left: muselk the racist australian youtuber dissociating during the first match against korea, where the australian team managed 7 total eliminations vs 119 eliminations achieved by korea

right: miro, the greatest winston player of all time, spawncamping australia so hard that korea won a control point map in less than 1 minute

YES! I'm one of those who loves SANVERS and doesn't give a shit about Floriana's ethnicity or private life
Rwanda mountain gorillas are recorded having lesbian sex
Scientists speculate encounters are female antidote to sexual frustration incurred after rejection by males.

Scientists have reported gorillas in Africa having lesbian sex for the first time ever. A team from the University of Western Australia observed 44 instances of female-on-female sex among wild mountain gorillas, based in the Rwandan section of the Virunga mountain range in central Africa.

Some of the animals “exhibited a higher propensity for same-sex acts,” and some pairs, or “dyads,” also exhibited a tendency toward same-sex acts, according to the PLOS study. Of all the same-sex acts noted, 30 involved two adult females, four involved two subadult females and ten involved one adult and one subadult female.

… While many species of male primates have been known for years to engage in homosexual behaviour, females have generally been the subject of far less scrutiny. Female gorillas in Uganda have also been observed engaging in same-gender sex, but the encounters have not been reviewed in a scientific journal.

The observation of same-gender sexual activity among wild animals was crucial to the early debate about gay human sex because it was evidence that such behaviour is natural and innate.

The Australian team, led by Dr Cyril Grueter, set out to “shed light on the evolutionary origins of homosexuality,” because gorillas are closely linked to humans. But team members were surprised at the number of times lesbian sex was observed; most copulations first involved typical solicitation or courtship behaviour seen in heterosexual encounters.

Dominant males occasionally interrupted female-on-female sex aggressively, though others were unconcerned, the team reported.

Let’s take a second to recognize that this team. This 28th ranked team makes a LOT more than the women’s team. The women are currently ranked #1, even after our horrific loss in the Olympics. Even after our poor playing/coaching this year. Maybe with the men out of the World Cup American’s will pay more attention to the women. USWNT, NWSL, and women’s soccer everywhere is still suffering and in need of a change financially, ethically, and main stream media wise. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a USMNT fan but this is more of a disappointment to me that our women aren’t deserving enough then the fact that we aren’t in the World Cup. Reflect. 

Also, just look at what the Brazil women’s national team is going through now. What the Australian women national team went through…. The list can go on. 

Richard Harmon Supanova Panel

So today it was my pleasure and privilege to meet the incredibly sweet and funny Richard Harmon at Supanova Expo in Perth and I can honestly say it was one of the best experiences of my life! Here are a few highlights from his panel this afternoon (ie what I managed to jot down on my phone as people were firing questions at him):

• He came out dressed in a West Coast Eagles uniform (for anyone who doesn’t know, they’re one of Perth’s two Australian Rules Football teams) complete with blue foam hands and a beanie with blue and yellow dreadlocks

• He’s been an Eagles fan for about four years now and he’s going to his first live game tonight

• He apparently enjoys being covered in blood when he has to film scenes where Murphy gets beaten up (go figure…)

• He originally auditioned for Bellamy (although he said he was pretty sure he wasn’t going to get it)

• Murphy (who was originally to be known as “John no. 1”) was supposed to be killed off in 1X02, but after seeing Richard’s incredible performance while filming the pilot episode, Jason went back and did a major rewrite to give Murphy’s character a bigger role

• Richard’s favourite scene to film was the scene at the start of 3X01 where Murphy is locked in the bunker and in his words, “going crazy”

• His least favourite scenes to film are scenes where he doesn’t get to do anything because he gets super bored just standing around

• When asked where he sees Murphy’s character after the time jump, he said that he would like to see him in more of a leadership role because he thinks Murphy would make a great leader

• He also thinks that Murphy will no longer be so much of an outsider after having spent six years with the Space Squad

• Bellamy and Jaha are his favourite characters on The 100…apart from Murphy

• His dream role would be Ebenezer Scrooge in A Christmas Carol because he reminds him a lot of Murphy

• His Hogwarts house, according to Pottermore, is Hufflepuff, but he sees himself as more of a Slytherin

• On that note, his favourite Harry Potter character is Remus Lupin because he loves wolves

