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Okay. When I was returning to school I decided to start using chewing necklaces to try and stop peeling skin off of my hands, chewing on my cheeks and other harmful stims.  So I went searching for a chewable necklace and realized really quickly that while people will advise you to search “chewelry” or “sensory necklace” or something like that, most of the stuff that I found by doing this was either directed to really small children, or frankly looked rather medical.  

Finally, I found some cute ones, by searching for “teething bling” or “teething necklace for moms” or “chewbeads” (that last one is a brand name, but they’re pretty cute and it also pulls up similar products so I thought I’d include it) .  This led me to (finally) finding chewable jewelry that was meant to be stylish and worn in the adult world, and I thought I would do some reviews of the three I have tried, to try and spread the word about these products for which Autistics are not the target audience, but which benefit me a lot. 

I bought all of mine from Amazon, but Etsy seems to have them for less expensive, and both of those search terms turn up some cute ideas :) :) :) 

The first necklace (black pendant) can be found here:

  • I got it in black and liked how the neutral color could go with almost any clothes without it seeming off (if I wear too many colors, it makes my head hurt)
  • I also liked how it was wide at the bottom and the shape kind of pulled at the edges of my mouth which was a nice feeling
  • This was my first chewing necklace and I chewed through it in a couple of weeks, because it is a pendent style, all of the chewing is relatively focused in one place, leading it to wear through quickly
  • Constant chewing also made it less glossy after a while
  • Because the chewing is concentrated in one spot, it was easy to wash

Final conclusion: A good necklace for occasional wear/chewing, easy to wash, easy to wear, nice shape, but it wears out quickly.  Would still recommend. 

The second necklace (green pendent) can be found here:

  • I like to wear things that are green, also, the look of it was nice because the variations in color made it look more like a stone pendant and less like a piece of chewable rubber, this made me feel like a secret agent
  • This one was a lot less expensive than the last one, I think I paid like, $8.00 for it?
  • Again, the wide shape, this time at the middle led to a nice pulling feeling at my mouth, which caused another form of positive sensory input in addition to the chewing
  • It seems to be a bit harder than the other one? And is still not starting to crack after two months
  • Durable

Final Conclusion:I’m not as fond of the style of this one, but it seems to be really durable and nice to chew.  It’s a bit less undercover, but still has the look of an ordinary pendant.

The third necklace (Black and white beads) can be found here:

  • This one is my favorite
  • It is the most undercover, I wore it when I met my family on vacation and my mother didn’t realize it was chewable for several hours, she thought I was just accessorizing
  • Different shapes and sizes of beads mean different chewing sensations depending on how you’re feeling
  • Really cute
  • Different beads mean that the chewing is spread out over a much wider area so it wears out a lot slower
  • This one has also lasted 2 months and is just starting to crack after almost constant wear
  • The smooth parts of the square beads are nice to press against my lips
  • One downside is that because of the little spaces between the beads and the string, it has to be cleaned more often or else it gets really gross
  • It cleans pretty well by just setting it into a cup of bleachy water though, or it can go through the dish washer
  • I tied up the clasp to make it a bit shorter

Final Conclusion: I ADORE THIS NECKLACE AND WOULD TOTALLY RECCOMEND IT. It comes in different colors, it’s versatile, it feels nice, the beads are super squashy and I need to order myself another one.

April is Autism Awareness Month! My older son is autistic and he is the most wonderful 8yr old you could ever know! He is super smart and he makes me very proud <3


Finger Paints .:. Paper Mache

 Other Colors:

Color Club .:. Insta-this

Nailtini .:. Bloody Mary

L'oreal .:. I Sea You  (applied over yellow makes appear really bright)

The Icing .:. Lemon Cello On The Rocks

 Plate: MJ Image Plate with Finger Paints .:. Black Expressionism


April is Autism Awareness Month ♥

Something very dear to my heart because my older son has Autism. He is my whole world and he makes me smile everyday. So I did my nails in honor of him♥

Base: China Glaze .:. White On White
Colors used for dotting: Maybelline .:. Crimson, Avon .:. Vivid Violet, Sally Hansen .:. Mellow Yellow, Sinful Colors .:. Cloud 9, Sinful Colors .:. Hot Spot, Love & Beauty .:. Sky Blue