author of the chronicles of narnia

Wife Of A King: Part 1

Pairing: Edmund Pevensie x Reader (f)

Warnings: sorcery, that’s the closest thing I believe, touch of angst

Author’s Note: I have been rewatching the Narnia movies and as it’s been since I was six, my emotions for Edmund rang true. I had fun writing this, and I hope you like it also :)


“We have castaways!” You hear the captain yell. It doesn’t really have any interest to you though, not until you her Caspian call out to Edmund. Donning a large grin, you stand and make your way to the young king.

“Well well well, look at you, young and handsome as ever.” You say to the boy before you.

Edmund squints at you while wiping water from his face. Sure, you’re attractive, but he doesn’t remember knowing anyone of your age in Narnia. “I can assure you I have always been handsome, Miss…?” Your eyebrow quirk as a fog starts at the base of your feet, “Oh, I don’t know whether to be flattered, or hurt,” Now the fog engulfs you completely, “You don’t even remember you own wife? Your queen?” When the heavy smoke disperses, you’re the same age as Edmund again.

Without even thinking, Edmund throws his arms around you, “The advantages of marrying a sorceress, my king. We never truly have to be apart.” Pressing a kiss to his forehead, you take a step back, “My king, I have missed you more than words can ever express.”

Before Edmund can reply, the other boy that entered Narnia with them is whining, “Wife? Edmund doesn’t even live in his own house! And of all the people, she’s a witch! A - a -” Releasing Edmund, you step towards the fool Lucy has called Eustace and with each step, you grow bigger, “Watch the next words that leave your mouth, boy. You are a relative to my husband, and no blood of mine.”

Eyes wide and chest heaving, Eustace fumbles about his words, “I was just going to say that you’re a perfect match for my cousin.” Going back to your form, you smirk at the frightened boy, “Good. Now run along.” You’re hoping to get back to your husband, but Lucy wraps you in a hug, giggling at your encounter with her cousin, “Y/N! It’s so good to see you!” Smiling, You hug her back, “As it is always to see you Lucy, but if you don’t mind, I’d like to spend some time with my king.”

For the rest of the afternoon, you and Edmund sit together and talk about how your lives have been since you’ve been separated.

“It’s so hard.” You say softly, your shoulder resting against Edmund’s as you stare out at the water, “For years and years, I got used to waking up everyday with my husband by my side. Then you left. I remember the morning after, when you never returned from Spare Oom, and I had forgotten.

"When you weren’t beside me, I figured you and Peter were outside, sparring. But when I got out there, I was met with Aslan. Everyday day after that, for just a moment, I would look for you beside me, then I would remember that you were gone. Then you came back, and for the entirety of your stay, we were fighting a war. I still haven’t gotten used to not seeing your face in the morning, and I hate our worlds for it.”

Edmund hears the sadness in your voice and takes your hand in his. He’s about to agree with you, but he notices the ring on your finger, “Your wedding ring. You still wear it?” He asks you incredulously. You place a kiss to his hand, “My king, I never take it off. Things of Narnia can not go to your world, so I was not surprised to see you don’t have yours.”

Just as he goes to say something, the captain yells across the ship, “Land ho!”

The lot of you row up to the dock in long boats, but when you go to step out of yours, Edmund holds you back, “Stay here, it might be dangerous.” Raising your eyebrow, you smirk at your king, “I don’t know if you recall, my husband, but I have fought and helped win plenty of wars by your side.”

At this, Edmund’s face grows gravely serious, “Y/N, I just got you back, I’m not going to put you at risk. For once in our marriage, can you please not stay by my side. I won’t ask you again, but just this once, please.” Nodding, you pull Edmund’s lips to yours, “Come back to me safely. I’m not there to protect you.” You say once the two of you part, your forehead pressed to his. Nodding against you, Ed gives you one more quick kiss and leaves you standing there in the long boat, holding his wedding band in your pocket.

You all can talk about how cruel is John Green for killing off main characters and breaking your heart, but the worst thing I’ve ever read is The Last Battle. Yeah, Chronicles of Narnia.
(akward pause before I start screaming)
Alright, I just hate that.


The legendary friendship of Corin Thunderfist and Lucy the Valiant

In me, Corin saw a playmate, someone to befriend. And so it was. We spent hours together, both at Cair Paravel and Anvard. We were eachother’s favorite companion. Between us, it was friendship at first sight.

