Daily Fic Rec #15

The Big Freeze by strangeandcharm (Destiel)

Dean and Castiel get locked in a large freezer during a hunt, and are trapped by sigils and left for dead. Since Castiel is an angel, the cold doesn’t affect him. However, the warding keeping them trapped inside the freezer puts a severe limit on his powers, and Dean, unfortunately, isn’t as immune to the subzero temperatures as Cas is. Now Castiel must fight to keep Dean alive while they wait for help.

This fic is chock full of awesome hurt/comfort, and a whole lot of hypothermic!Dean and protective!Castiel :) It’s short, but very cute, and the ending is perfect. :P

anonymous asked:

Do you know where strangeandcharm (the author of Thursday's Child on LJ) went? Or if there's another copy of her fics out there? Because it says her journal's been deleted and I had been hoping to read them.

eep sorry, I don’t know. maybe she moved to another ff site? one of my followers might know.

ah yes - here we go. :)

go forth and read - thursday’s child is awesome, and melting verse is also very good.