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So we will be starting chapter 3 on Monday, but in place of a page today we thought we’d share with you some of the concept art for Atticus, the most suave werewolf who ever lived haha! Chechula did a wonderful job bringing this character to life with her vibrant sketches!!

Hope everyone had a good week and is ready for the weekend. :)

Fic Rec

Read what’s on the label, folks, I’m not your mom.

Not Your Average Prostitution AU

Il Traviato by kedgeree
This is a Pretty Woman au, need I say more?
Dr. John H. Watson, Sexual Surrogate by smurff
The lovely cutteroo brought this fic to my attention, and I am so glad. You have to squint to fit it into this category, but it’s worth putting it in the mix
Bought and Paid For by wendymarlowe 
John is a sub for hire, and you can guess where this fic goes
Let’s Play Doctor by beautifullyheeled
Again, another fic that you need to squint a bit to make it fit the list. However! I take any chance I get to rec this amazing work
The Virgin and the Prostitute by cheshirecat101
I love this take on the escort story, it has a few twists that make it interesting

Sherlock is a Prostitute for Reasons

For Rent by sexxicawrites
A nice little pwp to get you through the day
Deflowered - Director’s Cut by Lorelei_Lee
I first read Deflowered and was left wanting more. The Director’s Cut gives the extra bit to fill out an interesting story
Filthy/Gorgeous by mirabilelectu
A long one if you need to drown for a bit in rentboy hell before coming up for air
First Time for Everything by KeelieThompson1
Feelings, angst, more feelings
Rented Out by tenderly_wicked
Ok, folks, this one hurts. A lot.
Hooked by foolsdance
Angst. Just angst.

John Has a Heart of Gold and a Crotch of Gold

The Orchard by dancinggrimm
You really should read this, because it’s good and a favorite of mine? Have I convinced you yet?
Roosters by Sexxica
Sherlock and Lestrade unwind after a case … and honestly has Sexxica ever led us astray?
Proves the Rule by brighteyedjill
This just feels good
Rentboy in Red by janto321 (merindab)
Hot. Hot. Hot. Hot.
A Brief History of House Calls by Regency
I don’t like to rec WIPs for secret reasons, but this is just too good to pass up. Vignettes of John’s life as an escort
I Don’t Buy It; It’s Not For Sale by BrighteyedJill
Not what I was expecting, but good none the less
Ilium by janto321
I’m not sure how this one missed the first round! Here’s a nice long one to fuel the burn

aflookie  asked:

The news paper clippings on Snickets wall in the miserable mill, what do they all say?

Hello! I’ve broken them down just to make it easier to read:

Noted Scientist Dies of Snake Allergies- Dr Montgomery Montgomery Hated the Slimy Creatures

  • There has been much speculation in the media this week as world renowned herpetologist Dr. Montgomery Montgomery was found dead in his Reptile Atrium in the late afternoon. Police and a coroner did confirm that he died from a snake bite that contained very deadly venom. It has been speculated that Montgomery died from snake allergies
  • … being allergic to the snake. It is due from the deadly venom that is injected by the snake and into the blood stream that causes death. Many believe that ‘allergies’ however he said if that was the case then everyone in the universe would then be ‘allergic’ to snakes. He claims many are confused by this and he isn’t sure why. The herpetologist refused to try and explain it
  • … investigating the fire even though they are sure it was nothing more than just a terrible fire leading to a series of unfortunate events for the children. It has been a short time since the Baudelaire’s parents tragically perished in a blazing fire that took their lives and also their home. 
  • Veronica, Klyde and Susie still remain orphans. Mr Poe the husband of the great Eleanor Poe our Editor-In-Chief here at the Daily Punctilio is currently looking after the children till their closest living relative is found for them to live with. The children were seen standing in the ruins of their home. Sifting through ash and rubble looking for their belongings they can take with them on their new adventure as orphans. It looks like the children are trying to find reminders of their past life and parents.

