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The moon, zodiac, and witchcraft 🌙🔮

As a witch who incorporates a lot of astrology into my craft, I like to pay attention to the movement of the moon through the zodiac belt when doing certain spells.

🌚 Moons in ARIES are good for spells regarding leadership, taking action, and preserving your self interests. 

🌚 Moons in TAURUS are good for spells regarding love, material possessions, manifestation, peace, stability, and balancing finances .

🌚 Moons in GEMINI are good for spells regarding communication, intellect, new ideas, and connecting with others. 

🌚 Moons in CANCER are good for spells concerning home life, emotions, family, and achieving security. 

🌚 Moons in LEO are good for spells regarding self-love, self-reliance, creativity, glamours, and preserving self interests. 

🌚 Moons in VIRGO are good for spells regarding health, intellect, memory, trust, and practicality. 

🌚 Moons in LIBRA are good for spells regarding balance, justice, love, partnerships, teamwork, and social life.

🌚 Moons in SCORPIO are good for spells regarding passion, secrets, mysteries, confidence, power, sex, self-reliance, and vengeance. 

🌚 Moons in SAGITTARIUS are good for spells regarding spirituality, adventure, travel, freedom, fun, and intuition.

🌚 Moons in CAPRICORN are good for spells regarding success, career, ambition, dedication, and authority.

🌚 Moons in AQUARIUS are good for spells regarding individuality, imagination, independence, community, social life, and ‘thinking outside the box’.

🌚 Moons in PISCES are good for spells regarding emotions, compassion, intuition, dreams, astral travel, imagination, and sacrifice. 

Happy casting! 💜🌌  

From my own grimoire

That Moment-

When your parents ask you what your doing on your phone because you’ve been on it for 3 hours and your reading the really smutty bit of a gay fanfic of your OTP.

Me: … Reading literature of a bond between two… male/female ‘friends’ created by dedicated authors online to support their work and appreciate it for they have great potential in being a great person to the community of us fans who all adore a fictional series on Television, Media and Novels.

Them: … Give me your phone.

Me: (Shit)

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I loved him, I really did. I thought he loved me too. He didn’t, he never had, all I was to him was a warm body. I didn’t matter, but he never let that on. Until one day I had enough. I left him. I left his cold heart on the curb where it belonged. When he came back, begging for me, it broke me. Where was this years ago when I loved him? Where was this when he used me? If I had let him back into my life, would things have changed. No, I’m not going to let him use me all over again. I am done.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never read #82 // anonymous




These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect Fanfiction

But the author accidentally added an extra ingredient to the concoction — 


Thus a masterpiece was born!

Using their ultra super writing powers, the author has dedicated their lives to finishing the story

and to make you hurt in no way you have before 

BatFam X Reader "New Family" Part 3

You work for Wayne Industries when you are asked to see Bruce Wayne with your boss Mr. Fox. On your way up to meet wit him, you meet someone else.

Authors note: This is dedicated to my biggest fan Abdullaah. Thank you for being so supportive.

Part 1

Part 2


You weren’t sure but that creepy feeling that you were being followed wouldn’t go away and it was nagging at your very soul. It felt like having butterflies in your stomach and that anticipation that you are watching a scary movie and you don’t know when that thing that you know is going to jump out on the screen will. Yeah that is how you felt. That gut feeling was never wrong when it came to this. It just wasn’t. So as you stepped out the front doors of Wayne Industries you glanced behind you to see a security guard. Something about him looked familiar… You store this information in the back of your mind and continue on your way home. By the time that you make it two blocks the feeling comes back to you.

At this time you need to make a decision either evade or lead the shadow. Evading would shake him off your trail, but if this guy had been following you as long as you thought he had then he would just wait for you at home. So the last option was the best bet.

As you continue the way home, but instead of making a right you take a left. Without back tracking it would now take an extra five minutes home. As you continue down the sidewalk more and more of the stores turn to be abandoned. A closed down Barkery. Unbeknownst to the public this bakery wasn’t closed down or a bakery. This is the place were you lay your trap.

It was dark and musty. Though the outside wasn’t what you were really interested in it was what was inside that mattered.

