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lemme tell y’all something my swedish teacher taught us

DISCLAIMER: I have literally zero sources on this and save for the background info, I might be talking out of my arse.

Anyway, there’s this group of people called the finn-swedes. They are people who are finnish, live in Finland, but speak Swedish as a first language. It’s due to them that Finland is a bilingual country, though they are quite a small minority living mostly at the coast.

 One of them was this lovely woman named Tove Jansson; An artist, an author and a profilic LGBT figure.

The creatures on her hands and on the table are called moomins, her most known creation though not the one she was most fond of. She saw herself mostly as a painter, but the moomins were a hit, and she wrote a whole series of books, which was later adapted into a cartoon animated in Japan (so technically speaking an anime).

The show is now a staple of a finnish childhood, and many finns will regard it fondly.

BUT this is the part that gets fun (and potentially bs)

While the finnish dub of the show was done in Finland, the swedish dub was also done in Finland, by a cast of finn-swede voice actors, perhaps as a homage to the original author or maybe it was cheaper or some shit, idk. Regardless, the swedish dub was shown in Sweden as well, and if finn-swedes are rare in Finland, they are much rarer in Sweden.

 So the first and perhaps the only time that Swedish children have encountered a finn-swede accent (dialect? someone correct me) was in this sickeningly sweet (though sometimes unnecessarily terrifying) cartoon about these pastel-coloured gentle anarchists.

 So from a swedish perspective, finn-swedes talk like moomins.

Some Zuko and Katara fics


(this is especially for yell-allons-y, damonsbonbon and hyperspacemashmallow, hope this helps :D  )

  1. I’ve included lil summaries that may or may not reveal spoilers cuz sometimes the author descriptions don’t do it for me. Warning there, you can skip over these and read only the bolded, italicized author summaries if you so wish.
  2. Generally, if anything has an M rating, you can skip through the explicit stuff.
  3. Anything with  *** are favorite stories of mine right now.
  4. Many of the authors listed have profiles full of other great stories not listed on here, so I have linked all of their profile links as well so you can check those out too :)
  5. Finally, most important for everyone to do, REVIEW THE STORIES! So many awesome authors stop writing because there is no feedback from the readers. I have found that even if an author hasn’t updated in years (I’m talking several), as long as you try to review every chapter letting the writer know what you did and didn’t like about the characterization, plot, and writing itself, it is enough encouragement to get them motivated and updating again. So once again, REVIEW!!!

- The Last Waterbender*** by Haikoui (Rated T, 56k+ words, WIP) 

The Southern Raiders found the last waterbender, leaving her mother alive, and took the child with them to the Fire Nation as a prisoner. Zutara AU. The avatar has not been found yet, and Zuko has not been banished yet, either. Rated T (and maybe M at some point… maybe!) for later chapters. 

Slow to develop relationship (they’ve just started interacting due to certain circumstances), both learning things, unlearning prejudices and propaganda, very IC, very good OC’s too.  The plot is super interesting as the author manages to include both things from the show as well as their own very original ideas. I like how even though this isn’t  a canon story line, the characters are still IC, something I cannot say for even those who write stories that coordinate with canon. The suspense and surprises are very well thought out, too, as the author has an endless supply of creative villains and an interesting plot. Overall, super awesome.

- Jasmine*** by Yorushike (Rated T, 140k+ words, WIP) 

AU, Katara, traveling companion of the Avatar, had always dreamed of the day the war would end, but she had never thought that she would be forced to marry Firelord Zuko, who was said to have killed his own father, for this to happen. Zuko had no other goal than to repent for his sins and bring peace to the world, even if both his allies and enemies feared and hated him. Zutara,

While Katara is travelling with Gaang for training, Chief Hakoda is captured by a cold and distant Fire Lord Zuko, who has killed off his own family to become ruler and is feared by pretty much everyone, even his own citizens. Instead of torturing or killing Hakoda, he asks for Katara’s hand in marriage as a symbol of peace, to which she reluctantly agrees. She finds out things, like he’s actually trying to atone for his sins and those of the Fire Nation, and that he is a genuinely good but tortured man. Everyone is so IC, with a “I’m not deserving of love or anything good, imma just brood over here in this dark corner while trying to heal wounds i’ve inflicted on world” pre-Gaang Zuko and a “STFU, ZUKO, YOU ARE ACTUALLY A BEAUTIFUL BUTTERFLY CREATURE AND A PRETTY CHILL GUY WHY DON’T YOU GET YOUR ANGSTY HEAD OUT OF YOUR LILY WHITE BEHIND AND SEE THAT i pet ur face now k frand?motherly Katara. The author also keeps Gaang in character. You will laugh out loud, if not let out one of those ugly laugh snorts every time the whole Gaang is present, especially seeing awkward ass Zuko interacting with them. You will cry at a couple of points in the story (especially one chapter in particular but i’m not telling cuz i’m a cruel person and want your heart completely unprepared for the pain WOOOOOOOOAH HOHOOOOooOooooOo). It is a bit slow at first, but that adds to strong development between Katara and Zuko, as well as setting up a good plot with interesting politics and culture. At this point, shit is going down but you have no idea what it is yet so SUPER SCARY but good yes. Occasional spelling errors, but not super present. 

Butterflies and Hurricanes by Rebirth of the Phoenix (Rated T, 103k+ words, Complete)

“You may find yourself capturing hearts that you are forbidden to keep.” She is a servant. He is a Prince. Together they are about to go against everything that keeps the world at peace. Zutara

AU, This one is already pretty popular. Katara is bought taken as little girl to Fire Nation, becomes servant to Mai, later to Royal Family, becomes friendly with Zuko, whole tiime she has little memory of her family, Zuko puts pieces together and they face shit. Pretty IC for the most part (I just wish Katara was a little bit more outspoken but at the same time it was understandable considering her station for a large portion of the story), good OC’s that you’ll like too.

