandises and shoves it all up your ass because I doesn’t wants any of it. Fucks you to anybody who lights it up blues. The Milano will always be #REDInstead.