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Author’s Notes: The Secret Academy, Pt. 1

WARNING: These notes will completely spoil Servants of the Empire: The Secret Academy. Haven’t read it? Stop and go here.

(Go here for notes for Edge of the Galaxy, here for Rebel in the Ranks and here for Imperial Justice. )

Part 1: Zare

Imperial Justice was torture to write, but The Secret Academy was actually fun! Final chapters are like that … if you’ve put in the work. I’d spent three books establishing the characters and their motivations, laid the groundwork for the themes I wanted to explore, and then layered in complications and reversals. The fourth book was the chance to make all that pay off, and I enjoyed doing it.

Rather than alternate chapters as I had in Imperial Justice, I split Zare Leonis’s and Merei Spanjaf’s stories and followed them one at a time, without intercuts. I’d considered doing that in Imperial Justice, rejected the idea, but now thought it made sense.

I had a dopey reason for doing that, and a smart one.

The dopey reason: I was still annoyed at not being able to end Imperial Justice with Zare running into Beck Ollet inside the tower – a cliffhanger that had made me cackle happily. Splitting Zare and Merei’s stories would give me a second chance at that moment.

The smart reason: Imperial Justice had separated Zare and Merei and concluded with Merei’s discovery that Zare’s transfer to Arkanis wasn’t a reward but part of the Inquisitor’s plan. Taking away the intercuts was a way for the reader to feel a little bit of that separation and anxiety.

One challenge in The Secret Academy was unexpected. Story Group sent back my outline for Books 3 and 4 with a note that by the time Zare got to Arkanis, the Inquisitor would be dead, killed off in Rebels’ Season 1 finale. That would certainly change my story! I scrunched the books’ timeline a bit and was able to get the Inquisitor and Zare to briefly overlap on Arkanis, but that was the most I could compress things.

So I leaned into it. I reasoned that the Inquisitor’s offstage demise fit with an idea I’d been playing with – that Zare, for all his bravery and determination, also gets a bit lucky. In Imperial Justice, Zare decides he won’t follow another immoral order even it means he’ll never find Dhara, and is saved from dismissal when Oleg’s warehouse raid goes awry. The Inquisitor’s death would be another bit of luck, as his plan is to return to Arkanis and break Zare. I don’t think that undercuts Zare or his quest – one thing I like about Zare is he isn’t a Jedi, a veteran commando or some kind of superhero. He needs a little luck; most heroes do.

One idea I continued from Imperial Justice was Zare’s “shadow story” – a not too different tale in which Dhara was never kidnapped and Zare remained the loyal young Imperial officer he’d assumed he’d become. Arkanis essentially resets Zare’s cadet career and the shadow story culminates with the training exercise on Sirpar. Those scenes are some of my favorite in the book – they show Zare as a young officer who improvises intelligently, drives himself and his troops to accomplish unlikely goals, and earns those troops’ loyalty and affection. He’s come a long way from the kid impatiently killing time at AppSci.

But as in Imperial Justice, Zare eventually has to ask himself what he isn’t willing to do to find Dhara. In the previous book, being ordered to take children into protective custody is his breaking point; in this one it’s being ordered to murder a fellow cadet.

No aspect of The Secret Academy attracted more interest than the revelation that Brendol Hux’s Commandant’s Cadets are forerunners of the First Order stormtroopers overseen by Brendol’s son Armitage. The funny thing, to me, was that the connection with The Force Awakens came late and was a lucky break.

I’d known since Edge of the Galaxy that Dhara was being held in a mysterious tower on Arkanis, that Zare would try to get inside, and that Beck’s unexpected reappearance would ruin everything. From a storytelling point of view, the Commandant’s Cadets were merely the mechanism that would get Zare into that tower at the right time for the hammer to come down. 

But why did they exist? I was up against a problem that’s common in richly detailed fictional universes. I wanted the Cadets to have a purpose and be more than a generic bunch of Imperial “mean kids,” but if that purpose never affected any other Star Wars story, readers would know from the beginning that the Cadets had failed to achieve their goals.