- Fortress *** by SilverLining33  (Rated  T, 69+ words, WIP)

As a child, I was blind to the tragedies of the world. I chose not to understand. I chose not to acknowledge. I chose not to act. But now, things are different. This war has taken everything from me: my home, my family, my freedom. No more waiting for rescue. No more sitting by and relying on hope and faith. It’s time for me to take action. It’s time for me to fight back. AU. 

 WOW. this story. this story. THIS STORY. ohmygaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhHHhHhHh

I cannot begin to tell you all how great this story is and how much I think you’ll enjoy it too. 


AU, Fire Nation has pretty much taken over and colonized the whole world, including the Southern Water Tribe. Covers all that shitty shit that colonized people would go through like unfair and harsh government and brutality. Fetus Katara meets Fetus Zuko, son of mean governor Ozai who rules over South Pole at this point in the story. Shit happens, big stuff too, but I won’t reveal what. Fast forward several years, Ozai has long left with family in tow to Fire Nation, Katara thinks she’s done with them (hehe WRONG). The Water tribe and Katara suffer horribly, she’s left with no family (they’re gone for different important reasons), she’s depressed and filled with anger, has to hide waterbending or risk imprisonment and death, all while dealing with a fire nation soldier who is stationed in the South Pole and has the hots for her (hehe… pun… i’m sorry.) that she can’t stand… and then A LOT OF STUFF HAPPENS SHIT HITS THE FAN OHMYGAHD AND SHE HAS TO  GO SOMEWHERE BECAUSE OF SOMETHING BIG AND I WON’T SAY TOO MUCH BUT BAM, SHE MEETS LIL ASSHOLE KID SHE MET AS A CHILD THAT WAS THE GOVERNOR’S SON ONLY HE IS NOW AN ADULT ASSHOLE AND HAS A SCAR AND I CAN’T SAY ANYTHING ELSE BUT THERE IS MORE THAN THAT GOING ON AT THE SAME TIME TOO.

Basically awesome story. This author obviously took the time to not only research their stuff, but also spent time diving into the characters to portray very raw and realistic emotions and reactions. This gives very awesome, IC people, which is what I want from my fics but don’t always find. To add on to that, even the authors OC’s were well developed. I was surprised by the quality of these characters– even people who appeared for no more than one chapter made a big impact on me and the story. And the plot itself is very nice. The romance isn’t what drives it– there are outside factors like a freaking war and people fighting that move the plot along which adds to the realism. This also throws in the suspense, because while it may be safe for the mean time, there are people on the other side of the world who could be planning some shit.

Anyway, good story. Really, really good story. It has lots of potential and I hope to see it grow to a 200k fic complete with the main seasons covered in ATLA as the author’s interpretation is fun to read.

- Dancing in the Dark by DamageCtrl (Rated T, 64k+ Words, Complete)

AUPWP: Having heard a rumor about two tea servers in the lower tiers of Ba Sing Se, Katara and Toph sneak away go to investigate only to have their suspicions confirmed. ZutaraBlutara 

Another pretty popular one. For anyone who likes season 2 Zutara or Blutara, this is for you. It’s pretty cute. Zuko disguises himself as the Blue Spirit to get information on Gaang, Toph and Katara sneak around and find out Zuko and Iroh are working in teashop, Blue Spirit realizes Katara is a freaking idiot at dancing, he gives lessons to her cuz Zuko knows fancy royal dances, she falls in love with Blue Spirit, Zuko falls in love with her, stuff happens, OH NO WHAT WILL HAPPEN IF KATARA FINDS OUT WHO THE BLUE SPIRIT REALLY IS, on top of EVERYTHING else happening??!?1!?! Anyway, cutesy cute fic. 

- Time and Time Again*** by Dra323 (Rated T, 36k+ words, WIP)

A sigh of relief barely escaped her lips before rough hands grabbed her body and pushed her back against the tree. Katara screamed and attempted to claw at the body of the person holding her, only to have her hands captured. “Well, doesn’t this seem familiar?” He hissed. 

Starts off at Waterbending Scroll episode, goes different direction. Zuko is pretty much the insane, reckless, violent, angsty lil shit we see in Season 1. Katara is super sassy and coolio and tough and if bad stuff happens to her, she doesn’t do any of that stupid “cowering in fear but falls in love with mean guy cuz yay Stockholm Syndrome!” shit, instead she does the “imma be awful to you if you’re awful to me, and the fact that you’re fire nation doesn’t help you at all you asshat little brat.” I like the frustrated, crazy Zuko, I like how smart, sneaky, and resourceful Katara is in this story as well. 

Lots of shit happens from the moment Katara is taken to his ship. Right now, where I’m at in the story, they’re on a deserted island and have to depend on each other and Zuko is starting to realize “wow, I’ve been a big asshat to Katara, and she’s my only means of survival right now, I should be nice and appreciate what she has done for me so far”, kinda hinting at the beginning of a redemption arc, while Katara is like “he can go shove a coconut up his ass I’m not messing with that tool ffs I hate his stupid angry ass byyyyye”. Jet has also just been introduced and is as insane as ever, a big wild card right now and no one knows what’s going to happen with this guy walking around. 

Right now it’s heading in a very awesome direction, the emotions are there and you will get tense while reading. The action scenes are well written and you’ll be freaking out  when you get to them. I’m hoping that the author will write this as a 200k fic that covers the whole show to the end (and maybe beyond??) because I am liking how the author is writing not only the characters, but their relationship development too. It would be cool to see them interacting to different situations introduced throughout the show. There is the occasional spelling error, but not so obvious that it takes away from the story. Really good though so far, you should definitely check this out.

