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Okay, Magi will be ending soon and a good percentage of fans will probably be unsatisfied by the ending. There are those who were greatly disappointed by how the final arc played out, and those who hated the author’s choices regarding shipping and relationships. And there are those who, like me, fall into both categories.
Certainly all of us have that special alternative ending we wished for. And a number of other fans, both now and in the near future, will surely enjoy our versions of the story’s ending. As @sugarholicsheep said, the entire manga could use some major fan-friendly revamping, but such a project would take lots of time and effort. Instead, why don’t we try making short Canon-Divergent fics, comics, drawings, etc., to wrap things up in our own special way.
For instance, I personally believe Magi ended at 313. Therefore, I could opt to write a oneshot starting at the point after Alibaba reunites with Aladdin and company and end things with an Alikou Wedding. Or even a Jukou Wedding, depending on my mood. I’m just suggesting this in case anyone feels interested (or frustrated) enough to give it a try. This could be anything from individual work to collaborative efforts. You can grab a friend and brainstorm a page-long plot. It doesn’t have to be perfect; it doesn’t even have to be good. Just something that comes from the heart. Even a few paragraphs or some doodles sharing your own version(s) of the manga’s conclusion. This is merely a challenge, not an organized event (UNLESS SOMEONE VOLUNTEERS TO ORGANIZE SUCH A THING), so feel free to do it or send any suggestions or anything.
Let’s give one last hurrah for Magi before it fizzles out.
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TLADILA Kate comes back out after leaving Castle sitting on the couch. She kisses him but Castle pulls back. He explains that Meredith cheated on him, and he won't be a participant in cheating on Josh. Author's choice if she immediately calls Josh to break up, or if she decides to wait until she's back home.


Lame adaptations and sequels are always like, “how can Mina go back to her stifling Victorian marriage after her experience with the dark, seductive Dracula??”

Meanwhile, Mina marries her best friend, who she’s known since they were children, who she share common interests with, they build a home together, work as partners, make immense sacrifices for each other, support each other through their traumas.

Guys, a marriage isn’t stifling and restrictive just because two people… get along, I guess?

- You’re just 18, you’re too young, don’t get pregnant or marry someone to quickly, - they pleaded.
- You’re 25, come on, it’s time to think and start doing something, you don’t need any kids, focus on your career, - they preached.
- You’re 32, what are you thinking? Do you want to end up as a single crazy catlady? - they cried.
- You’re 39, a single mother without a successful startup or a fabulous career, you’re such a disappointment, - they grumbled.
- She was 42, when she jumped out of the window. What a disgrace to the family, - they whispered.

The only thing they’ve never told you was when to start living your life on your own…

Don’t lose your way while trying to satisfy all the expectations: they are never worth wasting your life.

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Intuitive Prompts for Ostara. Inspired by The Major Arcana.

Ostara marks the Vernal Equinox. This is a time of equilibrium. That of light and darkness. Neither frigid winter nor harsh summer, but a time of fertility and new growth. Forward thinking and childlike wonder. It is with this spirit that I present this challenge:

Begin on the last day of February with, Trust, and let the first of March be, Opportunity. Draw one card each day, and focus your intuition on how it relates to the daily prompt. Use this time to free yourself of all that has held back your progress. Approach all things with gentle eyes and a caring heart. Let your overall focus be on self growth and fertility.

I encourage you to share your experience through posts with the hashtag, #intuitiveostara. Please use tarot, oracle or whatever divination tools you feel drawn to. Blessed be your seeds of self growth.

0. Trust.
1. Opportunity.
2. Wisdom.
3. Nurture.
4. Authority.
5. Control.
6. Choice.
7. Destiny.
8. Conquer.
9. Sanctuary.
10. Time.
11. Order.
12. Consciousness.
13. Release.
14. Grace.
15. Allure.
16. Awakening.
17. Hope.
18. Intuition.
19. Growth.
20. Confession.
21. Completion.

Tony Stark’s “mistakes” in CW

Following some Tony-hate posts I’ve accidentally landed on, I decided to address the mistakes a lot of haters blame Tony for in CW.  Some of them, I’ve spoken about before - but I figured I’d put them all together. 

1. Tony signed the Accords

I’ve lost count of the number of people who’ve said Tony is selfish for signing the Accords. Because he’s apparently shifting the blame so that he wouldn’t have to respond for Ultron.

