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by strangeandcharm

Castiel is rendered mute after being taught a painful lesson, but that enables Dean to learn a few lessons of his own while holding onto something important for him. Elsewhere, someone really loves to count…

Words: 25464, Chapters: 3/3, Language: English

Series: Part 1 of Hummingbirds

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anonymous asked:

Do you know where strangeandcharm (the author of Thursday's Child on LJ) went? Or if there's another copy of her fics out there? Because it says her journal's been deleted and I had been hoping to read them.

eep sorry, I don’t know. maybe she moved to another ff site? one of my followers might know.

ah yes - here we go. :)

go forth and read - thursday’s child is awesome, and melting verse is also very good.

Castiel turned his back on him, inspecting the giant photograph in the blood-red frame on the far wall by the office door. It was an Anne Geddes print of a tiny baby dressed as a butterfly that Crowley had found hysterical. Every time he found himself liking a member of the human race – which was inevitable every now and then, as not all of them were pious and righteous like, say, those pesky Winchesters – he’d stare at the baby’s ludicrous curly antennae and be reminded that humans were, on the whole, utterly repugnant.

Strangeness & Charm.

From this fic.

I think, more than anything, I love how S&C writes Crowley. She nails him. 

Three’s A Crowd

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by strangeandcharm

Okay, so, you’re a ghost. And you’re in love with Dean Winchester, but he doesn’t know you exist. Awkward, right? But not nearly as awkward as it gets when the man you love is rescued from Hell by an angel and you realize that they’re destined to end up together. So you find yourself caught in a love triangle between a ghost, a human and an angel, and you’re the only one who even knows it’s even happening. Frankly, it’s driving you nuts…

Words: 8645, Chapters: 1/3, Language: English

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New fic!

Title: Wings Of Desire
Pairing: Dean/Castiel (implied)
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 10,300 (approx)
Summary: Set just after the season eight finale. Castiel may be human but he still has wings – valuable wings, at that. This hasn’t escaped the notice of the demon world, and they want them very badly.
Warnings: Castiel whump, which involves violence and a little bit of torture.

I don’t know any season nine spoilers, so there are none here!

Wings Of Desire

“It’s too risky. I know what you’re like, Cas. You’ll come rushing after me at the first sign of danger and you’ll get yourself killed.”

“So I’m supposed to sit in the car and wait like a good little sidekick?” Castiel grumbles, glaring at him.

“Yes.” Dean purses his lips. “And you’re totally Robin.”

“Robin who?”

“Jesus, Cas – you’ve been hanging around with me for six years now and you don’t even get my Batman references?”

“Dean, it’ll take me sixty years to get all your damn references.”

“Just remember that I’m Batman,” Dean says in a deep voice.

“What’s wrong with your throat?”

-Thursday’s Child by strangeandcharm

With a fic that can be so dark, moments like these seem more precious than usual.

Dry Clean Only

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by strangeandcharm

Dean and Castiel have sex with suits on (sorta). There you go, that pretty much sums it up.

Words: 6221, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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Thursday’s Child

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by strangeandcharm

Thursday’s child has far to go.

Words: 52714, Chapters: 5/?, Language: English

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So, I just read this last night after seeing it rec’d on Dorian’s tumblr. Because apparently KELLY has gotten me hooked on the idea of mute!Cas. And yeah… I was pretty much sobbing within the first few paragraphs, (the torture is very VERY gruesome guys so be warned) but then I was laughing like a maniac 30 minutes later. (The Count was crackalicous OMG… LMAO about it this morning still! XD)

Hummingbirds ~ Castiel is rendered mute after being taught a painful lesson, but that enables Dean to learn a few lessons of his own while holding onto something important for him.

by strangeandcharm

Characters: Dean/Castiel, Sam
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 14,300
Summary: Castiel is afflicted, and Dean has a very difficult choice to make.
Notes: Okay, so this contains (in no particular order): angst, h/c, porniliciousness (including the merest hint of non-con), dark themes (including some religious imagery) and Uriel being a bit of a bastard. It was supposed to be a short, whumpy fic and ended up as a freakin’ monster. Set a few weeks after 4.10, so obvious spoilers for episodes up until then

TIP: The Boomerang Effect

The Boomerang Effect by strangeandcharm

words: 13400
tags: graphic non-con, horror, h/c, Cas!whump, Dean!whump, rough sex, bottom!Dean, bottom!Cas, top!Cas, tentacle
pairings/characters: tentacle!creature/Cas, Dean/Cas
summary:  While working a case with the Winchesters, Castiel has a meeting with a monster who awakens something inside him – something Dean is in need of, too.
warning: graphic non-con!

My note: 
Wow… let’s have a look at this story from three different angles, shall we?

The porn angle:
goddamn, if you like disturbing dub-con/non-con tantacle you’re so damn right with this one! And if you like Cas dominating and fucking Dean out of his mind, then, yesss! Dean being in need of a hard pounding? Check.

The lyrical angle:
Hell, this story is wonderfully written! It’s great, the writing style is awesome, the pacing is A+, the characters are as canon as could be -> it’s outstanding!
In my opinion strangeandcharm delivered her masterpiece with this one!

Facit: This story is a piece of porn-art!

Finally - the psychological, serious angle:
this is non consensual in so many ways. I’s totally fucked up. You really only should read this if you are very grounded. So, sorry to all the people that are disgusted and triggered by this content. If you think about it just for a minute, this has really hardcore elements! BIG BIG warning sign!!
But she’s dealing with the issue very realistic and in a mature way.

If you want to know why, read under the cut, because I have to be a little bit spoilery there.

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Thursday's Child, Part 1

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by strangeandcharm

Thursday’s child has far to go.

Words: 119741, Chapters: 14/14, Language: English

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