Dark green georgette fabric with the white and yellow design throughout the sari. It’s absolutely beautiful, and perfect for a night out or any event. Maybe even try it with a corset! A dull yellow, or silver corset, or black, or a corset like mine! There is no blouse.


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*Corset not included*


Costume created for a Lady Loki cosplay. Materials used were olive green and black silk, leather, brass findings and zipper stops as decoration.  The skirts and cape are fully lined, and the fur collar is detachable. The cape hooks to the bust line of the corset, which helps distribute the weight. Matching silk and leather fingerless gloves are mid bicep length. The Green leather bag was a Christmas gift from my good friend Alex at Make Believe Costumes. I decided to switch the more solid belt from the inspiration to a chain and medallion belt, with matching hair clips. The earrings match the pieces used to decorate the cape.

Photo of the finished costume being worn:  and here:
Hoping to have the photos from our mini photo-shoot soon!

Original inspiration artwork:

Like this fabric? It’s available from Renaissance Fabrics The zipper stops are from WAWAK Sewing Supplies.


Me and a friend are planning to cosplay as Lady Loki and Lady Thor at Wondercon 2014 in April. We are also planning to “Glam-up” the two costumes  soon after and wear them to the masquerade ball, Labyrinth of Jareth.  Both me and my friend are designing and making our costumes as a comic/movie version fusion; although for myself, a lot of inspiration for this project came from this artwork: “hoes before bros”   by ulvar  

I am 98% done with the corset now. All that is left is to add is some trim, but I want to wait and finish up some of the other pieces before I apply it all at once. There is a potentially obnoxious number of zipper stops in my future:

The corset is made from olive silk shantung, with a coutil strength layer. The bust and hips is covered with woven strips of self bias, decoratively finished with more bias in the form of a serpent (Jorgumand - one of Loki’s monstrous children). The boning is predominantly ¼" spiral steels, with flat steels at center front and center back.

Where to Buy Overbust Corsets with Cups:

Wearing a well-made cupped overbust under clothing looks like you’re wearing a bra combined with a cinched waist. They work very well under strapless dresses, and in particular vintage shelf-bust dresses.

Those who are particularly heavy-busted may find that a cupped overbust takes considerable pressure off the neck, shoulders and upper back by supporting the bust properly from below and eliminating the need for shoulder straps. Read more about where to get cupped overbusts here.

(Featured photo is a breathtakingly gorgeous bridal overbust with cups, made by Doris Müller of Corsets & More)

I recently had the pleasure of doing a ‘make over photo shoot’ with Morgana and am excited to share with you the first photo. I’m modelling the Alecto Underbust Corset, which will soon be available to order in standard sizes! Alecto is made from satin coutil and is super smooth and comfortable. With 32 steel bones + a black busk it’s quickly become a staple in my wardrobe. Subscribe to our VIP list to hear when it becomes available. 

Corset:  Vanyanís
Model:  Lowana O'Shea
Photography © Iberian Black Arts
Lingerie: Kiss Me Deadly

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We recently had the pleasure of working with Morgana and are proud to present the second look from our photo shoot. She’s wearing the Selene corset, a dark twin to the Serena piece. This charcoal silk duchess satin is embellished with tulle, lace and thousands of hand sewn jet black crystal beads! 

Corset:  Vanyanís
Model:  Threnody In Velvet
Photography © Iberian Black Arts

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Where to buy teeny corsets for petite/ advanced tightlacers (corsets with waists under 18"):

Earlier this week we focused on plus size/ full figured corsets, for those who need a size larger than what most OTR companies have to offer. However, a portion of the population have the opposite issue: they’re too small to fit into most OTR corsets. There are adult women who exist with natural 20" waists, and they want to create curves using corsetry.

The following gallery showcases several corsetieres who have experience making corsets for the teeniest of waists.

(Featured photos: Jade Vixen modelling Lovesick Corsets, Dena Massque modelling Electra Designs, and Ophelia Overdose modelling Royal Black)