austrian cookies

Meeting Meryl, Charlie, and The Moms - part I

The whole thing started when I got the tickets and tweeted Meryl that I would bring her Chocolate from Norway, and she responded all excited. So I put together a little (big) gift bag for both her and Charlie.

The gifts for Meryl. Norwegian and Austrian chocolate, Manner schnitten, an Austrian wafer cookies, paper clips formed as dogs (it was cute, so I got it), a sorgen fresser (I’ll explain later), a home made dog toy for her future puppy, and 2 door nobs. (Comments on all later)

Gifts for Charlie. Norwegian and Austrian chocolate. Manner schnitten, an Austrian wafer cookies, dried fruit and nuts, sorgen fresser and two home made toys for DJ and Finn.

So I get to Zürich, and I need to figure out how to get them the gifts. I try twitter, but no luck, so I leave a message on Meryl’s instagram, just asking where I could leave the gifts if they were too busy, just so they would get them. 

Then right as I get to the show on Saturday, she answers me, asks if I know the cast hotel, and if I could be there Sunday morning at 1030. And of course I can.

I get to the hotel, early of course. Fancy. I wait, and at 1030, Cheryl walks out of the breakfast area, she sees the bags I guess and assumes I’m there to meet them as she comes over to me. She tells me that Meryl is running behind, she came in very late the night before, and that she will be down as soon as she can. She was heading up there with coffee and something to eat, but would be right back.

She comes back and then introduce herself. Very cute. She tells me to follow her into the breakfast area and that I can wait with her and Jacqui. I sit down in a booth with them, and they ask me all kinds of questions about me, what I do, where I live, and when I say Vienna, they say it’s one of their favorite places. They tell me that Meryl and Charlie were there when they were very young, and they loved it. They wer apparently there during a snow storm. They ask how I became a skating fan, and I tell them it’s all because of the Lillehammer Olympics in 94. Then we get into the presidential election, social government and health care and then we get into Art on Ice.

Jacquie tells me that Charlie feels very honored and is very excited about being on the show. He is having a great time.

We talk about Sway, that I saw it in NY. Cheryl loves Sway. She went to all of them, and wished that Jacqui had gotten a chance to see it, but that it’s over. They expanded too quickly and that it was impossible to travel with that many dancers.

Cheryl suddenly says that Meryl is here, and I look around and there she is. I can’t take my eyes off her as she is talking to someone as she is making her way over after having spotted us and said. “There you are”

When she finally gets to the table, first thing she does is apologize for being late, and I just thank her for taking the time at all. She is just gorgeous, simply stunning.

I have to do it in parts, here is the first. I should have the second ready tomorrow.