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this one is literally dedicated to @itsallavengers bcuz all her posts are magnificent but the Tony & Peter ones always have me HOWLING

The moon, zodiac, and witchcraft 🌙🔮

As a witch who incorporates a lot of astrology into my craft, I like to pay attention to the movement of the moon through the zodiac belt when doing certain spells.

🌚 Moons in ARIES are good for spells regarding leadership, taking action, and preserving your self interests. 

🌚 Moons in TAURUS are good for spells regarding love, material possessions, manifestation, peace, stability, and balancing finances .

🌚 Moons in GEMINI are good for spells regarding communication, intellect, new ideas, and connecting with others. 

🌚 Moons in CANCER are good for spells concerning home life, emotions, family, and achieving security. 

🌚 Moons in LEO are good for spells regarding self-love, self-reliance, creativity, glamours, and preserving self interests. 

🌚 Moons in VIRGO are good for spells regarding health, intellect, memory, trust, and practicality. 

🌚 Moons in LIBRA are good for spells regarding balance, justice, love, partnerships, teamwork, and social life.

🌚 Moons in SCORPIO are good for spells regarding passion, secrets, mysteries, confidence, power, sex, self-reliance, and vengeance. 

🌚 Moons in SAGITTARIUS are good for spells regarding spirituality, adventure, travel, freedom, fun, and intuition.

🌚 Moons in CAPRICORN are good for spells regarding success, career, ambition, dedication, and authority.

🌚 Moons in AQUARIUS are good for spells regarding individuality, imagination, independence, community, social life, and ‘thinking outside the box’.

🌚 Moons in PISCES are good for spells regarding emotions, compassion, intuition, dreams, astral travel, imagination, and sacrifice. 

Happy casting! 💜🌌  

From my own grimoire

What she says: I’m fine

What she means: I still can’t get over how brilliant the Twin Ciel reveal is I mean the author waited over a decade to reveal such a huge plot twist and she paced everything so nicely and the hints are all over the place and amazingly hidden and her use of character POV’s to hide the twin were incredibly done and how much dedication the author put in was outstanding the twin ciel twist takes a tired-old cliche and does something new with it and its a great plot twist and fits the manga so well holy shit

I’ve been thinking about this ask I reblogged from @madaboutasoiaf​ and what her anon said about Westeros benefiting from Rhaegar being Jon’s father as opposed to Ned which I wanted to address, but I did not want to take away from the points about Robert in the original post so I thought making a new post about it would be more appropriate. Here’s the bit I want to talk about:

Doesn’t that make Rhaegar the winner and Ned the loser, especially since Jon and Westeros are going to benefit more from Rhaegar as his father than Ned in the end?  

Besides my absolute rejection of the idea that the narrative, at any point, means to frame Ned as the loser in the story or that we’re meant to see him that way, here’s the irony in this line of thinking: Ned Stark did more for the War for the Dawn than Rhaegar Targaryen. Oh, Rhaegar sired Jon alright, but he did little beyond donating his sperm to create him. But the one who saved Jon’s life, that ensured that this one small infant would survive and grow up to be the man who will save the world? That was Ned Stark and the love he had for Lyanna. That was Lyanna and the absolute faith and trust she had in her brother.

Rhaegar failed the realm he wanted to save, and could have failed the little boy he fathered specifically to be a weapon against the Others so easily, did fail his two other children whom he believed were to be instrumental to the war. Rhaegar Targaryen could have been the king who saved Westeros; he had a prime opportunity and the necessary knowledge to do so. He was one of few who knew that the realm was already under siege and that a war for humanity’s very survival was coming, and the only one with enough authority and clout to really make a difference. Rhaegar could have significantly evened the stakes in the War for the Dawn by putting his focus to overthrowing Aerys since he recognized that the realm needed a better royal leadership if it had any chance to survive. With Rhaegar’s knowledge of the upcoming war, he could have had the monarchy spearhead a long-term plan to strengthen the Night’s Watch and the other Westerosi institutions so they could be prepared for the coming war. He could have used royal authority to dedicate resources to the Night’s Watch and set maesters to research the threat and how best to counter it. He could have established a line of communication with the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch and the Starks of Winterfell so he’d know the second the invasion began. Westeros could have had nearly a decade and a half to prepare for the Others: dragonglass could have been mined, food and weapons shipped to the Wall, the closed castles restored and manned, warriors directed to join as the Watch ceased to be a penal colony and the honor of service in it was restored, etc. Westeros could have had a much easier time mobilizing for the threat had it had a king that believed in what others thought legends and old wives’ tales. Instead, Rhaegar undermined the realm’s chances of actually being prepared for the Others. He instigated a war that weakened the same institutions that could have faced their threat by bleeding the realm in a conflict that could have been avoided. He squandered his knowledge and acted as if acquiring a few children was the be-all, end-all of his responsibility to the realm…. and the kicker is that even those children were not properly protected.

