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If you haven’t already, go read this oneshot by @azapofinspiration ASAP!! (see what I did there?  hur hur hur XD)  *high fives Chat Noir*

Author’s Note: So I wanted to write something for Halloween and I had the great idea of Adrien dressed as Sailor Moon. Whenever I see fan art crossing Miraculous with Sailor Moon, he’s usually shown as Tuxedo Mask, but I’m like, “This boy was born to be a magical girl. He’d totally be Sailor Moon herself.”

The fact that Adrien made Plagg dress up as Luna even though he would be the only one who would even know it totally slays me and is SOOO in character.  XD

P.S.  I’ll post the making-of video either later today or tomorrow ^^

My OTPs about each other
  • Natsu: Lucy is very important to me because we're nakama. I'll protect her at all costs.
  • Lucy: Natsu's my best friend. He's always there for me.
  • Gray: I took away her rain and I will always be with her.
  • Juvia: Gray-sama has faith in me. I won't let him down!
  • Jellal: I named her after her hair and tried to save her from my darkness. She's the light.
  • Erza: It's painful, but he's worth the waiting. He'll guide me through the paths I'll choose.
  • Gajeel: I helped her through her S-Class exam. She gave me air when I was fighting.
  • Levy: Yes, and that was after he nailed me to a tree!
  • Gajeel: *stares from Levy to his bag back and forth* Wait, weren't you in here?


A fancomic of a fanfic based on an abridged series based on an anime based on a manga focused on a children’s cardgame…

If you like Abridged and/or thiefshipping, pleaseee read this fic! The writing is spot on and the humor is so amazing AAAAAAAHHH!

I remember people reblogging each chapter around on tumblr and I didn’t know what exactly it was, and it was getting closer to ending. So I decided to take a look, which was a mistake because now I had to wait for the last chapters to arrive (I binge-read it in one day) XD

And it was a really big surprise that this amazing author actually started chatting with me, and I couldn’t believe she likes my drawings! And I was and still am new to the fandom, and to find friends that are new as well is amazing.  So Nanners, I just want to say you’re an amazing person both as a writer and as a friend. I hope to see more of your amazing stories and keep bringing the feefs. Hope you like this comic! :D

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I know you're doing fic apprections but I hope you'll post this as well. I wanna send love and thanks to 'B' aka nottooldforthisship for making the most amazing fic recs so I get lots of good things to read!

This is a lovely ask to round off Author Appreciation Week! 

@nottooldforthisship - B, thank you very much for all your hard work making recs (and of course for the fic rec masterpost!!!) Authors and readers alike are immensely grateful to you!!

Every YA novel ever
  • Girl: weird things have been happening lately
  • *new boy shows up*
  • Girl: wow he seems mysterious and like he will know about my past I have to talk to him
  • Boy: you shouldn't get involved with me
  • Girl: I'm gonna get involved with you
  • *unexplainable things start happening and girl risks her friends and family to chase after the boy*
  • Girl: wow how did my life become such a mess

Remember when fanfics sometimes had the author chatting with the characters? Because that’s what Gene Roddenberry’s little roleplay in the preface here is reminding me of. First he writes a preface from the point of view of Kirk and then he answers it with his own preface and I just… he’s so extra.

Gravity Falls Fandom
  • Comes up with an AU where Ford joins Bill and becomes evil: MMMMMMMMMMM YEAH THAT'S SOME GOOD SHIT RIGHT THERE IF I DO SAY SO MYSELF MMMMMMMMMM
  • Sees possible shot of Ford being evil in the new trailer: hold uP WAIT WE DIDN’T MEAN IT NO STOP

I think you are right, with your earlier post @miraculouscim….. They have done this on purpose!!! we are being spoilt rotten!!! 🗼🐞🐱😍 @skaylanphear@insanitysscribblings@siderealsandman@imthepunchlord@thelastpilot This has been a good week! =^_^= Sorry just wanted to let you guys know how much I appreciate your work especially as I have no way of contributing to the Fandom besides leaving faves, kudos and screaming into my pillow cause these dorks are so adorable and why won’t season two get here already ?!!?!

