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EB: umm…yes?

TG: you werent

EB:  i was! …kind of!

EB: you were saying how that guy was not going to make it to the end of the movie..or something.

TG: …

TG: close

TG: i also said that he could probably pull off a mullet

EB: psshh, i doubt it.

TG: i mean

TG: nic cage did it

TG: to your standards at least

Can I get some reblogs as a Black Queer Author writing about a non-dystopian future?

Hey y’all! I’m Adam Legend (my pen name) and a few years ago I published my first novel, CHAOS Logs: Carita Amelia Kaine. I went the self-publishing route because I was having trouble finding an Agent to pitch my book the publishers and so far most of the feedback has been positive, but it’s been a small sample size. 

The book is the first of the series (Book 3 is being drafted as of the typing of this post!) and I would like to get it a little more exposure before putting Book 2 out.

The Series starts in the year 3123, over 1,100 from our current time and the earth is under one banner, the United Earth Government. It is the alliance of two Super Nations; The United Americas and the Asian Union after World War III hat saw the defeat of a third Super Nation, the EuroAfrican Union. 300 years prior, the EuroAfrican Union, in the ashes of its defeat, departed Earth en Masse for Mars. Their abandoned territory and citizens were brought into the fold of the two remaining Allies, and with no other groups to stand with, they united to form their current entity.

Over the course of the UEG’s history, they made leaps and bounds in human advancement. Guns have become obsolete because even newborn infants have become bulletproof, and humans have evolved with increased strength and abilities, including control over elemental powers such as Wind, Fire, and Lightning. This has seen a return of Melee combat, with some projectile weapons, as the main means of protection.

Among the leaps and bounds were the wounds and problems of the past being solved. It is no longer taboo in any way to be openly queer. In fact, with education and legislation, queer isn’t really “queer” so to speak. In fact, Earth’s main leader, The High Chancellor, is a pansexual woman, and there are plenty of characters with queer identities throughout the book and series. The titular character is a bisexual WOC entering the prime of her life to succeed her queer MOC Father for the leadership of the Kaine military clan. I took representation seriously and have characters of many races, genders, ethnicities, and religions.

In the current setting, Earth is preparing to go to war with Mars. After hundreds of years of exile and no communication, a Martian ship hailed Earth in hopes to talking about peace, but instead when the ship landed, it was a disguised tactical nuke that destroyed the Mega City of Washington DC.For years, Earth has carefully begun war efforts for the first interplanetary war in Human history. It’s unconventional and in their best hopes, it would start and end in one swift motion. The next generation has arrived, led by Carita Kaine who aims to become the Tip of the Spear. She steps into the military as the hot upstart Looking to make her dream come true of succeeding her father as the Clan Head of the Kaines and being the best leader in the UEG military’s history.

It’s a series over a decade in the making and it’s my masterpiece. I want to share it with the world because, in my world, we all have something to see ourselves in. CHAOS Logs: Carita Amelia Kaine is available on Amazon in E-book and in Print. The print edition comes with some exclusive art of the main 5 characters of Book 1 with insights into them as characters.