Lakeside Home Destroyed- Authorities Blame Cabal of Real Estate Agents: 

  • Reported by Special Correspondent Bo Wilch. 
  • However we are finally not reporting about another house fire instead many are speculating that this disaster was much worse. Josephine Anwhistle and her house tore apart and crashed into the jagged cliff rocks below into Lake Lachrymose where the leeches were waiting and ate Josephine alive. Perishing in a fire would have been much better compared to being eaten alive by deadly leeches. She succumbed to the same death as her husband who also died by the leeches. 
  • Again another caretaker of the Baudelaire children has died. Somehow these children seem to be in the middle of a series of unfortunate events. Many speculate that somehow Count Olaf is also involved, police have yet to confirm this. Josephine was an Aunt to the Baudelaire children and now she is a distant memory just like her house. Police have now started to investigate the children seeing as they are always involved in their guardians death. They keep insisting that Count Olaf is the one to kill their guardian in order to kill them in order to kill them in order to steal their fortune. 
  • Perhaps the children killed their parents, killed Dr Montgomery Montgomery, and now killed their Aunt Josephine to protect their fortune from anyone trying to steal it.

Snicket, Author and Fugitive, Dead!

  • … And eventually turned to murder. Though there has not been enough evidence to support these claims police are more than sure like pretty sure it was Snicket.
  •  … this afternoon” - Klyde. 
  • “Our mother Beatrice has suggested we go to Briny Beach to enjoy the sunshine as if she knew we shouldn’t be in the house. I would never have thought that those would be our last words spoken to each other. I wish I could have hugged her for just a moment longer before letting go of her”- Veronica
  • We are not sure … Susie the children’s in a very exciting night has occurred at the Grand Theatre this evening. Count Olaf a local performer at the Grand Theatre staged the Marvelous Marriage. The play featured Count Omar as the Groom, Veronica as the bride, and some other folks as extras! What seemed to be a very boring play at the beginnign it sure sure turned out to be more exciting in the end in the final act, Count Locations where Snicket has been hiding out had been found with an alarming amount  of research on the Baudelaire children. It is unclear at the time what his research…

Accident At Lucky Smells

  • One of Paltryville’s ctizen has gone missing inside Lumbermill believe to have been an accident
  • One of Paltryville’s citizen has gone missing inside the Lucky Smells Lumbermill detectives believe foul play may have been involved. 
  • Due to circumstances surrounding the incident the victim’s name cannot be released at this time. Trouble in Paltryville began when three orphaned children Baudelaire showed up in town young may guessed it the Baudelaire children. After countless troubles with the children they were given an opportunity of a life time and were given the chance to work alongside Sir at world renowned Lucky Smells Lumbermill. Lucky Smells has received praise all around the world for the quality of lumber they supply and the outstanding customer service…
  • … Indeed if a snake killed him however another popular theory are the Baudelaire children were somehow involved. 
  • They were later taken and given to their Aunt Josephine who also has perished due to her falling off a cliff she had lived on with her late husband that succumbed to the Lake Lachrymose leeches. as you can guess the…

So I suppose the real question is what don’t they say? 


Disclaimer: My theories are built not just on the Dark Artifices, but from all the previous books as a whole, and will contain spoilers if you haven’t read them. I haven’t watched the Shadowhunter TV series, so these ideas are based solely on book canon.


Why is it the only Shadowhunters that we know to have faerie blood are Mark and Helen Blackthorn? Over a thousand years of history and no mention of any others. Could it be that Shadowhunter and Faerie blood can’t mix much like the Shadowhunter and Demon blood? Could there be an exception or loophole if there was already some demon blood in a Shadowhunter ie) Tessa’s line?

(CP 279-280) Tessa meets Hyacinth at Benedict Lightwood’s party and tells her that fae look for ways to strengthen their bloodline and she comments on how much Tessa looks like her adult mother. That means that the Fae had been watching Elizabeth Grey/Adele Starkweather. And we know that Mark’s blood is prized for it rarity—and so what if the Fae have always had their eye on Tessa’s line, may have even helped Mortmain’s changeling exchange of Adele Starkweather in the hopes of creating Tessa and with her a Shadowhunter line that could breed with faeries. Creepy. I’ll get back to this in a bit.