But, oh, how it became  s o  m u c h  m o r e.

Edit inspired by Follower of Aslan’s fanfiction, Fields of Golden Barley. Quote belongs to the author.

I used screencaps of Prince Charles, from Reign as Corin. 

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4! ( I actually want to know the name of the works) I was wondering if it has to be fanfic related authors because you have already post fic rec so I pretty much have an idea of who you like, but I actually want to know which published authors most inspired you.

4. name three authors that were influential to your work and tell why

J. K. Rowling (Harry Potter), C. S. Lewis (Chronicles of Narnia), J. R. R. Tolkien (Lord of the Rings) – I refuse to be influenced by anyone who does not abbreviate their first initials, apparently.

I was young when I first read the works of all these authors. I love to world build, and each of their stories taught me that the sky is the limit as far as creation goes. But also, I think I got out of their stories my love for writing human connections. Believe it or not, I never considered myself a romance writer (before KageHina… man they hit me like a train), but I always found that I was at my happiest when dealing with emotional bonds, friendship and familial, most often a combination of the two. That’s a really strong theme in all of the above authors’ works, as well. 

Those series really helped me explore my writing, and myself, growing up. I explained to a friend once that Tolkien’s works make me feel that sense of early longing, that comes from leaving behind something I know I will miss. Lewis gives me hope I can return to things I may have forgotten. And Rowling makes me feel as though I’ve come home. 

More “asks for fic writers”!

Crossed out are answered already!

A few random Scorose headcanons running around in my head

Rose Weasley loves books more than almost anything. As a kid her mom reads The Chronicles of Narnia to her and she’s in love and as she gets older she goes on to read Jane Austen and Charles Dickens, who become her two favorites (although Pride and Prejudice will always own her heart). After learning about muggle authors in muggle studies, Scorpius asks her to lend him some books and Rose gets so excited and they end up having their own little private book club, where he reads one of her favorites and she’ll reread it and then they’ll spend an evening in the library discussing it. (He also loves Pride and Prejudice, though he pretends not to). 

Rose has really long, wild, curly red hair and brightly blue eyes and a smattering of freckles across her face and shoulders. She doesn’t have the patience to deal with her hair so most days she just lets it do its things but occasionally Dominique or Lucy will take pity on her and braid it or something. Scorpius gets annoyed because her hair is always everywhere, but he prefers it when she wears it down and lets it be crazy.

Rose loves coffee and oversized sweaters. Scorpius prefers tea and somehow always seems to find his favorite sweaters going missing only to reappear a few days later on his petite girlfriend on whom they could be dresses. 

Scorpius’ birthday is in November and he’s a total winter person. He loves cold temperatures and snow and wrapping up in warm blankets in front of the fire. Rose’s birthday is in June and she hates the cold and wishes it could be summer year round because she loves swimming and running around outside barefoot and laying out under the stars with her best friends. 

Rose is ridiculously short, like 5′2 and impossibly bitter about it. The entire family thinks its hilarious that she’s the shortest one, even Grandma Molly is taller than her, and they tease her relentlessly for her height, which infuriates Rose. Scorpius is an entire foot taller than her and loves to remind her of it, though everyone knows that if it came down to the two of them Rose could hex him to pieces without batting an eye. 

Rose is ridiculously smart and does really well in classes without really trying. Except for potions. She’s terrible at potions because she never reads the directions thoroughly so she always ends up accidentally skipping a line or adding an ingredient too early. Scorpius is organized and does all his work and is rather good at potions because he is cautious and thorough and he reads the directions twice before even starting. 

Rose has a big personality and is loud and sometimes obnoxious. She loves PDA and holding hands and wearing matching christmas sweaters in December. Scorpius is more reserved and gets embarrassed by Rose’s public antics sometimes, but only because he’s been brought up in a family that was forced to keep to themselves if they wanted to survive. 

When Rose looks in the mirror of Erised she sees herself and Scorius together all alone, with nobody looking at them strangely because he’s a Malfoy and she’s a Weasley. When Scorpius looks in the mirror of Erised he sees his family and Rose’s family together and laughing, with no prejudices and no bad blood and nothing keeping Rose from being with him.

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10,49,50 !! ❤

Thanks for the ask, Vi!

10: Has any book every influenced you greatly?

