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Okay I was watching heathers the musical and I was wondering about the scene right after dead girl walking where Veronica screams. Do you know if the scream is prerecorded? I feel like that would cause a lot of stress on her voice if Barrett did that

Hey! So I’m really not as familiar with the technical stuff in Heathers as much as I am with Phantom. 

Shows have been known to do it both ways though (vocal strain not necessarily withstanding), i.e. Les Miz in London has been using Frances Ruffelle’s recorded scream since it opened and then there are shows like Phantom where Meg does the scream life every night. 

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Have you seen Heathers the musical live?

sadly i have not

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“¡Oye, chico!” Sophia calls as she and Sandy approach “¿Quieres ganarte un poco de dinero?”

“Did your girlfriend just call me a little boy hooker?” Misha asks Sandy, and she rolls her eyes.

“It was implied,” Sandy says, and Sophia winks. “We just left Spanish.”

“Oh,” Misha replies before turning to face Sophia. “Your mom.”

Tu madre!” Sophia shouts, and Jensen snorts.

“I will kill you,” Misha says calmly. “Muerte violenta.”

People don’t understand my love for this author. So fucking much. xD She always leaves me in tears and/or giggling. It’s perfect.