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hi, can u please list/name some southeast asian- especially Filipina- actors

H! Coincidentally I’ve been thinking of finally making a tag page for the blog based on actors’ ethnicities. The list is not full, obviously - just those actors I know and have on this blog, also here are only actors that work in Western TV/Film industry:

Actors of Filipinx descent:

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Georgi Popovich My Immortal Au

Happy Birthday Georgi Popovich. I decided this was the best way to celebrate (with @the-awkward-orca and @catsinning as my enablers)

Hi my name is Georgi Dark’ness Dementia Evil Witch Popovich and I have spiked ebony black hair (that’s how I got my name) in a corn-shape that hovers over my eyebrows and bondi blue eyes like Australlian waves and a lot of people tell me I look like Ben Stiller (AN: if u don’t know who he is get da hell off the ice!). I’m not related to Christophe Giacometti but I wish I was because he has a great ass and then maybe Anya wouldn’t have left me. I’m an evil witch but my skin is flawless and shining. I have deep raccoon eyes of regret. I’m also a skater, and I train under Yakov as the top skater in Russia since my rink-mate Victor left (he’s only a day older than me and everyone always forgot my birthday because of his). I’m a forever bachelor (since Anya deserted me) and I’ve worn mostly black since the break-up. I love Hot Topic and I only let Yakov buy clothes for me from there. For example today I was wearing a black vest with faux fur and purple sparkles and black leather pants, a tear drop necklace and black combat skates. I was wearing lavender lipstick, black eyeliner, violet eyeshadow and had drawn-on eyebrows. I was walking outside the restaurant I met Anya at. It was snowing and raining so there was no sun, which I think represents the never-ending tears in my life since I lost every competition (of love and skating). A lot of couples stared at me. I put up my middle finger at them.

i’ve been meaning to do one of these for a long time and it’s finally done!! i tried to keep it short but there’s just too many blogs making my dash pretty and funny every day. thank you all for everything you do and please never forget how beautiful and loved you are. i love you guys so much!!

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i hope you have an incredible summer and don’t ever be afraid to send me a message sometime or something, cuties, i’d love to be friends <3333

Moral Orel is an adult swim cartoon that during its airing time got panned because of some bad producer decisions (including airing the season 1 finale as the very first episode, that ties up arcs that were building throughout the season) that was easily dismissed as being yet another mean spirited, stop motion show on adult swim. Except it wasn’t. By the second half of the second season into third season this show goes from low-brow comedy into a psychological drama about child abuse, alcoholism, repressed sexuality, and a crisis of faith that feels straight out of an Ingmar Bergman film.

It is a show that aired during 2004-2008 during George W. Bush’s second presidential term (fairly important for understanding the political enviornment that caused this show to be.) and the show itself is about a young boy named Orel who lives in a town called Moralton driven by a christian fundementalist community, which will feel familiar to most Americans growing up in the south.  As you can probably gather already, there’s some Davey and Goliath parody element to it. He is a good hearted kid who just wants to do right by the bible and god and unfortunately all of the adults in his town give him cynical, bad advice and he takes things too literally, too far. For the first season there’s a formula of Orel hearing a sermon and then taking the revrend’s advice to extreme logical conclusions. By the third season though it becomes a different show. Dare I say even, an experience.  

The animation and art is full of detail which lends itself to a lot of sight gags, by the third season the command over stop motion animation is fully cinematic and beautiful to watch, especially the character acting.

Long story short this show came into my life during a time that I needed it most and is one of the few shows I’ve seen that encaspsulates the frustrations of fundementalist upbringing, living with addicts, and dysfunctional families. If you want something irreverently funny, touching, and well animated and extremley personal, Moral Orel’s the show for you. (and being fairly irreverent,a good list of potential trigger warnings per episode basis can be found here. You can also skip certain episodes if you want, although with his list I’d only recommend skipping the ones from the first season. I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re under 18 because of the subject matter.) Also a fair warning that this show is very dark and depressing, at least by the end of it, if you’re sensitive to that kind of stuff I wouldn’t reccomend moral orel but otherwise it’s outstanding.

Also it features music from The Mountain Goats, including this song:

as for where you can watch it, well, the only legal venue to see the show in its entirety is on hulu (or region 4 australlian dvds…) as it never got a dvd release. Otherwise, you can find it if you know where to find things, if you catch my drift but I’d encourage hulu if you have it. There is also one special, Beforel Orel, which aired in 2012, and one “extra” episode made by the creator of the show and one of his storyboard artists using crude models (as the show was canceled and the puppets were put into storage.).  Both are excellent.

So I hit my first thousand awhile ago and i’ve been meaning to do this but i just haven’t gotten around to it. I’ve met so many amazing people and follow so many lovely people and this is just a way to say thank you, for making being apart of the 5SOSFam just that much better.

The Shady Bunch:

  • Hannahmy bae; we’re practically the same person and i swear i love you to death. I’m so glad we started talking because you get me, so much to the point where 90% of time we end up saying the exact same things.Plus, i know i can pretty much trust you with anyhting. Basically, we’re the girl version of malum; so looks like you’re stuck with me.
  • LailaYou’re my fav and idek why you talk to me?? Cause you’re frickin perfect. But seriously, you make me feel better about myself; you have such a big heart, and not to mention one of the best sense of humors ever. I have no regrets fangirling over you at all cause you’re a total babe and ilysm.
  • Christie: aka my lil ball of sunshine. You are one of the cutest and sweetest people i’ve ever met. You have such a big heart and my god, the way you care about everyone is so cute. I’m pretty sure you and Ashton are the same person because you’re both absolute angels and ilyssm.
  • AlanaPalana you are seriously the best okay? You literally crack me up all the time i swear. You’re so great and you always have the best stories to tell. You’re basically just a big ball of cute and OH MY GOD YOUR GIGGLE IS THE BEST. Ilysm
  • Sylvia:  oh my god where do i even start with you? You’re the first bae ever. And i swear no one can make me laugh harder than you do. You’re a goddamn babe and an amazing ass person; anyone else who thinks otherwise can go fuck themselves. ily lots
  • MarissaYou’re my lil bae and i’m still trying to figure out how it’s possible thats youre so frickin adorable. You’re literally just a cutiepie with an amazing voice, ily.
  • 5sos-official:  Obviously i have to thank you for being the huge idiots that you are. You mean the frickin world to me; you are not now nor will you ever be as punk rock as you want to be, but i’ll love you for the cuddly puppies that you are. I’m so damn proud of all you’ve accomplished as a band, yet still staying true to yourselves. But mostly for bringing some of the best people i’ve ever met into my life, and never ever letting us forget that you love us, and that all you do it for us. 

the rest of you lil sunshines:

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i know i missed some people and if i did i’m so sorry. And for all my followers, you’re all lovely. amazing people and i love you (: