All the JayTims I wrote in 2016


Brothers’ Best Burgers 

Secrets, Secrets, Santa


Green Suits are a Staple

Beauty and the Bat Beast

Down at the Laundromat

Under Covers

I Don’t Want to Hear it

Going Hunting

Cave In


I Didn’t Say I Liked You

It Doesn’t Mean Anything

Is There Somewhen

Eat Your Heart Out, Ethan Hunt


“You’re okay, Tim.”


In Which Tim Gets Sent to Military School

“Do you hate me too?”

Secret Admirer

Top Vs. Bottom


A You Almost Died Kiss

Jason and Tim Watch Pretty Little Liars

Craving Coffee

Harry Potter AU

There’s a Dog in the Cave

A Kiss That Shouldn’t Have Happened

Should Have Listened


It’s Dangerous to go Alone

R2-D2 Dress

“What the hell happened to you?”

“If you die, I’ll kill you.”

Fumbling Flirtations

Comparing Scars

“Why do you even care?”

“He’s not breathing!”

Lacey Bits

Call Me Tim

I’ll Miss You


The Good Table



A Wish About Stargazing

A Wish About Weddings

A Wish About Mornings


Merry Christmas @huntiingseason, hope this is what you were looking for, with love from your secret santa and fellow Aussie xx

Peter Parker x Reader, Soulmate AU

There’s a smallish public library a couple blocks down from where you live and it’s perfect for doing your holiday homework. Not many other students know about it, or if they do they just don’t use it, it’s very nearby and therefore very convenient, and the librarians who run it enforce the rule of total silence with an almost militant rigour, making it ideal for maximising your productivity.

The only reason you’ve left the cozy, Christmassy haven of your apartment for the silence of the library is because you know that motivating yourself to settle down and do your work after Christmas is going to be more practically impossible, so you gathered up your books and laptop and walked the few blocks to the library. The spot you favour during the school term is empty and you waste no time in spreading all of your things out over the table and plugging in your headphones, reaching for the nearest assignment. You’ve only been sat there for maybe twenty minutes when you’re aware of someone approaching in your peripheral vision and look up to see who it is. It’s a boy, about your age, laden down with a huge stack of books, not dissimilar to your own. He sits down nearby and gives you a small smile when you look over.

Another twenty or so minutes passes and then you feel him tentatively nudge your elbow to get your attention. He’s about to say something when the nearby librarian clears her throat sharply and looks pointedly over at the two of you. You supress an amused grin at the sheepish look on his face and you reach for your notebook, tearing out a page from the back to write on.


Would you mind if I borrowed your calculator quickly? Mine just ran out of battery

No problem. I don’t need it at the moment, just slide it back over when you’re done

You’re a life saver, thank you so much

You pass the calculator over to him, leaving the sheet of paper in between the two of you in case either of you needs to talk again. He gives you a grateful smile as he takes it and the two of you return to your work. It doesn’t take you too long to finish up the first assignment you reached for, and as you set it aside and try to decide what to work on next, you can’t help but to glance over at the boy sitting a few seats away. He has his headphones in and an adorable little frown of concentration as he pores over a remarkably dense looking physics text book, plugging long sequences of numbers into your calculator. A small smile tugs at the corner of your mouth as you reach for your literature assignment, because even though you had come to the library to be alone so you could get your work finished, he’s really cute. An hour later, you look up to see your calculator being slid back to you, along with the sheet of paper.

Thanks again

You give him a small smile as you put the calculator away. You look from the sheet of paper back to your literature assignment before deciding that you could do with a couple minutes break, so you pull the note page towards you instead of turning back to your Shakespeare.

No worries. That physics looks pretty intense. I’m Zara, by the way.

You push the note back to him and he scans it quickly before pulling a face and starting to write back.

Yeah, it’s pretty tough. Not exactly what I had in mind for my Christmas break but whatever. Not like I could tell my physics teacher that anyway. I’m Peter.

