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  • Talk about the best party you’ve ever been to.

this one is easy peasy because 90 % of the parties i attend are fucking glorious. if i think they’re not gonna rock in some way or another i just don’t go to them. 

a super epic one happened a couple of years ago. it was a friend’s birthday and we were like 20 something, maybe thirty people, we all got hammered and sang what a wonderful world. there’s also a video of us singing it, which became almost famous on facebook. 

thank you for the question!

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É unha foto brillante.

Grazas ladyragnell 

marialugilde replied to your photo “Ourense is one of those secrets of Galicia, ancient and staggeringly…”

ooo! que recuerdos!, tengo ido a pasear hasta ese puente en las calurosas noches de junio. Bonita foto!!

marialugilde hice la foto en el invierno entonces mis recuerdos son muy distintos pero espero que vea Ourense por una noche calurosa