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I think that you could do it. I don’t see magic as anything but another form of power. It would just (just) be another imbalance of power, no different from the ones we have always had that result in those things you brought up.

I’m pretty sure you’re fundamentally missing th pain I’m talking about here.

Because what you’re proposing is basically ‘Somehow, despite everyone having -fucking magic- Europeans came out on top anyway’

Which means that European magic was just superior in some way and it can join the tragic happenstance of guns germs and steel? “Welp I guess genocide and colonialism and diaspora and such was just so gosh darn inevitable… indigenous magic tried its best but it just couldn’t do anything against smallpox and swine flu…”

Do you comprehend why that kind of fucks up my ability to enjoy writing that story? To be ok sending it out into the world for generations of indigenous people to read?

“I think you could do it, because why would magic have changed anything?”


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The epic love story of Sam and Dean, is one of the most beautiful that's ever been. It can't be reduced to just the sex. But still, I think, Wincest is best.

Sex is the 1% in Wincest. It’s nice to look at and read about, but it’s not what makes us love this ship. 

S o u l m a t e s. 

Their love for each other. 

The things they would do for each other. 

Just everything… ughhh. It’s beautiful

Say goodbye, Sammy (Part II)

Sam broke free of the crowd and stopped in front of Dean, eyes sparkling as he caught sight of the bags in the back seat and noticed the Impala sparkling with her hitting the road coast of wax. “We outta here?” he grinned even bigger.

“We are out. Myrtle Beach, baby.”

Girl #1, poked her friend in the stomach and gave her a pointed look at the endearment. Fag, she mouthed. At least that explained why her quite impressive tits were being ignored. 

Sam caught the byplay and frowned slightly, Dean’s gaze hot on him. He tilted his head at the girls and shrugged.

Dean pushed himself off the car and leaned deep into Sam’s personal space. Sam had to tilt his head down a bit to keep his eyes locked on Dean’s. Dean took a last drag on the cigarette and dropped it to the ground, twisting it under his boots without a glance. “Betty and Veronica here were just discussing how you got kicked off the wrestling team for being gay.”

Sam chuckled darkly and stepped forward, closing the space between his and his brother. “Yeah? That’s what it was?” He hooked his fingers through Dean’s belt loop and pulled him flush against him. He’d actually gotten a little taller than Dean this year and he loved the way Dean’s shorter legs slotted between his. “I always though it was because I’d kicked all their small-town, backwards, homophobic, racists asses in the first week. Oh yeah, and beat their times every time.”

Dean smirked the patented make-the-panties-drop Winchester smile and hooked his arm around Sam’s neck. He heard the girls gasp as he pulled Sam in for a deep no-hold-barred kiss. Sam groaned and pushed Dean into the side of the car, shoving his thigh between Dean’s legs.

As his back hit the car, Dean kind of lost the plot. Sam kissed like an attack and his huge hands were everywhere. Forgetting that he was just messing with the girls and that he and Sam really had to hit the road, Dean grabbed Sam’s ass with both hands and pulled him in tight, grinding his rapidly growing erection against Sam’s already hard length.

Dean heard the girls gasp and noticed absently that they sure weren’t grossed out enough to, you know, stop looking. He frowned when Sam pulled away just a few inches, not letting go of Dean’s belt loops.

Sam laughed at his frown, then turned to the girls, leaning his cheek against Dean’s head. ‘Huh, whaddya know? Guess I am a fag.“

"Thank god,” Dean laughed breathlessly. 

Sam thrust his leg up, rubbing his hard quad against Dean’s cock. Dean moaned. “Fuck, Sammy. Let’s get out of here.”

The girls flounced off with an offended huff. From behind them they heard some male voices yell out “fags!” across the parking lot.

“I think that’s our cue to leave, little brother.”

Sam opened the back door and threw his backpack in the back seat. “Let’s get the fuck out of here.”

With a bright smile, Dean slid behind with wheel and sighed. He pressed his palm against the bulge in his pants and they squealed out of the parking lot, scattering teenagers like autumn leaves. “Damn, Sam. Made it a little hard to drive.”

“So worth it though, wasn’t it?”

Dean laughed. “So worth it.”

