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DECEMBER book photo challenge

December 8–”wrapping paper”

The Last Chance Christmas Ball by a WHOLE BUNCH OF WONDERFUL (women) AUTHORS!

Dedicating this post (and book) to Susan L.M. Goldberg, who may be on her “last chance” with the romance community (and more’s the pity)




These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect Fanfiction

But the author accidentally added an extra ingredient to the concoction — 


Thus a masterpiece was born!

Using their ultra super writing powers, the author has dedicated their lives to finishing the story

and to make you hurt in no way you have before 

Encouragement for Writers

Do not worry about how many people are or aren’t reading your work. Do not dwell on the fact that you may not have very many people who care to read your writing right now. Keep writing about the things you care about and keep publishing your books. If you care about your writing, that’s all that matters. Be patient, write for yourself, enjoy your work, and your readers will soon follow.

A PSA to the Star Trek Fandom Russian Names: You're Doing it Wrong

I love Star Trek. I love Star Trek so much. I love reading Star Trek fanfic and hearing head canons and AUs and genderbends. The Star Trek fandom is dedicated. Fanfic authors seem to do their research, and do it well, with one exception.

Motherfucking Pavel Andreivich Chekov.

I love this kid, whether it’s the TOS drama queen sass master or the AOS innocent angelic whiz kid. I love reading everything the fandom puts out on this dude. What I do not love, is the butchering of his name that goes on in this beautiful fandom. So, more out of selfishness than generosity, because if I read one more Pavel getting embarrassed at his “childhood nickname,” because of anyone writes a family fic in which Pavel’s father is named anything but Andrei, I. Will. Fucking. Scream.

Let me break this down for you.

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To Cassandra Clare
Thanks for letting me share the excellent name Magnus

Rick Riordan (Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard, Sword of Summer)

I am going to point out and fangirl over the fact that my two favorite authors happily share a great character name in the dedication of this book. Like a thousand times yes.

my brother got a doctor who trivia type book for christmas, and in it, there are the words ‘from jabe to margaret slitheen to lynda to captain jack harkness, no one was safe from the roving eye of Nine


Bit late doing this as work dictated that i have little free time for myself or personal projects… this however needed to be done. i wanted to do a humourous piece at first…. which I’m sure I may do later, but for now a simple portrait of the man who was my greatest inspiration.

Rest Without Embuggerance,
Sir. Terry Pratchett.


The Cubies’ ABC is a 1913 children’s book by Mary Mills Lyall and Earl Harvey Lyall, which has a little fun with the newly arrived ideas of the Cubists and their circle with wonderful illustrations and tongue-in-cheek verse. On behalf of the Cubies, the authors sarcastically dedicated the book to the American Association of Painters and Sculptors. 

A fully digitized version is available on! -sh