- In the Same Candlelight by Like a Dove (Rated T, 76+ words, Complete)

In a world where there is no war, Zuko and Katara spend their summers together. Growing up is messy, embarrassing, and at times sad, but they think it might be okay because they have each other. Edited summary. 

 AU, no war. Aang stopped Fire Nation from messing world up, he’s now a pretty old guy who is still adorable af. Water Tribe siblings and Fire Nation siblings spend vacations with each other and pretty much grow up with each other. More cutesy stuff. 

- I Was Not Magnficent by Like a Dove (Rated M, 53k+ words, Complete)

When Zuko first meets the waterbender with the scars, he’s fascinated by her. His fascination quickly turns into something much more. Soon Zuko will have to confront his greatest enemy - himself. AU. 

 AU, No Aang found from iceberg, Zuko didn’t speak out against general at war meeting and is still a prince in the Fire Nation, Fire Nation has pretty much taken over the whole world with Sozin’s Comet. Because of problems with little rebellions, Fire Nation starts messed up breeding program so they can raise their own earthbenders and waterbenders to enforce Fire Nation rule around world. They finally bring in a scarred waterbender for the program, shit goes down. Pretty good. Zuko is a snotty little dick who you kinda wanna slap (Katara actually does this, so no worries there) but grows into a more honorable guy. Katara is pretty cool too. My only complaint is that I didn’t like how quickly they immediately fell in love with each other. It felt a little rushed considering that they really didn’t confront many obstacles and personal beliefs that would keep them from wanting to suck face, but otherwise pretty cool story.

- Resting in a Raze (Sequel to I Was Not Magnificent) by Like a Dove (Rated M, 24k+ words, WIP) 

Zuko and Sokka go searching for a waterbender who has been long lost. Slowly but surely their world begins to erupt around them. Sequel to ‘I Was Not Magnificent’. 

To be honest, I haven’t kept up too much with this, but I figured people might want to know that there’s a sequel so BAM here it is 

- Tempest in a Teacup*** by AkaVertigo (Rated T, 34k+ words, IDK if it’s supposed to be complete, it felt like there was supposed to be more to me…) 

Fate puts Katara in the Fire Nation to grow up in the company of a Dragon, a prince, and a lot of good tea. AU Zutara…of a sort. 

 I’m pretty sure this is one of the most famous Zutara fics out there. AU, Iroh finds Katara as a little girl, raises her, she and Zuko grow close. This is really beautifully written. It manages to deliver strong emotions, humor, great dialogue, and an overall good plot through gorgeous passages. It’s set up like poetry at times but it is awesome. Pretty good stuff here.

- The Chief and I *** by jassmarie19 (Rated T, 21k+ words, WIP)

100 years after the War started the Fire Nation has managed to add on all of the four nations as Provinces, except the Southern Water Tribe. It is Zuko’s duty to travel to this land of people that shut themselves away from the world at the onset of the War and convince them to surrender. The King and I inspired AU. Rating may change.

This story is super awesome. I’m not gonna lie, the first chapter had me thinking that there wouldn’t be much to expect from the story but I WAS A FOOL AND HAVE SEEN THE ERROR IN MY WAYS. The plot is super cool.  There is much tension between the accomplished asshole Prince Zuko and a proud and sassy Chief Katara. Katara has some struggles she must face before and during the Fire Nation’s unexpected and very much unwanted arrival, such as just wanting her dad and bro home to take over. She and Zuko constantly butt heads as the arrogant (and very ignorant) Zuko tries to force Katara to surrender the Southern Water Tribe to the Fire Nation (or empire, at this point). Where I am right now, it looks like Zuko will be pulling in man power to take over the Water Tribe through force as he is getting frustrated (in more than one way, tbh, which is entertaining cuz Katara is just like GUHhhHhHHHHROSS GET YOUR WEIRD ASS TYRANNICAL SELF AWAY FROM ME). I can’t wait for the next update as shit just went down cuz Zuko is an impulsive dumbass who “doesn’t think things through” so suspense is there and very strong. Definitely worth reading.

- Polar Nights by crystalline talisman (Rated T, 72k+ words, WIP)

In order to arrange a treaty for the long standing war between the Water Tribe and Fire Nation, Prince Zuko is sent to the South Pole to arrange a truce by Fire Lord Lu Ten, where he is greeted by subzero temperatures, sea prunes, and quirky customs. This of course, is a cake walk compared to the revelation he’ll be marrying the stubborn spiritual leader, Katara. AU. Zutara.

Kind of a challenge to the idea of Katara being the one to leave her homeland for a political marriage. This is really entertaining, with spot on characters and interactions, an interesting look at South Water Tribe and Fire Nation cultures, and a fun plot overall. It shouldn’t be so entertaining seeing Zuko have a hard time, but with so many funny components to the many challenges he has to face in order to be seen as “proper husband material”, you can’t help but hope for more. Katara is also very awesome. She is a priestess with a stubborn personality, trying to face her own fate and what is expected of her in her position. She that takes quite a bit of joy out of jostling Zuko around. Fun. They are growing to at least see each other as possible friends where I am at in the story, with the prospect of heading back to the Fire Nation for another ceremonial process there. Humorous with great drama, this one is a pretty great read.

-Water Wench *** by Meeknchic (Rated M, 3k+ words, WIP)

“What is your idea of justice, Prince Zuko?” she asked through the fixed smirk. The woman sauntered closer. “Would you throw me in your dungeon?”

This is such a funny fic. I’m not sure if I should label it as “humor” or cracktastic. Poor Zuko is just trying his hardest and then he has to deal with a dumbass military friend, Chang, (who is bae tbh if he isn’t at first he will be later) and a snarky waterbender that just won’t give him the Avatar. The thing is, she doesn’t know that she’s giving shelter to the master of four elements. Each chapter so far has basically been Zuko’s failed attempts at getting the Avatar, persuading Katara to hand him over, ignoring his attraction for the uninterested Katara, while his stupid ass friend is laughing at Zuko when he is on fire when butt naked (this actually happens). The dialogue is witty and hilarious, the characters are quite on point as far as sticking to their canon selves goes. The author’s main OC (Chang the bae) has so much personality considering that he isn’t in the fic as often as Z and K. Where I am at, Katara has just been apprehended and is pissed. 