Tony is the only guy who said - Ultron, my fault. You know who never took responsibility for anything that happened in AoU? Wanda Maximoff. The same person whose mental attacks led Tony to fiddle with the scepter in the first place, who forced Bruce to turn into the Hulk and worked side by side with the crazy murder bot.

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This is the person who is victimized and turned into an angel by the writers and the fandom - not only to the detriment of Tony Stark, but to the detriment of Bucky Barnes.

Now, there will always be a political disagreement as to whether or not the Accords were the way to go. But it was what world authority wanted, and it’s not just because of Ultron, or of Tony. It’s because of Lagos too. “Victory at the expense of the innocent is no victory at all,” says King T’Chaka.

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I love how people act like Tony was the mastermind the Accords and conveniently forget about the king of the African nation whose citizen died in the unauthorized operation led by Steve. 

Signing the Accords IS taking responsibility. Honestly, the idea that signing the law “shifts blame” is ridiculous - because the Accords are meant to be a system to provide accountability. They’re not perfect, but they’re going to magically wave Ultron into the ether. It makes no sense to think they would. But apparently, because Steve Rogers says so, it has to be true.

Who took the blame for the people who died in Lagos? Wanda, supposedly - but Steve appears to think that’s unfair (which I agree with). What would Steve think is fair? Probably them just running around doing damage with no regard to anyone else.

Steve is the one who disregards the responsibility for his actions. I wonder… Had Tony been the one to say “the safest hands are still are own” - what would the reaction have been? 

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My Best of (Johnlock Fanfic) 2016

Here it is. Following the lead of @chriscalledmesweetie I am posting my “Best of” for my Johnlock fics for 2016. It should be noted that I have only been writing fanfic since this time last year, so almost all 56 of my works are from 2016

MOST HITS (Multi-chapter):

Know When You’ve Been Beaten
Words: 44K 
What began with a drugged and vulnerable Sherlock confessing some things about his sexual history and feelings towards John (after Irene Adler injected him and escaped), becomes a sweet, humorous and awkward journey of Sherlock overcoming his past to flirt with the idea of something more with his companion. Misinterpretations and misunderstandings plague the two, as the good-natured, compassionate and sometimes BAMF ex-army doctor, is seduced by-proxy by the mad-genius detective trying to work through what he wants and if he is capable of providing it.

Capturing Perfection
Words: 41K 
An AU ficlet: Rugby Captain John Watson and science-minded photographer Sherlock are classmates at uni. Sherlock has a class project where he needs a nude model. He asks the only boy that intrigues him, John Watson, to be his model. The more time they spend together the more they realize there is a perfect attraction between them.
Slow, sexy, sweet burn to eventual smut.

The Hunter’s Choice: Love or Pride
Words: 10K
A typical case out of town (post-Mary) leads to reflection, secrets shared and misunderstandings. Thinking he is going to lose John for good, decides to try to take as much as he can before his companion is gone forever… But he always misses something and John never fails to surprise him. 
Lots of feels, some smut and a happy ending - in more ways than one (ಠ‿  ↼) 

MOST HITS (1 shots)  :

Research - First Kiss
Words: 2K
“Have you ever kissed a man, John?” Sherlock’s voice is even and slightly disinterested.
John’s eyes widen. “Sorry, what?”
“You heard me perfectly well. A simple yes or no will suffice.” 

The 12 Truths of Christmas
Words: 3K
“It’s a simple construct, John. There is nothing I value more than data. Facts, John.” Sherlock flourishes a long, thin hand, then steeples his fingers together over his lap. He scans John with steel blue eyes. “In place of some appalling or imbecilic gift inflicted upon me in the name of tradition on Christmas day, I propose that you provide me with one previously unknown fact about you for each day leading up to Christmas.12 in total, John.” 

MOST KUDOS (excluding already listed)

Weak As A Kitten
Words: 9K
WIP [my co-author is on hiatus :( ] 
John tries to bury his lust for his flatmate that has been forbidden fruit for so long. The untouchable detective drives him near crazy with his troubling new behavior. He doesn’t know Sherlock isn’t afraid of sex; he’s petrified by it. However, he wants it with John so much that he’s willing to go through Sherlock-like lengths to tempt the ex-soldier to make his move.

