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Thank you for the questions! 

3. Tried to make a sim based on a celebrity?

Yes! I actually have three sims based on celebrities. Not world-wide famous though. So one of my latest sims is based on Austrian actor Tobias Moretti, who’s quite famous in Europe. This sims has a name of this actors most famous role - Richard Moser (Первый хозяин Рекса из Комиссара Рекса)

Another one is a sim whom I created long before I started a simblr and I’ve never shown him here. He’s based on Russian actor Pavel Priluchnyj (Павел Прилучный ака “Главный Мажор страны, блин) I don’t like him as an actor actually I just thought that I want a boyfriend of one of my sims look like him. Eventually I found another BF for that simXD

 Finally, Magalie’s face claim is Russian Blogger Maria Way (Маша Вей). I actually don’t follow her and don’t know what she’s posting and what’s her personality. I just liked her appearance and decided to base a sim on her. I din’t await that I’ll like this sim so much! 

I must say that they all look like originals!

6. Used mods in your game?

Yes! The first mod I used was the mod which shortened pregnancy time. Now I use MC, Woohooer, poseplayer and the mod which turns vampires’ glowing off.

22. Had a crush on another Simblr?

No, not really. There are plenty of simbler I adore but I can’t say that I have crush on any of them. I actually can’t say that I have crush on anyone


Theodore Bikel, z”l, passed today and I was perusing Wikipedia which apparently describes him as an “Austrian-American” actor “born into a Jewish family.” Although the article mentions a lot of the work he did with Jewish organizations, it at no point actually says that Bikel was Jewish, which is … baffling, to be honest.

In addition to being the original Captain Von Trapp in The Sound of Music and the most long-standing Tevye in Fiddler, Bikel was one of the most prominent Yiddish folk singers and a dedicated progressive activist whose activism and music and support for other marginalized groups stemmed from his own Jewish culture & identity. (This quote I posted from a collaboration with SoCalled makes that fairly clear.)

His obituary in the New York Times quotes him as responding to those who described him as Austrian or Viennese as follows: 

I am nothing of the kind; I am an Austrian-born Jew. I refuse to let a country that so shamefully treated my people lay any claim to me, to my life, to my successes, to my failures, to my very identity.

So yeah. Austria and Germany and Poland and Spain and France and the rest of Europe never wanted us and you don’t get to retroactively define Jews’ primary identities as belonging to countries that persecuted and expelled and murdered us. Screw erasure.

Theodore Bikel wasn’t an Austrian born to a Jewish family. He was a Jew who happened to be born in Austria.

זיכרונו לברכה


Austrian actor Christoph Waltz and jury member of the 64th Berlinale International Film Festival poses for photographers during the international jury photocall at the Mandala Hotel on Wednesday Feb. 5, 2014, in Berlin, Germany.


Maximilian Schell winning Best Actor (by Oscars)

RIP Sir.


Casting the Picture

Right from the outset, Gilliam was well aware that with such an idiosyncratic script, it was necessary to select carefully perfect actors for their roles. In the end, the director successfully assembled an eclectic cast for the project. As Nicolas Chartier explains, “One wonderful thing about Terry is that great actors want to work with him.” During pre-production, Gilliam expressed delight on the casting of Austrian actor Christoph Waltz as Qohen Leth. The casting of Waltz was crucial to the project said Gilliam, because “there is no car-chase, nor a shootout - none of those things you can fall back upon to keep a film going. It’s about the acting. And as an actor Christoph is amazing. He’s hypnotic and wonderfully watchable.” Gilliam credits Waltz as providing major input into the direction of the film. Gilliam explains, “Christoph is Qohen and he is - in many ways - the determining factor of how we deal with certain scenes and ideas. He has to lead.” An example of this was when Christoph suggested a track/zoom shot. Gilliam adds, “We ended up spending an hour doing it, and it was worth it. The effect is quite appropriate to that particular moment. Christoph is just phenomenal. He’s never off screen, and it’s an astonishing performance, quite unlike anything we’ve seen him do before. It’s wonderful, he’s incredibly vulnerable.”