Anyway, super fun, quick read, so you READ AND FINISH IT WHILE TAKING A SHIT. 

-Down in Flames *** by sjdboom (Rated M, 80k+ words, WIP)

As Katara battles to protect the Avatar and restore balance to the world, she struggles to ignore the one major, golden-eyed confliction who keeps getting in her way. Rated M for chapters 22 & 26 ;)



like damn this fic has the best of everything and the things I listed above only scratch the surface. you get a reasonably paced development between Zuko and Katara, you get betrayal, you get a sneaky Zuko with inner turmoil, you get a smart and independent katara, you get a capture where SHE DON’T FALL IN LOVE PLS STOP THIS AWFUL TROPE DON’T DO THIS PLS. you also get an awesome plot that has you hopping all over the world, the Gaang present or working in background of story (you know, like what they would do in their situations, instead of fangirling over z and k…. they gonna do stuff with the war), Katara and Zuko having to face each other and themselves, just so much happens in this fic for how short it is and it is handled so well. I am praying for the next update.

Super awesome, you’ll immediately get hooked. 

-Facets*** by balai (Rated T, 61k+ words, WIP)

It was unfathomable. Imagine the rumours, the scandal that would spread at the idea of the Fire Lord sneaking about under the cover of darkness, donning the mask of the Blue Spirit. But he would do it. He knew the risks he took. Still, he would do it for her.

Oh you want a punch to the heart? read this fic then and feel you insides cry. like damn this fic is so good and you will be filled with emotions so no mascara while reading this one. basically post war Zuko and Katara dealing with external and internal forces, growing closer as they overcome many obstacles in efforts to help the world get back on its feet. Very nice.

-The Plan*** by Sisters-From-Hell (Rated T, 53k+ words, WIP)

Katara was captured after trying to save Haru. Now she is a concubine in the Fire Lord’s Palace and she must find a way to save her tribe and the world. AU based on the movie “One Night With the King”


GTFO with all those weird “KAtaara is a concubine to PRinc no FIRE LORD ZUko but they fall into luv <3” shit cuz that is not what would happen and YOU know it and thankfully this author knows it too.

Katara, being Katara, isn’t just gonna sit around all doe eyed while the world goes up in flames (pun), and she gets captured by the Fire Nation while causing shit for the nation. Sent to its capital, about to be given to old creepy guys for “personal use” a certain angel comes to her in the form of a tea loving uncle of the freaking Fire Lord. Iroh is basically a sneaky little shit but you know that’s Iroh and we love him for it. Zuko and Katara meet, it goes BADLY, and they hate each other (at worst) or ignore and look down on each other (at best). Does a pretty good job of subtly acknowledging stuff like the prejudices one would see in a colonizing, warring country, and doesn’t have Katara and Zuko falling in love immediately. There’s an incredible amount of tension and contempt between the two, and when they aren’t making the other’s life shitty, they’re creating plans. For Zuko, to use Katara as a tool for the war to “persuade” the Water Tribes to surrender to Fire Nation rule. With Katara, she takes advantage of living in the palace to soak up every bit of information at her disposal, with the hopes of using it later to give to the resistance groups or to take out the Fire Lord himself. She so far has kept her bending abilities hidden, and she has attracted the eye of certain Fire Nation men that Zuko is to deal with. Right now, it seems like Zuko is beginning to find her attractive (not admitting that to himself, though) and she is literally puking at the thought of being romantic with him, even if it is for her benefit in the long run. Also, a certain tribesman may have just cracked open the iceberg…

Super awesome, definitely should read if you want a break from the never-ending “katara-gets-captured-and-instead-of-working-to-end-war-or-to-acknowledge-and-fight-back-against-oppressive-nation-and-people-that-have-messed-up-her-life-she-gonna-fall-for-a-dude’s-diq-while-he-ignores-years-of-propoganda-and-shitty-parenting-and-decides-he-suddenly-likes-katara-too” stories. 

-Fallacy by BloomRay (Rated T, 15k+ words, WIP)

Three years have passed since the Avatar’s defeat and the Fire Nation’s victory in the war. Katara and a handful of survivors have sought refuge amongst the ruins of the Western Air Temple. That is, until someone shows up. A very unwelcome someone, as it so happens. AU.

Not gonna lie, when I first read this, I was like “no”. I didn’t want to see Zuko regress back into his Season 1 personality as it would have been out of character, and I don’t like “Aang died…. okay anyway Zuko and Katara now suck face happy happy ending yes!” stories

This doesn’t do that wow I don’t know why I thought it would thank Jesus that’s not what we readers will have in this story. There were plot twists and major surprises and it’s only the beginning of the story. Very good so far, it has lots of potential.

-The Prophecy by XrhiaX (Rated T, 19k+ words, WIP)

AU. The Avatar lives in chains. The Earth Kingdom has fallen. Prince Zuko is a prisoner within the palace for his traitorous actions. And a Prophecy foretells of how the Last Southern Waterbender pertains to the Fire Nation’s ultimate victory.

To be honest I have no idea what’s happening right now and I mean that in a good way. Basically, you have a different plot running with the idea of Zuko still suffering punishment, but now he has a new “cell mate” (will make sense once you read). There’s still a search for the Avatar, and a confused and pissed Katara is taken to the Fire Nation to live in a gold cage, for reasons she doesn’t know either. There is obviously something keeping her there, as characters like Lu Ten are acting strangely while visiting a lonely Zuko, and there are talks of a prophecy. I can’t wait to see what will happen next, as the author already shows they have something planned with the way they are setting up everything so far. Since it is told from Zuko’s and Katara’s limited points of view, we only see so much, adding to the suspense. Pretty cool fic.