In November 2014 I visited Lucasfilm for meetings about DK’s The Force Awakens – Incredible Cross-Sections and got a synopsis of the upcoming movie, accompanied by on-set photos. Finn’s origins reminded me of both clone troopers and the Jedi; a few minutes later, it struck me that General Hux was awfully young.  

Somewhere between those two thoughts I saw an opportunity: what if the plan to raise children as stormtroopers dated back to the Rebels era, and came from Hux’s father?

Story Group’s Pablo Hidalgo liked the idea and ran it up the chain. I braced myself for a reason the answer had to be “no.” When I got a “yes” instead, I wrote as fast as I could and then crossed my fingers.

The connection made sense within the Star Wars galaxy: the elder Hux had served alongside clones and Jedi during the Clone Wars, seen the deficiencies of the stormtroopers, and imagined a better way that drew on his wartime experience. That program began in secret and was taken up by his son to create the First Order’s soldiers.

It also solved my plot problem admirably and turned a weakness in The Secret Academy into a strength. Before the release of The Force Awakens the Hux connection would spur interest in the book; afterwards, new readers would see the Commandant’s Cadets as a real threat, because they’d know that Hux’s program had succeeded beyond his fondest dreams. 

Notes on Part 1:

  • The first scene was the original ending of Imperial Justice, but I decided I didn’t want to introduce a new planet that late, and preferred ending with Merei and Tepha wondering if they’d ever see Zare again. Moving it was an easy change, at least. 
  • I wanted Arkanis to be something new for Star Wars – a waterlogged world that I likened to what you’d find if you turned over a log. I also wanted the Academy and its surroundings to feel plucked out of a gloomy Gothic tale. A lot of things in The Secret Academy are pretty shameless goofs on a well-known Gothic novel and movie, in fact. 
  • it was a pain ensuring Zare’s cadet service fit the chronology of the first two Rebels seasons. The initial idea was that Rebel in the Ranks and Imperial Justice would cover a full academic year, with the top cadet earning a transfer to Arkanis for the next year. Chiron would back Zare, while Roddance supported Oleg. But I couldn’t figure out what to do with Zare and Merei over that second summer, and feared readers would get impatient that Zare wasn’t trying harder to rescue Dhara. Fortunately, Rebel in the Ranks had introduced the possibility of a midyear transfer – an offhand line that became critical once the Inquisitor’s death forced me to speed things up. But how to get Zare to Arkanis? The obvious answer was for Merei to slice a transfer into the system, but that struck me as a lazy, unconvincing solution. I got so lost in blind alleys that I missed the solution Story Group found: the transfer wasn’t a reward but an unexpected order from some Imperial. I realized that Imperial should be the Inquisitor: it was plausible, solved my chronology problem, let me have a confrontation with Zare on Arkanis and added to the story’s tension. Whew! 
  • Contrary to what’s stated here, the journey between Lothal and Arkanis isn’t a short one. That was my fault: I was working off the idea that Lothal was near Kessel, a bit of head-canon I’d gotten used to and so failed to vet. There was no reason to define that here; doing so led to an unforced error.
  • Note that Colonel Julyan challenges Zare with a question about grav-ball and leadership, as Sergeant Currahee did in Rebel in the Ranks. In the earlier book Zare ducked the question; now he gives Julyan a thoughtful answer that reflects his experiences.
  • Julyan’s lessons reference Legends material: Admiral Screed, General Romodi (before his appearance in Rogue One), the Order of the Terrible Glare and the Empire’s campaigns in the Western Reaches. Much of this was taken from The Essential Guide to Warfare and additional material written for it. It seemed ready-made for Julyan’s teaching and unlikely to confine future storytelling, so why not use it?
  • I invented the diplopod as a mount for Sarco Plank in The Weapon of a Jedi, only to see my beastie get subbed out in favor of the happabore, appearing as an Easter egg for The Force Awakens. I liked the critters, so I put them aside for some future project. The Secret Academy gave me an opportunity not just to use the diplopod but also to kill one in a gross way.  
