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Self-propelled unit coupled 30-mm cannons ELC Even
First shown at the display of new military equipment at the end of 1959. Combat weight of the machine was 7 so She was armed with two coaxial 30-mm automatic cannon Hispano-Suiza and two 7,5 mm machine guns installed in enclosed rotating turret. Ammunition for the machine guns consisted of 1700 rounds.


Self-propelled 90-mm gun “Even” (ELC).
At the end of 1959 at the display of new technology demonstrated a light tracked self-propelled unit of the closed type, armed with a 90 mm DEFA anti-tank gun and a 7.5 mm machine gun.
Armament installed in a closed rotating turret: cannon – on the right side, and the machine gun in the left.

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so i'm super stoked about tkachuk staying with the flames but i'm a little confused.. what do they mean when they say this will "burn off a year" of his contract?? is that good or bad??😟

Ahhhhh me too!! I’m so happy for him and his two goals just proved that he deserves to be on the team 😭💕💕

but okay. SO. the short answer is it’s not exactly a good thing, but I also think it gets blown out of proportion for being bad. really it just is what it is

and here’s what it is:

if a player’s under the age of 25 when he signs his first NHL contract, it must be an Entry Level Contract (ELC)

some rules (relevant to us rn) of an ELC are: 1) it can’t be for more than $925k per year, and 2) the length of the contract is completely determined by the player’s age:  18-21 year olds= 3 years,  age 22-23= 2 years,   age 24= 1 year

so since tkachuk’s 18, the flames did just that and signed him for 3 years at $925k. (and though $925,000 is a lot of money to most of us, for NHLers and in term of the salary cap, it’s cheap.)

the cool thing is, for 18 and 19 year old, there’s also a part of ELCs called the ‘Entry Level Slide’. instead of the contract starting the moment it’s signed like most normal contracts (because these players are young and may or may not be NHL ready,) there is a way to ‘slide’ the contract ahead a year or two if the player ends up going back to his Junior team. (I think college players have slightly different rules but they aren’t relevant to Tkachuk so I’m not gonna figure that out right now hahahh) Basically a team is allowed to tryout a player for 9 games without starting the clock on the contract’s 3 year length; that way everyone can see if he’s good enough to remain in the NHL or not without worrying about starting a contract for a player they have to send down. once a player has played in 10 games though, that ‘year one’ of the contract officially begins

so what the flames did means that we have tkachuk under contract until the 2018-19 season at $925k and he’ll be able to sign his next, presumably much more expensive contract, starting at the 2019-20 season

if, however, the flames had sent Tkachuky Cheese back to the London Knights after 9 games and he’d made the Flames next season instead, his contract ‘clock’ would start next season, and we’d have him at a cheaper cost until 2019-20, with his bigger contract arriving one year later, in 2020-21.

here’s this handy dandy chart I made for a more coherent visual:

there’s where people say we “burned a year”, because we’ll have to pay up one year sooner now.

but like, it’s not as if we’re getting nothing in return for the ‘burnt’ year; we’re getting tkachuk. his contract is for three years whether those three years start now or next year (or even the year after)

the only thing which would ‘burn’ part of his contract would be if we still sent him back to the OHL now that we’ve officially started ‘year one’ of the contract

which isn’t unheard of, because:

—sometimes players end up needing more time in Juniors after all, and ultimately having them develop at the right pace is the most important and beneficial thing for everybody, in the end

—the 40 game “on the roster” rule (aka what the oilers did to Draisaitl). this doesn’t effect the ELC, only how soon a player becomes a UFA.
(if anyone wants me to go deeper into explaining this, just let me know! but this specific Ask reply is just long enough as it is lmao)

soo yeah!

the only thing it’s bad for is our salary cap in the 2019-20 season.
the good is that we get tkachuk, a good player, on the team right away!

there’s also this article Pat Steinberg wrote on good ol’ Flames Nation which discusses the Entry Level Slide. he covers some things I’ve tried to explain and some things I haven’t, so feel free to check it out if you want to keep reading/clarify anything I might’ve said in a confusing way! tkachuk’s situation falls under the ‘major junior’ category

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