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a doodle of physical therapist Yuuri from THIS fanfic by @lipglossedover


Professional figure skater Viktor Nikiforov injures himself on vacation right after winning another gold medal and is in need of a physical therapist. Enter the quiet Dr. Katsuki.

Otherwise known as, physical therapy AU.



When you’re trying to write but your dog wants to play with his best friend underneath your chair #writerslife #dogs #doglovers #tamaskan #huskies #shibainu #author

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Estos son los autores de los que salieron los personajes 😆♡ (Characters & Authors)

Atsushi Nakajima (1909-1942)

Osamu Dazai (1909-1948)

Doppo Kunikida (1871-1909)

Yukichi Fukuzawa (1835-1901)

Ranpo Edogawa (1894-1965)

Akiko Yosano (1878-1942)

Kenji Miyazawa (1896-1933)

Junichiro Tanizaki (1886-1965)

Ryuunosuke Akutagawa (1892-1927)

anonymous asked:

What do you think of Odazai (oda sakunosuke x dazai)?

Oh boy anon now that is a pandora’s box of feels we should keep tightly shut at all costs. I love this show to bits. I love how it has a wide appeal, it gives the characters deep backstories and enough meta references to entertain those who usually stay away from Shonen fare, and the shonen audience is suitably interested with the action and the comedy.

Dazai is the one true favourite I have in the show. He is, in my opinion, one of the best written characters to have come out from the last year.

We tend to try to fit characters into ‘good’ and ‘bad’ and Dazai pretty much defines the ‘grey area’ morality. He’s the true neutral. He’s simultaneously being tested in the very human capacities of trying to find a bigger purpose in life, in trying to protect what he’s deemed precious to him while at the same time, he alienates himself such that he is an observer, an outsider who has no attachments and knows exactly what cards everyone else is holding up. I always find myself being mildly surprised how everyone around Dazai seems to trust him so much. Dazai is adapatible, he doesn’t have a rigid, limiting set of ideals like Kunikida, nor does he let his primal survival instincts rob him of his humanity the way it affects Atsushi. He is curiously placed in the epicentre of this motely crew of characters each with their own demons to slay, and he doesn’t look out of place at all. It’s so easy to forget that he never seemed out of place when he was with the mafia as well. Can a man be both extremes so effortlessly all the time? Or has he put on a mask and manufactured a passable code of acceptable behaviour that can be easily replicated but cannot really be heartfelt by any means. Thats the real draw to Dazai and I love how these parallels line up perfectly with the real Dazai’s No longer human.

Now where does Odasaku fit in all this? When we’re looking to see two people being drawn to each other, we automatically look for a sense of Yin and Yang and the like. Opposites attract as they say. What makes this show special is that no one in this show is entirely whole. Every character is broken in their own way and it’s how they’re broken in the same exact places that makes them work together. Odasaku exists in that grey area that Dazai inhabits. He is the ‘good’ guy in an overwhelming sea of the very worst humanity has to offer. His ‘goodness’ no longer has any weight in his eyes and he constantly feels like he needs to prove himself worthy of existing. Like Dazai, he observes people, but while Dazai limits himself with that knowledge, Odasaku acts on it by saving those who need to be saved. They complete each other that way, finish each other’s sentences in a manner of speaking since this story is rooted in words and stories.

Another thing I love about both of them is how they’re never pushed to be a certain kind of pairing. For some (non canon) ships, the chemistry is evident right away. For these two, they can be anything and everything: friends, survivors, drinking buddies, family, lovers anything at all really. You simply cannot deny the connection they had. I doubt Dazai even knows how to properly mourn for someone, despite being surrounded by death and destruction. He is very much like those kids Oda cared for. He simply follows Oda’s instructions and chooses to be the on the side of the good people, even though deep down, he’s still battling that same sense of nothingness. The fact that Oda was the only person who was able to have that kind of an impact on Dazai is a very powerful thing indeed anon.

Tl;dr: I am in a permanent state of heartbreak over them.  

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BSD Thoughts (Rambling)

Things to think about with Bungou Stray Dogs, and the real life authors

This covers things about Dazai, Chuuya, and Kunikida, other writers, such as Akutagawa, and Oda are mentioned as well. The tl;dr for this is: “Emil likes to ramble about writers.”

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Mon Ange

Pairing: Castiel x Reader
Word count: 761
Warnings: Fluff
Request: ( anonymous ) So I had an idea for a fic at two fucking am. It sounded great at the moment, but now, not so much. Either way, it was about person A speaking a foreign language to their platonic friend about ‘how fucking much I care about person B’. And B overhears and fluffy angst. I really don’t know, but I said fuck it. So here I am, humble-y begging. *gets in knees with puppy dog eyes*
Authors Note/Disclaimer: I can’t speak any other languages so I had to rely on Google Translate.  I have no idea if the French in this is correct.  Also, I included the English translation in italics after the lines that are in French.

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My Favourite Bungou Stray Dogs Fanfic Authors And Their Respective URLs

Because all of them deserve extra kudos and much more! (o^▽^o)

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And there we have it! If you’re on this list I’d like to thank you for your contribution! It’s ever increasing and if you happen to like an author on here please leave them a message or compliment about their work (they all deserve it). Or check out something new! Thank you and have fun! (≧◡≦)

I want to buy your book.

Poets of Tumblr.

It began with just one amazing writer here on Tumblr. Now, I have officially fallen in love with poetry and am on an ongoing mission to read all the poetry books by Tumblr authors.

So far, from Tumblr authors, I’ve bought:

[ Naiche Lizzette ] Paper and Bones 

[ Amanda Lovelace ] The Princess Saves Herself in This One

[ Clementine von Radics ] Mouthful of Forevers

I’ve also bought (not sure if Tumblr author):

[ The Dogs I have Kissed ] The Dogs I have Kissed

[ Richard Silken ] Crush

I would love to add to my collection! Message me if you have anybody to refer and definitely DON’T BE TOO SHY to recommend yourself and your book! I only have one condition: I only order from Amazon or other retail sites. I will not order directly from an individual.

I prefer Tumblr authors but if anybody has other poetry books in mind that are just too good to pass up, do let me know! I don’t mind if messages are on or off anon. Feel free to reblog this to get the word out. Thanks everybody! :D