Sherlock’s Jaaneman
Words: 2K
Sherlock finds a new name for John that embodies how he truly feels for the man. It takes John a bit to catch on, but then Sherlock finally puts his feelings on the table.

Just A Dream
Words: 7K
The evening after John has a hot and confusingly detailed dream he can’t stop thinking about it and debating if it is or isn’t real, things escalate quickly. WIP 


To Ruined Reputations or Stag Night (The Not-So Really Good Bits)
Words: 13K
Everything that happened during John’s Stag night that Sherlock didn’t want to share in his Best Man speech including dancing and more drinking games.

The Crimson Thread
Words: 4K
After the dust settles Sherlock explains the tangled web of Moriarty’s plan.

MOST COMMENTS (excluding above)

Defining Expressions
Words: 8K
Sherlock wants to understand John’s many facial expressions, but when he attempts to observe his companion while he is sleeping things quickly take an unexpected turn.  (WIP)

Afield of Daisies
Words: 8K
Sherlock is a man with an unusual gift; his touch brings back the dead. However, for every life restored for more than precisely 66 seconds, another must go in their place and if he ever touches the resurrected again they will immediately die.
At the urging of his brother and Detective Inspector Lestrade he attempts to use his ability and superior intellect for good, solving murders. After all, murders are easier to solve when you can ask the victim who did it.
Alone is what he has always had and sentimentality and love are a dangerous weakness he cannot afford… that is until he meets ex-army doctor John Watson and his world is transformed. 

No More
Words: 29K
A collaborative work with @sherlockssister1
After all their wars have been fought and the criminal masterminds defeated John and Sherlock are only left with their own demons and ghosts to defeat. Can they at last find their peace, and each other, without the war?
An odyssey to healing after the pain.

#keepherinthegame drabble - need to dress accordingly

In honor of @pitchstreetteam‘s March #KeepHerIntheGame campaign and this posthere’s a little Pitch oneshot for the prompt Author’s Choice. 

There’re still seven days to send in your baseballs! You can even send them straight to Fox from Amazon! For more details, check here!

“Ginny, I swear to God, if you don’t get your cute butt out here in the next five seconds—”

“Stop using your mom voice on me, Ev,” Ginny called from the bathroom. “It’s weird.”

“Stop making me mother you!” she shot back. “This is supposed to be girls’ night, Ginny! For a few hours, I forget that I’ve got a husband and two seven-year-olds at home, I put on a pretty dress, I go to a bar, and someone buys me overpriced drinks. But I can only do that if you get your ass in gear.”

Finally stepping out of the bathroom, Ginny rolled her eyes. She’d waited until Evelyn could see, though it seemed she should have waited a moment longer. Her friend was sprawled on the couch, an arm flung theatrically across her face.

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Ok Hamilton fandom hear me out

I really hate the way Lafayette is written in fanfics. He always speaks in broken French and English, which is probably my number one pet peeve because I feel like it is just a way for fanfiction writers to avoid making him an actual character. It’s always FRENCH FRENCH FRENCH Lafayette and that is his one personality trait. We understand how he is French. We know. Also, he is always written as this hyper feminine man but also super sexualized at the same time. He is always incapable of having a conversation without flirting or using the phrase “mon ami”. I also understand how people want more gender/ lgbtq representation and headcanons for characters making them trans, gender fluid , ect. are usually pretty great but I don’t really understand why the fandom is so attached to Genderfluid!Lafayette. Sometimes if fanfiction writers choose not to use that headcanon they are attacked, and that really has to stop. It’s the authors choice. There is no historical evidence for it ( correct me if I’m wrong please). Not everyone has to use that headcanon. I’m sorry I just felt like ranting about this.