              I get the sense that the Seelie Queen hasn’t been at full power in a while. Mark in LM (403-404), “The Queen of the Seelie Court can be deprived of her powers if her crown is stolen. Even, Gwyn, who leads the Wild Hunt, must yield authority to any who steals his cloak.” Is this why she is in hiding? Julian and Emma were whipped for this information: it’s important!

My theory: Princess Nerissa knew the Seelie Queen was off her rocker and capable of doing inordinate damage to her own people, so I think she asked the Blackthorn brothers to help her hide the crown in the hopes of diminishing the Seelie Queen’s power.

I think that Nerissa’s affair was with Arthur and not Andrew, and when he wouldn’t break under fae questioning they punished him by trying to break his mind. Julian: LM (pg120) “His lunacy, as the Clave would have termed it, was to Julian’s mind a faerie-spun thing. If they had not destroyed his sanity, they had planted the seeds of its destruction.” And Mark says: LM (pg482) “ ‘Madness’ was the faerie word for it; it was a faerie punishment, in fact, the bringing down of madness.”

I think fearing discovery of what Nerissa had done, Helen and Mark were smuggled out of Faerie to the safety of Andrew’s Shadowhunter Institute and the protection of the Clave, before the fae could use the children as leverage against Nerissa and Arthur. I think Arthur’s mind was broken at this point as a Faerie punishment because he wouldn’t reveal the truth about where the crown was. Andrew took in the children as his own, knowing Arthur wasn’t stable enough to raise them.

When the Faerie convoy comes to the Institute, Julian asks Arthur if he knows why, and with a casualness Arthur tells him: LM (119) “Perhaps Nerissa would know.” It’s with a familiarity that seems like he wasn’t in the thrall of being tortured for seven years. It is known that the fae wove so many illusions for the brothers, much like when Mark first returned, that everything of their testimony before the Clave is suspect. They fae are brilliant at lies for truth and truth in lies. In Arthur’s mind, he knows where to find the Crown and it may have been one of the reasons the L.A. Institute is attacked by Sebastian and Meliorn. Finding the Crown may pull in a plot thread for what the Queen of Air and Darkness is about.

So, was Nerissa discovered and imprisoned? Will Mark and family find her alive and learn the truth? Could she be reunited with Arthur and cure him of the faerie punishment? OR…If she is dead: how does the line of succession in the Seelie Court work? If the Seelie Queen dies, and Nerissa was a Princess, could the next in line for Queen be Helen?

–And has anyone seen Gwyn wearing his cloak?

LM(pg199) Mark: “They told me I had no choice but to leave the Hunt. That the King of the Unseelie Court had commanded it.” Since when does the Unseelie King command the Hunt?

I think in terms of general politics, the Unseelie King is making a move to take over all of Faerie. The chapters of LoS are based on Poe’s poem Dreamland. The poem describes a very fae-like place where the dead roam and is presumably ruled by a Lord of Shadows. I think the King believes that the Black Volume of the Dead will give him the power to become that Lord of Shadows. I think he already has Gwyn’s cloak and is forcing an independent Wild Hunt to yield to his authority, and the Queen’s on the run because she doesn’t have the Crown of Thorns and she knows he’ll kick her ass. He wants to rule all the Fae, not just the Unseelie Court, and this puts Faerie in the midst of a civil war.

And that gives us the Dark Artifices: 1) Black Volume of the Dead 2) Gwyn’s cloak 3) Crown of Thorns

And this is the backdrop that Emma and the Blackthorns will be walking into when they go to rescue Kieran.

–And remember the Blackthorns didn’t technically fulfill the deal. They never turned over Malcolm to the Court for justice (and the King could care less about the murderer, he just thought the murderer had the book). The Fae are very big on technicalities so they’re not just going to let Mark go. They’ll press their claim. But, of course they could restrike a bargain: The King want the Book, Gwyn wants his cloak and the Queen wants her crown. Any of them would be willing help free Mark if they got what they wanted. Easy Peasy. Kieran’s predicament could be a lure to bring the Blackthorns to Fae.

***(I think someone will become the Lord of Shadows, but it won’t be the King…stay tuned for Part 3 of my theories as to who it will be when I go into my thoughts about who will die)***

But, what else might the Blackthorns find in Fae….