  • I liked the bit where the Inquisitor invites Zare to come out of the weather and into the shelter of a stasis projector. In that context politeness seems decidedly menacing. 
  • Scaparus Port was fun to write – equal parts Treasure Island and some gloomy town out of Cthulhu, what with its salt-encrusted gloom and fisherfolk missing limbs and scarred by sucker marks. Arkanis is just a nasty place.
  • Scaparus was the right place to bring back the jogan fruit, or more specifically its scent, which makes Zare remember Beck Ollet’s orchards on Lothal. Scent unlocking memory is a theme throughout Servants of the Empire, working up to its critical role in the climax. Here, it’s a heartening renewal of the connection between Zare and Merei that suggests their break might not be final after all.
  • I never explicitly stated it, so I’ll leave it to Wookieepedia to work out the canonicity, but Gesaral Beta is supposed to be the planet where it rains razors of glass on Ania Solo in Dark Horse’s Legacy series.
  • I enjoyed writing the demented beach scene with Hux and the cadets debating how to raise nerfs. The sea monster is an homage to the great Jack Vance, who imagined a similar predator in Ports of Call. (If you’ve never read Vance, fix that posthaste!) Note that Zare’s reaction to the nerf’s death is quite different than the casual cruelty shown by the other cadets.
  • Sirpar was another attempt at a new setting. Its heavier-than-standard gravity is noted in Legends depictions of the planet; I added making the light so intense that the cadets had to take precautions against it. Light would vary dramatically from planet to planet, another Jack Vance idea I didn’t recall seeing in Star Wars. I decided to try it and liked the results. 
  • Note that the accident set to befall Penn Zarang will be dismissed as a “slight weapons malfunction.” I’m all for little nods like that as long as they don’t interrupt the story or distract a casual reader. 
  • Perhaps emboldened by my success tying the Commandant’s Cadets to The Force Awakens, I looked for an even stronger connection. Might Anya Razar and Captain Phasma be one and the same? I decided that was a dumb idea and never proposed it, but did suggest a scene with DDM-38 pushing a red-haired baby in some kind of space pram. Lucasfilm shot that down, and rightly so – less was more. There’s awesome fan art out there of a baby Hux in the arms of his creepy nanny droid, though. 
  • My original treatment had Zare, Chiron and Roddance all transferred to Arkanis as part of the “valedictorian” storyline. When that idea got abandoned I decided we’d explored that triangle sufficiently on Lothal, but did need to bring Chiron back for the finale. I liked dropping him into the middle of Zare’s dilemma about the Commandant’s Cadets as a tempting but dangerous lifeline. That was also a bit of misdirection: since Chiron can get into Area Null, he’s a potential route to Dhara that would let Zare escape having to kill Penn.
  • We’ll see Cass again in A New Hope, as an aide aboard the Death Star.

Next time: Speaking Bocce and the Case of the Missing Bounty Hunter.

please reblog: steve bannon

Yesterday, Trump removed the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Director of National Intelligence from the National Security Council. He replaced them with Steve Bannon. Bannon has no government, intelligence, or high-level military experience; his experience is leading a propaganda outlet (Breitbart News) that peddles nationalist and white nationalist viewpoints.

This would be deeply concerning in and of itself. But one of the jobs of the NSC is to oversee a secret panel that authorizes the assassination of “enemies of the United States Government” – including American citizens. These targeted killings are fully authorized by law under the Congressional military authorization act following 9/11. There is no trial, no due process, and no public record of the decision or the assassination itself.

Just to recap the absurdity: the President of the United States has appointed a known propagandist, nationalist, and white supremacist to replace the highest military advisor in the country on a council that authorizes secret, legal, targeted killings of American citizens (and others) without due process.

What You Can Do:
- Call your Senators and Congressperson this week and demand that they publicly and legislatively oppose Trump’s appointment of Steven Bannon to the NSC.
- Spread the word about this news to your networks, since this is not getting a lot of coverage right now.