• Bob is his favourite scene partner because they really push each other and are very competitive with each other when they’re filming together

• The most emotional scene that he has had to shoot was the scene in 4X08 where Emori is taken away so that they can test nightblood on her

• If he wasn’t an actor he’d want to be a food critic because he loves food

• When asked about his “guilty pleasures”, he responded that he doesn’t have any because he stands behind his choices

• If he could be a dinosaur he’d want to be a raptor (even though they’re small)

• If he could be a superhero, he’d want to have powers like Nightcrawler from X Men

• If he could be a Disney character, he’d want to be Scar from The Lion King

Because there won’t be a chapter today, let me at least post a little snippet of the next chapter for Paint Me In A Million Dreams.

Harry wished he was drunk.

He was at the bar, music playing loudly behind him. Barbara was off to wherever, and whoever had come from their crew had already left. Paul had come up to him before he had gone, handing him a key card for one of the rooms in the hotel the party was held at. They’d pick him and Louis up in the morning. This way they could enjoy the party without worrying how to get back to their own hotel. Paul had arranged for clothes to be brought over, so Harry had nothing to worry about.

Harry frowned a little deeper, looking into his glass. Nothing to worry about.

For the past five years, he had worried about Chris Lyall. Harry had worried about all the things that bloke had that Harry didn’t. Which mainly had been nothing else but Luke. Now, he had split from Luke, and Harry still wasn’t over his jealousy, and he wasn’t sure why.

Chris and Louis sat at one of the tables, talking with their heads close, lips brushing each other’s skin when they leaned in to make their voices heard over the loud music. Louis had rested his hand on Chris’ thigh, and his posture was open.

Anyone with eyes could see his agenda.

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We can’t have a world of peace until we have equality. I think it takes sacrifice to change what’s going on in sport and in the world. After I got fired, shortly there-after the Republic of Ireland took on their federation and said ‘you know what, we just want our basic rights, pay us, give us doctors so that when we get injured on the field we have proper care.’ The Republic of Ireland went on strike and stood up to their federation. After they did, the women from the Australian national team stood up to their federation. Just yesterday, eight of the best players from the Brazilian national team quit. They said we will no longer wear our country’s colors and play the game that we love, and in the World Cup and Olympics, because we have endured decades of unfair treatment. Just today, the Norwegian federation just announced that they’re going to pay their women equally to the men. It is the first nation in the world to pay their women footballers equally to the men. We have started something incredible. US Soccer better be listening because it is happening. And it is happening slowly but people are sacrificing, they’re standing up, and they’re doing it for the next generation. It’s started and it’s going to continue to grow. It’s coming - equality is coming.
—  Hope Solo - One Young World, Bogotá

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If the stars aligned and you got to make an ow league team, what colors and name would you pick?

I would make an Australian team and call them the Sydney Southern Cross. The Southern Cross is a constellation of stars visible in the southern hemisphere and has come to be a big feature of Australian iconography. It’s even on our flag: 

So the ‘logo’ for Southern Cross would have something to do with this stars: 

HOWEVER, since blue and white is already used in the league, and since there’s a lot of pushback against the fact that the First Australians aren’t acknowledged on the flag, a couple of other flags with Aboriginal/First Australian colours have been proposed: 

Using Aboriginal colours in conjunction with ‘official’ Australian colours is considered respectful and a way to acknowledge the land we’re on is Aboriginal land. 

So, I propose the Southern Cross logo that combines the stars from the flag with the Aboriginal colours: 

Idk, man. Better get a graphic artist to do this shit. Not a writer XD

“Southern Cross” is a very Australian reference and it also has a lot of Esports appeal (think: ”Southern Cross is full of star power on their packed roster!” “Don’t Cross the Southern Cross!”)

Not Just A Mudblood

Paring: Ron Weasley/Reader

Tags: Kissing, female reader, reader is friends with mostly everyone, cute, fluff

Summary:  Ron Weasley catches sight of you, a friendly student in his year.

Word Count: 1,103

Posting Date:  2016-05-20

Current Date: 2017-05-10

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I’ve been waiting for the right photo before posting too much about this years Battle of the Nations but the Australian women’s team came third in the world this year and I am so proud to say that I was on that team.
This is a sisterhood that I hope I get to feel year after year. 💚💛