austria x canada


Soooo remember that Doctor Awesome Au?  Me too.  My passion for it was recently revived.  Had trouble deciding who Moist might be, but I settled on Austria cause Gilbert and Roderich as roommates is rlly funny.  Romano was also in the running.

I was in the shower and I remembered how Part one ended, and I couldn’t help laughing while I imagined Gilbert stomping away yelling “BALLS!”

And of course, I should mention the original Au idea was thought up by Artisticallyreadyandenthused, whom I adore irl.  We found it in her old sketchbooks and she gave me permission to build off of it.  Just thought I would remind ya’ll she gets credit <3

Anyway, I would love more motivation to draw this Au again, so do you guys have any specific moments of this Au you wanna see?