Going around to the back the door was there. Once inside you start looking for Mack.

“Mack?” You yell. “Its Y/N.”

“Y/N, what in tar-nation are ye doing here?” said a man with an Irish accent. He is short fat man with patches of white hair all around his head. Wearing a hideous sweater and jeans that are obviously to big for him. Though the ensemble would not be complete without his climbing harness and goggles that look like they might have been part of a steampunk costume.

“Hey Mack. I just needed to use your security cameras.”

“Really? Whose after ye?”

“I don’t know Mack, but can I use them.”

“Sure they’re in dah closet.”

“Thanks.” you say as you walk towards the hallway closet.

The closet obviously must has been a cleaning supplies closet because it still smelled of cleaning product. On wall was the computer and on the other were ten screens. Each one projected a live feed of the inside and the outside of the bakery. As you scan the screens you notice a figure on the rooftop on the building across the street.

“Yer think that him?”

You scream and before you know it you have your hands wrapped securely around Macks throat. “God sorry Mack I didn’t realize. I’m sorry.”

“Its not yer fault deary. I forgot before you were a techy you were part of the-”

“Don’t say their name out loud!”

Mack raises a bushy white eyebrow and says “If yer say so deary.”

You smile at his reassuringly and look out a the screen at the figure on the roof. You zoom closer to get a better look. Red mask covers his entire face and it looks like he is wearing a brown jacket.

“Its one of the Bat’s.” Mack exclaims.

“One of the bat’s?” You ask.

“Yes Y/N one of Bat’s.” You look at him blankly. “You know Batman? That is one of his guys. I think he calls himself deh Red Hood.”

“How original.” You say sarcastically.

“Has dis guy been following yer?”

“I think so. I am going to talk to him.”

“Talk to him?! Why…” Mack cuts off his own sentence and says instead. “If yer goin to talk to him you better watch your back. He ain’t like the others; he kills.”

“Mack you don’t think that he knows about me do you?”

“Nah deary, I wiped your past away. Your new identity is secure.”

You nod as you get out of the chair and leave the Bakery.


Jason was sure that this was not what Bruce ment when he said ”I want you to become her friend and get her to come onto our side.” by stalking her. He truly didn’t know how to become her friend, she really isolated herself from everyone. He had tried to talk to her and find excuses to see her, but whenever he tried she wouldn’t pay attention.

“Y/N was one of those who stayed in her own world.” Jason thought to himself.

He had been hoping to find a way to run into her on her way to work or on her way home and that is why he had been following her… for a week. So it had taken him off guard when she changed her route and had stopped at a closed down bakery.

Still looking through his binoculars he waits for you to come out.

Some pressure is felt at the back of his jacket. Jason freezes. He has been made. Your voice confidently whisper next to his ear. “Why are you following me?”

Shoutout to the little fandoms.

The ones with 20 works up on AO3, half of which are by one dedicated author.

The ones that don’t get frame-by-frame analysis of their latest episodes.

The ones where everyone in the fandom is on a first-name basis.

The ones who get swamped by the big-name fandoms.

The ones who keep chugging along whether they get attention or not.

The ones who make the world a little brighter, in their own small way.

Here’s to you.


So, I’ve finally decided to get a masterlist of my fics/collaborations together! I’m not a full time author or a dedicated fic writer, but I’d love to get some more fics written eventually.

“More Than Just Feathers.” (Dalton Castle x Reader) (Pt. 1)

(Description: Sometimes accidents happen for a reason. A run into the confident Party Peacock leads to a formal introduction.)

“Growing On Me” (Dalton Castle x reader) ( Pt 2 of “More Than Just Feathers)

(Description: Feelings are finally addressed, thanks to the help of a little jealousy.) 

“Part Of Your World” (Johnny Gargano x Reader) (Pt 1/-)

(Description: A glimpse into the reader’s relationship and past with Johnny leading up to him leaving for his NXT callup.)

“All I Wanted” (Corey Graves x reader) (Song Fic)

(Description: Corey has had the reader’s back since day one, but the reason behind it has changed over time. Reader has feelings for her best friend but doubtful that he feels the same way.)