I’m basically on the same page as you for this lit assignment. Not at all what I wanted to be doing over break, but trying to get the message across to my teacher would not have gone well

The two of you exchange notes sporadically throughout the day, and you learn that Peter lives in Queens as well, but not as close to the library as you, he doesn’t have any pets, and his Aunt May makes the best gingerbread cake he’s ever had. You get him to help you with some of your chemistry and he asks you to proof read an essay draft he’s written, and passing the notes to avoid the wrath of the librarian feels like a bonding experience. His handwriting is scrawled and a little messy, as if written quickly, and every time he passes the paper back over to you, he gives you a crooked little half smile that brings heat to your cheeks. Looking at him makes you think of your soulmate tattoo, though you’re not sure why. His first words to you weren’t the same as the ones inked just below your collarbone-figured I should introduce myself properly-and even though the notes weren’t spoken, you’re pretty sure they still count as first words. Passing notes with Peter means you’re not quite as productive as you’d hoped you would be but the day is much more enjoyable than you had expected it would be.

It’s late afternoon by the time you start to pack up, loading your stacks of books into your bag before scrawling one last note to Peter.

Good luck with that essay, I’m sure you’ll do great on it. Merry Christmas.

You’re barely out the library doors when you hear them open again behind you, and you turn around to see Peter hurrying out after you, hastily shoving papers into his bag as he goes.

“Figured I should introduce myself for real,” he says, a little out of breath, but his words make you freeze, one hand flying to where your tattoo would be, hidden under your sweater.

“Seems like a good idea,” you say slowly, and you feel like there are sparks ricocheting through you as you see Peter tense up in response, his hand unconsciously going to tug at the cuff of his sweater.

“I’m-sorry-do you-is your tattoo-?” he asks, flushing as his gaze flicks from your face and away abruptly. It’s so endearing, you don’t try to bite back the fond smile spreading across your face as you reach up to pull the collar of your sweater to the side.

“Yeah, is yours-?” you say quietly and an almost disbelieving smile of his own pulls at the corners of his lips as he tugs up his sleeve to reveal the tattoo curling delicately over his inner forearm, extending it for you to read.

Seems like a good idea.

There’s a split second where you’re both frozen, unsure of what to do next, and then you’re pulling him in to hug him tightly. His arms go around your waist and you can hear his soft sigh of contentment as the two of you just stand like that for a moment, revelling in the new and yet somehow deeply familiar sense of completeness. After a couple seconds, Peter pulls back, reaching to pull his phone out of his pocket, unlocking it and holding it out to you.

“Could you-I mean-” he starts and stops again, a light flush spreading across his cheeks. “I’d really like to take you for coffee or something sometime-to talk, or-” You enter your phone number and pass the phone back to him, holding onto his hand for a second longer than you need to as you smile at him.

“I’d love that.” Impulsively, you lean in to press a soft kiss to his cheek, before pulling back and heading away down the street, cheeks warm as you glance back at him over your shoulder. “See you soon, Peter.”
Angelflare - Stitches [Epic Music - Vocal Emotional Dramatic]
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Little Enemies AU

There are choices, Adrien knows. There is “yes” and “no”, “this” and “that”, “good” and “bad”. They are choices–options one reacts when happenstance rears it’s ugly head and presents itself available. 

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there has been a long standing rivalry between the football players liam payne and zayn malik, (rumours about a night in london when the two teams were out at the same club and zayn had a few words to say about liam’s performance against the team they played two nights before causing a fight to erupt between the two) so anyways, anytime zayns team was playing liam made sure everyone on social media saw that he was rooting for the other team and whenever liams team was playing zayn would make shady comments throughout the game, with a big tournament coming up (where most of europe’s clubs are competing) zayn and liam work extra hard knowing that they will most likely be playing each other and so this year the competition is in germany, so they all make travel their and when they are given their hotel rooms, liam’s team is rooming on the same floor as zayn’s, with both men outraged by the living situation and being told that changes couldn’t be made, they all decided that would stay on their respective side of the hotel floor, that works until louis tomlinson (zayns teammate) starts pranking liams team leaving wet towels and dirty socks on their doorsteps, absolutely angering liam who thinks zayn is behind everything (but zayn has no idea this is happening) one day he has to pick up a pair of dirty boxers and he stomps over to zayns hotel room (niall, who’s very chill with zayns team, knew where his room is) and when he almost breaks down zayns door zayn opens the door and is standing in nothing but a towel wrapped around his hips n dripping wet, liam loses his words for a second and zayn smirks knowing that liam is checking him out before he notices liam holding his boxers and snatching them from him, and liam mumbles something about “showing off” as he stomps away (of course zayn checks out his ass as he’s walking away), and so these interactions keep occurring with zayn showing up at the hotel’s gym to watch liam work out and sweat with the sexual tension rising between them, with liam and zayn finally being able to talk to each other, even having meals together and working out regularly, and so the day their teams have to play against each other liam is extra nervous because he woke up w a hard on after a particularly interesting dream that involved a certain football player, zayn however looks ecstatic and keeps watching liam stretch on the sidelines of the field, when the match is becoming more and more tense liam seems to relax this was the atmosphere he was always comfortable in, he even went as far as slapping zayns ass and holding him by his waist when zayn felt a bit overwhelmed, everyone is amased by their interactions but the game continues and when liams team sadly lose to zayns team he sees zayn coming towards him even as his teammates are all cheering around him, he pulls liam into a tight hug and liam immediately holds him at his waist as zayn teases him w “babe your performance’s improved at least” and instead of causing liam to grow angry, he turned his head that was resting on zayns neck to bite at his exposed skin and effectively drawing a moan from zayn when he continued to suck at his neck, liam replying with “let’s go test my performance again”


