author: edward burtynsky


Edward Burtynsky

“Mass consumerism and the resulting degradation of our environment intrinsic to the process of making things to keep us happy and fulfilled frightens me. I no longer see my world as delineated by countries, with borders, or language, but as 7 billion humans living off a single, finite planet.” - Edward Burtynsky

I’m always sort of blown away by people that work the sort of jobs that pay enough that they can worry about the ethical ramifications of those jobs. Most people just worry about whether they can scrape the rest of the way across the bottom of the barrel. The eradication of morals is one more thing you can blame on poverty. Leave ethics to the rich.

A sprawling slum of houses on stilts, built over a lagoon in Lagos, Nigeria, a city that Burtynsky has described as a “hyper-crucible of globalism.” As Lagos is transformed by the forces of commerce and climate change, it offers a view of what he calls “large-scale systems that impress themselves on the land.” E.B.