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The Mirror, The Sword and The Shield by  aelora - Merlin (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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Fic rec! BBC Merlin, 62K, Canon era set between Season 1 and 2, with Merthur.

Summary: There are a few things about having killed Nimueh that buzz through Merlin’s mind, his magic’s new behavior for one, and Arthur tries to puzzle out just what has Merlin behaving so off. It almost seems a moot point though, when Nimueh returns from the dead hell bent on using Uther to get revenge on Merlin.

Comments: Kay, a few conceptual things that I really, really liked here. One is the idea that Merlin and Arthur aren’t the only ones with a destiny. Nimueh here plays a role more akin to her myth counterparts - the woman who brings down Merlin - and the fates seem determined to allow her to play her part as they don’t let a pesky thing like death get in the way. The other thing is the highlight on Merlin’s new power over “life and death”. How easy it is to control that line, how simple it would be for Merlin to use that power with little thought. The potential of what he can do, and the emotional/moral cost of that weaves throughout the whole fic. I love how aelora has it not as just a personal struggle for Merlin, but also as a relationship one between Merlin and Arthur and how it effects things to the climax and beyond. Great, great story that really needs more love from ya’ll.

Ficlet: Own The Night

Kurt & Blaine might spend Fourth of July 2011 and 2012 in the same exact place, but that doesn’t mean they’rein the same exact place.1,500 words of Fourth of July Klaine fun from both last year and this year for aelora, partially because she won my box scene auction and partially because she has a birthday next week and I won’t be around, so I’m posting it now. PG-13 for horrible dick jokes at the end there, sorry, and I’d also apologize for using Katy Perry lyrics as titles, but I already did that last January. This fandom, man. I don’t know if people outside the US know what sparkers and snap-its are, so, consider yourself wikied. I owe you more words, T and you’ll get them eventually! ♥


The Fourth of July 2011 was spent in Artie’s back yard, because by Puck’s admission, he had the best pool in town, as well as a hot tub and a pretty neat contraption that safely lifted him in and out of the water. It helped that Mrs. Abrams was a great cook (one of these days Kurt was going to pry the recipe for her southwest pasta salad out of her hands – there was a spice or herb in the dressing he couldn’t place) and one of their neighbors drove to Missouri every June for a family reunion and came back with a car full of illegal fireworks, setting them off for the whole neighborhood.

Kurt and Blaine had been together a few months at that point, fresh off I love yous, and it was the first time they’d gone swimming together, sneaking glances at each other from behind sunglasses and pretending not to stare. Upon closer reflection, Kurt thought they probably should have chosen to do so not surrounded by their nearest and dearest friends, but Blaine had been in almost constant rehearsals and performances at the theme park – he’d only been able to come to Artie’s because they’d overscheduled for the holiday, and Blaine jumped at the chance to spend the day with his boyfriend after all.

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“He’s kind of dressed like he should be outside my door with Bibles in hand asking if I want to be saved. I’d let him in to save me and teach me the word of God.”

In case anyone was wondering what started this nonsense.

(Also, in case anyone was wondering, Cooper would have to have his own evangelical TV show in which he points at people while he saves them and asks for donations. See you in hell!)

written for aelora because everyone can use some sunshine in their life! i believe something was said about blaine and brittany and working on a cheerios routine together or making cookies?

It wasn’t like it was that often that boys were in the Cheerios, and Brittany thought that it was pretty lucky that the only two that she knew of were both people she considered friends. Sure, Kurt’s stint on the Cheerios had been pretty short but now they had Blaine — though at first that had been even shorter, but Coach Sylvester had gotten him back — and that was great because Brittany loved getting to spend more time with her friends. Of course they saw each other fairly often because of classes, and glee club, and all that, but even more time was even better.


That was why, once the final whistle of practice was blown, she skirted around a few sophomore cheerleaders and went over to where he was still working on jump combination they’d been doing toward the end of practice.

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Chris Colfer Book Signing (Columbus, Ohio)

I called the Book Loft and spoke with a very nice person named Alex. He told me a few things. Chris is not signing outside merchandise (duh), he will only sign three books per person, you have to purchase the books at the store, and each person will get a number based on their place on the list when they called into make their reserve (I am number 24 woot!!!!). 

aelora replied to your post: “Glee has slowly just become a vehicle for Ryan Murphy to write things…”:

I really feel for Darren in two years when this show ends because it’s like his Fairy Godmother is going away!

Hahaha it really will.  Though, random thought, I kinda can’t wait for the first bitter tell-all book about the behind the scenes antics. “That Thursday, Lea and Darren were given ponies. FML." 

Pippin and Merry are like the Middle Earth equivalent of Blam. True fact. 

They both get overly excited about adventures, sing all the damn time, and literally just roam around giggling about shit and sometimes helping (sometimes not).