-Aerials*** by Bravada (Rated M, 28k+ words, WIP)

AU. One hundred years ago, the Avatar was killed, and the benders were no more. But now that the Fire Lord has merged with a demon, the Spirits are going to have to set things straight. Zutara, Taang, Sukka.

I love this fic. Zuko and Uncle washed up on SWT shore, taking on aliases to avoid death (confrontation, though, is something they do face and face often). Zuko slowly bonds with STW, in particular the two children of Chief Hakoda. Right when it seems like everything is going well, BAM SHIT GOES DOWN, IDENTITIES EXPOSED, and that’s just the beginning. Where I am right now, Zuko, Katara, Sokka, and Iroh left for the Southern Air Temples in search for people similar to Zuko and Katara. I love how in character everyone is, how fun the dialogues are as they always seem to grow a bit after a conversation, and the writing overall flows well. Every little interaction adds so much to the story. I enjoyed how Zuko grows from awkward and angry to awkward and nice, along with how Katara is strong, but also affectionate. The little events that help them to grow together are super fun and exciting. The other characters so far, such as Hakoda, Iroh, Sokka, and Zhao also make big impressions.

Great, fun read.

-The Spirit’s Beauty: A Fairy Tale of Sorts by NonsensicalLyrics  (Rated T, 28k+ words, Complete)

When Sokka and Aang go snooping around a seemingly abandoned ship only to discover it’s cursed, Katara must sacrifice herself in exchange for the Avatar’s freedom. Based loosely on the traditional fairy tale, “Beauty and the Beast”. Bluetara/Zutara.

This follows pretty closely to the original Disney story while remaining true to ATLA, I was surprised that this could be accomplished and done well. Zuko as the beast is endearing and Katara is pretty cool. I loved the whole mythos set up for the story as it added much to the story without taking away the charm ATLA has. It pretty much works like an episode of ATLA as they immediately go along with the main plot there. Pretty nice stuff.

-Reflections Dire by Jadely (Rated K+, 7k+ words, Complete)

News of the Painted Lady’s return spreads all the way to the Fire Nation capital, birthing festivities among the people. And who could happen to stumble into the middle of it with a keen curiosity other than the unsettled prince Zuko, who decides who decides to take up the face of the Blue Spirit one last time to meet the fabled woman himself. But who is who under the moonlight?

Zuko and Katara have to face their demons. Pretty cool, will make you sad for actual Painted Lady and Blue Spirit. Katara’s and Zuko’s interactions are pretty realistic too. Very nice short read. 

-Even So*** by lewilder (Rated T, 7k+ words, Complete)

A hundred years after Avatar Roku stops the Fire Nation’s attempts to take over the world, uprisings begin again in the Fire court. After the battles, the new Fire Lord, Zuko, seeks to reaffirm old alliances and looks for a bride from the Southern Water Tribe. Zutara, AU. Oneshot. 


Zuko and Katara marry, Katara is stubborn and won’t learn his language, he is still a shy little sweety anyway, they grow close while learning each others languages and the amount of affection between the two is so sweet but believable and not too much. It kinda follows them throughout their married years together (a little bit before for Katara). Very beautiful, can also read while in bathroom stall so double awesome.

-Beneath the Alder Tree by Harky21 (Rated M, 27k+ words, WIP)

“I’ve experienced many things in my time. I’ve seen storms brew and felt the earth quake. But there’s one thing that I’d only ever heard of in the whistling of the wind and on the dying breaths of men.” Beneath the branches of an alder tree a boy and a girl from enemy clans meet and learn that they may not be as different from each other as they thought. Rated M for later chapters.

Really great, set up almost poetically and from the point of a tree. It may sound weird, but it works so well. Katara and Zuko live in neighboring clans at war with each other, but grow very close through out the years in a field between their homes. The tree is a sort of narrator and I read it for the most part in Gandalf’s voice so there’s that. Super nice story with lots of surprises, tension, and great character growth.

-Burn to Ashes by beanaroony (Rated T, 21k+ words, WIP)

This is what the blood of betrayal tastes like, when its claws dig into your chest and tear at your throat and you palate nothing but sorrow and distrust again and again, again and again. S3 finale AU.

Well if you’re up for more angst cuz you just couldn’t get enough from earlier fics, here is this one for you. While heading over to take down Azula during Sozin’s comet, Zuko turns on Katara, believing it was for the best. They have to deal with much tension as Katara is sooooo done at this point and Zuko, being Zuko, just wanted to help but keeps screwing up instead. While they’re interacting, there’s lots going on in the background, mainly with everyone’s favorite batshit crazy royal, Azula. Pretty good so far. Where I’m at in the story, there is a major build up to something big about to happen so yes suspense is there, too.

check out some of these writers on tumblr as well

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Once again, when I have time I will finish this list and organize it. I know that I’m missing a ton from this post, so if you want more before I have time to update this list, message me and I’ll send you some quick links. If there’s something you guys think I forgot, message me and I’ll see that it’s changed. Have fun :)

i will hopefully have fics for pairings like jinko up sometime too.

Author Emma Cline’s debut novel, The Girls, was inspired by the infamous Manson family murders. But Cline says it wasn’t the cult that fascinated her; she was more interested in exploring why the cult’s young women followers were drawn to it.

“What makes young women vulnerable to these kinds of situations? What’s the psychology behind how they get involved in a group like this? We like to believe that you could avoid danger because you’d see the signs,” Cline says. “But I think that’s not really true and there is this danger, especially for adolescent girls.”

