• wayne: So, tell me about this guy, Joint Boy.
  • Squirrelly Dan: Well, I'm not gonna sugar coats it for you, Wayne. This guy looks like an Australian rugbies player, chiseled out of stones.
  • Wayne: Uh oh
  • Squirrelly Dan: Got legs on 'im like tree trunks.
  • Daryl: That a deciduous tree or coniferous tree?
  • Squirrelly Dan: What?
  • Daryl: Well, there's a difference. If we're talking about like a maple tree, which is thick and deciduous, or a christmas tree, which is thin and coniferous.
  • Squirrelly Dan: Yeah, but both is hards and mades of woods right?
  • Daryl: But there's a difference is all i'm sayin.
  • Wayne: what kind of tree is a coconut tree?
  • Daryl: it's a palm tree.
  • Wayne: How do you know?
  • Daryl: Well... Like the internet.

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