Christine from Polandbanana books likes the theory of Sebastian having a child with the Seelie Queen and it’s a good one— (even works with my theory of Shadowhunter/Demon blood combo needed to procreate), but it’s almost too obvious.

So, I have a twist… I wonder about Kaelie Whitewillow and her brief fling with Jace Herondale. Remember, the fae knew Jace was a Herondale, even while no one else did, and they are trying to strengthen their bloodlines. Why would a Queen’s handmaiden be a waitress in a restaurant in New York that Jace frequented—or bother to flirt with him in the first place? And why would a waitress be the one the Seelie Queen sent when the Dark War was over in the hopes of negotiating terms?  That’s a weighty responsibility.

(COHF 639-) “Jocelyn Fairchild sat beside Maryse, but there was no sign anywhere of Clary Fray or Jace Lightwood.” Jace wasn’t there and he was the only one who maybe had a hope of convincing the Clave of leniency, but why would he? Did Kaelie think she had leverage over him?

What if it isn’t Sebastian’s child in Faerie, but Jace’s?

I can picture Jules’ annoyance at this muttering to himself: “Why can’t the Herondales ever keep track of their children?”


(If you haven’t recovered from the Jace thing above, please take a break before you continue) …

Meliorn could lie because one of his parents was not fae. No one ever talks about who his non fae parent was. Theory: Benedict Lightwood. The man was infected with Demon Pox (there is a lovely song), so it still fits the demon blood theory and would make him eligible for fatherhood of a fae—and we know from the party Will and Tessa attended way back in the day (CP) he was promiscuous, in case the Demon Pox didn’t give that away.

But, if so, that would have made Meliorn a Shadowhunter. One denied of his rightful name and place within Shadowhunter society because of his mixed blood—Benedict Lightwood would have considered him a dirty little secret. In terms of age: We don’t know how long Shadowhunter/Fae children live, if their immortal or if their life span is extended. We do know that time works differently in faerie and Mark hasn’t aged, so Meliorn could easily have lived 100+ years. Meliorn could have plotted retribution on the Clave for generations nursing a hatred against the Lightwood name who refused to claim him, that only got worse after Robert Lightwood’s actions with the Circle.

So…for my next big theory: If Meliorn was a Shadowhunter, he could have entered anyplace a Shadowhunter could have, including the Institutes. I think he exchanged baby Max for a changeling (revenge not just for the Lightwood name, but punishment for Robert’s deeds while in the Circle) and raised the biological Lightwood child as his foster son in Faerie.

The boy would have been turned against the Shadowhunters with stories of the Circle, how the Clave treated their own in Mark and Helen Blackthorn, and been privileged to a first-hand account of the Fae’s suffering under the Cold Peace. He probably would believe that Meliorn rescued him from the Shadowhunters and seeing as how his counterpart is dead (Sebastian did seem surprised at how fragile their Max was), he may have a point. And seeing as how Alec killed his ‘father’—this could be an awkward future reunion. His age (if not screwy with fae time), would coincide close with Dru’s.

He would make such an interesting character dynamic full of anger and angst against the Clave, making Alec and Isabelle’s lives miserable—the Clave would never trust him. The Wicked Powers is in five years’ time which would put him and Dru around 18, a good age for main characters and possible ships.  


**I’m new to Tumblr and not sure my posts are coming up in the searches. So, if you like, please reblog. Thanks!

anonymous asked:

Do you know of any fics where they fantasize about each other? Like distracted day dreams or actual sex dreams? Basically hit me with all the ust please 😂 thank you!

Here are a bunch!  Some stay UST and some have resolution :)

Title: Buried Treasure and Transmogrify
Author: Rienna Hawkes
Rating: M
Genre(s): Romance, Drama
Chapters: 20
Word Count: 169,505
Summary: Lily Evans has spent years despising James Potter. He has spent just as long worshiping her. When seventh year pairs them Head Boy and Girl, each comes to realize that their judgment isn’t quite what they thought it was. 

Title: The Incident in the Library
Author: greenconverses
Rating: T
Genre(s): Romance
Chapters: 1
Word Count: ~3,000
Summary: Lily Evans has been distracted lately…and it’s all because of James Potter and his stupid, unbuttoned shirt. Hardly any fluff, but plenty of shirtless James for everybody.

