6 Principles for Building a Happy, Healthy Life

1. Allow yourself to love, and to be loved by other people.
2. Know the key things that matter most to you.
3. It`s important to have boundaries and to sometimes say “no``.
4. Self-forgiveness is essential to be free of the past.
5. Often, forgiveness is hard work but it is worth the time and effort.
6. Discover who you are – and live a true, authentic life.


Who’s That Vans Girl: @Mariaruzafa

Design student Maria takes the word “badass” to a whole new level! Aside from her on-point outfits and passion for skate culture, she plays soccer for the national team of Andorra. We caught up with this Vans girl to learn more about her and to find out what inspires her style. 

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ace attorney fic rec list

*sorry quick self-plug not a fic rec, but i also write stuff so if you ever want to check that out*


-Legal Partners and The Marriage Bed-legal partners is iconic, #1 wrightworth fic of all time it’s on everyone’s fic rec list and for good reason its a must read along with its shorter sequel the marriage bed which is nsfw btw
-School Daze-Phoenix and Edgeworth are teachers at a middle school and Phoenix is also a single father. this fic is so incredible it actually made me nostalgic. for middle school
-The Phantom’s Curse-PIRATE AU! god it’s SO GOOD when you read it you really feel like you’re going on a real adventure
-Legally Wright-it’s legally blonde but starring phoenix wright and that’s all i need. very funny
-Fire in Snow-fantasy AU, very high fantasy and magical to read, like it comes right out of storybook. it’s written by the same author as legal partners
-How to Court A Fool in Under Three Months-edgeworth has a 3 month deadline to confess his feelings before trucy sets phoenix up with someone i!!! ADORE this fic! it actually made me cry because it’s so perfect
-Keep Your Promises-wrightworth fic featuring a sort of proposal? it’s so cute and sweet do yourself a favor and check it out
-Without Wings-one of the more angsty entries on this list where both Edgeworth and Phoenix were adopted and hurt by von Karma, featuring mute!phoenix. it really goes places few others have gone and since everything’s so sad it feels great when things get better
-The Wedding Planner-popular and adorable AU where Edgeworth is a wedding planner and Phoenix is a baker it’s an endearing original fic with a unique charm to it
-Losses and Victories-very character-study heavy it’s incredibly written with a pitch perfect in character relationship
-A Fool in Love (With You)-wrightworth wedding fic!!! because i am W EAK! everything is happy and sweet
-A Turnabout Toast-Larry has his life together and challenges Phoenix and Edgeworth to get theirs together which leads them to getting together and it’s lovely just read it
-To Turn The Titanic- actually a series, so you’re getting three great fics in a bundle here. it’s some grade A introspective wrightworth with a realistic portrayal of edgeworth getting used to a relationship (second entry into the series involves some making out that’s nsfwish?)
-Of Fake Fairytales and Faux Amour-it’s a crowd-pleaser fake dating fic that’s slow-burn and funny. unfortunately it’s unfinished

Not Wrightworth/Not Wrightworth focused

-A Series of Accidents-rare pair WIP fic for Gregory and Misty making it one of the only kind out there!! i adore it bc its dialogue is quippy and fun to read and the characters and their dynamic is singularly charming
-the greatest magic trick of all time-8 year old Trucy and Edgeworth bonding it’s cute and Trucy’s perspective is written amazingly
-Hot for Justice-klapollo fic Klavier and Apollo help each other out their chemistry is great and i love the idea of Klavier getting musical inspiration from his bf
-Lex Talionis-BETTER WRITTEN THAN CANON I S2G it’s a fic that actually bothers to turn Kristoph into a human not a woobie or anything just they give him motivations and flesh him out more than capcom bothered to just trust me this whole fic is bittersweet and genius
-Archaeology-a lot of series characters clean up Mia’s old office and reflect. this fic’ll make you feel things about the whole series. it’s a masterpiece
-Avatar Book 1: Rapid Fire-the last airbender AU where Phoenix is the avatar it’s cute and funny and i love how it neatly balances out a large group of characters
-Dementia-major angst as it depicts a heart-breakingly realistic scenario of Edgeworth suffering from dementia it’s tragic and beautiful like seriously this might make you cry
-Four Creamers and Two Sugar Packets-franmaya coffee shop AU it’s great to watch Franziska develop. it’s a story as sweet as its title
-Real Magic-harry potter AU where Trucy goes to hogwarts after her dad’s wand has been broken and she has to deal with that. it’s tons of fun just to watch her go through daily life and make friends
-Dearest Journal-World War II franmaya AU where Franziska is sent off to work on maya’s farm to stay safe during the blitz. gives Franziska a very unique and fitting voice
-Fool’s Errand-Larry takes Franziska out, platonically and they spend the day together i know it’s a peculiar pair but hear me out it’s actually  authentic and written very cleverly/funnily
-A Match Made in Neo-Olde Tokyo-speaking of weird pairs this is Maya and Blackquill romantic fic obviously a rare pair but this fic is a gem that makes it work and makes me ship it
-A Wrench in the Works-Aura goes back in time to try and save Metis. cykesquill (the older lesbian kind) featured. it’s heart-rending
-Memory-Edgeworth is reminded of a younger Franziska via Rayfa very short but very genuine
-Crossfire-Datz/Dhurke and the story of how Dhurke had to get that eye patch so like, obviously warning for some violence there. i love dhurke and datz and it made so much sense within canon it also made me hurt.
-Accidentals-Blackmadhi orchestra AU i love band/orchestra AUs and what i love most about this fic is that it does a great job of characterizing Blackquill and Nahyuta through their different playing styles it’s so fitting  
-Lyricless Lament-5+1 style fic where Sebastian gets love that he needs. Focuses heavily on similarities and building a relationship (not explicitly romantic, could be viewed that way) between Sebastian and Klavier. AAI2 spoilers
-‘Debeste’ Prosecutor for the Magician Who’s Always 'Wright’-also AAI2 spoilers Sebastian finds a friend in 8 year old Trucy who helps him heal the two make for an adorable pair

Zeppelin Resupply Mission to Africa Departs

The L59 just before its departure from Bulgaria.

November 21 1917, Yambol–By the fall of 1917, Lettow-Vorbeck’s forces in German East Africa were running critically low on supplies, having been completely isolated since March 1916.  The German Navy decided to attempt to resupply Lettow-Vorbeck by zeppelin.  After the first zeppelin chosen was destroyed by in a storm in October, the new L59 replaced it, and was lengthened to 743 feet to carry sufficient hydrogen for the journey.  It was to carry 15 tons of supplies, including first aid, ammunition, and machine guns.  L59′s journey was intended to be one-way, so everything on board was designed to be of some use to Lettow-Vorbeck’s forces.  The envelope could be remade into tents and sleeping bags (sowing machines were included to help with this effort), and the zeppelin’s frame could be used to build structures and a wireless transmitter.

L59 left the southernmost zeppelin station, in Yambol, Bulgaria, on November 21, with a crew of 22 volunteers (after two earlier failed attempts in the previous weeks).  It flew south over Turkey, then crossed the Mediterranean, arriving over Sollum before dawn on the 22nd.  The journey over the Sahara was quite difficult due the extreme daily swings in air temperature.  This made the airship quite difficult to control, nearly crashing at one point.  The extreme heat also caused structural damage as the airship expanded, and knocked out the zeppelin’s wireless transmitter.

Just after midnight on November 23, around 50 miles west of Khartoum, they received a faint wireless signal from Germany, ordering them to turn back.  While the exact reasons for this message (and even its authenticity) have been disputed, it seems likely that they had learned that Lettow-Vorbeck had been forced south beyond the intended landing zone into terrain unsuitable for landing (or even further, into Mozambique).  The zeppelin arrived back in Yambol on November 25, after a ninety-five hour flight, still the longest continuous wartime military flight in history.

Today in 1916: HMHS Britannic, Sister to Titanic, Sinks in Aegean and Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria-Hungary Dies
Today in 1915: British Recon Flight Shot Down Near Ctesiphon After Spotting Turkish Reinforcements
Today in 1914: Turks Beat Back Russians in the Caucasus

Sources include: Arthur Banks, Atlas of the First World War; Byron Farwell, The Great War in Africa.


‘The sand storm was kicking up so hard, and I just remember laying there, buried waist deep in all this gear, I remember I was inside the helmet, and I just had this great moment of gratitude. What a privilege it was to be able to be there playing this guy, with the calibre of people I was working with. I just say ‘Wow man, what a cool deal. What a cool suit, what a great crew, what a blast. Tony Stark.’  – Robert Downey Jr – Iron Man Behind the Scenes 


Sometimes a Family is One Daughter and Her Eight Dads

“You told me not to make a big deal but you seem to have forgotten that my entire mission in life is to make a big deal out of your accomplishments. So consider this your graduation party. Surprise!”

“Dad, everyone’s here!”

“Well yeah, everyone wanted to come and support you.”

“Is that… a mac and cheese… bar?”

“Sure is. Fully customizable, down to the type of mac. And there’s an ice cream cake. The good kind with the crunchies in the middle.”

“I… don’t know what to say.”

“Don’t say anything. Just go have fun with your pals, alright? I’m so proud of you, Amanda.”

I sat perched on top of a small crag watching the rising sun creep up the Ogwen Valley, casting vast shadows from the surrounding mountains. For a good 20 minutes I had the entire place to myself with only the sound of birds and sheep to accompany me.