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NASA unveils greatest views of the aurorae ever, from space in HD

“When the free electrons finally find the ions they bind to, they drop down in energy, creating an incredible display of colorful possibilities. Of all of them, it’s the oxygen (mostly, with the strong emission line at 558 nanometers) and the nitrogen (secondary, with the smaller line at a slightly higher wavelength) that create the familiar, spectacular green color we most commonly associate with aurorae, but blues and reds — often at higher altitudes — are sometimes possible, too, with contributions from all three of the major atmospheric elements and their combinations.”

The northern (aurora borealis) and southern (aurora australis) lights are caused by a combination of three phenomena on our world, that make our aurorae unique among all worlds in our solar system:

  1. Outbursts from the Sun that can go in any direction,
  2. Our magnetic field, that funnels charged particles into circles around the poles,
  3. And our atmospheric composition, that causes the colors and the displays we see.

Put all of these together and add in a 4k camera aboard the ISS, and you’ve got an outstanding recipe for the greatest aurora video ever composed. Here’s the in-depth science behind it, too.


After chasing it for more than two years I was finally rewarded with two displays of Aurora Australis (Southern lights) within a week visible from Mornington peninsula, not far from Melbourne. The nights were warm an clear and the Moon was not in the sky either - I could not have asked for better conditions.
The red color of this aurora is caused by the charged particles from the Sun exciting oxygen atoms high in the Earth’s atmosphere. …
Being able to photograph it all night I came up with a nice video. The brighter Aurora happened on January 22nd and the smaller one, featured in the middle section, was from January 16th, followed by a rather bright Moonrise.


Some photos of my most recent beauty haul. It’s a mix of orders from Give Me Glow on Etsy, All Cosmetics Wholesale and The Fanciful Fox at the Vegan Shop Up.

Everything is vegan & cruelty free! (Thanks for the recommendation for the contour kit veganmakeup)

- The Fanciful Fox bath fizzie
- ecotools Lovely Looks brush set
- Australis AC On Tour Contour & Highlight kit
- Australis Tint My Brow in light brown
- Give Me Glow lip colors (swatched)
- Medusa’s Makeup eye makeup remover
- The Fanciful Fox body scrub
- Australis Blemish Buster primer
- Medusa’s Makeup blush in Georgia Peach
- The Fanciful Fox lip balm in wintergreen
- The Fanciful Fox blemish stick
- E.L.F. Lip Lock pencil

Give Me Glow is an amazing Etsy shop that makes dupes! They can even custom make you one.

Melted Galaxy is a dupe for Melt’s Spacecake
Rusty Rose is a dupe for LimeCrime’s Riot
First Kiss is a dupe for Jeffree Star’s 714

5 Tips For The Perfect Summer Tan With Australis
External image
Australis Tanning products are the perfect start to your beauty routine. Australis introduces a new generation in tanning – Skin Finishing! We provide a Chocolate base mousse which is perfect for fair skin and a Purple base mousse for olive skin – choose the ideal base to suit your skin tone! The range also includes a unique micro-sponge mitt for your face and body!

1. Remove Unwanted Hair A Few Days Prior.

Nothing can ruin your fake tan more than regrowth or ingrown hairs so if you want to remove unwanted body hair, do it a few days before. Shaving can increase the skins sensitivity and doing it directly before can cause the tan to apply unevenly so one to two days before is best. If you’re someone who prefers waxing than stick with a two to three day gap as it can open up the pores meaning fake tan may seep into the skin, resulting in a blotchy and uneven finish.

2. Exfoliate At-least One Day Before Tanning.

Exfoliating is an essential step in fake tanning, but it has to be done right. For the best results exfoliate no less than one day before applying your fake tanner and avoid using oil-based, highly moisturising scrubs as these can leave a light film over the skin causing tanner to apply unevenly. Instead, use a small amount of water based body wash with an exfoliating glove (Like Australis No Glove, No Love Exfoliating Mitt) and work in small, circular motions.

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A spectacular auroral show to ring in the new year

“By far, the best views of the aurorae go to the men and women orbiting on the International Space Station, which circles the globe every 90 minutes or so. From the ISS, the aurora isn’t simply a curtain, but rather an entire ring that’s often traceable all the way around as you fly over it.”

When the Sun emits a flare or a mass ejection in the direction of Earth, these fast moving particles are when Earth’s magnetosphere and atmosphere are of the utmost importance for shielding us. The magnetic field bends these ions harmlessly away from our planet, only funneling a small fraction down into a ring surrounding the poles. The atmosphere absorbs the impact, shielding all living creatures below from this radiation, while simultaneously putting on a show. Thanks to a coronal mass ejection on the 28th, the northern and southern lights will put on quite a display on the night of the 30th for all skywatchers at or above 50 degrees latitude, with chances that observers further towards the equator might have something to see, too. But the best views of all will belong to the unshielded astronauts aboard the ISS, who will pass around the Earth a full 7 times during our “night,” and at the peak of the storm.