Title: Pirate Jily the First
Author: strangerslikem3
Romance, Adventure, Pirate AU
Word Count:
“Evans, are you listening to me?” barked Captain James Potter. To be honest, the reason why she was having troubling focusing was because Captain Potter decided to walk around shirtless.

Title: Arms
Word Count:
“It wasn’t until Professor Flitwick had finished his introduction that he realized that on his other side, Lily Evans sat next to him. And their arms were touching.”

Title: Rude Awakenings 
Author: NatiFcs28 
Rating: M
Genre(s): Romance, Humour
Chapters: 12
Word Count: 32,569
Summary: Lily Evans is having dreams about James Potter, and it’s beginning to affect her school life. When James finds out, he uses it to his advantage to make her his. Minor plot, LilyJames, rated R for later chapters. Short fic.

Title: Stealing Sheep 
Author: Pittsy
Rating: T
Genre(s): Romance, Humour
Chapters: 22
Word Count: 55,859
Summary: Lily’s having disturbing dreams about arguing with and- urgh- kissing James Potter. She can’t figure out why until one of her dreams comes true. Are these premonitions of the future? Will she allow the inevitable to happen, or will she change her fate?

Title: You’re A Strange One, Lily Evans 
Author: qwertybob
Rating: K+
Genre(s): Humour, Romance
Chapters: 17
Word Count: 122,093
Summary: Formerly known as ‘Boys Will Be Boys’. Welcome to the mind of Lily Evans where blokes confuse to no end, James Potter is a subject of mystery, and daydreams are slowly taking over. Read&Review SVP XD

Title: Just Dreaming
Author: JustAThoughtx 
Rating: M
Genre(s): Romance
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 1,525
Summary: James misses a prefect meeting because he’s too busy dreaming. [Rated M: There is a reason for this.]

Title: This Shower’s Big Enough For Us
Author: thearcherballet
Rating: Explicit
Genre(s): Romance, Smut
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 2,375
Summary: Lily Evans finds herself unable to stop the wild sex dreams with an unknown man that arrive in the middle of the night, and it’s really frustrating.

ssjumi  asked:

You just mentioned that you're not allowed to interact with fanfic of your works. Why is that? (just curious since there are a lot of posts on tumblr by ppl who dream of doing exactly that, if there'd ever be a fandom to their works)

There are a lot of reasons that authors–even authors who are 100% pro-fanfic, as I am–do not choose to interact with fanfic.  What it comes down to, mostly, is legality.

Let’s say you decide to write an InCryptid story wherein the family fights vampires.  Drama!  Angst!  Big excitement!  During the story, a vase is broken, a banana tree is involved, Antimony becomes a vampire, and the mice do a conga line.  Now, you have written this story independent of access to my notes; you do not know that I’m already planning to write Accountability Sucks as book eleven, and that during that book, a vase will be broken, a banana tree will be involved, and Antimony will become a vampire.

(Not as far-fetched as it might sound.  Many fans are very, very good at guessing at least some of where a beloved series may go.  I know I am.)

If, when Accountability Sucks comes out, I have maintained my “I do not read fanfic of my works” stance, what we have is a coincidence.  If, on the other hand, I have read and commented on your vampire adventure, there are going to be some questions raised.  Did I steal your ideas?  Really, did I?  Even if I insist I didn’t, even if it doesn’t go to a real legal challenge, I’m going to get tried and probably convicted in a court of public opinion.  Honestly, I love fandom too much for that.  I would be SHATTERED to be accused of plagiarizing a fan.  So if I read fanfic of my own worlds, my choices become…

1. Change my own story–the canon story, for which I am paid–any time I encounter an element that mirrors what I am planning to do.

2. Barrel onward, knowing that the other shoe is going to one day drop.

Now, I believe very firmly in the Organization for Transformative Works ( and the work that they do; I think fanfic is awesome, and I think that the first time a fan sues an author for “stealing” their ideas, that fan will lose and fanfic will wind up with a much better legal footing.  But I do not want to be the test case.  I do not want to be called a thief for writing the things I already planned to write–and how do I prove that, anyway?  My notes are often incomprehensible to anyone who isn’t me.  People aren’t going to believe that the bleeding orange I drew in the margins means “Antimony becomes a vampire,” not “comet kills the dinosaurs.”

