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Is that weird that I love Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid anime but I absolutely despise manga? Like, everything is worse in manga... For example, the conflict with Tohru's father... And I'm still angry about Iruru and "giving Kobayashi a dick so she can feel lust for Tohru", like making her male automatially means she will feel lust for women, my goooood. And I swear author has a lolita complex. And the artstyle in manga way worse... hhhhhh

i have a LOT of issues with the manga. im not going to list them all but i swear to god its so frustrating because i could totally enjoy the manga. it has cute and heartwarming moments (as you have seen me post on here before) and has even made me laugh once in a while but….its ruined for me whenever the author throws in some gross chapter or scene (oh my god dont even get me started with that one chapter with iruru giving kobayashi a “thingy” and hhhhhhasdjfshajfhjasgdfjhg) 

its also having me lowkey terrified if there is a season two because they have already shown that they aren’t afraid of pulling dirty stuff from the manga in the beginning of the ova (*shudders*), and knowing what awful stuff happens after where they stopped making episodes, the second season could have a lot of good ass scenes (like chapter 48) but a lot of REALLY BAD ONES so im really hoping that they don’t touch those scenes..and if they do they tone them down to the point where they aren’t as dirty or bad (like they have done with previous scenes)

159. Fated

SummaryA huntress and the hunted. A princess and a knight. A human and a beast. A runaway and an aristocrat.  Four seasons. Four stories. Two girls. Fated to be together. [Fairytale AU].

Chapter 1. The Huntress And The Hunted A young huntress who has dedicated her life to hunting wolves encounters a girl who was raised by them. Can they overcome their differences in lifestyles and reach a peaceful compromise of sorts? Or will it all end in bloodshed?

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