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tbh shiro favors keith the most n personally i think thts why he wants keith to lead voltron even though hes obviously not gna be a good leader + allura or maybe lance should lead

imo, i think Keith actually does have some leadership potential? (then again i think all of them have leadership potential), but the issues i have with him leading is that he’s way too impulsive, reckless, acts like a lone wolf wayyyy toooooo much, not to mention he doesn’t have a very good understanding of how teamwork works. i think he’s better off acting like, a second in command or something.

impulsiveness & recklessness examples:

  • driving off the face of a fucking cliff with 4 other people, one of which was unconscious
  • putting himself in situations where he keeps getting ejected into space
  • trying to take on Zarkon all by himself
  • almost attacking the sentries on the Balmera only to be stopped by Lance 
  • charging off into a village that was on fire
  • forgetting the main point of the reason he and Shiro went into the Blade of Marmora base so he could go through the trials which put the mission in jeopardy to make allies 

like…….. a lot of these things he’s done have only caused/almost caused more problems than not. (not saying his impulsiveness has always been a bad thing, but it doesn’t always benefit the interest of the team either)

acting like a lone wolf:

  • again, the attempting to ditch the team in the middle of the night
  • him also ditching Lance, Pidge, and Hunk even when Lance pointed out it was a bad idea
  • fighting Zarkon by himself,
  • going through the trials of marmora by himself

not having a good understanding of how a team works: 

  • his whole lone wolf attitude keeps him from relying on his teammates and keeps his teammates from relying on him
  • the way he tends to force people to do something when he doesn’t agree with what they’re doing (ex: trying to force Pidge to not leave the team by yelling at her and guilt tripping her, snapping at everyone and saying they have to go into the blade of marmora base when it was suggested they didn’t)

there’s also how he kinda doesn’t really have a good grasp on diplomacy and empathy too cause like

  • in the balmera arc, Hunk tried to console Shay by saying they can beat the robobeast, Hunk turned to Keith and was like “tell her Keith” and Keith was like “can we?”, not realizing Hunk was trying to reassure Shay
  • he was acting really hostel to the Arusian warrior and was like “i will fight you you little shrimp”
  • again the blade of marmora thing where, even LANCE pointed out it was a bad idea to take Keith on a diplomacy mission because what ended up happening is Keith fucking pissed everyone off by bringing a weapon with him and then later almost got the base destroyed when his lion freaked out

so while i do believe Keith has the potential to lead, he certainly doesn’t have the right traits that would make him an effective leader in this situation. i can easily predict him butting heads with Allura a fuck-ton, trying to boss everyone around, getting impatient with them, not knowing how to deal with them emotionally, getting the team in trouble for his lack of diplomacy skills, the list goes on. sorry Keef, but i think you have a looooooooot to learn about being a leader before actually taking that seat in the black lion.

(not to mention his relationship with Red was really really highlighted in this season so what gives anyways???? him and Red are like a perfect match and shouldn’t be split up because Keith is like the only one on the team who is the most compatible with Red)

as for Allura being the black paladin, i fucking love that idea. it would be so awesome to have this beautiful woc leading the team as a princess and a paladin. it would be so! amazing!?? plus, she’d obviously make a really good fit for the black lion. she’s a born leader, she’s strong, she’s diplomatic, she’s empathetic, she’s whipsmart and already holds the team’s respect as a leader. 

HOWEVER, there are ALSO some issues i have with Allura being the black paladin, mainly having to do with what that would mean for the team dynamic, as well as from a narrative’s perspective.

see, if Allura were to become the black paladin, it would just be too easy. it wouldn’t really challenge the team’s dynamic because it’s just swapping one established leader for another, so there wouldn’t really be much character development for the rest of the team.

it would also mean that they’d be taking the two leader roles on the team and conjoining them into one, which, isn’t the wisest choice. it would make things a lot more stressful for Allura because now she’s the only one leading the team and has the burden of being a princess and the black paladin, plus there’s no one else to balance things out. with that said, there wouldn’t be anyone to challenge her authority and her choices because she’d be the only one in charge. and sometimes a leader’s authority needs to be challenged because they do not always make the best decisions, as we’ve seen with how Allura and Shiro dealt with the whole Blade of Marmora thing.

Allura was very distrustful towards the BoM, and didn’t want anything to do with them. but Shiro was able to convince her to work with them. if Shiro hadn’t of been there, they never would of gained the BoM as allies because Allura would have made the wrong decision.

this isn’t saying Shiro didn’t make any bad choices either. Shiro picked Keith to go with him into the BoM base. and we all know how that went. (it was only because Keith turned out to be part Galra did the BoM actually decide to bother negotiating an alliance)

and you know who challenged Shiro for making this choice?

thats right kids, Lance did. aka something a leader would do.

Lance, who possesses SO MANY leadership traits nobody, not even Shiro, seems to acknowledge. 