Basically, if you are a creator, even if you are a vigorously pro-fanfic creator, it is a bad idea to interact with fanfic of your own worlds until those worlds are closed and over with.  It is an intrusion of authorial authority on fannish space, which makes it mean; it sets you up to potentially be attacked, which makes it dangerous.

(No, there are no plans for vampires in InCryptid.  They don’t exist in that world.)

anonymous asked:

you should protect your work now and add the html where people can't copy the text from your blog! i don't know the exact html of it but if anyone does, they should send it to you. it really pisses me off when people steal from authors who put their blood, sweat, and tears into pieces that people appreciate so much

Oh my god this would be so so helpful if somebody could tell me how to do this? Thank you I had no idea this was even a thing! Thank you so much <33333 

I cannot believe I am having a conversation with a 14 year old girl on Wattpad on how what that chasingpavements author stealing our stories is wrong. She’s trying to defend her or make excuses and it’s just so irritating.

Again, if you don’t see a problem with someone taking a story without permission for their own gain, you’re part of the problem!

notatrine  asked:

How do you feel about me? And Followup question, how do you feel about them? [Insert picture of the Jettwins]

Well, you’re a flier, even if only a shuttle, and have been grossly mistreated by the Autobots - my sympathies - but you technically are a traitor.

*optics narrow and bares dentals with a hiss* Filthy Autobrats, those hypocritical high-and-mighty members of the Council authorized stealing my CNA in order to break their own ‘no Autobot may fly’ rule, turning pathetic ground-pounders into mockeries of fliers with callous disregard to the lives of younglings, all to try and create a new weapon to end the ‘scourge’ of the ‘Decepticon menace’.

…. What about them?


4x10 - The Queen’s Gambit Job

anonymous asked:

Any fics where Lily starts to dream about James?

So the first three the main story is about the dreams and the fourth has a big scene with Lily dreaming of James

Title: Sweet Dreams, Lily Evans!
Genre(s): Romance, Humour
Word Count: 1,565
Lily has been having weird, wonderful  dreams, so she comes down to the common room to do some thinking, and bumps into the last person she wants to see… James Potter.

Title: Stealing Sheep
Genre(s): Romance, Humour
Word Count:
Lily’s having disturbing dreams about arguing with and- urgh- kissing James Potter. She can’t figure out why until one of her dreams comes true. Are these premonitions of the future? Will she allow the inevitable to happen, or will she change her fate?

Title: Wet Dreams
Romance, Humour, Smut
Word Count:
Lily wakes up a bit embarrassed at the amazing, but very explicit, dream she’s having for the third time that week about a mysterious man and of whom she’ll soon find the answer to his identity in an (not really) unexpected friend.

Title: Buried Treasure and Transmogrify
Author: Rienna Hawkes
Rating: M
Genre(s): Romance, Drama, Smut
Chapters: 20
Word Count: 169,505
Summary: Lily Evans has spent years despising James Potter. He has spent just as long worshiping her. When seventh year pairs them Head Boy and Girl, each comes to realize that their judgment isn’t quite what they thought it was.

'Achieving flow' can lead to powerful breakthroughs in your work — and it's surprisingly easy to do

Steven Kotler is a performance expert and the co-author of “Stealing Fire.” In this video, Kotler explains how we all have flow state triggers and there are ways to hack into those states to experience creative breakthroughs. Following is a transcript of the video.

If you want to understand how flow leads to breakthroughs, the first thing that’s helpful to understand is one of the things we’ve learned is that flow states have triggers.

These are preconditions that lead to more flow. In our research, we found that action adventure sports: surfing, skiing, rock climbing, mountain climbing, are packed with these so-called flow triggers.