“Make You Forget” (Roman Reigns x Reader)  *Collaboration with @wwe-smutfics*

(Description: Reader and Seth have a Friends w/ Benefits arrangement, but Roman changes everything. Warnings: Um? Smut/Jealousy, implied Friends with Benefits relationship, I think that’s all.)

“How It All Began” (Kenny Omega x reader)

(Description: A look into how the “Reader” has become a part of the Bucks & most importantly Kenny Omega’s life.)

“The Call” (Kenny Omega x reader)

(Description: Kenny is away from his (girlfriend/reader) and decides to brighten her long day with a Skype Call.)  Warnings: Vague/brief smut.

“What A Man” (Adam Cole x Reader) (Appearances by Fandango & Dolph Ziggler)  *Collaboration with @wwesmutdonedirtcheap *

(Description: You see Adam after years apart but you already have your hands full of drama with Fandango and Dolph. Can you finally tell Adam how you feel? S/F)

“Blondie” (Dolph Ziggler x reader) (Dream sequence)

** Would Include(s)**

Sex with Colt Cabana on the beach

Having a conversation with Matt Jackson

Dating Colt Cabana

Crowley Weekend is Happening!

A few authors have decided to dedicate this weekend to Crowley! Anyone is free to join, whether you want to write your own fics or submit gifs/prompts to some of the lovely writers! 

Here’s a list of who has joined in the writing so far! Feel free to send prompts or gifs to these wonderful people!









(If I missed you or you want to be added, send me an ask or message!)

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Let’s show our Crowley some love!

DAY 3310

Jalsa, Mumbai                Apr 20/21,  2017              Thu/Fri 1:17 am

Such a joy and a privilege to be present again for the 4th season of the Swachh Bharat Campaign in the cleanliness drive, and waste management operations being conducted by various sections of society .. little school going children from prominent schools in Chennai and Bengaluru, so knowledged of the drive and being able to speak and act with such authority and dedication towards this most worth cause .. 

The picture above of the two tall buildings is the Vijayanagar Housing Society in Andheri East, is where we conducted the session this morning and was so impressed to find that this society of 500 residents, manages its entire garbage, converts it to compost and also recycles its waste water into usable grey water .. I learn also that this is one of the most successful campaigns being held in the country, along with the matter of open defecation and making cities and states open defecation free, an ailment that this country suffers ..

Many of the visual campaigns that I made have been very well received and the Govt department representative stated that this is all because of the impression created by our visual campaigns .. a moment of pride .. but a great deal more to be done ..

It was such a pleasure to hear and meet individuals that have voluntarily taken it upon themselves to conduct activities, that deal with the problems of garbage and many other related issues .. 

I just hope and pray that these small efforts of ours go a long way in bringing to fruition what the final aims of achievement these campaigns are being conducted for ..

With discipline, with civic education at the very early stages of our children, I am certain that we shall be able to bring about immense change .. 

My efforts and my contributions, small though they may be are directed towards these very basic needs .. along with all that we are able to work on the eradication of TB, detection and treatment of Hep B virus and several other social causes that I work on these days .. one of the most important being the saving of the girl child .. 

Beti bachao, beti padhao ..

Save the girl child .. educate the girl child ..

With the love and understanding of the millions of the nation we shall achieve that, of this I am certain ..

Amitabh Bachchan


I have had the shittiest day today. I was feeling awful and worthless. But two of my favorite stories updated and both authors either dedicated the chapter to me (FC2000) or blamed me for what they wrote 😂 @pissbabysithlord

Everyone read “Island Girl”

And “Hex”

anonymous asked:

appreciation moment for all yoi fic writers, these people go through hell to learn about Russian and Japanese languages and culture and customs, minute figure skating details, and how organizations in the real world work. They also write their butts off just to update weekly (something I could never do!!) IM JJST SAYING IM SO GRATEFUL TO ALL YOI FIC WRITERS FOR MAKING ME SOB, SCREAM AND SMILE THANK YALL SO MUCH

For sure! It’s so amazing how much work is put into the fics, the authors are so so dedicated! <3


It’s been a while since a wanted to do it, but I hadn’t the time or the confidence to do so.
I don’t know what changed, but I just did it. As Belle is an important song in her fics UMFB&MHA and OBS&BH, and as I have sung it more than once with my choral, I thought it could be something nice to shout a huge THANK YOU to the amazing @kazliin who is an amazing and dedicated author ! So, there it is, thanks again a thousand time !
The singing is far from perfect, but I shot it like twelve times and I wanted to go for it before I chickened out. So sorry for the many mistakes I made, I hope you’ll like it ! Also the date matched a bit with the end of your exams I think so it’s a bit of a congrats for getting through it maybe ?

