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Ho fatto il Langblr Accent Tag di @languageoclock! Spero che non ho fatto troppi errori e che il mio accento non è terribile. :S Sono stata nervosissima! 

I did the Langblr Accent Tag by languageoclock! I hope that I haven’t made too many mistakes and that my accent isn’t terrible. :S I was extremely nervous!

I’m tagging @polyglot-oneday @rahaflearns @learninglovingliving @sono-molto-stanco and @languagemoose

You can find the challenge details here.

Now I’m gonna go melt into a puddle of worry that my Italian is awful haha!

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Song of the day: The Whitlams - Gough (1993)

November 11 was Armistice Day,
a bushranger was slaughtered and Gough was betrayed

November 11, he wouldn’t survive the Governor-General in ‘75
November 11, a big day for all of us
November 11, Ned Kelly died,
shame Fraser shame and we all cried

For you Gough you Gough you Gough
Edward Gough Whitlam

History lesson time!

On this day in 1975, the Governor-General of Australia, Sir John Kerr, dismissed Prime Minister Gough Whitlam from office following the 1975 Constitutional Crisis.

During his three years as Prime Minister, Whitlam accomplished some seriously game-changing shit:

  1. he ended conscription
  2. pulled Australian troops out of Vietnam
  3. he introduced universal healthcare
  4. introduced a pension for single parents
  5. he abolished university fees
  6. he introduced the racial discrimination act 
  7. he was instrumental in introducing the Aboriginal Land Rights Act, through which Aboriginal people are able to claim rights to Australian land based on traditional occupancy. 
  8. he implemented no-fault divorce. 

and let’s not forget, when he was dismissed, he went out with the most badass speech in Australian political history:

Well may we say “God save the Queen”, because nothing will save the Governor-General! The Proclamation which you have just heard read by the Governor-General’s Official Secretary was countersigned Malcolm Fraser, who will undoubtedly go down in Australian history from Remembrance Day 1975 as Kerr’s cur. They won’t silence the outskirts of Parliament House, even if the inside has been silenced for a few weeks … Maintain your rage and enthusiasm for the campaign for the election now to be held and until polling day.

So basically, the reason Australia is such a rad place to live is because, for three years in the 1970s, this bloke was running things.



One Hour Six Pack by Josh Simpson out now through Helio Press!

Debut zine from taswegian turncoat Josh Simpson. A race against the clock to drink and draw six beers. This ham-fisted saga is the perfect counterpoint to Josh’s playful attempts at untangling identity and consumption in his painting practice. Riso printed in red on yellow for added Australiana clout. Classic Helio fodder - feel good hit of the summer??

  • Drunk Mums - Eventual Ghost

Are your mums drunk, or do you like other people’s mothers drunk?

….All our mums were drunk during labour