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Friendships are like tea.

The first step is the most important. If you mess up this stage, it all turns out wrong. If you overheat it, or add too much sugar, it won’t taste good. Just like if you say something wrong, or don’t treat them well, it won’t grow and prosper.

However, sometimes some teas just aren’t for a specific person. You can be the best green tea in the world, but there is just some people who prefer black. No matter how well you brew it, or if you add just the right amount of cream and sugar, it’s just not meant to be, even if you try. There’s nothing wrong with that, but sometimes it’s disappointing.

If you try to add too much filler and sweetener and cream to a tea that’s not meant to be, it’s barely tea anymore. It’s just something that got too much effort put into it, and while it’s not bad, it’s just not the same as an authentic, simple, perfect tea, and it’ll just get dumped or drank until you can’t do it anymore.

If you brew it right, and you like the flavor, you get to drink the tea. The tea can last as long as you want. Sometimes the entire time you’re drinking the tea it’s great. Sometimes it’s perfect until the last sip, and you go to make some more before you’re even finished. Friendships go through the same cycle. You can make them last and last, but there will probably be some little gaps where the tea is running out.

Or you can stop brewing new cups. You finish it, it was great, but you don’t keep it going. You don’t have to. It lasted a while, it was great, but you’ve moved on, there’s no hard feelings and you still like that tea, but you’re not drinking it anymore.

Other times, this doesn’t happen. You’ll drink the tea, and it’ll taste great, but you’ll get tired. You’ll let it get cold before you finish. Occasionally, it can be reheated and kept going, but often times no one is willing to put in the effort.

Sometimes you drink the tea until the very end, but the end is filled with bitter spices and overly concentrated. Sometimes you drink it and it’s not good, and you regret the bitter taste it leaves. Other times, you dump it down the drain and it’s over, but you’ve avoided that bad ending.

Or if you do really like the tea and you want to keep it going, you’ll just pour more water into it. It loses it’s flavor, but it keeps going, because you’re lazy and not willing to brew some more. This works for a while, but you can’t keep it going forever until it turns into dirty water.

No matter how you brew your friendships, sometimes things end, and it’s not always bad.


This is literally my perfect Sunday… and every other day. There is something so indulgent about allowing yourself to lose track of everything that once seemed so pressing and just slip into a new story– one where you aren’t a central character. It is forgoing your own responsibilities, but taking on new ones as a witness to a new story.  

anonymous asked:

Top 5 books, authors, poets, flowers, teas, and memories

top 5 books
the book thief!! demian, the perks of being a wallflower, me before you, the girl on the train.

top 5 authors
aah i don’t really know!! i don’t really prefer authors since i like all kinds of books!! but i really like John Green!

top 5 poets
i really really like ClickForTaz, spoken word poetry on YouTube (idk does that count?), Rupi Kaur, Michael Rosen, Goethe and Edgar Allen Poe

top 5 flowers
baby breath!! lily flowers, sun flowers, roses!!! ah roses are beautiful and cherry blossoms

top 5 teas
green tea! black tea, ginger tea, rooibos tea, black cherry tea.

top 5 memories
oh my god there are so many!!!
my number 1 is probably the time when me and my best friend laid
on the grass while watching the sunset and listening to each other’s favourite music!! ooh and when i was younger i used to eat chocolate bunnys on Easter on a bench with my family, going to the sea for the first time and picking up seashells (that was like last year ahaha), sleepovers with my friends, and pick nicking with my two best friends under a big green tree!!