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He never failed to mention The Last Unicorn as one of his very favorite books, and as one of the movies he was most proud of having made. Indeed, he left me whopperjawed – as Mark Twain would have put it – when we were being interviewed together on Austrian television, and he announced, “Oh, yes, I simply couldn’t resist a chance to play King Haggard one more time, even in another language. After all –” and he looked straight into the camera – “it’s the closest they’ll ever let me get to playing King Lear.” The camera swung toward me to catch my stunned reaction, and Chris looked across the studio at me, and winked.
On the last occasion, when I had called to wish him a happy 90th birthday, I remember him assuring me that “if, by the time you come to make your live-action version of your movie, I have passed on, do not let it concern you. I have risen from the dead several times. I know how it’s done.”
—  Peter S. Beagle on the late Sir Christopher Lee

anonymous asked:

Hi ! Could you record this interview with Andreas Wellinger for austrian tv ORF and upload it here, please? I will be very grateful.

If I can find it online I will! :)

It might just take some time, I’m kinda busy right now haha

A few Do’s and Don’ts in Austria

Ever since I’ve been asked a few times, here are a few things which are maybe different in your countries. 

  • You tip your waiter. Tips are not included into the bill, so you should probably tip them around 10% of the total bill.  (ofc not if the service was truly horrible) 
  • Don’t kiss a stranger on the cheeks as a greeting! That’s a rather intimate gesture and unusal.
  • If someone has an academic title (e.g. Doctor), you mostly add it to the form of address. -> Herr Doktor Maier. (Mr. Doctor Maier)
  • If you think South Tyrol is actually Italian, people will either laugh at you or fight you.
  • Take your shoes off when you enter someone’s house.
  • The only acceptable Australia joke is the “There are no kangaroos in Austria” one.
  • We watch more German television than Austrian probably. 
  • We all just hate our railway system. Just agree with us. 
  • Not all of us live in Vienna.  You’ll often hear a  “ugh, the Viennese” from other provinces.
  • Shops close relatively early here. Most shops are closed by 6pm on weekdays (with a few exceptions such as supermarkets which are open til 7:30pm)