Sam settled deeper into the passengers seat that was his real home. He was in the Impala, next to Dean, headed towards the ocean where Dean would bake to an gorgeous brown and get even more freckles for Sam to catalog with his tongue. What more could he want?

“I’ll make it up to you when we stop,” he promised.

“Damn straight,” Dean said, slotting a tape into the deck as the wind caressed their arms and the road unrolled in front of them like a promise. 


(this is great thank you!! <333)

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I would love all those things, too. And I’m so scared we won’t get any of it. I’m really scared they’re going to drop everything subtextual. Sometimes I feel like some of the writers have never seen the earlier seasons.

I think there have been some writers who have even admitted to not seeing the prior seasons. WHICH PAINS ME. It should be a requirement to write for a show. You should have a great understanding of where the characters have been, in order to take them where they need to go. I feel that’s where a lot of details are lost, because they just don’t know about them. 

And I know writing is a job and that they write for multiple shows sometimes, but I feel like as a writer it is necessary to do you homework. It’s necessary for you to make sure all the dots add up and create the same picture. For consistency. So it flows. 

I think, honestly, they should hire a non-ship biased fan and have them read the scripts and point out story flaws. That grand canyon thing from last year could have been avoided. Things like that. 

Idk, but I remain hopeful of this coming season. :)

Say goodbye, Sammy

They’re moving again. Three months and this rental house and nowhere neighborhood would normally feel like home now, and Dean knew Sammy would normally be digging in his heels begging to finish out 11th grade. But, truthfully, this place sucked balls. Neither of them couldn’t wait to put it in their review window. Dad had called from the road, said to meet him in Myrtle Beach by Sunday. Dean had never packed up so fast.

Now he idled outside the high school, leaning against the Impala and smoking, flirting thoughtlessly with the girls in the parking lot as he kept his eyes locked on the door Sammy would be coming out of for the last time.

“So haven’t seen you here before? Who’re you looking for?” one of the girls drawled, slightly annoyed that her cleavage wasn’t getting the attention she felt it deserved.

“Sam,” he answered, leg jittery where he had it propped up against he door. C'mon, Sammy, let’s blow this shithole.

“Sam?” She looked to her friend, confused, Her friend shrugged and slid next to Dean, against the car. Dean gently pushed her up as the doors opened and the flood of kids exited. “Watch the paint, darlin’” Now she looked annoyed.

Dean caught the top of Sam’s head over the crowd and couldn’t hold back his smile. The girls took a step back. He was gorgeous, of course, but this smile took it to a whole new level. As one, they turned to see who he was looking at. “Sam-may!” he cried, waving his cigarette in the air like a mad man. Sam’s answering smile was just as big and lit up his face. Dean never met him at school. He pushed his way faster through the crowd.

Girl #1 frowned. “Oh, that Sam.” Girl #2 shook her head. “You know him? But your so cool and he’s so…” Dean whipped his head around and whatever she was going to say about his little brother died at the look his eyes. Girl #1 wasn’t paying attention so she just kept going. “He’s so odd. I heard he’s gay,” she proclaimed. “They kicked him off the wrestling team because of it,” she nodded smuggly.

The look Dean gave her had literally stopped monsters in their tracks. Girl #1 paled, all of a sudden scared of the hot guy she’d hopped to be swapping spit with earlier…(tbc)

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grandpacain replied to your post “could u stop doing so many wincest captions becasue they are so long and theyre all over my dash all the time. Plz.”

Seriously, omg! People are so entitled.

colettecapricious replied to your post “Stop the wincest captions?! That would be a tragedy! Your captions give me life. Bless your wincest-captioning heart! I love you!”

They are awesome. Please don’t stop!

patchworkgirlfriend replied to your post “could u stop doing so many wincest captions becasue they are so long and theyre all over my dash all the time. Plz.”

You know… We are coming up on 200 episodes this season… That could mean 200+ wincest caption posts! The world would be a brighter place with the light of wincest shining!

Thank you all so much. I wasn’t even going to respond to the anon, but then I thought that maybe they really didn’t know how to blacklist it. You are the best, each & every one of you who have taken the time to write and let me know you support me. I appreciate it more than you’ll ever know. 

And Sarah, that would be sooo much Wincest. I’m only on my 13th caption edit so I better get cracking!