In ‘The Girls,’ A Teen’s Need To Be Noticed Draws Her Into A Manson-Like Cult


a long weekend full of rainy weather awaits me ☔️ I spent a large part of yesterday writing 50 index review cards for history and writing little character and author biography profiles for English. I find visual study methods ( charts, timelines, illustrations, flash cards/ index cards, and graphs ) help me the best and I enjoy making them .


Jack Hyde is a Commissioning Editor, managing relationships with some of SIP’s most high-profile authors. After graduating from Princeton University, Jack began his career consulting for top publishing houses from New York to Chicago,before ultimately making his way to Seattle to join SIP.

      “Mr. Jack Hyde … he smiles down at me, his blue eyes twinkling, as he leans
          against my desk.“Excellent work, Ana. I think we’re going to make a
             great team.” Somehow, I manage to curl my lips upward in a semblance of a smile.”


Image via Beth Gwinn/Courtesy of Naomi Novik

Author Naomi Novik is a world builder. She writes books about dragons, witches and dark woods — and she’s also designed computer games. “I’m an engineer and a writer,” she says, “and I find that those two things are not uncomplimentary.”

Weekend Edition’s Ravenna Koenig profiled Novik (whose latest book, Uprooted, was one of our First Reads). Check out the piece here … while I seethe quietly with envy.

– Petra


The creators behind the 1980s comic series Suicide Squad have been getting a fair amount of attention with the release of the splashy new movie it has inspired. But in all the coverage of the film, one of the comic’s co-writers – the late Kim Yale – has been completely overlooked.

One fan believes Yale’s presence (as a female co-writer) might explain why Suicide Squad’s cast looked completely different from other comics of the era: It featured numerous characters of color, a character with disabilities and several powerful women who often served as a given storyline’s moral center.

The Unsung Heroine Who Helped Shape ‘Suicide Squad’

Linstead Fic Recommendations

So I got asked probably about two months ago by a few people to post my Linstead fic recommendations and I finally got around to it! This is only a select few of the many that I have read; these are mostly ones that are either complete or are updating regularly. Unfortunately most of my old favourites haven’t been updated in forever :( I also added in a few of my favourite authors - check out their profiles and you’ll find a few good reads!

Count the Headlights

I Dare You To Move 

A Black Wind

The Fall

Break Your Plans

Just Turn It Down





This is Charlie.  He writes and illustrates Children’s Books. (Audio books will soon be available.) 

Charlie knows there’s a stigma against Hyenas, that they’re expected to be untrustworthy. Charlie knows the only way to combat unfair prejudice is to rise above, and be the best Hyena he can be. 

Charlie’s next book should hit shelves in early Spring, 2017. It’s about Giraffes.

Baekhyunsbabe's Fanfics ~Masterlist~

Hello lovely peeps! I posted this a while ago but I lost it. But I made up a new one and edited it for you guys! Some fics are WIP, and I’ll check them for you so you know which are WIP, in planning, or almost done. Also, I’ll post when they’re done or updated on my account on AFF!
Enjoy!~~~~~~~~~ link to all fics; past, present and future:

✏️- In planning
✒️- WIP
✔️-Working on now
❤- Pfft! Not even close
💛- Eh
💚- Halfway
💙- So close

✒️💚1) Xiuhan- Sweet Fascination~. Xiumin is the head honcho of a wealthy company who is married to Yuri of SNSD. Who is expecting their first child. The pregnancy has been more than difficult on Xiumin, and a coworker helps him through his time of “need” and soon enough, little kisses in the hall turn into more than Xiumin knew what to do with. PLOT TWIST THOUGH.
Rated: R for language and sexual content. One shot.

✒️✔️💚/💖2) ChenKai-Heart of The Wolf.
Wolf!au!!!! Jongdae is an Omega. Jongin is an Alpha, newly recruited to the pack. He’s the strong, silent type. Until Jongdae goes into heat. Love blossoms between these two misfits. Jongin would do anything to make Jongdae happy. But Jongin’s past catches up with him… Little do they know, their troubles have just started. Contains past!JonginxTaemin
Rated: R for language, sexual content, a/b/o verse, and Mpreg. Multi-chaptered, ongoing~
You can find the link to the fic below. Also, it has both a 💚and 💖 because there are chapters up.

✏️❤️3) HunHan- Student Body ch.3: Teacher’s Pet.
Holy crap guys. Get ready for some explicit stuff.
Rated R for language, dirty talk, BDSM themes, water sports, teacher/student intercourse, under-aged student, and good old kinky sex. Chapter continue. FOR MY BEAUTIFUL sehunslubedcock

You can view chapter 1 & 2 here:

✏️❤️4) EXO- The Sacred Story
The future. A once prosperous and bountiful land now lay in ruin; swarmed with ancient monsters and taken over by Hell. The land once had elements of 12 to protect it, but these elemental beings are now long gone. Slaughtered by Lucifer himself. Now, centuries later, these 12 elements are reborn again as different men; reincarnations of their ancestors. Can these 12 different and powerful elements come together to defeat the evil that’s plaguing their world? Rated R for language, gore, action and adult situations. Alongside fantasy, sci-fi and futuristic mumbo-jumbo. Mentions of Hell, monsters and ancient creatures. Multi-chaptered. Dedicated to my best friend and gay lover schatten-jaegers 💞

✏️❤️5) Baekyeol- untitled- paranormal!au~
Chanyeol and Baekhyun are husbands, moving to a new house for Chanyeol’s work. Baekhyun is a few months pregnant since he is a carrier. Able to become pregnant for survival reasons, it runs in his family. But their new house is haunted. The spirit is angered by Baekhyun, angered by his pregnancy and their marriage. It does anything to hurt Baekhyun and their unborn child. What happens why Chanyeol doesn’t believe his husband?
Rated R for sexual content and language, Mpreg, with a ghostly visitor. Multi-chaptered.