About four books ago I was writing a book called “The Small Furry Prayer” and I was absolutely stuck. I had writer’s block for the first time in my life and months had gone by, was fast approaching my deadline, and a friend of mine, I had never been downhill mountain biking, and a friend of mine kind of dragged me up to the mountain and run one was “Oh my God, I can’t believe a bike can actually ride down this stuff.” Run two was “Oh my God I’m gonna die.” And run three was “Holy crap I’m going to spend a lot of money buying one of these bikes.”

The bike, it kicked me right into a deep flow state. I came home, I sat down, and I started writing, and I basically wrote for two weeks straight and what was a totally unfinished book became two weeks later I book that was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize.

What we’ve learned of this is Teresa Amabile’s work at Harvard is that heightened creativity that shows up in flow it can outlast a flow state sometimes by a day, sometimes by two. The other thing that we know about flow is creativity is another flow trigger, the pattern recognition, the linking of ideas together underneath flow. So once I started writing, once the flow state kind of kicked that off, the pattern recognition, the linking of ideas together kept it going over that period.

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Quotes for the Signs...

Aries: “Too late, I found you can’t wait to become perfect, you got to go out and fall down and get up with everybody else.”-Ray Bradbury

Taurus: “There is a stubbornness about me that can bear to be frightened at the will of others. My courage always rises at every attempt to intimidate me”-Jane Austen

Gemni: ““Manipulation, fueled with good intent, can be a blessing. But when used wickedly, it is the beginning of a magician’s karmic calamity”-T.F Hodge

Cancer: ““The moon is a loyal companion.
It never leaves. It’s always there, watching, steadfast, knowing us in our light and dark moments, changing forever just as we do. Every day it’s a different version of itself. Sometimes weak and wan, sometimes strong and full of light. The moon understands what it means to be human.
Uncertain. Alone. Cratered by imperfections”-Tahereh Mafi

Leo: ““If you feel lost, disappointed, hesitant, or weak, return to yourself, to who you are, here and now and when you get there, you will discover yourself, like a lotus flower in full bloom, even in a muddy pond, beautiful and strong”-Masaru Emoto

Virgo: “Have you ever heard the wonderful silence just before the dawn? Or the quiet and calm just as a storm ends? Or perhaps you know the silence when you haven’t the answer to a question you’ve been asked, or the hush of a country road at night, or the expectant pause of a room full of people when someone is just about to speak, or, most beautiful of all, the moment after the door closes and you’re alone in the whole house? Each one is different, you know, and all very beautiful if you listen carefully"-Norton Juster

Libra: ““It turns out that indecision is a path itself; but figuratively, a vertical path - up or down - meaning it isn’t always a fruitless path. One is forgotten, but the other is glorified. To be what they call ‘middle-of-the-road’ in most cases just means you have a hard time figuring out who between options is dumber. So quite often those who refused to decide were, after all, the bold individuals, the influential ones, the creative ones, those who snatched their own authority.”-Criss Jami

Scorpio: "“I steal into their dreams,” he said. “I steal into their most shameful thoughts, I’m in every shiver, every spasm of their souls, I steal into their hearts, I scrutinize their most fundamental beliefs, I scan their irrational impulses, their unspeakable emotions, I sleep in their lungs during the summer and their muscles during the winter, and all of this I do without the least effort, without intending to, without asking or seeking it out, without constraints, driven only by love and devotion”-Roberto Bolano

Sagittarius: ““I wear the universe backwards.
I imagine putting stars in my
coffee, and sugar in the sky.
I imagine going fishing in clouds,
and watching the sun hide
behind lakes. I’m too busy dancing
with my imagination to even tip toe
with reality for a second.
They say I’m going mad.
They’re right.”-D. Antoinette Foy

Capricorn: "“You ask why I make my home in the mountain forest,
and I smile, and am silent,
and even my soul remains quiet:
it lives in the other world
which no one owns.
The peach trees blossom,
The water flows.”
Li Bai

Aquarius: “He was unheeded, happy, and near to the wild heart of life. He was alone and young and wilful and wildhearted, alone amid a waste of wild air and brackish waters and the seaharvest of shells and tangle and veiled grey sunlight.”-Jon Krakauer

Pisces: ““She never felt like she belonged anywhere,except for when she was lying on her bed, pretending to be somewhere else”-Rainbow Rowell