Compare that to Ned who, unlike Rhaegar, did not know that Jon would play an important part in saving humanity, or that a war with a mystical enemy was coming, when he saved the life of one small infant and raised him with all the qualities that made him the hero Westeros needs. Look at Jon’s actions at the Wall and how driven he is by Ned’s teachings. Jon picked service in the Night’s Watch as a purpose because Ned had impressed upon him the honor of serving the realm on the Wall, a belief left over by a residual ancestral memory of the true purpose of the Wall and why the Night’s Watch is important. He was adamant on saving as many of the free folk as he could because Dad stressed the value of every single individual life, and that condemning someone to die should never be easy and the cost should never be ignored. I fully believe that Jon’s heroics should be attributed to him, that his courage and empathy and forward thinking is something to commend Jon on, but Ned was the one who raised this man and who shaped who Jon came to be – a hero who stands up for the weak and innocent and who is going to save the world, not because Rhaegar Targaryen sired him for that purpose, but because Ned Stark taught him to do the right thing, and because Ned Stark did do the right thing when he saved this small helpless innocent for love and for honor - because the life of that one bastard boy was everything, worth the lies and the shame and the pain it cost Ned. And that one life spared will mean life to the realm at large.

Westeros might have been better served with Rhaegar as king, but it is far better served with Ned as Jon’s father. It was Ned’s love that saved Jon, his honor that he passed onto his son, and his values and teachings that enabled Jon to be the hero Westeros needs.

Bottom Steve Stony Recs

Okay, you poor, starving-in-the-wilderness bottom!Steve people!  Here are some bottom Steve fics for your enjoyment.  I tried to largely rec some that I haven’t already rec’d in other posts, so hopefully, these will be some new ones for people!  Feel free to add your own recs, and please remember to leave kudos and comments for your dedicated authors!

Never is a Promise by manic_intent:   Steve had to admit that he had some reservations about how the New Century handled the social balance between alphas and omegas.

Come on Closer by Epiphanyx7:  [[… porn.]]  Or, the one where Steve wants to talk to Tony about something important.

Chapter 19 by @some-blue-jack:  Anyone who was anyone knew about Captain America.

Sharp Dressed Man by copperbadge:   There are a lot of things you can do with a personalized suit of armor and a naked super soldier.

Whatever You Ask by @blossomsinthemist:   Sometimes Steve just wants to let go. Tony’s perfectly willing to help with that. The two of them try something Steve’s been wanting for a while. Basically PWP with added feelings, established relationship.

Got You Under My Skin by @blossomsinthemist:  “I’d be happy to show you a good time,” Tony said, smiling a little obscurely, Steve thought, as if to himself, but still with that warm, knowing look, affectionate and oddly fond, “any time you want.”Steve Rogers goes to Tony Stark’s birthday party. Things progress from there, with a lot of flirtiness leading to propositions, and propositions leading to, well, what comes next, and Steve isn’t even sure what he wants after that.

Mark Sixty-Nine by @everybodyilovedies:   Tony is irritated that Steve’s first hug-and-fly wasn’t with him. As the source of many of Steve’s other “firsts”, Tony has a brilliant idea of how he could take one more. Specifically, Steve’s first time being fucked by a machine.