Lance is a team player, self sacrificial for the greater good, diplomatic, patient, decisive, smart, empathetic, well balanced and well rounded, and! literally a natural born leader! there are so many instances on the show where Lance takes charge of the situation! even before Shiro became the “official” leader of their group, Lance was the one acting in charge of things! 

but i’m gonna stop myself before this post gets way too meta, lmao.

basically i prefer Lance as black paladin above everyone else but you guys already know that ;D

At fourteen, I’d been left on my own.  Literally. When the authorities made the choice to detain my parents, no one bothers to check that a young girl, a minor, a citizen of this country, would be left without a family.  Without a home.  Without a way forward.

In the Country We Love, Diane Guerrero

What Happens to a Child After a Parent is Deported?

Reading this memoir by Diane Guererro has been difficult.  Not because I didn’t know that adults were deported everyday, but because I had never heard the story from a child’s perspective.  This book is eye-opening and I really think, as educators, everyone should read it.  A lot of our students are dealing with the fear of deportation, but that fear means that they do not want to talk about the situation. It is our job to open those lines of communication.

Help me figure something out. If anyone can I’ll love them till the end of days. My brain randomly remembered a fic I read *forever* ago this afternoon. When I say forever, I really mean forever. It say at least a year and a half but probably more than two years ago. I couldn’t tell you what ship it is for sure. It /might/ be Clexa. I’m inclined to believe it could be because what little I remember from the plot doesn’t seem like it could be a DW AU or anything like that.

The only two things I distinctly remember from this fic is that:

1. The couple has at least 3 kids. It was a family AU for sure. It spans a fuck ton of years too. It goes up until they have grandkids, maybe there’s even a chapter where the OTP dies of old age. I think they knew each other since they were kids??? Could be? Can’t be sure about that last one though. I feel like they might have. Or at least we got back story from when they were kids. Maybe.
2. This is what I remember the most and I hope I’m not getting it wrong because it’s basically my only hope at finding the fic. Their eldest daughter is a soccer player. She goes on to play professional or semi professional but pretty early in her career when she’s still super young (18-20 probably) she ends up falling for her coach who is a piece of shit and knocks her up and then she finds out he’s been sleeping with all the other girls on the team too and he abandons her. He asks her to get rid of the kid. He’s a shithead basically and one of the OTP shows up at his office and almost kills him. Then the other one shows up and stops shit from going down. So the OTP steps up and helps raise the grand daughterThat’s just one of the plot points. It’s not the main focus of the story. It’s just the story with the eldest when she grows up.

I remembered the fic out of fucking nowhere this afternoon and it’s been driving me INSANE since then because I don’t read a lot of fics, but I do know that when I read this I thought it was fucking fantastic. I remember even re-reading it a couple of times because it was that good. I’ve tried literally everything I can think of to find it with the crumbs I’ve listed but I haven’t been able to and now it’s eating my brain alive.

If this sounds even remotely familiar let me know because it’s going to fuck with me for the rest of my life if I can’t find this fic again. For some reason my brain has decided it *needs* to read immediately it and it refuses to sleep until I find it. Keep in mid though, it’s not recent. I remember I read this a LONG while ago. Maybe no one remembers it either. I’m so fucked if no one does.

Hey there! Ima little sloshed right now & was thinking a tipsy/drnk Q at the Christmas or summer garden party com8ng on to Bond… authors choice for how hot it gets. (reeeeeally hot sex welcome & encourage )(thank jeebus for auro correct) – masterofhounds

This isn’t AT ALL based on Drunk!Lex. Nope. Not at all. (ahem). Jen.

Three shots of vodka, two tequila, two and a half glasses of wine and a pint of cider. Bond had counted. Q could not hold his drink; to be fair to the man, he didn’t look large enough for his bladder to hold that much, let alone his liver. He did look… happy, while dancing ludicrously with an equally inebriated R, if incredibly uncoordinated. Thankfully he had the sense to smoother himself in sun cream, avoiding the lurid sunburn that would surely plague most of his department in the morning.

“Ten quid says he vomits before the end of the night,”

Bond looked to his boss; Mallory was smirking along the same line of sight.

“Twenty says he won’t remember it.”

Mallory grinned, nodded. “I’ll take that bet.”

R and Q seemed to be conspiring, alarmingly enough.


