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Organization Tips

[day 10. how I keep organized] Organization, oh how I love thee.

Since one of the things my blog is devoted to is organization, I decided to turn today’s prompt into a masterpost. So here are my best tips to staying organized!~

Minimize as much as possible! If you saw my What’s in My College Backpack post, then you saw that I foolishly planned on taking separate notebooks for each class. THIS WAS A BAD IDEA. It was heavy and heavy hurts your back. Now I use a binder and place everything (syllabi, class notes, textbook notes, handouts, etc.) in there. Although I do take a notebook to take messy lecture notes in before tranferring it to my binder, this method is much lighter and stress-free, since all I need to remember is one binder.

Clean out things regularly! I clean out my binder every week, my backpack every night, my online life every two weeks, etc., etc. Keeping things clean lets you think better.

Have an ideal schedule to go off of! Using a study schedule printable from @theorganisedstudent, I recently was able to plan my ideal study schedule: how much I would study each day, what I would study, and when I would take breaks. I based it off my maximum productivity levels, and having this is a great reminder when it’s Friday afternoon, I have the whole weekend ahead of me, and it doesn’t seem like anything needs to be done. Beyond studying, though, plan your dream day. Be realistic, but also be ambitious. Rarely will you ever matcn it to a T, but having this skeleton to go off of gives you a good idea of when you should be doing laundry, cleaning the bathroom, and also how much time you can afford to spend on YouTube. 😉

Prepare in advance! Pack you backpack the day before! ALWAYS. Even if it’s past midnight and all you want is sleep – when you wake up, you are definitely not going to feel like dealing with stocking your pencil case with everything you need. I’m a cute and casual shirt, jeans, and boots kind of gal, so deciding what to wear is not a big to-do for me, but if you spend way too long deliberating in front of the closet, you may want to set out your outfit the day before.

Keep a planner! I know this is a pretty stereotypical tip, so I won’t go into depth about it. Just make sure you have a definite method for organizing your planner and also that you stick to it.

Study smarter, not harder! Know which classes you are weaker in and spend more time on those. For example, History is an easy A for me. I barely study. Math, however, is the bane of my existence. In order to make As in math, I need to put in 3x the effort. Make sure to organize your schedule to accommodate this extra time.

Live simply! I’m a huge fan of minimalism. While definitely not a minimalist myself, I wholeheartedly agree that the more stuff you have, the less peace of mind you enjoy. Declutter everything you don’t need or even want. Have a place for everything and try to keep everything in its place. This helps keeps your mind and thought processes organized.

Clean mental clutter! I see a lot about taking care of your body, but what about your mind? Make sure to tidy your thoughts too. (That sounds sort of creepy, lol.) What I mean is – relax. Pray, meditate, take some time to write down everything pestering your mind – whatever works for you. Once it’s out, you can focus all of your mental capabilities of whatever task is at hand.

Spend a few minutes to save a few hours! This is more of a personal one, and definitely one that not everyone thinks is worthwhile, but I thought I would include it since it’s one of the main reasons I stay organized. I find organizing things extremely relaxing. (Actually, this weekend I plan on decluttering and organizing my space, and I’m really looking forward to it!) So I do a lot of (admittedly) silly things to help myself later. I organize my closet, first by style of clothing, and within those sections by color; my undergarments, pairing all of the socks and rolling all of the underwear; my books, genres then series and then standalones by author; my jewelry, fancy with fancy, everyday out in the open; etc. My most-used items are always at the forefront. I don’t have to do this, but I like how I can easily grab what I need without having to search for it or disturb a bunch of other stuff for it.

Hope some of these helped!