By Marcie Gonzalez

When a koala is born, it is only about the size of a large jelly bean and is not yet fully developed. Even after it starts leaving the pouch, a joey will return to the pouch when it wants to hide or sleep. After it grows too large for the pouch, the joey climbs onto its mother’s back and holds on with strong hands and feet. After about a year, it can live alone in the trees.

Ebola-free Liberia can hold internationals - Sky News Australia

Ebola-free Liberia can hold internationals – Sky News Australia

Sky News AustraliaThe Confederation of African Football has announced that Liberia can stage international matches again after being declared free of the Ebola virus. CAF took the decision after consulting the World Health Organisation, who this month declared Liberia …Ebola – let us call a spade a spadeSierra Leone Times all 15 news articles

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