Afternoon Delight by silverfoxflower:  Tony watched with narrowed eyes as Rogers nodded politely to Natasha. They exchanged quick, familiar smiles, which suggested that they knew each other better than the acquaintances they seemed to want Tony to think they were. Up close, Rogers was even more attractive than he had appeared on camera, a touch of blonde stubble along his jaw, large square hands.He also had a nice ass, not that Tony was particularly staring.“Mr. Stark,” Natasha said, as they both stood before Tony’s desk. “May I introduce Steve Rogers? Or, if you prefer, Captain America.”

Crash Love by Sarah_Hylor:  It’s just sex. Just sex between two consenting adults who don’t have feelings for each other beyond the camaraderie that comes from being on the same team.It’s just sex. Until it isn’t. It’s not love. Until it is.

Blacksmith’s Hands by @everybodyilovedies:   Based in Marvel’s 1872 Western Universe, where Tony is a blacksmith and Steve is the town Sheriff. Blacksmith Tony hears Sheriff Steve’s birth date is coming up, and decides to give him the present he deserves.

Hold On Let Go by gracerene:   The barn smells of stale hay, and some kind of warm wood, and Tony knows that most people would find the scent comforting, but it just makes his skin prickle.

How to Top a Supersoldier by @festiveferret:  Steve was causing the problem in the first place. Steve who had turned bright red and bitten his lip when he’d found out that Tony had been “cursed” with temporary super strength. Steve who had been vibrating in the seat next to Tony throughout this entire meeting.Steve who was currently 100% rock hard, Tony had no doubt, and hiding it masterfully by clutching the shield over his lap.

Mark XXX by @robintcj:  Oh, look, another filthy, filthy threesome porn. This time, it’s Steve/Tony/Iron Man Armour. No plot, mostly porn with a little bit of cracky humour. It’s dirty, and I’m sorry.No I’m not. I’m not sorry. You know what, you’re all down here in the muck with me.

Paint Job by @cptxrogers:   “You want me to what?” Steve looked incredulous.
“I want you to detail my car,” Tony said with a smirk.

Come Ride With Me by @veldeia:  Tony’s had a long and rough week, and when he touches down at Eden Landing, he just wants a hot shower, a proper meal and ten hours of sleep—but when he steps out of his battered little ship and spots Steve, he finds himself perfectly willing to rethink his priorities.Smutty bingo fill for the prompt “au: western”, though it’s actually AU: Space Western!

voglio sentirti by lackluster_lexicon:   Steve returns to Stark Tower ten months after leaving Tony in Siberia.

Unfurl Your Gown by theladyingrey42:   “I feel ridiculous.” Steve scowls at his drink and pretends he’s not shifting just to feel the skirt against his thighs.

The Sixth Time Is the Charm by nightwalker:   The fifth time Steve tried to get Tony to fuck him (and failed) is when he started taking it personally.

Down on the Farm by tellxmebby:  Tony laughs, throwing an old rag at the blond man, who bats it away in the air. “Fuck you.”“Mm,” Steve rolls back under the car with a newly fitted socket, “maybe later.” Steve grins up at the chrome above him at the lack of response. It must take Tony a minute to recover, but when he does Steve hears him huff.

My Private Dancer by lilmoongodess:  Steve Rogers enters the world of high-end exotic dancing, and catches the eye of world-famous billionaire playboy Tony Stark. Will the strange relationship he develops with Tony develop into something more? Or will the high-intensity connection between them short out and burn to the ground?

Warmth by gracerene:   After defeating Ultron, Tony and Steve “talk” things out.

This Mess We’re In by @kiyaar:   Steve is a troll, Tony is obliging. Everyone gets done. Set in that fictional interval during Secret Avengers where Steve is a Commander and he and Tony are actually on speaking terms. Unrepentant porn.

Breathe by @robintcj:  Bingo square prompt is ‘breathplay’.Right now, Tony’s most favourite thing about Steve is his ass.Specifically, the way it’s currently peeking out of the bottom of a pair of white, lacy panties.The thing most people don’t know about Steve is how … adventurous he can be.

til you scream by starsandstark:  A fic in which Steve and Tony see how many times Steve can come in one night because Steve is a shameless slut and loves to be used.

Warmth by Neverever:   When Steve gets too cold from being out in the snow, Tony thinks of ways to warm him up.