Mallory took a step back, allowing their Quartermaster to quite literally chuck himself at Bond; Bond had a bit of a mission to catch him in time, to prevent both toppling over unceremoniously. “Hi, Q.”


“You’re gorgeous,” Q said happily. “Like a car.”

Bond blinked, not entirely sure how to respond. Across the room, R had toppled herself at 001, who looked just as terrified as Bond felt.

Like Bond, though, she wasn’t all that upset.

“Are you a little drunk, Q?”

Q snorted. “A little? I’m a big bit little drunk. ‘therwise I wouldn’t be talking to you about cars. Well. Not the gorge… sexy cars. Sex and cars. You like sex and cars.”

Succinct, but accurate. “Yes. Yes, I do.”

“I like you.”

“I’m getting that idea, yes.”

“D'you like me?”

Bond could get used to Q like this. He was open and honest, and very endearing. “Yes, Q.”

Q grinned, eyes wide; he peeled off Bond, and turned over his shoulder to yell deafeningly across the entire room: “R!!! IT WORKED!!!”

By that point, R had her tongue halfway down 001’s throat, and didn’t care tremendously.

And so, with very little tact and even less finesse, Q attached himself to Bond’s mouth for the rest of the evening.

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YO FAM. I need you to do this for me because we are family. I don't care which prompt you pick from your list, just write me something for Hotaru. PLEASE. I can not compute right now with my own prompts. So I'm coming to you for fanfiction, because I love you, mate. Do this and save my soul. Save OUR souls. 💕💕💕💕 'Hotaru' + 'Author's Choice!'

god, i love you. i hope i did him justice!!!

She can see it in the way that he looks at her that he adores her, and with every passing movement he watches her eagerly as if he could watch her forever. It makes her heart swell–and makes her a little more self conscious–when she tries to put all of her focus on making sure the vegetables are correctly cooked; she wants to look at him too, but would that be too much? There’s a mystery to Hotaru, despite already being as close as they were,  she still wasn’t sure how to act around him. He made her heart race in the most comforting of ways she wasn’t sure how she could repay him for making her so happy. 

But her thoughts are cut short when she feels comforting arms wrapping themselves around her waist to pull her close, and she knows it’s him that’s holding her like this. There’s an innocence that bleeds from his gentle hold which makes her heart get caught in her throat; she can feel his heartbeat against her back, his broad chest pressed against her shoulder blades. Wisps of silver hair brushed against her cheek with his chin rested on her shoulder, eyes peering into the pot that she was facing with interest. 

I want to be close to her. I could never tire of watching her. I never want to leave her.

These words come to her mind as easy as the alphabet does, and her face is flushed a bright red when she reminds herself that in her own secret way, she had felt the same. Hotaru was unbridled innocence and uninhibited honesty in the best of ways that gave her the security she had always sought out, despite his life being anything but safe. It was the security of loving and being loved back, and even if there had been circumstances that loomed over them, she knew that she could still love him with her whole heart. 

Hotaru’s kisses began light as a butterfly’s, dancing across her ear to her jawline to her cheekbone before a she spots a smile peeking from the corner of his lips. The light in his eyes sparkled as she put down her spoon to turn around to face him, nimble fingers curled around his shoulders and eyes matching his adoration. He had always been ferociously beautiful in the most painful of ways, and it hurt more and more every time to see him leave when he did. It was a beauty that didn’t allow itself to be noticed and made her miss him all the more when she realized it. So she sighs, quiet and frayed and rushed, sadness laced in her throat as it spills out into the room when she doesn’t mean it to. 

“What are you thinking?” Hotaru’s gentle honey dipped tone danced towards her ears, but she couldn’t find herself to answer right away. His words were always spoken so carefully; he had no choice but to. She could only bury her face in the crook of his neck when she replied. “I’m just thinking about how much I’ll miss you when you leave.” 

And she knows, she knows it’s selfish of her to say that when it’s entirely out of his hands, and a tinge of regret courses through her. She was preaching to the choir saying these things to him. “I’m sorry. I know you can’t do anything about it. I shouldn’t keep reminding you, it’s wrong of me to. I’m really… really, happy that you’re here.” 

He just nodded, eyes bright. Despite her selfishness, he had looked upon her still with the utmost adoration. His hands moved from her back to hold her face. Even though it is the way it is, she thought, I wouldn’t choose anyone else. It seemed as if he could read her thoughts from the way he began kissing her again, dotting her forehead and her eyelids and her nose and her cheeks, only to finally settle to hover over her lips. She could feel his breath against her.

