Sanitation Series- #5 Mascara

This everyday product can be the death of you (bacteria wise of course ;D )

  • NEVER share mascara unless you know where your friend’s eyeball has been. srsly. this stuff can get groady.
  • When using it on a client, always use a new ‘spooley’ or one that has been fully sanitized
  • Only dip the brush in once, be careful not to let your habit of putting it back in the tube ruin a whole mascara.
  • One great tip to keep it sanitary and not have to buy a billion spoolies would be to use a small fan brush, cover it with the mascara, and apply from there. If the fan brush is thin enough it will coat the whole lash.
  • never 'pump’ your mascara, this will dry it out and feed in more air borne bacteria. no bueno.
  • Replace your mascara atleast after a couple months if its not gone by then, and if it isnt you need more coats on them lashes gurrrrllll ;D haha

Till next time, be you & be glamorous. <3

Kit Kats in Japan

(Don’t worry, this post isn’t about Japanese special-flavored Kit Kats. That may come later, depending on my co-writers’ moods.)

Kit Kats, those heavenly wafer chocolate thingies, are available all over the world.  Japanese Kit Kats are known all over the world for their huge variety of flavors - green tea Kit Kats, anyone?

One wonders, though, if a nifty feature on the regular ol’ brown chocolate Kit Kats here in Japan is as well-known overseas.

See that line?  It’s a humorous take on the ubiquitous “Tear here” dotted line, in which the tear becomes a footrace to reach the other side.  Brings a smile every time I see it.  There was another line style that popped up on a couple packages back when we first started seeing them, but my brain cannot be racked anymore.

Also of note is the white message box on the back of each individual package.

The babadook is a more accurate portrayal of demons then the paranormal I think but the screaming in rage boom leaving is correct.
Its a bad idea to keep them as pets. They are inherently a predator and it’ll be like land before time its all fun in games till the sharp tooth you made friends with bites you cause its hungry.
Like me as they may they are bad and I don’t want them around any more then I’d care if a serial killer was in love with me. I even feel bad about eating meat…whenever I go vegan tho I drop past hot skinny and it makes life uncomfortable I’m only 5'1. Its difficult demanding any kind of adult authortity and respect.There becomes uncomfortable comparisons to actual children who tower over me. I feel suspicious of men attracted to me cause I have a tall daughter who will look older I don’t want no pedo creep. Specially since I have crooked teeth, no breasts, and my eyebrows are grown out I look younger. I don’t wanna look old it just sucks. I’m not like that I don’t think that shit is cute playing lolita. I’m not interested being so highly intellectual in men who are attracted to me acting mentally deficient and so in normal calm demenor I come off as a bitch to be taken seriously at all having a girly voice. How respectful do they treat bubbles the powerpuff?
I like tumblr cause I am not my body on it and it distracts from lifes horrors like demons and all else. I should be vegan tho.