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“When a man writes something, it’s what he’s written that’s judged. When a woman writes something, it’s her that’s judged." - Emily Brontë

Based largely on Charlotte’s letters, To Walk Invisible: The Brontë Sisters follows the sisters’ rise from ordinary women to secret authors amid 19th century sexism. 

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You are being watched.
The government has a secret system,
a machine that spies on you every hour of every day.
I designed the machine to detect acts of terror but it sees everything.
Violent crimes involving ordinary people.
The Government considers these people “irrelevant”
We don’t.
Hunted by the authorities, we work in secret.
You’ll never find us.
But victim or perpetrator.
If your number’s up.
we’ll find you.

Dear Night Valeans,

This is a PSA because I think it would be so terrible for WTNV fans to miss out on this amazing YA book, Radio Silence by Alice Oseman. It’s a book about a girl who got involved in her favourite fictional podcast and the author made no secret that the main inspiration for it is based on Welcome to Night Vale (the MC even has a WTNV poster in her room!). The author even had a paragraph in her acknowledgement page dedicated to Welcome to Night Vale.

Now, you may think that this sounds like a rip off of the podcast, especially if you read the description of the podcast in the book. But the best thing about the book is that it’s definitely captures the spirit of WTNV while telling its own unique story that most people can relate to: being true to who you are, realizing that what people want for you may not be the best thing for you, and finding your own people who can accept you for who you really are.

Furthermore, the book and characters are incredible diverse and when I say diverse, I mean really diverse:

1) MC is a bisexual mixed-race British/Ethiopian girl, and she uses the actual word “bisexual” to describe herself instead of the more ambiguous “I just like whoever I like.” Trust me, so many books would rather have their characters say that rather than to use the actual word. Also, the author did not use any love triangle to as a plot device to prove her bisexuality. She says she’s bisexual, so that should be enough.

2) There are two other gay characters and their sexuality was accepted without judgment, although there are discussions on why it’s not easy to come out to everyone.

3) Two of the characters (including the MC) are mixed POC and they have a discussion on how they regret not being in touch with their heritage due to being born in UK. Also another character is Indian and she’s more in tune with her cultural heritage.

4) All the main characters are NOT straight. Seriously, when was the last time you’ve read a good, well-written non-heteronormative book? Other than Francesca Lia Block’s brilliant Love in the Time of Global Warming of course. 

5) The main character is Frances and Aled. A boy and a girl. THEY DID NOT FALL IN LOVE (this is not a spoiler, there is zero will-they-won’t-they plot). In fact, after we finished the Meet Cute scene there is a special chapter in page 85 where Frances gives the reader a heads up that they WON’T fall in love with each other just because she’s a girl who met a boy. Also Aled declared that he’s platonically in love with Frances and Frances thanks him for saying the boy-girl equivalent of No Homo. THEY’RE SO CUTE GUYS.

6) The best and rarest thing: there is a genuine and honest discussion on asexuality. I repeat, there is a genuine and honest discussion on asexuality. Seriously, what other book does that, especially YA book?? There is a discussion on asexuality, demisexuality and also the burden of not knowing that your partner is asexual which will put strain in your relationship and this is why visibility and awareness is important people. It blows my mind that Oseman even went there and she deals with asexuality with kindness and sensitivity that the issue deserves.

You would think that all of this makes the book preachy and try-hard but it’s not, these facts are just part of the characters and not shoved in the readers’ faces and incorporated to show that the world and the people in it is so diverse and does not fall within the trappings of society’s binary expectations. 

I always wondered if I should find other podcasts to listen to other than Welcome to Night Vale, but the fact is there is nothing quite like Night Vale, with its truly diverse, female-friendly characters and incredibly clever plots. Similarly, I have never read anything quite like Radio Silence, and I hope to see more of this kind of writing and I’m forever thankful for WTNV for inspiring a generation of new voices that will not not be limited by the trapping of heteronormative, cliched storytelling.

Little Avenger - 3

Pairing: Peter x reader

Summary: you had a new place to call home now, and new people to call family. But would they still accept you if they found out about your dark secret?

