authoritarian capitalism

I just love how right-libertarians always talk about how “against The Man” and “anti-authoritarian” they are, but half of them dress like they just arrived from a Town & Country magazine and the other half spend their time trying to uphold dominant social norms on reddit forums (see GamerGate, MRAs, any time anyone brings up a societal thing that needs changing and they’re the first ones to be there with the good ol “if I may play devil’s advocate” or “don’t be so sensitive, SJW!” chestnuts).

Washington has always regarded democratic socialism as a greater threat than totalitarian Communism, which was easy to vilify and made for a handy enemy. In the sixties and seventies, the favored tactic for dealing with the inconvenient popularity of developmentalism and democratic socialism was to try to equate them with Stalinism, deliberately blurring the clear differences between the worldviews. (Conflating all opposition with terrorism plays a similar role today.)
—  Naomi Klein

i feel like any analysis of fascism which treats it as an extension of capitalism kinda doesn’t fully capture how evil it is

it’s not just an extra-authoritarian strain of capitalism, it’s more like a form of neo-feudalism/neo-monarchism, an attempt by reactionaries to not only halt but to actually reverse the dialectical process, to not only prevent capitalism from being overthrown by communism, but to revert to the pre-liberal social order. it’s when the ruling class decides they must resort to older, crueler weapons to maintain their power.

if you look at pro-monarchist propaganda from around the 1700s/1800s, it’s almost identical to fascist propaganda, and the evolution between pro-monarchist ideology and fascist ideology is seamless

Social democracy has an inherently limited shelf life because you cannot stably have workers with the right to politically associate, full employment, and continued capitalist relations of production; without the disciplining of the state or of the market they’ll bid up wages until profits are gone, at which point capitalists can (in principle) assent to their obsolescence or (as in all historical cases) seize a horn of the dilemma. It’s sociopathic neoliberalism or psychopathic national/state/authoritarian/whatever capitalism from here on out until one physically annihilates us.

Opting out

Of the financial sector. Of the economy in the large. Of the idea that I must exchange services for compensation. Of the two-party system. Of authoritarian global hegemons. Of capitalism. Of my uncooperative hair. Of Monday. Of mortality and disease and suffering and slow death. Of the constraints of spacetime. Of a species hell-bent on destroying its only habitat for a buck. Of joyless scolds explaining my faves are “problematic.” Of the decline of testosterone production as a function of male human aging. Of terror as a tactic. Of ignorance and hatred. Of unchecked greenhouse gas emissions. Of kale.

I would like to opt out. Where’s the fucking checkbox?