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  • Me: You look nice giving a talk?
  • Mother: No I'm meeting up with someone for lunch.
  • Me talking at my dog: Hear that Toby? Momala is finally going to start that affair.
  • Mother: I'm meeting a woman.
  • Me: Ah a lesbian affair how very progressive of you.
  • Mother: She's a writer who wants to self publish and asked if I could help her get started.
  • Me talking at my dog: Oh it's the greatst betray of all Toby, a publishing affair.
Love Letters

Hey guys! So I’ve been banging my head against my desk for some time trying to finish this fic, but I just can’t seem to find it in me. So I might as well get the word out, @miraculousdaily @thelastpilot @elithequeenbee @official-ladyblog @plaqq whoever feels like it, feel free to pick up where I left off— my only wish is that it stay K+ :D anyway, enjoy :)

My other attempt at a reveal fic here

**PLEASE REBLOG, DO NOT REPOST** I’d appreciate that :)

ALSO: I’m sorry there aren’t any puns!!! I’m hoping someone will add some :D

Reveal Fic

K, 861 words, incomplete

summary: In which Chat notices Mari’s handwriting is dotted with hearts.

“I was afraid you wouldn’t come.” Chat said, as he sat on the edge of the roof in their usual meeting place, a look of uncertainty on his face and the nervousness he held in his heart dancing in his eyes. Ladybug walked towards him from across the rooftop, with a look on her face like she wanted to either kill him or kiss him— Chat hoped it was the latter.

“What do you want, Chat?”

“S-sorry My Lady, but… I have to tell you something.”

“Is it really so important that it can’t wait until next week?” she huffed, tired and annoyed at how curious she was.

“I—“ he sighed, building up the courage to tell her why he had dragged her out at such an unearthly hour. “Th-thank you for the card, Marinette.”


Her eyes shot open, wide as saucers, her face growing hot as his words sunk in.

“Y-you… H-how?”

Chat’s hand found the back of his head out of nervous habit as he fought down the twist in his gut.

“Your handwriting… y-you dot all your i’s with hearts… a-and when you signed Jagged Stone’s CD, well… it only took so long to figure it out…”

More silence.

“Are you mad?” he asked, concern rising in his voice as his eyes flitted from the ground to her face.

“…n—no. Just… shocked is all.” she squeaked, her face very near the same shade as her suit. “I-I just, you— Chat— Adrien— I can’t— I didn’t—“

“Didn’t expect me?” Chat finished, observing his Lady, not sure if he wanted to know the answer to his question.

“I— no… I didn’t.”


“B-but I’m glad it’s you!” She squeaked, slowly slipping into a flustered mess as Chat’s face became one with Adrien’s in her mind, “honestly I’m so glad it’s you I really like you and this is amazing and I’ve always loved yo— your work! a-and… and I’m rambling again…” She sighed, hiding behind her hands before she could blurt out anything else that would embarrass her for life. “Why can’t I think around you?” She said in frustration, Chat’s soft laugh only making her hide her face more.
“Oh my lady,” Chat said, shifting from his perch on the roof to place his hands lightly atop hers, “And I thought I was the only one.”

Ladybug slowly brought her face up to look at him, only to have his smiling eyes send a new wave of warmth through her cheeks.

“It was you, all along.” she said, fulling merging the two faces in her head as she studied his smile. He nodded slightly, his eyes never straying from hers.

“H-how do I know this isn’t a trick?” She said, skepticism finally creeping into her thoughts. Chat merely laughed and said, “I’ll prove it to you if you want.”

“Plagg, release transformation!” With that, Ladybug was engulfed in green light as Chat’s transformation faded into the parisian skyline, leaving none other but Adrien Agreste standing before her, with a little black blob floating around his head demanding cheese.