Jehanparnasse Aesthetic: The Devil’s Dandy Wears Prada AU

There’s a scale. One nod is good, two nods is very good. There’s only been one actual smile on record and that was Tom Ford in 2001. If he doesn’t like it he shakes his head. Then of course there’s the pursing of the lips…

Literally nothing needs to be expanded upon in this AU. Look at it. Think about it. Take it as you will. Happy New Year ~

Edit 4/1/17: Ok I lied more about this AU can be found HERE


There is always going to be trouble when you work with a broken man. But broken men could be repaired by any means. Therapy, medication, and in Sebastian Moran’s case, new body parts. But when they said that he had ‘lost half who he was’, Jim didn’t think it meant literally half of who he was.

Living with a cyborg was not that hard to begin with. Of course there were odd times where Sebastian had to go for tune up, or he had to go for ‘oil changes’ and ‘updates’, but Jim never really expected that to be a problem. He was a man made for the military, to take orders and respect his leaders. What could go wrong? 

When it came to living with a machine, one must take into account that viruses infact, do happen.. 

A lovely work of art I commissioned from my favorite Artist Hippano!  Check her out!

(I thought it was about time for me to commish something from her! <3)

Jelly Love

Character: Solar (Mamamoo)
Word count: 971
Summary: Love is formed in many different ways. For you and Solar, it’s through strawberry jelly (ft. Wheein) | #fluff #high school!au

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There she was.

The only girl in school that could make itchy pleated skirts and stiff shirt collars look good.

Kim Yongsun.

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Medieval Brytoonz

Mentions of brohm, another royal AU, I’m so sorry for this existing


“Your majesty!” a messenger gasps out as he runs in out of breath, “We have an urgent message from the Autheral Kingdom. They are under attack and are desperately in need of reinforcements. The town on the outside is already deserted. The king was killed. Prince Bryce is still in the castle, unable to leave.”

“Of course. Men! Fetch Generals Luke and Jonathan,” The king booms. The men head off to get them at the training ground. When they return the king talks once again, “Generals, you will be leading a small group of our very best soldiers into the castle rescue Prince Bryce. Remember, failure is not an option. Everyone leave, General Luke I need one last word with you.” Everyone else leaves the main hall and Luke goes up to the throne. “General, you are bringing back Bryce no matter what. That is your job, you get him back alive at all costs, even the lives of your own men. The only thing that matters is the prince. We originally set this marriage up to join together our lands, but it seems that my son has taken a very special liking to Bryce, and I am afraid he would never forgive me if I did not send help in. The rest of the army will muster now and will be in the forest waiting for your return. When you arrive we will then march to fight the invaders. Good luck.” Luke nods and goes to get armored up.

“Alright men! This will be the most important fight of your lives. You were chosen because you are strong and intelligent. According to the letter there is already a hole blown in the castle. If we can get there Jonathan and I will continue into it and find the prince while you guard the entrance. Alright. Let’s go,” Luke orders as he begins to lead the group. They start at dawn so that when they get there they will be under the cover of darkness.

The group makes their way over the hills and valleys. Jonathan and Luke talk the entire way. The two had always been close for reasons unknown to everyone other than them. They are at the end of the forest when they see a castle rise up on the horizon.

“That’s it men. That is the Autheralian Castle. The hole should be to the west of here. Let’s go.” Luke nudges his horse and they begin to gallop, leading everyone to where the wall had fallen. When the group reached the wall they found the collapsed part quickly and enter. Jonathan and Luke continue in while the other men stay to guard the breach. As they walk they here voices.