Author’s Note: so, I FINALLY wrote this. It’s a little angsty (just a wee little bit) and mostly fluff and jokes. It’s also got a grumpy Bucky and an awkward, shy Peter. Hope you like it!

Warning(s): mentions of torture and swearing (maybe)

Word Count: 1881

PART - 1, 2, 4, 5, 6

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It was astonishing how situations could change so much, how you could be lying on the ground defeated but at the next moment you were up fighting again. You couldn’t believe how much everything has changed in such little amount of time. You never knew how it felt to live like a human and not like a weapon in progress. You weren’t just with the avengers now; you were now among people who cared. But there still was something they didn’t quite know about you, your dark truth….

As the dark thought entered your mind, the hot shower that at first felt like a pure comfort turned to plain water running over your body. You could control it but it was a part of you after all, it couldn’t go away, you had to control it and you did, but how long does it take the beast to claw its way out? You were pondering as you made the red energy swirl around. You trapped the steam in a big ball before dissolving it in air. How beautiful it all looked; a deadly illusion. You finally hushed your mind and got out of the shower.

You had forgotten about all those thoughts by the time you walked in the kitchen to get something to eat.

‘mornin’ chipmunk.’ Natasha greeted you. ‘you’re up early, what is it, 6 I guess.’

‘good morning, ma- Natasha.’ You smiled brightly at her.

‘getting hang of stuff, good.’ She walked towards you. ‘why are you up so early in the morning?’ she asked.

‘well, I always have been waking up at the ass crack of dawn and I was kinda hungry. So, here I am.’ You shrugged and she chuckled.

‘want me to get you something?’ she asked. ‘there’s cereal, eggs, bread…’ she examined various drawers and then the fridge. ‘what do you want?’ she faced you.

‘I guess I’ll fix something myself.’ You shrugged. ‘thanks for the offer though.’ You smiled at her.

‘you’re too cute, you know that.’ She pulled your cheek. ‘get yourself whatever you want, and you will be training with me, Bucky and Wanda after this. I’ll be in the gym, okay?’ she looked at you.

‘okay.’ You smiled and she left.

You walked in the gym after having your breakfast and collecting your bag and case. You found Natasha unwrapping boxing tape from her hands.

‘honey, I’m home!’ you walked in grinning.

‘come here, ya adorable thing.’ She kept the tape aside and played along. ‘where are your glasses?’ she asked as she rolled up the tape.

‘I’m wearing contacts.’ You kept your bag aside.

‘that’s a whole lot of stuff.’ She examined your bag.

‘yup, ain’t it beautiful?’ you wiped a fake tear and she let out a breathy laugh.

‘yeah, it is. So, I will look after your fighting techniques, Bucky will see how you handle your weapons and Wanda will teach you about your powers.’ She stood up and explained.

‘yes mam.’ You gave her a salute and she rolled her eyes.

‘alright get on the mats, let’s see what you’ve got.’ She clapped her hands together before moving to the mats. ‘I’ll see how you fight, then we’ll work on the things that need improvement, alright?’ she asked and you nodded. ‘great.’ She took her stance and so did you. she didn’t expect you to be that good but to her surprise: you were. you had even pinned her down once.

‘you’re better than I expected.’ She looked at you as you both straightened up. ‘we need to work on you kicks and some other moves, though.’ She said.

‘okay.’ You chirped before getting yourself a towel to wipe the sweat.

‘I’ll go now and send in Bucky.’ She said as she left the room after picking up her things.

You got bored of waiting and decided to practice sword fighting. You were in midst of practicing your slash move before you heard someone.

‘easy there, kid. Don’t wanna lose another arm.’ You heard the familiar voice of Bucky and rolled your eyes. You noticed that Steve was accompanying him. Steve gave you a smile and moved to the punching bags.

‘I wouldn’t have done that, I have been practicing with it for four years, I think I can control her.’ You placed it in the case again.

‘” her”?’ he grinned. ‘kid named her toy?’ he teased.

‘the toy is pretty deadly must I remind you, sir.’ you replied sarcastically.