Take My Body Home by @kiyaar:  After the events of Superior Iron Man, Tony sells Extremis to the highest bidder and finds himself living as an expatriate in Russia.Steve’s never been good at letting go.

En Suite by valtyr:   Written for Avengers Kink. Prompt: “Tony/Steve. Shower sex.”

Apparently Only One Meal from Barbarism by valtyr:   The Savage Land: “All kinds of mutates and dinosaurs and big cheetahs and a surprising amount of acceptable nudity.” - Spider-Man

I suppose it is okay to self-rec, so I’ll add my own bottom!Steve fics, so here you go:

Gift With Purchase Remix:   Gift With Purchase Remix wherein Steve actually is a hooker. But for a Really Sympathetic Reason.  (they do switch to bottom!Tony at one point, but it is mostly bottom!steve)

This Is Not a Drill:  “Can I—can I see him? I mean meet him. Uh…welcome him to the team?” Tony clarified, probably not very well, he knew.“Well…there’s a bit of an issue with that,” Fury said, and Tony figured this was where Fury got to whatever it was that had really forced his hand and made him call Tony in, knowing how much the man detested having to do so. “You see, well. He was suspended in the ice for nearly seventy years,” Fury began. Tony nodded along, because he could do math.“I’m sure he has a lot of adjusting to do—“ Tony started.“Seventy years,” Fury repeated, cutting Tony off and leaning back in his chair and making it rock slightly. “Of no suppressants.”“Oh,” Tony managed to choke out past the lump that had suddenly formed in his throat. “Oh.”Chapter 2: Wherein Tony plots murder, Steve is stubborn and there’s an island, but not that one.Chapter 3: The world’s least interesting pillow fight Chapter 4: Poor suit design is an issue.Chapter 5: Pillows solve everything Chapter 6: Total porn. Improper use of biology and anatomy. Nothing remotely redeeming. At all.  Sequel is here.

Steve the Surprise Bottom:  This prompt was for Tony being surprised that Steve would want to bottom. Enjoy your smut.

Prima Nocta:  This was a Thank You Fic request for Anon, who wanted to incorporate Tony’s reference in AoU to prima nocta and bottom!Steve. Please note that, despite the premise, there is no non-con between Steve and Tony. Took me a while to think of how to do that, but here we are. There is definitely gratuitous fetishization of Steve’s virginity, however. If that bothers you. If not, pull up a chair and enjoy.Please note that this does not end with everything tied into a nice, neat bow. It is a one shot of a single night, so while I know they do find their way to each other, the story is open-ended.

yoi fic rec list, part 6

we’ll be suffering for updates but it’s worth it

seek those who fan your flames by ebenroot / @ebenroot

Yuuri gets hand-delivered a black-print T-shirt by one of his bodyguards on Friday. There’s a small sticky note attached to the collar in Victor’s handwriting that reads: ‘Our new band shirt! Logo is still a work in progress. Name too. But it’s a start! Let me know what you think after school. - Victor’

There’s a heart next to his name that is hastily scribbled out. Then another heart next to that one, like Victor decided to put it in anyways.

Yuuri thinks he’s in love.

in which Yuuri is a teenager that’s actually a prince, and Victor is a teenager with a band that just wants to listen to rock music with him

I got Princess Diaries vibes while I read the story and it’s a whooping 10k!

Yuuri is a prince but no one knows he’s a prince, except for Phichit. The people at school thought he got his team of bodyguards because his parents are rich people. But hey, there’s this teenager Yuuri meets at the arcade and he likes rock music and wants Yuuri to watch to his band performance!


 Binding of Winter by dia_dove / @iceprincess-yuri

The Beasts, giant creatures with great power, have always been there to protect them. At least that was the story Yuuri’s mother had always told him. But there is more to that story than Yuuri knows.

A fantasy AU in which Viktor, the new leader of the Great Beasts chooses Yuuri as his future mate.

I have one word: wolves.

Yuuri is only five when he is promised to be the future mate of the leader of the Great Beasts. However, if you think he’s walking down this path with his own will, it’s not happening, especially when no one bothers to tell him what’s going on!

It’s time for two strangers to get to know each other.

