austyne gillette

“We’re going to keep traveling the world together, keep playing guitar and making dumb songs together about shrimp cocktails and women, keep skating, keep rooming on trips, keep making each other piss ourselves laughing, keep pretending like we are surfers even though you actually are, keep exchanging music and stories that we’ll take to the grave together. I love you me dark brother.”
-Austyn Gillette


“Dylan didn’t let many people into his life and I’m extremely grateful to have been one of his close friends over the years. We saw the world together. I’ve never had a sense of family besides Dylan and my brother. He was someone that I could lean on during tough times and not hold back emotionally. We related to each other because we both had fucked-up pasts and a fire within. That made us inseparable. I can’t think of a more generous person on the whole goddamn planet. If you were friends with Dylan, you were his brother. He will be known as one of the greats. He will go down as the most influential icon on and off a skateboard. To have known him and to have grown with him has changed my life forever. Love you, Dylan.” - Austyn Gillette


Austyn Gillette