  ‘okay, now, immature shuts up and the elder- ‘

‘100-year-old elder.’ You scoffed and Steve chuckled. Bucky shot you both a glare.

‘as I was saying, speak less work more.’ He took out two daggers from a bag and tossed one at you which you caught efficiently with one hand. ‘I’ll teach you how to incorporate knives in hand to hand combat.’ Your training went on for a while until Bucky had somewhere to go.

‘I’ve got go now,’ he looked at his watch. ‘I’ll meet you tomorrow, and practice what I taught you, yeah?’ he looked at you.

‘okay.’ You took a deep breath before sitting on one of the benches.

‘I’ll leave too.’ Steve started to follow Bucky until you called him. he stood before you.

‘watch.’ You pointed at Bucky. Steve furrowed his brows but did as he was told. He couldn’t help but laugh when he saw what you had done. You had cut out a heart in the back of Bucky’s sweatshirt while you were training. You did it very discreetly and had fooled the former assassin. He was unaware of this situation and looked at you both with a suspicious look.

‘what you laughing at?’ he crossed his arms over his chest.

‘nothing.’ Steve stifled his laughter. ‘(y/n)’s just very good with jokes.’ Steve patted your shoulder lightly.

‘children.’ Bucky muttered before he left. Steve grinned and pulled your cheeks before leaving.

You were swinging your legs impatiently, as you sat there waiting for Wanda. you were humming a tune stuck in your mind until the gate opened again.

‘ah, finally wan-, Peter!’ you stood up and smiled at him. he returned the gesture and walked in your direction.

‘hey (y/n), what’s up?’ he kept his gym bag aside.

‘hi!’ you chirped. ‘just first day of training here, but I’ve got to say the teachers aren’t that regular.’ You joked.

‘yup, well, it’s just the beginning, they tend to get pretty intimidating.’ He sat down. ‘what’s up with your cheeks? They are really red, are you sick?’ he asked.

‘nah, the people here just love to pull ‘em, that’s all.’ You sat beside him and he chuckled.

‘you are cute, no surprise they like to do it.’ he looked at you. the words made you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. compliments weren’t something you got.

‘so, I’m not pretty?’ you pouted.

‘no! you are-you are, um-well uh,’ he struggled with the words. God, why did he have to always make a fool of himself in front of any girl he wanted to talk to?

‘I’m just kidding, Parker,’ you kept a hand on his shoulder. ‘so, you’re here to train with..’ you questioned.

‘oh, I have my own routine that I like to follow.’ He stood up. ‘there’s no one I can spar with, everyone’s older and I always end up getting my butt kicked.’ He joked.

‘you can spar with me.’ You simply stated and his eyes grew wide.

‘what?! With you!? I-I don’t wanna sound discriminative or anything but, you know you’re a girl and I’m a guy and -and.’ His hands flew in every direction as he explained.

‘so what? I used to train with much older guys, come on now, Parker. Don’t be a kitten.’ You got close to him. ‘are you afraid I will kick your ass?’ you said with a smug grin.

‘no, it’s just that, we don’t know each other that well,’ he rubbed the back of his neck as he blushed. 

‘I’m sorry I am late!’ Wanda busted in through the door as Vision hovered behind her.

‘don’t worry,’ you looked at Vision and then at her. ‘I can understand.’ You winked. She smiled and hit you lightly.

‘enough with the jokes, let’s work with your powers.’ She said. ‘hey Peter,’ she turned to him. ‘you both seem to be getting along well.’ She wiggled her brows. She had heard his thoughts earlier at the dinner and knew what kind of thoughts he had had about you. He felt a heat rise to his face as he realized what she was trying to say.

‘yeah, but he’s kinda shy.’ You folded your arms. ‘and awkward.’ You added.

‘why?’ she tilted her head.

‘oh, it’s nothing. ‘he tried to wave it off.

‘I asked him if he wanted to spar with me but he refused.’ You pulled up your sweatshirt.

‘you missed a great opportunity.’ She winked at him subtly and a heat rose to his face.