✏️❤️6) ChenBaekYeol- untitled
Chen and Chanyeol are happily married. Have been for 5 years. Chen is a work at home “wife” while Chanyeol works with his uncle at a multi-billion dollar company. The perfect couple who couldn’t be happier. Till one night Chen suggests going to a market for a pet/slave to spice things up for them. They Both agree and a few days later, Baekhyun is introduced. Though, these two are very different from Baekhyun’s past masters. They’re kind, fun, interesting and they treat him as an equal. He’s told he is their boyfriend. Till Baekhyun’s past catches up with him. If Chen and Chanyeol claim to love him, will they fight for him?
Rated M for sexual content, mentions of abuse, language and threesomes. multi-chaptered.

✒️💚7) Baekyeol- untitled
Baekhyun wakes up dead, with no memory or knowledge of how he met his untimely demise. He is but a ghost, silent, and invisible. But when he finds that his husband, Chanyeol, and their 9 month old daughter are in trouble he does anything he can to save them. Can he?
Rated M for language, character death, dark themes, sexual content(?) and feels. One shot.

✒️💜 8) Baekyeol- Eye Spy
Request by chen-ah 💗💗💗💗
Chanyeol is but a normal boyfriend. Or so that’s how his boyfriend, Baekhyun, sees him. He’s actually the best agent in his company, dealing with stealing, collecting information and in most cases, assassinations. When Chanyeol is sent on a mission to retrieve top secret information, his mission goes astray thanks to a mysterious, skilled enemy. The stranger foils his mission. But that’s not the only nor last time they meet. Who this stranger is, Chanyeol wishes he never found out.
Rated M for language, sexual content.

✏️❤️9) Kai&soo- We’re What You Fear in the Dark. Hybrid!au. Do Kyungsoo has a little secret he keeps locked in his basement. One shot. Rated R for gory scenes.

✏️❤️10) Kaibaekyeol- untitled~ zombie/apocalypse!au. They were always together. Since day one, it had always been the three of them. Even before the outbreak and the virus that spread across the globe, causing reanimated, cannibalistic corpses to roam the earth. Chanyeol is the scavenger, Jongin is the tracker and healer, and Baekhyun is looking pale. Rated R for language, gore, blood, past spousal and domestic abuse/rape, violence, romance, dark themes and zombies. Polyamory relationship. Length undecided.

✨✨If you guys have ANY questions, comments or concerns, my ask box is always open~ xoxo enjoy babies!

anonymous asked:

I kept seeing your latest fic on victuurificrec so I finally checked it out and it's SO GREAT. Then I click into your author profile and see that you also wrote centripetal force which is also SO GREAT and all the world's a stage - I feel like a moron cause I didn't know those were written by the same person and BASICALLY I have been loving your fics without realizing they were all YOURS, so that's it I'm subbed to your author profile now pls feel free to continue killing me with your awesome

Omg that’s hilarious!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING MY FICS <3 I’m so happy that you’ve enjoyed them all!!! ^.^ ^.^ ^.^

also s/o to @victuurificrec an iconic blog, truly

Cover of Midnighter #1, by Chris Sprouse

Because he is quite possibly the reason you’re here, The Midnighter is our first character profile.

Name: The Midnighter, “Night’s Bringer of War”

Other names: Lucas Trent. Is never actually Lucas Trent, however.

First seen in: Stormwatch #4 by Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch

Origin: In the Wildstorm canon, part of Henry Bendix’s Stormwatch 0 team, which was all composed of Justice League homages. Upon their teammates’ death at the hands of Bendix, Midnighter and Apollo go on the run for 5 years to take down criminals on their own terms before being captured by the official Stormwatch team and joining Jenny Sparks when she forms The Authority.

In current DC canon as of this writing, experimented on as a young child in the God Garden by the Gardener and Henry Bendix.

Superhero abilities: Most notably, a computer brain that can (literally) run a fight scenario a million times before either himself or his opponent make a single strike. Updated anatomy, including two hearts, a specialized nervous system, and strengthened bones and muscle. Enhanced speed, senses, and healing.

Famous for: being one half of the first gay couple seen in mainstream superhero comics and later being one half of the first gay marriage in mainstream superhero comics.

Best appearances (in your writer’s humble opinion): The original Authority run by Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch. The Authority: World’s End and The Authority: Rule Brittania by Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning, and Simon Coleby.  The DCYou Midnighter title by Steve Orlando and ACO.

Basically, though? Every writer loved Midnighter. There’s not a moment where he’s shoved out of the spotlight.

Best quote: “I know what moves you’re preparing to make. I’ve fought our fight already, in my head, in a million different ways. I can hit you without you even seeing me.”

In October 2009, the body of 50 year old gardener and Sainsbury’s employee Alan Wood was found mutilated in his rural English home. His hands had been bound and he’d sustained numerous stab wounds to the head before having his throat cut. There was also a deep knife inflicted laceration to the back of Alan’s neck, which implicated that his attackers had tried to decapitate him. Following the incident, police were able to establish that the victim’s bank cards were stolen and used at various ATM’s in nearby towns over the next few days. The fact that the assailants clearly had access to Alan’s bank account details suggested a motive for the brutal torture he suffered- they wanted his PIN number. Investigators were able to gather certain traces of evidence from the crime scene, including a footprint from a Converse trainer, as well as blood droplets left behind by a suspected perpetrator. However, although forensic scientists had successfully utilised the blood to determine a full male DNA profile, authorities were not able to match it to anybody on international databases. Additionally, tiny pieces of a ticket from a Lincolnshire bus company were found attached to the strips of sellotape used to restrain him, although it is believed not to have belonged to Mr Wood. Despite these findings, along with the police’s questioning of an alleged 20,000 people, Alan Wood’s murderers have not been convicted and as of yet remain untraceable. Sainsbury’s have offered a £50,000 reward for anyone with information that could lead to the capture of whoever perpetrated this heinous crime.