I Write Sins, Not Tragedies by cuttlemefish / @cuttlemefishwrites

Things would be a little easier if Yuuri wasn’t so in love with his husband Viktor, especially considering they have an arranged marriage. Two years after their wedding, Yuuri and Viktor are incredibly in love, but can’t seem to get over the hump of their platonic union to consummate their marriage! Good thing Yuuri is the most (in)famous erotic fanfiction author of the Love in the Streets fandom. Now, he’s got the support of the Internet to figure out how to seduce his husband, if only he can continue to keep their identities a secret.

Or, the AU in which everyone thinks Yuuri and Viktor have the perfect marriage full of adventurous sex when, in fact, Viktor sleeps in the guest bedroom and Yuuri writes erotic fanfiction to quench his thirst.


I look forward to see the Internet helps Yuuri to seduce his husband.

What Now? by shereadsthestars

Viktor Nikiforov, Niki to his closest friends- well, closest friend, singular, prefers to keep his nose clean.

He’s not the type to hold a strong presence in the room, or even dominate the conversation. He’s quiet, and mindful. And would really just like to finish out the rest of his college career in peace.

So it’s no question that his unwavering, slightly over-the-top infatuation with one Yuuri Katsuki is a bit of a problem.

.. being that Yuuri Katsuki is the guy on campus everyone either wants to be, bang, or just generally know and be on good terms with.

He’s the life of the party. The center of fun. The prime source of the juciest rumors and stories stringing about from dorm room to dorm room. And he’s so far out of Viktor’s league that Viktor isn’t even sure himself what league Yuuri lands in. One of his own, surely.

So what happens when Yuuri asks Viktor’s closest friend where 'that cute guy you’re always hanging out with’ is one night, at an annual get together?

Planetary dysfunction. That’s what.

This story makes me feel warm all over the places because when you thought it’s a one-sided love (from Victor to Yuuri), it turns out to be mutual pining for both sides. DAMN IT THIS STORY IS SO SOFT!

we’ll always have paris by spookyfoot / @katsukiyuuristrophyhusband

“Yuuri!” Phichit’s discovered a new frequency.
“Phichit,” Yuuri hisses, “be quiet.” As though Victor can somehow hear them from the table, thirty meters away.
“I am deeply offended that you failed to text me the very minute you ran into Victor Nikiforov, subject of your teenage and not-so-teenaged fantasies, bane of my existence, and the reason the wall between our rooms has an indent shaped like a fist.” Phichit actually gets louder.
“There’s like 50 new photos of you on Victor’s Instagram.”
“Just…shut up for a second!” Yuuri pulls the phone away from his ear. He can still hear Phichit screeching, “don’t ignore me! I raised you!”
Yuuri ignores him. Phichit’s avalanche of laughter echoes against the tile.
He pulls up Victor’s Instagram. Yuuri doesn’t even remember Victor taking seventy five percent of these.
“Yuuri! Stop masturbating, we have to go!” Victor is officially the worst.


Or: the canon divergent au where Yuuri doesn’t screw up Japanese Nationals, runs into Victor in the Paris airport on the way to Worlds in Sweden, and somehow embarrasses himself into a relationship on the 18 hour train ride between Paris and Malmö.

Every chapter of this story is an adventure and I love it! I really appreciate it when authors take the dedication to research stuffs. It feels nice to learn a few things or two while reading fanfictions.

I especially love the part where Victor and Yuuri break into the kitchen because they are hungry. Also, the sightseeing makes me imagine all the cool stuffs.

I loved him, I really did. I thought he loved me too. He didn’t, he never had, all I was to him was a warm body. I didn’t matter, but he never let that on. Until one day I had enough. I left him. I left his cold heart on the curb where it belonged. When he came back, begging for me, it broke me. Where was this years ago when I loved him? Where was this when he used me? If I had let him back into my life, would things have changed. No, I’m not going to let him use me all over again. I am done.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never read #82 // anonymous
That Moment-

When your parents ask you what your doing on your phone because you’ve been on it for 3 hours and your reading the really smutty bit of a gay fanfic of your OTP.

Me: … Reading literature of a bond between two… male/female ‘friends’ created by dedicated authors online to support their work and appreciate it for they have great potential in being a great person to the community of us fans who all adore a fictional series on Television, Media and Novels.