‘I guess I’ll get to my training.’ He looked down and moved to the other corner of the room.

‘bye Peter.’ You said and he nodded.

You and Wanda laughed and practiced your powers. You were having a lot of fun; you both would laugh if any of you messed up. She even told you some tricks that were very helpful.

‘it was so good!’ you said as both of you sat on the bench.

‘I’m glad.’ She smiled. ‘hey, (y/n) can I ask you something?’ she faced you completely.

‘yeah.’ You drank some water. ‘I can’t read your thoughts.’ She said. ‘It has never happened before, and I can’t even affect it. it has never happened before.’ She said in a serious tone.

‘well, my mind is guarded by my powers.’ You kept the water bottle aside. ‘my mind is not something that can be controlled, neither are my powers.’ Your expressions changed. ‘that’s why I was trained like a hound, beaten till I did it all perfect. I couldn’t be brain washed like Bucky or anyone with a normal mind.’ you looked at your hands. Wanda could feel your pain, she knew what you felt like. she kept a hand on your shoulder and gave it a gentle squeeze.

You realized you might hurt her and gathered yourself together. You smiled and gently removed her hands. Even though you were quick enough, you knew you had done it. you could feel it flowing through you.

‘you’re a really strong girl.’ She smiled and you half smiled.

 ‘(Y/N)!’ you heard Bucky shout.

‘uh-oh.’ You said and Wanda gave you a confused look. ‘I better run.’ You gathered all your stuff hurriedly.

  ‘what did you do?’ she asked.

‘you’ll see.’ You cocked your head from behind the door and left. She sat there confused and looked at Peter, he returned her the same look. They both stayed quiet until they heard someone speaking.

‘I am sorry!’ you shouted as you laughed.

‘stop laughing! You ruined my favourite sweatshirt!’ Bucky yelled.

‘I’ll get you a new one!’ you shouted.

‘don’t you run away!’ he ran after you.

Peter and Wanda both busted in laughter as they imagined the scene.

‘isn’t she a peach?’ Wanda grinned and looked at Peter.

‘yeah,’ he turned to the punching bag. ‘she is.’ He muttered to himself.

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Pilot - September 22nd, 2011

You are being watched. The government has a secret system, a machine that spies on you every hour of every day. I know because I built it. I designed the machine to detect acts of terror but it sees everything. Violent crimes involving ordinary people, people like you. Crimes the government considered “irrelevant.” They wouldn’t act, so I decided I would. But I needed a partner, someone with the skills to intervene. Hunted by the authorities, we work in secret. You’ll never find us, but victim or perpetrator, if your number’s up… we’ll find you.

Not a Walk in the Park

Written by: @booksrockmyface

Rating: T

Prompt 6: Hi! I’d love to see the toast babies as bratty teenagers. Thanks :) [submitted by Anonymous]

Summary: Lily is getting ready for a date. Her brothers have quite a bit to say on the subject. Katniss and Peeta try desperately to keep the peace (and a secret).

Author’s note: Title comes from the Paramore song Still Into You. Many thanks to my bestie @thesaltywinteradult for betaing.

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You are being watched. The government has a secret system: a machine that spies on you every hour of every day. I know because I built it. I designed the machine to detect acts of terror, but it sees everything. Violent crimes involving ordinary people, people like you. Crimes the government considered irrelevant. They wouldn’t act, so I decided I would. But I needed a partner, someone with the skills to intervene. Hunted by the authorities, we work in secret. You’ll never find us, but victim or perpetrator, if your number’s up…we’ll find you.
Honey's Secret
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Me: So, are you going to send me a selca now or not?

Jimin is getting a little impatient now. He needs that picture, and he needs it now.

Me: hyung hyung hyung

Me: pretty please?

Yoongi hyung: Later, Jimin. I’m still at work and I really want to continue earning money by talking about sex toys on the phone with you

Yoongi hyung: And I have a feeling you enjoy those conversations as well.”

Yoongi is working for an online sex toy shop hotline. Jimin is calling said hotline. Many many times.

Comments: This is rated, but how is it so cute?