I Am An Author

That book you read in a couple of hours took me a year to write.

That scene that made you laugh took six weeks to perfect.

That cover you instagram to your friends took 40 hours of time from someone who spent 6 years in art school and is still paying off their student loans. 

You think writing a book is easy. You’ve always meant to. You’ve have a great idea. And I want you to write that book. Not because it’s easy, but because everyone should share their dreams and stories.

But, right now, while you enjoy the book I wrote, remember this is my job. 

The sales for that book pay my bills, buy my groceries, get my kids their school supplies, pay for the puppy chow. That book wasn’t something I threw together over a weekend. I gave up sleep, free time, TV watching, and concerts to hit the deadlines. 

My cover artist works a full time job and then comes home and works on the cover while her son does his math homework beside her. 

My editor spends weeks at a time hunting down typos and grammar errors so the book makes sense.

That’s our hard work you’re holding.

If you pirated that book, you stole our paycheck. 

You took food from our table, money from our bank accounts, security from our children. 

Pirating a book is no different than stealing my wallet or hacking my bank account and draining it dry. You are a thief. And not the cool rogue with a heart of gold, you’re the slimy thief who everyone hates. 

There are libraries (the library buys the book so you don’t need to). There are giveaways (authors usually purchases these books themselves). There are review copies available. 

Do not steal books. Do not pirate them. Do not go to pirate sites where you can “read for free”. Because those aren’t free. Someone is paying the price, and that someone is me.

What’s the Worst That Could Happen?
You’ve finally reached the scene. The one you’ve been waiting for. You’re sitting in front of your computer, coffee on one side, cookies on the other, writing so fast you can bare…

In which I talk about one of my methods for getting unstuck while writing. :)

You Will Be Rejected

Not: You might be rejected.

Not: You’ll have a few rejections.

Not Even: Well, if you’re only mid-list worthy you’ll have at least twenty rejections.

You want to get published? Fine. You need to accept that every single day of your career will have rejection.

Everything you write will be rejected.

Every book you publish will be hated.

Every character you love will be degraded.

Every hour you put in – the blood and sweat and tears – will be dismissed as “…talentless hack who doesn’t know how to string a sentence together.”

Millions of people will never read your book because they can’t read at all.

Millions of people will never read your book because they don’t speak the same language as you.

Millions of people will never read your book because they hate your genre.

Millions of people will never read your book because they don’t like fe/male authors.

Millions of people will never read your book because they didn’t get into it.

Billions of people will reject your work. They will mock you. They will dismiss you. They will talk trash about you.

You. Will. Be. Rejected.

It doesn’t matter. You aren’t writing for the millions. You are writing for the one.

The one person who tells you your book made them cry because it spoke to them.

The one person who tells you your book changed the way they saw the world.

The one person who tells you your book was the only light in a dark time.

The one person who tells you your book inspired them to be something more.

You are writing for them.

They will wish they could take your characters to prom.

They will read your book after their mother’s funeral.

They will curl up in bed with your book on a cold night after their first real break up.

They will turn to those pages time and again to revisit the places they love.

You’re going to get rejected. And you’re going to take that punch square on the chin and not ever back down because you know who you are writing for. Because you know it takes more than a pretty font to make a book work, you have to be willing to take the rejections. You have to go into this knowing you will fail a million times with a million readers, and that it doesn’t matter because you aren’t writing for them.

Keep your chin up. You are someone’s favorite author even if they don’t know it yet.