“We have searched everywhere sir. Either the prince escaped or he is very good at hiding. No one has found a trace of him anywhere is the castle,” one of the voices reports.

“Keep searching. We need him for the ransom money,” another orders. Then the footsteps begin getting louder. A group of five men turn the corner and see Jonathan and Luke. They all raise their weapons, ready to fight. It is a battle they cannot win, so Luke does whatever he can to complete the king’s orders. He runs. He leaves Jonathan behind to hold his own against five warriors and goes to find Prince Bryce.

“Luke! Where are you going? LUKE!” Jonathan yells as they close in on him. The older doesn’t look back. He leaves him to die. Luke’s mind tells him that Jonathan is strong enough to make it, but that is just him trying to justify his actions. He knows that Jon is probably dead already.

“I left him. Now I have to find Bryce. I can’t have abandoned him and then fail my mission,” Luke whispers to himself. Then he hears it. More voices.

“There you are! You almost made us think that you had escaped, but here you are. We are going to get rich off of your ransom.” A loud ‘smack’ fills the air and then a scream. Luke hurriedly rounds the corner to see the attacker holding Bryce’s face roughly in his hands. He already has a cut on his side that obviously hasn’t been attended to. Luke draws his sword and quickly attacks the man with great skill. Soon he is lying unmoving in a pool of blood. Luke offers his hand to Bryce who weakly reaches up to meet his hand. The blood loss causing him to be deathly pale. Luke takes his hand and lifts Bryce into his arms.

“Th-thank you,” Bryce whispers softly. The older man retraces his steps to leave. When he does he passes Jon’s dead body. He stops to stare at it. It is all his fault that Jon is dead. “You knew him,” Bryce states, “you cared about him too, a lot. Who was he?”

“How do you know that I cared about abut him?” Luke asks sharply.

“You look guilty and angry at yourself,” Bryce says.

“He… he was my brother.”

“What happened?” Bryce asks.

“I had to leave him to ensure that I found you,” Luke answers.

“I’m not worth that. I’m not even going to be a good king. I am not worth the ransom you were going to have to pay and I am definitely not worth the death of your brother.”

“You are going to be a great king. Prince Ryan isn’t the most understanding and sympathetic person. He needs you to make sure he is not brutal.” Luke moves on after that. He carries Bryce to the breach to find all of his men dead. Luke ignores them and goes to his horse. He helps Bryce on first before getting on and racing out of there. He leads his horse, Cartoonz to the place the king told him to go. They enter the forest and soon make it to the camp.

“General! You return! I will fetch the king and prince immediately,” the watchman announces.

“Send them to the medicine tents, Prince Bryce needs to be tended to.” Luke helps Bryce off Cartoonz and once again picks up the skinny male, carrying him to the doctors. “Heal him, if he dies so do all of you,” Luke tells them plainly. They nod in a panic and start working on him right away.

==Next Day==

Bryce apparently wanted to see Luke, so he heads to the tent. As he enters he sees sleepy prince laying on a medical bed with a warm wool blanket covering his body. His face is bruised and his arms are bandaged.

“Luke!” Bryce hums happily as he enters.

“You needed me M'lord?” The brown eyed male wonders.

“I wanted to thank you properly. So uh thank you Lukey!” Bryce has a bright smile on his face that lights up the room. Luke blushes slightly at the nickname.

“I’m only doing my job Prince Bryce,” Luke says.

“Just Bryce will do. Oh! You are also staying here to make sure I’m safe while the army attacks,” Bryce mentions. Luke is happy to take care of him. The army marches out and Luke is still with Bryce. “Hey Luke, sit down.” Bryce pats a spot on the bed and gives the older begging eyes. He reluctantly agrees and sits down. They continue to make small talk for awhile before Bryce gets bored. He suddenly grabs Luke’s hands and pulls them towards him which causes their lips to meet.

“Bryce!” Luke gasps, eyes wide at the action of the prince.

“What?” Bryce asks with innocent eyes.

“You- Bryce what about Prince Ryan?” The older knows what Bryce did was wrong, but he enjoyed it. He always enjoyed Bryce’s presence.

“Our marriage is to join together the kingdoms, it isn’t like I actually want to marry him,” Bryce hums. Luke thinks back to what the king said, Ryan really likes Bryce.

“Bryce, Prince Ryan wants to marry you, he’s in love,” Luke admits. Bryce just shakes his head and smiles at Luke.

