australians are so cute


I’m sure someone’s posted this before but I just stumbled upon it and I’m crying from laughing.  It is so obvious that these people love what they do and love each other.  And I hate them all for making me love them so very much.


Q: Have you seen your kids and if not, what are you going to say to them?

RF: The boys will be sleeping and probably they don’t quite understand what’s going on - they’ll be happy to see the trophy, because they’re like “what is this thing doing here at home?!”. The girls I saw them, I had them on Facetime or Skype whatever you call it, and they were so happy, I hope they’re still awake, otherwise I’ll wake them and I’ll give them a big hug. Bu they said “we can do some good soup in this one [laughs], so that was cute.” [x]

anonymous asked:

I love when British and Australian people say mum and other cute sayings. Like it's so cute I want to say mum but I'd sound dumb because I don't have the cute accent to go with it 😆

aww americans have cute sayings too like “y’all” and “hella” and “oh my god how did we elect a racist orange to be president”