How to Lace Up Your Corset - A Helpful Infographic by Strait-Laced Dame

Perfect as an 8.5" x 11" print out, this diagram is intended for the corset lover looking to learn how to lace themselves up independently.  Practice makes perfect, and a visual aid makes practice much easier.

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Costume created for a Lady Loki cosplay. Materials used were olive green and black silk, leather, brass findings and zipper stops as decoration.  The skirts and cape are fully lined, and the fur collar is detachable. The cape hooks to the bust line of the corset, which helps distribute the weight. Matching silk and leather fingerless gloves are mid bicep length. The Green leather bag was a Christmas gift from my good friend Alex at Make Believe Costumes. I decided to switch the more solid belt from the inspiration to a chain and medallion belt, with matching hair clips. The earrings match the pieces used to decorate the cape.

Photo of the finished costume being worn:  and here:
Hoping to have the photos from our mini photo-shoot soon!

Original inspiration artwork:

Like this fabric? It’s available from Renaissance Fabrics The zipper stops are from WAWAK Sewing Supplies.


Day 10 of #31DIYsTilHalloween was my Catwoman cosplay!

I’ve been working on this one for months! I am THRILLED with how she turned out and I am so so so excited for my photoshoot for her next week. You might even be able to catch me as Catwoman at @thebourbonroom’s upcoming DCvsMarvel Halloween party! 😉😉😉

This cosplay took forever to find out but ended up costing me next to nothing. I found a catsuit on Ebay for under $20 (look around at reviews and make sure you’re paying attention to sizing info because they sometimes come in Asian sizing which is much smaller!) and the boots were my birthday present to myself a few weeks ago so I already had them in my closet. You can really wear any sexy stiletto heel boot. If you don’t feel like hunting for the perfect catsuit or you just don’t want to wear one, you can also wear plain or wet-look/leather leggings and a tight plain long sleeve black top or fitted leather jacket for the same catsuit effect!
My corset is from Isabella.

I found the mask at a costume shop for $6 and the goggle were $1.75 on eBay from China - keep in mind they take a month or more to ship! I ordered them back in August.

Featuring @pleasershoes @legavenue @makeupmonsterscosmetics

I recently had the pleasure of doing a ‘make over photo shoot’ with Morgana and am excited to share with you the first photo. I’m modelling the Alecto Underbust Corset, which will soon be available to order in standard sizes! Alecto is made from satin coutil and is super smooth and comfortable. With 32 steel bones + a black busk it’s quickly become a staple in my wardrobe. Subscribe to our VIP list to hear when it becomes available. 

Corset:  Vanyanís
Model:  Lowana O'Shea
Photography © Iberian Black Arts
Lingerie: Kiss Me Deadly

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Where to Buy Overbust Corsets with Cups:

Wearing a well-made cupped overbust under clothing looks like you’re wearing a bra combined with a cinched waist. They work very well under strapless dresses, and in particular vintage shelf-bust dresses.

Those who are particularly heavy-busted may find that a cupped overbust takes considerable pressure off the neck, shoulders and upper back by supporting the bust properly from below and eliminating the need for shoulder straps. Read more about where to get cupped overbusts here.

(Featured photo is a breathtakingly gorgeous bridal overbust with cups, made by Doris Müller of Corsets & More)


Angela Friedman’s new holiday lingerie designs are now available!  This is from the Noir Collection - read the review on The Lingerie Addict blog.


Day 5 of #31DIYsTilHalloween: Blair from Soul Eater! I wore her to #ottawacomiccon in May and it was so much fun to bring her back out for Halloween!

For this cosplay I wore black spandex bike shorts, my favorite black velvet shrug, that faux leather crossover halter top you guys have seen a million times, my Venus Cage Bra from @agashibychristinao (thanks again babe!), my crescent moon choker from @sixfeetdeep_ (use coupon code “SCREAMQUEEN” for 13% off your order!), @pleasershoes PVC thigh high platform boots, my 20" Petite Josephine corset, and my DIY Blair hat!

I’ve gotten tons of questions about how I made the hat and I wanted to do a tutorial but there’s no way I’m taking that thing apart and putting it back together. I’ve been making giant witch/scarecrow hats for different cosplays for years and it becomes really easy after awhile! I made it almost exactly the same way I made my scarecrow hat from Day 4 (see earlier posts for that one).
I started with a wide brim black felt hat and built a base with newspaper and plastic bags, duct tape and pins. I wrapped black cotton fabric around the outside and pinned it in place. The spiral is made from gardening wire and duct tape, it took a couple hours to get it positioned the way I wanted it. You really have to just mess with it and keep reshaping everything until it looks the way you want! The white band is white scrap vinyl and black paint, pinned in place. And that’s it!

Let me know what you think of Day 5!


Where to buy teeny corsets for petite/ advanced tightlacers (corsets with waists under 18"):

Earlier this week we focused on plus size/ full figured corsets, for those who need a size larger than what most OTR companies have to offer. However, a portion of the population have the opposite issue: they’re too small to fit into most OTR corsets. There are adult women who exist with natural 20" waists, and they want to create curves using corsetry.

The following gallery showcases several corsetieres who have experience making corsets for the teeniest of waists.

(Featured photos: Jade Vixen modelling Lovesick Corsets, Dena Massque modelling Electra Designs, and Ophelia Overdose modelling Royal Black)