“Every time you think of me while I’m gone, you’ll get as many kisses when I return.” 

Ok SPN fandom...

What is with all the hate????? Seriously. I don’t get it. I see hate being launched over fics because they are too angsty… I see hate being spewed because there should be only one blog that writes and posts about a certain actor or character. 

If you don’t like a fic, then quit reading it. If you don’t like a blog, then don’t follow it. If you are a fan of one bloggers fics, just read theirs and leave others alone.  There’s no reason to send hate mail. At all. It’s a choice that you make. And one that you have to live with. It takes more time and energy to send hate mail than it does to stop reading a fic or unfollow a blog. And one of these times, sending hate mail is going to come back and bite you in the ass. What goes around comes around… karma… call it what you will… but someday, something will happen and you will regret your actions. 

And one other thing…look at how much the cast loves all their fans…. do you have any idea how shocked, upset and heartbroken they would be if they learned about all the hate that goes on in this fandom??? Say one day you meet some of the spn cast, and they smile and tell you thank you for being a fan of the show etc etc…. what would they think if they knew of the hate that you sent? Could you really stand before them with a clear conscience? 

Instead of sending hate, offer support and encouragement. If a fic is not to your taste, then just quit reading it. Do not send hate mail to the author. They did not force you to read the fic. They just wrote it and there’s nothing wrong with that. But there is something seriously wrong with sending hate to an author over a choice that you made. And there’s millions of blogs on tumblr. And with that many people, there is bound to be more than one blog dedicated to reading, writing and fawning over one particular actor. And there is nothing wrong with that!! It’s their blog, they can blog about whoever they want as much as they want. They can write fics about said actor. No one actor or character belongs to one blog!!!! So do not attack them in defense of your preferred blogger!!! Just don’t follow the blogs you don’t like, grow up and learn to SHARE. 

Just please, for the love of Chuck… STOP THE HATE!!! It’s getting to be too much!! So please just stop!!! Remember that it is not your blog, and you do not get to dictate what is and isn’t posted. That is the bloggers choice. Your choice is how you will behave as a human being, and how you will run your own blog. 

Now make the right one. 

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a freedom sound (do not cherish memory)

Andrew only needed a few minutes to determine that Neil Josten was going to get under his skin.  He just didn’t foresee exactly how deep.

Impact. Andrew had never managed to hit someone full on with a racquet before, and it was satisfyingly effective. Josten went tumbling to his hands and knees on the floor with a crash, duffel bag rolling sideways, winded and struggling.

Wymack thundered through a door a second later, screeching to a stop at Andrew’s back. “God damn it, Minyard. This is why we can’t have nice things.”

“Oh, Coach. If he was nice, he wouldn’t be any use to us, would he?” Andrew replied silkily.

“He’s no use to us if you break him.”

“You’d rather I let him go?” Andrew doubted the kid would have stopped running within state lines, considering the speed he’d been going. “Put a band-aid on him and he’ll be good as new.”

On the floor, Josten finally managed to get his breath, choking on it as he curved an arm around his belly. He turned his face up to Andrew, eyes narrow and lit with fury, like he was any kind of threat down on the floor. Flight may have been his first instinct, but perhaps there was a little fight in there after all.

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Author's choice + yellow.

rubber duck | madzie | 500 words

Madzie lies at the bottom of the tub, gazing up at the bright yellow rubber duck floating above her. She’s too big to lay all the way down in the little tub, so her knees are hugged to her chest, feet propped up on the tiled wall. It’s still nice though. Everything always feels better underwater. It’s easier to breathe, as backwards as that would sound to most people.

But well. Most people don’t have gills.

She can hear Magnus pacing outside the door, obviously still upset. She feels badly, but it’s also partly why she’d come in here. This is the one place neither of them ever follow her, so she takes advantage of that, sometimes.

“Madzie, darling?” Magnus calls out softly.

Madzie closes her eyes. She hates how small his voice sounds. I did that, she thinks, her stomach dropping heavily with guilt.

She takes one last deep pull of water in through her gills, centering herself in the feeling, before slowly emerging from the tub. The ripples caused by her movement send the little rubber duck drifting away from her. He’s running away too, she thinks.

