So my comp!

I cut down to 68KGs (yay because I got there)

It ended up being open weight as there was only enough girls for one lot of people.

It was set up as a round robin (I was hoping for 5 fights but only got 4.)

I felt good in my first fight and managed to keep her in my guard for a while then we stood up again. When she took me down I landed wrong, was vaguely slammed or something and I stopped the fight. Luckily it was okay afterwards and I could continue on competing.

The second round was with this tiny girl (she was 54 kilos and she felt so small) I managed to get the take down but she was so amazingly talented perfect technique I was actually honoured to get to roll with her. She got into mount (and showed a spectator one of my weaknesses when in someones guard which I got taught afterwards what I was doing wrong.) she got an arm bar and it was just so amazing how tight she kept everything and how well she rolled.

There was a long wait after these two fights and I kind of got a little bored sitting around (but I did get to watch two amazing ladies compete in the purple belt division) but sitting around for so long was a bit annoying.

My third fight I got triangled and I was talking to a guy last night and realised why, she pulled one arm and got it really tight and thats all I could focus on. I really need to work on drilling guard pass because I didn’t even attempt to get out of her guard. This fight was over pretty quickly and whilst my brain knew what I should do my body just didn’t do it quick enough.

My last fight I pulled guard and did the sweep that I got swept by in the first round. I got mount and got a really good cross collar grip but she swept me back. Luckily I held onto my grip really tight and I tried to sweep her again but she wouldn’t budge. I got my other hand in her collar and she wouldn’t tap so I kept tightening the choke and then she started gagging and I was a little scared she wouldn’t tap.

All in all I was happy and realised I really need to start playing top. the girls were amazing and I learnt so much! I also rolled with one of the purple belts who made me realise where I have a lot of holes and was very helpful. I need to start training more, drilling more, and trying new things out of my comfort zone.

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My second BJJ competition.

So I fought four fights and lost all of them.
My sideline coaches (my family) said my game sas really obvious and people knew what I was going to do but I didn’t get that from anyone else, my training family did say I should try to play top which I know I need to work on.

My first fight I got Americana’d on my injured side but luckily my shouldrr held up really well! She commented on my strength and made me realise ny brain wasn’t thinking what I needed to do quickly enough.

My second fight was with the 3 stripe girl who won with a choke in the end, I managed to last just over 4 minutes, I was so petrified and expected she would smash me! I did manage to keep her from subbing me twice. She got me in a weird cross colar choke that I had been fighting off.

The next fight was so horrible I got her into my guard and she just sat there digging her elbows into my thighs and I was feeling exhausted and in pain. I have bruising from where she did this. I attempted a triangle which I couldn’t lock up (the reason I’m surprised I even tried it) as I couldn’t work the only sweep I know, yes I need to work on this, then went to an armbar and I am really hoping someone has it on video because I honestly don’t know where I didn’t get that. She won on points.

My final fight was with a team member from another gym and it was so good, very fluid and I knew what to do my brain started working better. I don’t really remember much of the fight I know I stood up a couple of times and she just really got me to do what I wanted. She got me with the scariest tap out ever, I saw stars and had to wait before standing up, but it was good that I knew I was working.

Overall I am really proud of what I did, I know what I want to work on now, I do not have any regrets about what happened in and of my fights, I realised maybe I need to consider what drives me to compete, I need to start working on my takedowns.

Tia got two stripes on her belt last night at grading!! So happy to be on this journey with my girl #traintogetherstaytogether #australiangirlsingi #babesnbelts #basemma #BJJ #bjj4life #jits #jitz #jiujitsu #grapplingmums #girlsingi #goioerebjj #grapplinggirls #jiujitsuforlife #fitmums #fitgirls #fitchicks by jadelittletiabjj

So 2013 was pretty good. I met and made some pretty awesome friends, got accepted into law, got to see my team win in person, had big surprises for my 21st, got my first stripe in BJJ and got to roll, train and compete with a lot of lovely people. #2013 #recap #BJJ #lawstudent #masqueradeball #adelaidecrows #21 #bounceinc #interwebsirl #recap #australiangirlsingi #australiangirlsingicamp

Tonight was amazing!

Went to an open mat fundraising for White Ribbon.
There were so many colored belts there and I got to roll with some very lovely people who helped me with things I’ve been stuck on before and said I am improving.
We rolled and chatted then had Mexican and it was pretty amazing.
Got to roll with Maria Pekli who told me I’m welcome to train under her (fan girling occurred!)
Also rolled with two purple belts one who only recently graded following winning gold at worlds and the other who is one of the mst inspiring and dedicated woman!

Pretty damn amazed that I get to roll with such amazing people!
Am so happy and a little stiff now but damn it was good!