So I hear some of you liked my last post about Australian birds. Great! How about some more?

Now last time I focused on the cheeky opportunists who will steal your lunch given half a chance (with an addendum to add some robbers of all things blue as an apology for forgetting the seagull). This time, I would like to introduce you to:


AKA it’s Parrot time!

Let’s start off with a common classic.

This is a Rainbow Lorikeet. They are adorable little maniacs who will excitedly engage in rapid fire aerial acrobatics while screeching at the topic their lungs. LOUDLY. Don’t always watch where they’re going either… Often found in large numbers in parks, bushland, or anywhere else you find lots of nectar bearing flowers and tree hollows to nest in. Baffled the scientific community when reports of some individuals eating mince left out for the Currawongs turned out to be true. We hope this is not a sign of horrors to come. Will gather in large numbers at dusk to roost, and completely deafening anyone in the vicinity.

This is one of their cousins - the Scaly Breasted Lorikeet. And just like many a family, they often squabble over shared resources. Come breeding season it’s an overwhelming cacophony of screeches as they fight with the Rainbows over hollows. Just as reckless too - I’ve nearly lost an ear a few times thanks to one of these green feathered rockets…

Ah! Still reasonably common, this is a Crimson Rosella. Also part of the “small, brightly coloured and rather noisy” parrot family. Less urban than the other two. Unless we’re counting the animal parks where “wild” flocks descend on birdseed offered to them by Asian tourists.

This is a Pale Headed Rosella, which isn’t all that common but I’ve added here because I lived out bush as a child and I think everyone should see these pastel pretties. More reclusive and quieter than its red counterpart.

This is a Galah. Also something you need to leave the city for, but very commonly seen in large flocks across the country. Not very bright. There’s a reason “Galah” is another term for idiot. See notes on the Lorikeets regarding re volume and timbre. Australian sunsets tend to be LOUD.

This is a Sulphur Crested Cockatoo. Did I say the others were loud? One on one they ain’t got nothing on these jokers. Very intelligent. Can talk if trained. Have long memories. Vindictive. I knew one who would lurk until my friend’s brother would come near and then swear at the top of its lungs to make him jump. A wild one decimated my herb garden - not by eating them but by nipping them off at the base of the stem just for fun. Looked me in the eye as he did to too. Bastard.

This is a Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoo. Even louder, but slightly less of an asshole. Probably because it doesn’t tend to hang around humans as much. Cunning. likes nuts.

This is a Corella - note the lack of flashy crest. Grain farmers hate them, as large flocks will raid the fields during harvest time. 

These are Budgies. No this is not a joke. I only include birds I have personally seen in the wild, and if you go far enough west you run into huge flocks of these gathered around water holes. Only the green and yellow though - this is their original colouring.

These are Cockatiels. See above - plenty of wild ones still roaming about. Huge flocks of em. Sweethearts.

These are King Parrots. Yes, both of them. Yay for sexual dimorphism!  Often found alongside Crimson Rosellas. Which means there are a lot of photos of nervous tourists and small kids with one of these on their head. Pushy, but good sorts.

That’s it for now! There are many more categories to explore, including BIRDS THAT COULD KILL YOU BUT PROBABLY WON’T,  BIRDS THAT MAKE FREAKY NOISES and BIRDS THAT GET PAINTED ON COFFEE CUPS. Let me know which one to do next!

Til then, Cheers!