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 annocat answered your questionIf… I sold my bookmarks internationally, would anyone be interested? yes…I so want….OwO

*squee* Aw, thanks for the interest. Setting up a page for that would be real easy, so ~ I may very well end up doing it. ♥

varevare answered your questionIf… I sold my bookmarks internationally, would anyone be interested?

how would the chibies look? o3o

I made one real quick, vare! ↑↑↑
I think any of the chibies I ever put on tumblr or LJ are game. You choose one or a few, and I laminate them. They’re more or less 5cm wide, with a lucid plastic film covering both sides. they don’t bend easily, but they’re not super-thick, so you may want to be careful. However, I’ve seen people put a hole on these, and use them as keychains. :D

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Ti è arrivata la mia mail con le misure?

Si, ma come mio solito sono LENTA a rispondere. -_-;;; Tra il Romics, l'esser stata male dopo, ed ora il problema agli occhi sono stata poco al PC, e sto indietrissimo a rispondere a tutto su tutti i siti. UGH. Cmq, hai detto un semplice A4 standard, no? Ho del bellissimo cartoncino da acquerello che si può usare. Dovrei averne di due misure, A4 preciso, e di poco più grande (tipo F4, ma non è carta Fabriano questa!)

... a coal barge!!

I seriously, SERIOUSLY love you.
I kept ramming my head against this. The name “bulk carriers” and “bulk freighters” kept running in circles inside in mind but I KNEW those weren’t the right kind of ship. At all. But I didn’t know how/what to google to find out what I needed.
Gosh, you’re so precious and I vuw you.
Thanks a lot!
Maybe we can have an update today! Thank you! ~♥

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this post was a mix of both snark and a multitude of traught AUs. I am freaking out in my dorm room right now so i really hope you’re happy cause WANTING SOMETHING THIS MUCH ISN’T HEALTHY AND YOU’RE CORRUPTING ME CHIIIPPPP

/cackles in maniacal glee

Snark + Traught = always canon and always love. Just out of curiosity, which one did you want the most?

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sits and laughs go on i believe in you

Sit and laugh all you want, but I did find at least one:

AU in which Artemis is a puppy and Dick is a kitten…no scratch that, that would be cute…in which Dick is a Dicktionary. NOPE PUPPIES AND DICKTIONARIES CAN’T COPULATE HAHA I WIN.

As for Ally and annocat, sorry guys for producing unexpected Traught AU feels in your hearts. :( I was just being completely random and didn’t expect anyone to pay attention to my rambling except Rosie. I’m pleasantly surprised y'all liked them though!