Thanks again, now I’m gonna retreat in my rabbit hole of insecurity, far away from the wide wild internet hahaha !

in the world of political journalism, I feel there are three kinds of articles: Yes-men writing, Rant writing, and Productive writing

  • Yes-men writing is when the author is stating their opinions to people they know will agree. Not to enlighten or start a conversation, but to be praised for their stance. A staple of this kind of writing is acting like certain social ideas are common knowledge, or even self-evident.
  • Rant writing is when the author is just angry at their opponents. It’s a tirade, a challenge to the other side. Easy to recognize.
  • Productive writing is when the author is dedicated to helping readers see things from their perspective; it doesn’t ignore dissenters or shout at them. It builds bridges between parties, but does not compromise its convictions.
EmmyLynna: Writing Omegaverse Fics for Everyone


AO3 Profile

Not everybody enjoys Omegaverse AUs. This is understandable because such fics can get quite… iffy… and just too much. But then again, it is important to emphasize that not all omegaverse fics are like that. Some fics are still located on what can be called as the “innocent side” of the entire omegaverse spectrum. EmmyLynna’s works are just some examples of such fics.

EmmyLynna (@emmylynna) is the author of the Entwined series, which is composed of several fics following the love story of Viktor and Yuuri from childhood to adulthood. The story starts with a seven-year old Viktor who instantly gets a crush on a six-year old Yuuri while in school. Viktor then decides to claim Yuuri as his mate and from then on works hard to prove his love to Yuuri, even when all the adults around them think they’re just playing at some kind of game.

The series includes Precocious, First Comes Love, then Comes Marriage, then Comes Yuuri with a Baby Carriage!, Blocked on Multiple Fronts, A Toast to the Newlyweds!, and Where You Go I Follow.

The first fic in the series, Precocious, currently has seventeen out of twenty-four chapters in and has garnered more than three thousand kudos. It is well-received by readers, saying they find it adorable how Viktor can get quite possessive and how Yuuri is a sweet cinnamon roll.

EmmyLynna certainly did a good job in portraying Viktor, Yuuri, and the rest of the child characters as innocent kids who still don’t know much about the “technicalities” of love. Despite being too young, Viktor and Yuuri already know they love each other, and their friends are more than willing to support them.

Entwined offers a lot of enjoyable adventures (and misadventures) in the young lives of Viktor and Yuuri. You can leave this article right now and go read it if I’ve already piqued your interest. But if you’ve already been reading it, then stay with me as I tell you more about the person behind all those wonderful fics right under the cut. (Spoilers included)

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A PSA to the Star Trek Fandom Russian Names: You're Doing it Wrong

I love Star Trek. I love Star Trek so much. I love reading Star Trek fanfic and hearing head canons and AUs and genderbends. The Star Trek fandom is dedicated. Fanfic authors seem to do their research, and do it well, with one exception.

Motherfucking Pavel Andreivich Chekov.

I love this kid, whether it’s the TOS drama queen sass master or the AOS innocent angelic whiz kid. I love reading everything the fandom puts out on this dude. What I do not love, is the butchering of his name that goes on in this beautiful fandom. So, more out of selfishness than generosity, because if I read one more Pavel getting embarrassed at his “childhood nickname,” because of anyone writes a family fic in which Pavel’s father is named anything but Andrei, I. Will. Fucking. Scream.

Let me break this down for you.

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  • me as a fanfic author: *takes one to three large sessions to power through writing a new chapter for an update*
  • me as a fanfic reader: this author must have dedicated every day in between chapters to get the best quality update wow so good