Sanitation Series- #5 Mascara

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This everyday product can be the death of you (bacteria wise of course ;D )

  • NEVER share mascara unless you know where your friend’s eyeball has been. srsly. this stuff can get groady.
  • When using it on a client, always use a new ‘spooley’ or one that has been fully sanitized
  • Only dip the brush in once, be careful not to let your habit of putting it back in the tube ruin a whole mascara.
  • One great tip to keep it sanitary and not have to buy a billion spoolies would be to use a small fan brush, cover it with the mascara, and apply from there. If the fan brush is thin enough it will coat the whole lash.
  • never 'pump’ your mascara, this will dry it out and feed in more air borne bacteria. no bueno.
  • Replace your mascara atleast after a couple months if its not gone by then, and if it isnt you need more coats on them lashes gurrrrllll ;D haha

Till next time, be you & be glamorous. <3