The Bible. What I’ve read has guided me through some pretty tough times. I feel like it has helped me not get upset/angry so easily as I used to.

If you’re talking about fictional books, The Chronicles of Narnia definitely influenced me greatly throughout my childhood and even today. I can easily relate to the characters, especially Lucy, and I can see the chapters play out in my head as I read.

49: Which books do you think should be taught in every school?

Hm… I really can’t think of a book that should be taught to everyone. I do feel like books from other cultures, not just ones written European or American authors should be taught. Books written by Hispanic, Asian, African authors, ect. should be taught so that students can see things from a different perspective.

50: Which books should be banned from all schools?

I feel that everyone should have the right to read what they want. No book should be banned from schools unless if it is has really explicit scenes or if it can possibly compromise a country’s safety.

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Hello! I was wondering if you had any tips on creating non-human races without ending up just subconsciously copying Tolkien?

Fiction is full of non-human races by authors before and after Tolkien. I assume you’re looking at beings who are not humanoid (using Tolkien examples, creatures like ents, trolls, orcs, goblins, etc. Not including elves, dwarves, shapeshifters, wizards, etc.).

Look at:
The Reckless series by Cornelia Funke
The Tempest by William Shakespeare
Watership Down by Richard Adams
The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis
The Last Unicorn by Peter Beagle
The Warriors series by Erin Hunter
Pretty much any of the extended universe Star Wars books

And this list from a message board on Goodreads

You’ll always be informed by the work of others you read, but the more broadly read you are, the more those influences will be varied and you’ll be much less likely to have a single work or author influence you. 

Hope this helps!

- O

EnnoAka Headcanons

I didn’t wanted to give it much thought, since is a rareship and I would probably die alone… but i can’t help it

  • I take Akaashi as a book person. He likes read historical novels, epic  and fantasy too (like lotr, asoiaf, chronicles of narnia,tolstoi,etc). For all the stories and the aesthetic, especially the aesthetic for all the details you can find in the stories and how the authors give life to their worlds.
  • Ennoshita likes art (specially photography and films. We already saw him as director in one of those hq issues. So yeah). He is a moviegoer. He is really passionate about it, but there aren’t much people who can cope with him in this. Especially bc he take note of every detail (the light, the music, the colors in the scene, the angle, etc…) and no one note those things so he doesn’t have one to share all his impressions about the movies
  • They both have experience dealing with loud people (aka noya,tanaka,bokuto)
  • They met in the training camp before the spring high. Like one day Akaashi was sitting alone under a tree, enjoying his time alone (finally) and reading asoiaf or something like that and Ennoshita was walking by, taking pictures and stuffs. And he just sees him there reading and can’t help it bc the atmosphere is so beautiful, the shadows playing in Akaashi’s face making  amazing contrast, and Akaashi’s posture…so he just take a picture without notice but Akaashi notice him anyway. (also this beautiful fic exist and share ideas likes these)
  • They stare each other for a few seconds before Ennoshita apologize but Akaashi doesn’t mind. He just ask him to show him the photo. And Chikara is not used to this, he shares his things with others of course but is not so common that people ask for them. So he obliges. And Akaashi is really impressed bc he notice some things in the composition and can’t believe how much he can change with the right atmosphere (??????) (I can’t believe that is me or something) and he tells his impressions to Ennoshita
  • Chikara can’t believe it bc most of the time everything is reduced to “nice picture” but Akaashi is different he talk about the composition and everything. So Ennoshita is captivated.
  • Ennoshita ask about the book and Akaashi tells him about it and they start talking bc Chikara was doing some research for a project of his and Keiji gives some book reference to him. And that is the beginning.
  • They start to hang out, watching movies and stuffs bc Akaashi notice things and Ennoshita is so happy that he can share his impressions with someone that actually notice things!! So they start like that. Sometimes they watch movies, sometimes Akaashi reads while Ennoshita works in his projects. Sometimes they read the same books and share opinions later
  • They become really close to the point where they can be curled up with each other watching movies and stuffs but never think much about that bc it feels natural and right. They were like that for MONTHS. Nobody was sure if they were dating or not.
  • Till one day after marathoning the lord of the rings Akaashi just kissed Ennoshita before leaving and was like the most perfect natural thing ever. And Ennoshita kisses him back without rush, just calm and sweet.  And they are together since then

just end me….rareships will be the death of me