Them: … Give me your phone.

Me: (Shit)

Reblog and tag your top 5 OTPs




These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect Fanfiction

But the author accidentally added an extra ingredient to the concoction — 


Thus a masterpiece was born!

Using their ultra super writing powers, the author has dedicated their lives to finishing the story

and to make you hurt in no way you have before 

reminiscence || isaac lahey (!!)

author: @broodybell
pairing: isaac x reader
word count: 1,280

warning: nsfw

authors note: this is dedicated to my hay-babe @sarcasticallystilinski bc she’s ill and has major isaac feels, i luh u bby x x inspired by reminiscence (listen on repeat) 

summary: reader reminisces a night with isaac until her subconscious finally wakes her up. 

Keep reading

dayheronadale  asked:

Do you know any ya nonfiction worth reading? I'm trying to explore different writing styles.

Yesssssssss! :D 

This is Really Happening 

Written by @buzzfeed editor Erin Chack, this witty and moving memoir covers everything from first kisses, cancer-scares, studying abroad and landing a dream job. Fun, quirky, and literally so relatable, this is the perfect book for the teen or 20-something trying to figure out how to live life and have fun. 

Girling Up

Mayim Bialik, star of The Big Bang Theory, puts her Ph.D. to work as she talks to teens about the science of growing up and getting ahead. A must-have book for all teenage girls.

This Star Won’t Go Out

With an introduction by award-winning author John Green who dedicated his #1 bestselling novel The Fault in Our Stars to her, this is a collection of the journals, fiction, letters, and sketches of the late Esther Grace Earl, who passed away in 2010 at the age of 16. Moving and touching, this is the perfect book to help you reach out to your family and tell them you love them. 

Want more books? Check out

BatFam X Reader "New Family" Part 3

You work for Wayne Industries when you are asked to see Bruce Wayne with your boss Mr. Fox. On your way up to meet wit him, you meet someone else.

Authors note: This is dedicated to my biggest fan Abdullaah. Thank you for being so supportive.

Part 1

Part 2


You weren’t sure but that creepy feeling that you were being followed wouldn’t go away and it was nagging at your very soul. It felt like having butterflies in your stomach and that anticipation that you are watching a scary movie and you don’t know when that thing that you know is going to jump out on the screen will. Yeah that is how you felt. That gut feeling was never wrong when it came to this. It just wasn’t. So as you stepped out the front doors of Wayne Industries you glanced behind you to see a security guard. Something about him looked familiar… You store this information in the back of your mind and continue on your way home. By the time that you make it two blocks the feeling comes back to you.

At this time you need to make a decision either evade or lead the shadow. Evading would shake him off your trail, but if this guy had been following you as long as you thought he had then he would just wait for you at home. So the last option was the best bet.

As you continue the way home, but instead of making a right you take a left. Without back tracking it would now take an extra five minutes home. As you continue down the sidewalk more and more of the stores turn to be abandoned. A closed down Barkery. Unbeknownst to the public this bakery wasn’t closed down or a bakery. This is the place were you lay your trap.

It was dark and musty. Though the outside wasn’t what you were really interested in it was what was inside that mattered.

Going around to the back the door was there. Once inside you start looking for Mack.

“Mack?” You yell. “Its Y/N.”

“Y/N, what in tar-nation are ye doing here?” said a man with an Irish accent. He is short fat man with patches of white hair all around his head. Wearing a hideous sweater and jeans that are obviously to big for him. Though the ensemble would not be complete without his climbing harness and goggles that look like they might have been part of a steampunk costume.

“Hey Mack. I just needed to use your security cameras.”

“Really? Whose after ye?”

“I don’t know Mack, but can I use them.”

“Sure they’re in dah closet.”

“Thanks.” you say as you walk towards the hallway closet.

The closet obviously must has been a cleaning supplies closet because it still smelled of cleaning product. On wall was the computer and on the other were ten screens. Each one projected a live feed of the inside and the outside of the bakery. As you scan the screens you notice a figure on the rooftop on the building across the street.

“Yer think that him?”