“He never has to know. Plus, don’t you want to make me happy Luke?” Bryce begs.

“Yes, Bryce. I want to make you happy, but this is against everything I have ever believed. I am supposed to be honorable and truthful. I am most definitely not supposed to be going behind people’s backs and lying to my prince and king,” Luke once again defends.

“Luke, in a few days I will be your prince and someday your king. This is all my fault too, it will be fine. C'mon.” Bryce’s eyes are begging and sad. They stare straight into Luke’s soul and force him to give in.

“Fine.” The younger’s blue eyes shine brightly and pull Luke in once more for another kiss. The older kisses back and when they pull apart Bryce looks so happy that Luke can’t even second guess himself. All he sees is someone who wants to be with him.

==Two weeks later==

Ryan’s father, the king had died honorably in battle. The army managed to reclaim the Autheralian kingdom. Now, Bryce and Ryan are getting married to officially unite both kingdoms into one. Luke guards the door and wishes he could object, but if he wants to stay alive and stay with Bryce, he can’t.

Both get coronated together with a large party afterwards. Bryce stands to the side, quietly wishing Luke would come and brighten his day. The blonde’s wish is granted as Luke comes and bows before him. Politely asking to dance.

“Of course general!” Bryce squeals happily as they walk to the ballroom floor and begin to sway and turn to the music. Luke finds out that Bryce is a fantastic dancer as well as he has an angelic singing voice. Luke walks Bryce back to his room after the ball. When the taller boy enters the door he sighs contently.

“Did you have a nice night my love?” Ryan asks. Bryce is startled out of his daydream by the voice.

“Yes, it was lovely, but very tiring,” Bryce yawns and goes to change into his night clothes. He lies down next to Ryan pretending that it is Luke.

==Six months later==

“M'lord, I have some alarming news,” Ryan’s advisor, Max announces.

“Well? What is it?” The king asks.

“There have been, rumors that I find to be true about your husband. I have heard that he has been sneaking around with Luke,” Max informs.

“Well then, I order his death. Send him to be beheaded, immediately,” Ryan orders.

“Very well your majesty.” Max leaves the room. Bryce soon enters with a large smile on his face, his head stuck in the clouds again.

“Did you have a nice time with Luke,” Ryan asks.

“Yes I-” Bryce cuts himself off and his hand shoots over his mouth.

“That’s what I thought. Bryce can you follow me for a moment?” Ryan takes Bryce’s hand and leads him to the guillotine. Bryce is pale and his eyes are wide.

“No, no no no. Stop!” Bryce yells, trying anything to halt the execution of his lover. Ryan sits down on a throne, ready to give the signal to kill. He pulls Bryce into his lap and forces him to look. “Let go of me you freak!” Bryce screeches as he tries to pull out of Ryan’s grip. His blue eyes are filled with tears that begin to stream down his face. “I’m sorry Luke! This is all my fault! I love y-” Ryan puts his hand over Bryce’s mouth to stop him from finishing that sentence.

“I love you too Brycey.” Then Ryan gives the not to drop the blade.


Oh dear… that got real morbid. All of these have sad endings now… The next one will be happy. I promise. Also sorry this is late. Midterms are coming and such.



  • both half bloods
  • gryffindor/slytherin romance oooh
  • both brilliant minds
  • doing prefect rounds together
  • head boy/head girl!AUs
  • minerva has been heartbroken ever since
  • she refuses to speak of it 
  • OR tom wiped her memory!AU
  • even tho the timeline doesn’t match up exactly
  • so. much. potential.
  • just mcgonagall/tom riddle au

msgem  asked:

For god sake Pete admit you love her. its so hard to wait but its freaking brilliant lol I want him to tell her how he feels but I love that she is standing firm and making him work I cant tell you how proud I am that she didn't cave so many other authers I read would of been all "oh just one more time" but no you and our girl stood firm and ita gonna be so worth it in the end please god I hope and even if its not I LOVE this. I'm gonna end the babbling and go now but this is BRILLIANT.

Thank you SO much. It will be worth this wait but Pete is gonna have to learn. I’m glad you are enjoying it so much! 🤗

Essays in Existentialism XXVIII


There were two joint groans in the night. The sheets tangled and held them prisoner and their eyes refused to open despite the noises coming.

“Baby,” Lexa moaned, digging her hands into the sheets.

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