She hadn’t thought to grab her favorite bathrobe when she fled in here to hide, so she magics it in from her bedroom. She hasn’t quite mastered conjuring something directly onto her body, so instead it appears folded neatly on the counter and Madzie dons it quickly. The slightly too big hood (complete with floppy rabbit ears) falls down over her eyes. She hesitates for a moment before reaching into the tub to retrieve the duckling, tucking it into the pocket of her robe. It’s comforting.

She opens the door to find Magnus still standing outside, just as she suspects. With her bath hood drawn over her eyes, she can only really see him from the ankles down. She can’t really tell from his ankles whether he’s still upset with her, but she’s also too afraid to look up at his face.

“Have a good swim, guppy?” he asks her, just like he always does. She knows the familiar question is meant to make her feel better, but instead she feels worse.

“I’m sorry I messed up your potion,” she tells Magnus’s ankles, fiddling with the ties on her robe.

“Oh sweetheart,” Magnus says, crouching down to try to see her under her hood. “You didn’t ruin anything, okay? Potions are tricky things sometimes, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be fixed.”

She finally looks up at him then, and his steady gaze is gentle. Sincere.

“I’ll show you,” he tells her, reaching out a hand.

Madzie’s fingers rub idly along the smooth surface of the rubber duck in her pocket. Part of her longs to be back in the tub, submerged and safe.

But Magnus is still waiting, his hand outstretched patiently. She takes it, and the warmth of her small hand enclosed in his is instantly calming.

Maybe there’s safety on land too, as long as Magnus is there.


Jughead Jones

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Would Include...

Being Jughead Jones’ Best Friend Would Include..

Spilt Coffee-Andre Burakovsky

Hey lovely!  Hope you enjoy xx

Anon Request: hey! can you do one on how you and andre burakovsky meet for the first time?? open to authors choice how but make it super cute lol thank you!

Warnings: none


This had to be one of the longest line you had ever stood in. You tapped your foot, looking at your watch again.

You had an interview with the Washington Capitols to be one of their event coordinators and it was a good job, one that you couldn’t afford to lose.

You admit, you knew nothing about hockey, but that wasn’t going to stop you. You’d learn as you go.

Finally, you got to the front of the line and only had to wait a few more minutes before your name was called. You grabbed your coffee from the barista and headed out the doors, looking down at your watch again.

Unfortunately for you, that proved to be a fatal mistake. As soon as you looked down, you ran head first into a solid wall, knocking your coffee all over your shirt in the process.

“No!” You gasped down at your soaked and ruined shirt.

You looked up at the person you had run into and his eyes were as big as your’s. You stared at him a second longer. Before you could stop them, tears started falling from your eyes. All the stress and anxiousness over this interview and now this.

“I am so, so sorry,” The boy said. He looked at you helplessly. “Please don’t cry. I swear I’ll buy you another drink or shirt or whatever you want,” he hurried.

“It’s fine,” you got out. You angrily brushed at your eyes.

“If it helps, you’re too pretty to cry,” the boy’s statement came out more like a question.

“Thanks,” you laughed quietly. “That’s not going to help with my missed interview though,” you sighed.

“I made you miss an interview?” The boy looked so sorry you didn’t have it in you to stay mad.

“Don’t worry about it…,” You waited for him to finish the sentence.

“Andre,” he added quickly. He shook your hand. “I’m so sorry…”

“(Y/N),” you told him.

“I hope it wasn’t a huge interview,” Andre told you.

“It was a job with the Capitols,” you told him, already accepting your jobless fate.

“As in the hockey team?” His eyes lit up. You nodded. “You watch hockey?”

“Not a lot,” you admitted. “But I was going to learn. Now I guess I never will.”

“I wouldn’t be too sure about that,” Andre smirked.

“Oh and why is that?”

“I think I can help. But! You have to let me take you out to dinner and watch a hockey with me,” he quirked his head to the side, looking at you.

You thought about it for second. But, in all honestly, if you weren’t going to get a job, why not go out with a cute guy?

“I think I can do that,” you smile. “Now how can you help me get a job?”

“Because you just so happen to be looking at number 65 for said Capitols,” the curly haired boy grinned, effectively leaving you speechless.

And that’s how, two weeks later, you had a job and a jersey with the number 65 on the back.