Diane Abbott calls on left to back free movement as workers' right
Free movement of people should be defended by the left as a workers’ right while the Conservatives adopt anti-foreigner policies that will harm employees, Diane Abbott, the shadow home secretary, has said.
By Rowena Mason

“The demagogic campaign against foreigners that was first championed by Ukip and is now mainstream Tory policy obscures a key point. It is important to remember that freedom of movement is a workers’ right,” she wrote.

“In all societies where there are significantly greater freedoms for business and for capital than for workers, then in practice workers’ rights are severely curtailed. Business is at a huge advantage. This reaches an extreme in the most authoritarian countries.”

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One thing that amazes me is the rightwingers like Miller and Snyder cast Superman as an authoritarian while leftwingers like Alan Moore liked (or used to like) Supes very much. Any thoughts on that? * Second question: I gather you are a Superman fan or at least like some versions of him. Which are your favorites, comics/cartoons etc?

Superman, like all superheroes, is a politically complex figure, but at its core: he was brought into being by Jewish creators seeking both to riff on the stories and characters of their faith and present an ideal of white Christian America (as represented by the Kents) opening its arms to immigrants. The idea being that this seemingly All-American red-blooded strong-chinned hunk o’ manflesh is, in fact, a refugee. And he only became the enduring symbol of the best in America because he was taken in and treated right by decent people who wanted him to be happy. What Superman demonstrates is that immersion and assimilation only work if we approach immigrants (especially refugees) with empathy and love. If we persist in thinking of them as “other,” we fail them, ourselves, and the entire country. Superman is an American icon despite not being born here, in part because he wasn’t born here. Presenting him as a right-wing authoritarian ignores his day job as a crusading journalist, the fact that his nemesis (Lex Luthor) is an exploitative businessman, and above all, the values that his adoptive parents instilled in him. To borrow from ASOIAF: I charge you to be brave, I charge you to be just, I charge you to defend the young and innocent…

And yes, I love Clark Kent a great deal. I could talk about All Star Superman and Superman: The Animated Series all night, but my single favorite Supes moment comes in (believe it or not) Quest for Peace. That movie generally earns its reputation as being bad-Bond-movie-level silly, but it contains an absolutely perfect encapsulation of why I adore the man. Superman prevents a subway accident; we see the powers that separates him from humanity at work. But unlike DCEU Superman, he does not spend his days brooding about this with a constipated expression. Instead, he brushes himself off, turns that megawatt gaze on the stunned and worshipful public, and is Clark Kent: “I’d like all the people back there to know that our subway system is still the safest and most reliable means of public transportation. Thank you.” *flies off*

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Because what makes you who you are is not your abilities, but your choices. That’s Superman in a nutshell to me. 

YEMEN. Sana’a. May 18, 2011. A poster of Yemen’s President Ali Abdullah Saleh is seen on the roof of a house in the old town during the Yemeni Revolution, the local manifestation of the Arab Spring.

In Yemen, over three decades of authoritarianism were unravelling in a bloody maelstrom. The regime of President Ali Abdullah Saleh had brutally staved off protests against its rule, fuelled by frustrations over a lack of political freedoms in the country and the perceived graft of Saleh’s family and cronies. At least 350 people had died in violence since the upheaval commenced early this year. Saleh was eventually ousted.

Photograph: Yuri Kozyrev/NOOR for the Magnum Foundation Emergency Fund


CNN’s Brian Stelter exposes the fascistic nature of Trump and Press Sec. Spicer spouting lies to the press and intimidating the media through a series of ESSENTIAL questions.

Look, I know that we can all list off a million and one ways the current news media is garbage and problematic. But they are still our last imperfect line of defense from Trump’s authoritarianism and he is trying to dismantle it. The danger in that is clear.
Obama's Parting Blow Against Privacy
The NSA is relaxing its privacy rules, allowing more information on the private communications of Americans to be sent to 15 different intelligence agencies.
By Conor Friedersdorf

The outgoing Obama administration has just made NSA-collected data available to 17 different federal agencies, providing myriad new possible ways for mass data collection to be abused. And just in time for President Trump.


>Oh Boy I can’t wait to be an anti authoritarian heroic resistance fighter just like in Star Wars or the Hunger Games