You scream and before you know it you have your hands wrapped securely around Macks throat. “God sorry Mack I didn’t realize. I’m sorry.”

“Its not yer fault deary. I forgot before you were a techy you were part of the-”

“Don’t say their name out loud!”

Mack raises a bushy white eyebrow and says “If yer say so deary.”

You smile at his reassuringly and look out a the screen at the figure on the roof. You zoom closer to get a better look. Red mask covers his entire face and it looks like he is wearing a brown jacket.

“Its one of the Bat’s.” Mack exclaims.

“One of the bat’s?” You ask.

“Yes Y/N one of Bat’s.” You look at him blankly. “You know Batman? That is one of his guys. I think he calls himself deh Red Hood.”

“How original.” You say sarcastically.

“Has dis guy been following yer?”

“I think so. I am going to talk to him.”

“Talk to him?! Why…” Mack cuts off his own sentence and says instead. “If yer goin to talk to him you better watch your back. He ain’t like the others; he kills.”

“Mack you don’t think that he knows about me do you?”

“Nah deary, I wiped your past away. Your new identity is secure.”

You nod as you get out of the chair and leave the Bakery.


Jason was sure that this was not what Bruce ment when he said ”I want you to become her friend and get her to come onto our side.” by stalking her. He truly didn’t know how to become her friend, she really isolated herself from everyone. He had tried to talk to her and find excuses to see her, but whenever he tried she wouldn’t pay attention.

“Y/N was one of those who stayed in her own world.” Jason thought to himself.

He had been hoping to find a way to run into her on her way to work or on her way home and that is why he had been following her… for a week. So it had taken him off guard when she changed her route and had stopped at a closed down bakery.

Still looking through his binoculars he waits for you to come out.

Some pressure is felt at the back of his jacket. Jason freezes. He has been made. Your voice confidently whisper next to his ear. “Why are you following me?”


Books Read in 2016: Inferno (Blood for Blood #2) by @catherine-doyle 

“What I meant was,” his face twisted into a quiet smile that felt secret and deadly, “you’re a bright spark, Sophie. And I don’t want anyone to snuff you out.”


So, I’ve finally decided to get a masterlist of my fics/collaborations together! I’m not a full time author or a dedicated fic writer, but I’d love to get some more fics written eventually.

“More Than Just Feathers.” (Dalton Castle x Reader) (Pt. 1)

(Description: Sometimes accidents happen for a reason. A run into the confident Party Peacock leads to a formal introduction.)

“Growing On Me” (Dalton Castle x reader) ( Pt 2 of “More Than Just Feathers)

(Description: Feelings are finally addressed, thanks to the help of a little jealousy.) 

“Part Of Your World” (Johnny Gargano x Reader) (Pt 1/-)

(Description: A glimpse into the reader’s relationship and past with Johnny leading up to him leaving for his NXT callup.)

“All I Wanted” (Corey Graves x reader) (Song Fic)

(Description: Corey has had the reader’s back since day one, but the reason behind it has changed over time. Reader has feelings for her best friend but doubtful that he feels the same way.)

“Make You Forget” (Roman Reigns x Reader)  *Collaboration with @wwe-smutfics*

(Description: Reader and Seth have a Friends w/ Benefits arrangement, but Roman changes everything. Warnings: Um? Smut/Jealousy, implied Friends with Benefits relationship, I think that’s all.)

“How It All Began” (Kenny Omega x reader)

(Description: A look into how the “Reader” has become a part of the Bucks & most importantly Kenny Omega’s life.)

“The Call” (Kenny Omega x reader)

(Description: Kenny is away from his (girlfriend/reader) and decides to brighten her long day with a Skype Call.)  Warnings: Vague/brief smut.

“What A Man” (Adam Cole x Reader) (Appearances by Fandango & Dolph Ziggler)  *Collaboration with @wwesmutdonedirtcheap *

(Description: You see Adam after years apart but you already have your hands full of drama with Fandango and Dolph. Can you finally tell Adam how you feel? S/F)

“Blondie” (Dolph Ziggler x reader) (Dream sequence)

** Would Include(s)**

Sex with Colt Cabana on the beach

Having a conversation with Matt Jackson

Dating Colt Cabana