Miraculous Ladybug Fic Recommendations: Series Edition

In no particular order, here are a few Miraculous Ladybug fics in a series I’ve enjoyed. A few of the individual stories made different lists, but eh, whatever. Some are complete, some are not.

Dancing with Desire series by  WriterRach: Ballroom Dance AU, cute as fuck and I can’t even. 

Tendencies by KryallaOrchid: basically Marinette and Adrien have ladybug and cat traits in their civilian forms. Very good overarching plot. 

Miraculous Paon by  Anthemyst Mama and Papa Agreste time. The first part is in progress still, but the last two are complete and could be read separately.

Won’t Tell a Soul by Thelastpilot: Nino finds out Ladybug’s identity. Is a hardcore love square shipper. Then SHIT GOES DOWN. (while it is not filed under a series in AO3, there is a sequel with several chapters up. I don’t want to give the title or link it because it’s a major spoiler, but you can find it on the author’s profile.) 

Scandalous and  Twice Fallen by mocharetti Twice Fallen is a prequel, but could be read independently, but since it’s still in progress, I suggest reading Scandalous first. 


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I feel like Dickens is one of the places you go to go to school. You read it and you’re like, ‘None of this should work.’ But it somehow all works.

Dan Vyleta, author of Smoke

Vyleta’s new novel, Smoke, imagines a world where inner faults and sins are made visible by black smoke curling from bodies. He tells NPR that his big, sprawling narratives were inspired by the works of Charles Dickens.

‘Smoke’ Author Dan Vyleta Keeps It Messy

Image:  Michael Lionstar/Courtesy of Doubleday

taekook fic recs

i decided to rec some taekook since i’m bored and i want to get this blog started  ヾ(´▽`;)ゝ

  • infinity on high : For his first year of university, Jeongkook expects sex. If he was honest with himself, it’s one of the things he looked forward to.What he doesn’t expect, is to become fuck buddies with the first person he hooks up with. 

(very emotional, i think i cried  (ᵕ̣̣̣̣̣̣﹏ᵕ̣̣̣̣̣̣) but very nicely written with an amazing plot  (ノ・ェ・)ノ a good start to shipping taekook, tbh  ╰(✧∇✧╰))

(i was sad, but it ends well. it has a sequel to it too, just click on the author’s profile and look for it  ٩(•౪•٩)三)

(a fic by mindheist, is there anything more i need to say? just read it, trust me.)

(i just realised how many fics in this list are longfic- i love reading longfics, so… but once again, another college!au taekook, me, a masochist, another angst. but it’s beautifully written, so.  ٩(^ᴗ^)۶)

(another long fic, 47k  ٩(●ᴗ●)۶ but this is nothing too angsty, and no smut!! so if you’re a religious avoider of smut, here you go  (▰˘v˘▰))

  • taste of ink: Jungkook is a drug runner for the largest gang in the whole of Busan: the Sam Yong Pa.

One day he bumps into a runner for a rival gang in the next district that has trespassed into their territory: a Geum Sung Pa boy called Jimin. Jimin has a friend, a goon for the rival gang.

Taehyung beats people up for a living, and boy, does he look good when he’s doing it.But their blossoming friendships reignite old gang flames and causes the most brutal gang war the country has ever seen.Dragons destroy and stars explode.

(oh so very emotional, a long fic of 120k words, and worth every word.  (ᵕ̣̣̣̣̣̣﹏ᵕ̣̣̣̣̣̣) will make you cry legit tears, and so angsty. you don’t know taekook angst till you read this,(; ̄д ̄))

(tumblr!au. is there anything more to say? also, this is short and sweet, and it’ll make you smile so much (◍•ᴗ•◍))

  • rich bitch When you make six figures a year, Valentino isn’t that big of a deal.

(yay!! it’s mindheist, y’all. another perfect fic, just read it.)

  • my world only has you in it:  When Taehyung signed on at BTS Entertainment, he just thought he’d start getting laid a lot more. Then he films with Jeon Jeongguk. (Porn Star AU)

(so good, i cried a tear. nothing too angsty, but wonderfully written and i’ve reread this multiple times.)

  • never let me go Sometimes, reaching out and taking someone’s hand is the beginning of a journey.

(another mindheist fic becuase they’re all just too good  (♡´౪`♡) this was the fic that made me ship taekook too, and my very first one. soulmate!au, and i’m so in love with this fic. the dynamic between taekook are so real and honest, i love this so much. kind of angsty, with smut. (♡´౪`♡))

(aaaand, it’s another mindheist fic, because i’m trash for her fics. this is so good, i wanted more but it’s 4k words, so (ᅌᴗᅌ* ))

(college!au, i loved this so much.  (✾♛‿♛)ノ*♡ angsty but amazing, you won’t regret it.)

i’m finally done, rip :’)))) i’m sure y’all have read most of these already, but it’s all good, so why not reread it? :”)))


Chaim Potok

Chaim Potok was born on February 17, 1929, in the Bronx, New York. In the 1950s, he became a conservative Rabbi. In 1967, he published his first novel, The Chosen, followed by a sequel two years later. He continued to publish novels about the clash between secular and religious views throughout the 1990s, while also working as a university professor. He died on July 23, 2002, in Merion, Pennsylvania.

Get his book(s) here!

Read excerpts from the author here!

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Sixty years ago, Lawrence Ferlinghetti was the principal publisher of an iconoclastic band of writers and poets known as the Beat Generation. Today, the 96-year-old is still co-owner of San Francisco’s City Lights bookstore, and he’s still writing: He has three books coming out this year and he’s also working on a novel written entirely in reporter’s notebooks.

At 96, Poet And Beat Publisher Lawrence Ferlinghetti Isn’t Done Yet