Austronesia: Reclaiming The Civilization of the Voyaging Canoe

The Austronesian-speaking peoples are various populations in Southeast Asia and Oceania that speak languages of the Austronesian family. They include Taiwanese aborigines; the majority ethnic groups of East Timor, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Brunei, Madagascar, Micronesia, and Polynesia, as well as the Polynesian peoples of New Zealand and Hawaii, and the non-Papuan people of Melanesia. They are also found in Singapore, the Pattani region of Thailand, and the Cham areas of Vietnam (remnants of the Champa kingdom which covered central and southern Vietnam), Cambodia, and Hainan, China. The territories populated by Austronesian-speaking peoples are known collectively as Austronesia.

menloz-deactivated20150513  asked:

I know we're south east asian but how close or different are our and a (insert any) polynesian cultures?

Here’s the thing. As Pilipinxs our culture is very diversed based on our indigenous Austronesian roots and of the various influences that has woven into it from thousands of years of trading with now present day Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Vietnam, Cambodia, as well as China, Japan, and India to hundreds of years of colonization from Spain to the U.S.

Geographically speaking we are South East Asian and we have many similarities with other SEA countries because of our historic ties with one another. Ideas and religion were exchanged and like many parts of SEA we were once heavily influenced by Hinduism and Buddhism which you can see in the many recovered artifacts of figures and deities in both and in our languages that have many Sanskrit loan words.

However the core culturally and linguistically, minus those influences is Austronesian. Austronesia covers more than half of the world via the sea which is no surprise considering we as Austronesians primarily live on islands (minus a few ethnic groups that landed and settled in parts of Vietnam and Cambodia on mainland SEA) and are sea faring people. The Austronesian regions stretches from Madagascar with the Malagasy ethnic group who first settled there, to maritime SEA, to Vietnam and Cambodia with the Cham ethnic group and other ethnic groups such as the Rade of Vietnam, and the Pattani region of Thailand, to Taiwan with the indigenous groups such as the Tao, Amis, Bunun, Paiwan, Atayal, etc. (not the Han-Chinese who colonized and are the face of Taiwan), and to Polynesia, Micronesia, and Melanesia.

The Austronesians speak the same language family and you can see this in our words for numbers which are the same or cognates and to the word for eye which is mata in almost every language or similar such as maka or the word manuk for bird which its cognates are manok or manu and the word for the number 5 and the hand which is lima which is pretty much the same everywhere. 

Besides our common languages stemming from an unknown mother language in our very distant past, there are a few other things in terms of cultural practices and beliefs that we share in common. One of those practices is the art and spiritual act of tattooing which is known as batok, batuk, fatuk, batik, ta mako, tatak, kakau, ta tau, tau, etc. In pretty much every Austronesian group tattooing is found with the traditional hand tap or hand poked method. Motifs found in the Philippines are also found in Polynesia, Micronesia, and Melanesia and often have the same meanings or similar based on locality.

Another thing we share in common is seafaring and of the outrigger canoe which is known as bangka, jukung, waka ama, vaka, wa’a, va’a, etc. This is the backbone of our history on our islands, how our ancestors arrived, and of our creation myths.

So are Pilipinxs similiar to Polynesians? Linguistically and culturally, minus our influences into our cultures from parts of Asia and of our colonizers, yes we are. However we are not Polynesian or Pacific Islander, I repeat we are not Polynesian or Pacific Islander, unless of course you are say half Pilipinx half Samoan or Hawai’ian, etc. then by all means you are obviously but in general no we aren’t. We may share some similiarities but that is only in due part to our Austronesian heritage.

There is an active Austronesian community group on Facebook ( which I love reading the topics and discussions on there as I have learned a lot ) comprised of those who are Pilipinx, Indonesian, Malaysian, Samoan, Maori, Hawai’ian, and more on there who discuss ones own languages, cultures, practices, events, beliefs, etc. and compare them with other Austronesian groups where we often find new things that we have in common that we wouldn’t know otherwise without these discussions.

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Austronesian Migration (Crossroad and Civilization)

Austronesia, in historical terms, refers to the homeland of the peoples who speak Austronesian languages, including Malay, Filipino, Indonesian, Maori, Malagasy, native Hawaiian, the Fijian language and around a thousand other languages. The Austronesian homeland is thought by linguists to have been prehistoric Taiwan.

The name Austronesia comes from the Latin austrālis “southern” plus the Greek νήσος (nêsos) “island”.