Alright, here we have an impression of my journey to Austria. I prefer public transport to driving as do quite a lot of Swiss people. The SBB/CFF/FFS (Schweizerische Bundesbahn/Chemins de fer fédéraux suisses/Ferrovie federali svizzere) runs on a tight schedule, with connections pretty much everywhere within the country. There are also rather good ties to the Austrian railway services (ÖBB) and there’s roughly a train every other hour that runs from Zürich main station to Vienna west. (At least during daytime, nighttime (approximately 2 a.m. to 4 a.m.) service only consists more or less of international drive through and cargo.)

I left from Zürich on Friday morning, the weather wasn’t the very best. But I don’t mind rain very much, I’d rather get wet, but have a healthy nature around me than stay dry all the time and live in a desert like landscape. The first two pictures are from one of the larger lakes of my home “Walensee”. The third is a small village near Sargans, where the Austrian Railjet (fastest type of train Roderich has, as far as I know) also stopps. Sargans is a station from which you’ll have further connection to lots of mountain resorts (Davos for example).

After Sargans, you’ll have a last stop in Buchs SG (SG stands for the canton of St. Gallen, usually written down, because there is another Buchs in the canton of Aargau). This is the border station after that I should leave the tales and descriptions to Roderich. The picture I’ve added last ist from Vorarlberg one of the states of Austria that has yet twice asked to join the Swiss confederation. It is a mystery to me, why they would want to though. Perhaps it is the language, Roderich tells me, that most other Austrians barely understand them. But, well, allright, they sound a little like my “Bündnerland” (if they talk German and not Rumantsch). But still not quite the same.

But I have to leave now. Roderich already blogged about it, we’re leaving for Hungary today. Four days vacation in Budapest. I hope we’ll have a pleasant stay and Hungary herself won’t get on our nerves.

Okay, see? This is good! Everyone ships as they please. In fact, let’s be open minded today and admit our ships. No hate, no judging, no fear. I’ll start with a few. I already said GerBel and GerFra, but I also like, just naming a few.
AmericaXBelarus, JapanXEngland, LiechtensteinXLatvia, PrussiaXHungary, AustriaXSwitzerland, FRUK and LiechtensteinXBelarus. Let’s see all our lovely ships, guys!

LiechtensteinXLatvia: I think I’ve got a sugar high off of this one.