Ladybug stood dumbstruck, jaw slack and eyes wide as she took in the blonde before her. He laughed a nervous laugh, his hand finding its way back to the back of his neck as his kwami settled on his shoulder.

“Hi,” he said, his eyes shying away with the realization that he was Adrien, not Chat, standing with his Lady.

“It really is you,” she breathed, chest heaving up in down as she scrambled to still her heart. Then something rose in her chest that even she didn’t expect— she laughed. As she laughed her arms found their way around Adrien’s shoulders and her mirth spread to his chest as he too burst out laughing in pure relief and joy. They stood there, embracing until the laughter subsided and all that was left was the warmth of each other’s arms. She pulled back first, resting one hand on his shoulder as she smiled up at him.

“I-I’m glad it’s you, Adrien.” She said, cheeks suddenly red under his gaze.

“I’m glad it’s you, too, Marinette.” he said, smiling as his kwami said something under its breath with a tone of sarcasm. “Oh, yeah, um, this is Plagg—“ Before Ladybug could mutter a greeting, the little black cat was up close to her face, eyes narrowed as he demanded “Why don’t you let tikki out? It took you idiots long enough!” he sneered, a good natured smile spreading across his ebony face.

“O-oh, right,” with a nervous glance back to Adrien, Ladybug released her transformation. A pink glow engulfed the rooftop on which they stood, and moments later tikki tackle hugged plagg in a fit of giggles. The two teens looked on with amusement as the kwamis chatted happily between them.

“We should let you dorks talk,” Plagg said with a playful tone in his tiny voice, “I’m sure you have a lot to catch up with each other.” With an encouraging smile from Tikki, the Kwamis zipped off to a chimney and started a rigorous discussion about whether cheese was better than cookies.

Every Marichat Fanfiction (ily authors u so talent)
  • Chat: hey nice window... would be a shame if someone... *crash* broke it
  • Mari: chat why are u in my room I'm tryna sleep/ do physics hw (it depends)
  • Chat: o lol ok imma just stay here
  • Mari: adrien is a dick he won't love me
  • Chat: truuuuuu you know you shouldn't love him u should love me (bc I am him and I'll reveal it 25 chapters later)
  • Mari: *history of Japan music* how bout i do anyway
  • Chat: ok
  • Also Chat: *chu*
  • Mari: y u do dis now I angst
  • Chat: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Mari: *sleep*
  • Mari: GDI
  • ~•~•~•~•~•~
  • Akuma: bitch imma add some plot
  • Chat: HOW DARE U
  • Mari: o lawdy
  • Mari: lol ok u keep waiting
  • Tikki: Mari leggo
  • Mari: *damsel in distress*
  • Chat: *saves*
  • Everyone: GDI HARUHI
  • ~•~•~•~•~•~
  • Chat: *rebreaks window*
  • Mari: GDI
  • Chat: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Mari: let me live
  • Chat: LB wont love me
  • Mari: move on
  • Chat: no
  • Mari: *i cri evritim*
  • Chat: *comforting claws*
  • Mari: am sleep bai
  • ~•~•~•~•~•~

I volunteered to be a side artist of a book on Wattpad.. Im supposed to post all dis in me and the author’s chat but.. Internet sukzzzzz…. Im sowwy author chan;-;


Especially… DA SHIP IN THIS ART PIECE I JUST… HHHHHH ITS SU COOT… Even doe… Charlose is bleedin in this part of da story.-. Poor little thing

Yeahhhh these two adorable SMOL LITTE COOT- ahem..
These CHARActers and the AU that they r from is by @blogthegreatrouge ‘v’ ok ill stap with da vampverse spam now… U can come back now
All's Fair - Night-Mare (Aoife) - Katekyou Hitman Reborn! [Archive of Our Own]
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All’s Fair in Love and War, or the one where Xanxus steals Kyoya for his own.